PoP 135 | The Rhino is the Reminder

In this episode, I discuss rhinos, Nepal, and what we can discover from a guy named Shamus.

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“This took the pressure off, it’s one of the best investments I’ve made.” Montoyia McGowan, MSSW, LMSW, C-SWHC discussing the paperwork packet and consulting.



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Podcast Transcription

Pop 135 | The Rhino Is The Reminder

[0:00] Music.

[0:26] Can the practice to practice podcast i am joe sam axe here in the media center to building in downtown traverse city.
Practice of the practice world head quarters yeah we’re trying to dominate some business here.
Today’s episode is called the rhino is a reminder.
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[1:47] You’re not gonna make life is good.

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What often stands in the way.
Is just not knowing what to do feeling kind of paralyzed feeling stop being apprehensive do i have anything to say i’ve been doing this free five day blogging course it’s a guy course in the first.
Or an email course in the first email the people get says what’s one word that describes your feelings about blocking and so i get words like excited or apprehensive sd.
Nervous and that’s all normal because we don’t know what we don’t know and until some guide you through that process it just.
You know you’re doing the best you can but you know it’s not working is it time efficient so my idea is that for this blogging sprint we need to ten blog posts in two weeks together.
And monday through thursday of the first week,
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[3:26] Going on answering to forty five minute teaching your then gonna go implement for half an hour,
and then we’re gonna come back and we’re gonna chat for another half hour of where you got stuck and so will be covering things like,
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and so it’s been kinda mid to late june i think the twentieth is when the wedding r it actually launches but i’m gonna be doing a lot of prep beforehand,
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[5:00] Weather is with me you gonna get the community the support were gonna run full tilt together i think i’m going to try to do ten blog post as well with you and just to show you that can be done.
So let’s do it let’s run together see that’s coming up also in august tenth and eleventh i have pino and practice that’s where,
twelve people are gonna be flying in to traverse city actually eleven of line because,
we have to pay i’m coming in from bellaire michigan just down the road we’ve actually known since i was in high school and shoes,
she’s just this amazing local woman she’s coming to it and we’re gonna hang out for two mornings,
doing tons of business coaching making sure that your business is awesome they’re gonna wine taste in the afternoon and some of the wineries i’ve.
Had to check amount of making all i had to look at him.
We’re gonna probably just up to each day so that we’re not running between i’ve been serving the facebook group of people that have signed up,
and then like we gotta go slow and just enjoy the wind in feel like we have to like hurry so we’re gonna go to pike to wineries,
just hang out talk get deeper about our practices while looking at the vineyards and the two babies that we have here.
It’s gonna it’s gonna meet me in the other thing coming up is blue your practice i’m gonna be in asheville north carolina the last two days of september,
in sonic x all those showing us lot coming up to help you grow your private practice have you grow your business me and tons,
let’s talk about the rhino is a reminder the rhino is there a minor.

[6:34] In two thousand one a friend of mine todd and i went to nepal and i referenced some stories from that trip back in the park so i talked with things you can do while you’re pooping not to grow your business and.
We were down in that you’re trying general so the first part of our trip most of it was spent cut up in the mountains we will it to go to re we got,
i’m about to buy twenty thousand feet size everest so really kinda cold snowy yaks and a guide and is sleeping in.
Kinda shelters but it was so cool be had to have our nalgene bottles with hot water in it for fee to feel warm so we’re doing that we ended up saving a day because on the way down the univ elevations getting easier and easier.
And so we actually ran one day like the whole day down this mountain in and made up to date with a time and one day we feel like super heroes.
And so we had like a couple extra days were just gonna be in kathmandu better gods that you know for just like a hundred bucks each we can have you have to get taxi to it down to the chip on jungle.
You can go to elephant ride through the jungle you can take this canoeing ride and go on the safari.
With that sounds pretty sweet so we take this huge like,
up dates coming in with the jurassic park going through the mountains just cliffs and the side of the mountain as people are passing each other on corners we finally get down to the chest one jungle.

