PoP 139 | Wall Street to Therapist with Keith Kurlander from Higher Practice

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In today’s podcast, Keith Kurlander from Higher Practice gives us private practice and business ideas for growth. Marketing tips, productivity, and practical application fuel this one!

Today’s Podcast Resource

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I’ve used Grasshopper for a long time for my phone system. It integrates with your cell phone so you don’t have extra fees. From $9/month you can have a professional phone system. Also, adding additional staff and clinicians is so easy. My virtual assistant answers the phone from Texas and I live in Michigan!

PoP Culture meet Keith Kurlander

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 9.38.13 AMKeith Kurlander, MA, LPC is the Founder of Higher Practice, a company dedicated to helping therapists achieve their highest potential. As the Founder of Boulder Psychotherapy Services, his expertise in helping therapists achieve their goals comes from 20 years of experience in business growth & management, teaching at the undergraduate and graduate level, and as a licensed professional counselor who has a thriving private practice in Boulder, CO.

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Podcast Transcription

Pop 139 | Wall Street To Therapist With Keith Kurlander From Higher Practice

[0:00] Music.

[0:29] Welcome welcome welcome i am so glad you guys are here you were.

[0:35] I’m just blown away by you people you binge listeners and folks are there in grad school still or that just graduated people that.
Rocking out their small businesses and private practices and chiropractic offices and massage therapists.
And other service oriented businesses you guys are just killing it,
and i love getting e-mails from you in hearing what you’re doing and what you’ve can taking her,
we’ve been learning together through this practice of the practice podcast is just incredible and to hear just how much quotes for you guys have and just.
How do i just am truly appreciative of the work that you’re doing and how together we’re bettering the world that’s really awesome to see.
Before we dive into today’s guest is one let you know about resource i personally use here at mental illness counseling.
It’s called grasshopper,
and grasshoppers are really sweet waited your phone system so couple years ago when we rented this new office are old phone system was tied to our old landlords rent and so we lost our phone number which,
was that god good and bad pointed to do some re marketing but it wasn’t as big a deal as i thought it was gonna be,
and so i was looking for phone options and we could of had a phone system that was installed here and that was connected to a buzzing people and,
all these things but.
I was gonna be like two grand for all the infrastructure for this just the wires that didn’t even count like the monthly cost and you’ll have a cell phone in our pocket.

[2:12] So i was looking at the options out there and my friend jay mueller was talking about grasshopper and a few other can entrepreneur’s.

[2:21] And it’s really an awesome kinda concepts people call us central numbers are our phone number for mental.
And then if they have zero it rings we are in the corner down in houston texas,
in her cell phone rings and she answers hoses that we met once counseling and if she doesn’t then it just goes