[8:04] And we check into this amazing resort it was like in the middle of nowhere,
but this can old school like nineteen twenties mansion look just in the middle of the jungle and they break up and a coca cola to welcome us which was really funny and.
And we haven’t we haven’t bathed or showered in like fourteen days x and he can i this all star wars shirt that i hadn’t taken off,
actually off of my skin in fourteen days cuz was just so cold and to change your clothes like you’re gonna stink anyway so,
i take my first bath in fourteen days and the water is just disgusting,
and i’m trying to sure away cuz that was just was repulsed and i’m not gonna carry that back to the states.
So the next morning we wake up really early have this amazing breakfast and it’s my friend hide and me,
and then there’s this peace corp volunteer that lets name her jenny she was serving in nepal and had can like a long weekend,
and this guy could fly in from the states who are calling seamus of the jenny and james had flown in and it became very clear very quickly that the reason he flowing in is because he had a love interest in jenny and it became very clear,
to us the jenny did not reciprocate these feelings.
And so we’re having breakfast together and the four of us plus our guides are gonna go on this can a river to work here the birds sing.

[9:38] Right like the sun is coming up it was dark color eating breakfast to get this card out can you and we’re going down the river,
and these birds are singing songs that i’ve never heard just like melodies that you don’t realize that the bird you hear every day,
he just kinda ignoring yeah they’re pretty but don’t hear new birds it just it’s amazing it’s incredible at the whole different experience of what nature is,
it’s raining on this river in this canoe is really it’s not stable so much so that if one person can just even shifts away a little bit to the left that an officer shifted right we’re going in this seamus guy.
Is like so it add and just all over the place and look at that he would like shift his whole body weight in one direction and we don’t have to like can of,
figure out which way seamus was gonna be leaning and jenny was up front and then it shuts me and then my friend todd and so i had this,
kind of like with you and you could just see her like shaking her head set what is going on here to finally get down the river.
Get out of that can you were gonna do a little hike with the idea of seeing a rhino me some rhinos.
We’re walking through the woods and it just feels like a regular walk in the woods you know except for some monkeys.
Guide says i want you to know that if we see a rhino and he charges us you need to run up a tree because you’re not gonna out run around now.
And it still kinda like when you’re at disney world and like watch out for the savages they are gonna get you or like one of those you know like it’s like a carnival at the chain hype it up.

[11:17] And so my friend how do i cure the can we go set up the rhino now you just feel really like can hokey and then we’re walking and we see right now.
And it’s literally twenty feet from us and i got says really quickly don’t move.
You can put your cameras but don’t move closer so then.
I take a picture it’s really like me i have a digital camera but i because it was two thousand one and my friend todd had one and it was like the first addition.

[11:49] But i know is blurry one and.
Our guide to give us like the head like you can take a step forward so i take a step forward towards the right now and he doesn’t move now like fifteen feet away from this right now.
And i take another step any charges i mean.
Cool i’m charges and i just take off running because i know they.
The chain message me like i can out run the two of them type he was a long distance runner in high school like that the cross country track like ten mile just way too far to for anyone to be running.
So i knew he could write me the long distance but i knew i was a sprinter something from the tide and i’m like grabbing trees in the,
going to houston to behind me and i know todd like right behind me and then there’s like the peace corps volunteer in here one of the boyfriend,
i just keep running and running till i here’s to.

[12:45] And so i stop when they don’t hear anything other than my friend todd by me and we walk back.
And our guide is up in a tree.
He sets yelling at us like why did you not go up the tree why and like i don’t know how to jump a nepali tree,
like i gotta run and when something chases me like i don’t think i wasn’t paying attention trees are climb in the moment.

[13:12] So what’s think about some of the elements of this experience that i had in nepal.

[13:20] So everyone by seamus new he was just trying way too hard and the more that he tried the worse it got.

[13:29] Hey all these things like to try to impress and jenny.
Make sure he was cooling had flown all the way from the states just to visit her for a little bit like it was clear he was trying really hard as clear was not reciprocated.

[13:43] Also i feel like that rhino really was the catalyst because i out ran them.
I don’t know if it pushed right away or if you like i don’t know what happened there but we didn’t really talk the rest of the day.

[14:00] And makes me think about how often when we have a goal there’s this trail of evidence that often.
Like against that goal agree there are nudges their signs there’s.
Thanks in claymation there are feelings there are people that city maybe it’s not great idea.
But sometimes we get is blinders on in business and in life.
Where it’s like we just want to go to nepal to visit jenny just one last shot we want that movie moment even though all the evidence is stacked against us.

[14:36] I think about when i was working at the community college and practice the practice will start to take off and mint ones concert was starting to take off.
And that first year when i made just under what i made my full-time job working ten to fifteen hours a week outside of the.

[14:56] At first it was like the first gems like yeah you know why like maybe i can make a go of this but there’s this nervousness inside me like me i got.

[15:06] A daughter at the time i only had one and you know didn’t know that mother has to be coming soon of health issues.
I don’t know this could just be a fluke year what everything tanks and then the next year i made way more than my full-time job.
And there was this trail of evidence showing me that leaving my full-time job was going to be a better decision for me.
Which make our own decisions reach decide what direction we’re gonna go but when you have this idea and things start to grow inside of you.

[15:42] The evidence towards leaving versus staying often continues to mount.
I recently was talking to montoya make me go in i think it has a last name in montoya she bought my paperwork packet and as part of that half an hour free consulting.
And it was really cool to talk to or i think it’s just yesterday at the time this recording.
And she had said about the paper packet that it took the pressure off and it’s for the best investments you.
But what really impressed me is that she don’t even listening to the practice for the practice podcast for six months and to see how much you dollar how much of a mindset shift.
As we talked.
This thing that was never in her mind and i think about so many of you and even myself that the idea of running a private practice like that idea inside of you like a year ago or two years ago or five years ago.
Was never even a possibility and you know maybe you have a private pay private practice and you that you’re gonna be insurance pays no when it launched mental illness counseling from two thousand six to two thousand nine it was it was insurance based.
And i never thought that i would go full private pay and have extra people working here a little dreams of it but it wasn’t really a realistic idea.

[17:02] And so i think a lot of times we can get stuck like seamus and staying in a certain mindset.
It takes a rhino to get us out of it in for you that may not be right now in nepal but when those ideas take root.
And you know we don’t just wait for the right now.
And think about all the different rhino’s that can happen in our life if we just gonna stick with whether it’s a full-time job or the way it’s always been and you don’t so the question that.
But you don’t get that raise the thought you’re gonna get and where you get a cut your health insurance at your agency job.
Where you don’t get a supervisor position that your boss and you all the cow planned for you.
Are you planning to do a lateral move into a better position is less stressful and you don’t get that position.
Other rhinos maybe someone was going to retire but then they decided not to retire and you thought on me and can put up with that person.
Or in your personal life maybe he or she doesn’t stick around maybe there’s other rhinos like health.
They can galvanize you to make different changes and i want.
Us together as a practice the practice community to think about the ideas are going inside of us.
And not waiting for the rhinos to come cuz the rhino is a reminder.
Of the trail that party there the rhino is a reminder.

[18:40] Thanks for letting me into yours and into your brain thinks brighter vision for being a sponsor today brightervision.com/joe you guys rock.

[18:50] Keep it up.

[18:51] Music.

[19:01] Special thanks man silence is sexy and when he dose we like your music in this podcast is designed that accurate,
are the information required to submit my covered if you with the understanding that me that the host a publisher or the got set breasts,
well guess.
I am renting the accounting our clinical information if you need professional you should find one and also the show notes are facts the facts that come ford slash session one thirty.

[19:24] Music.

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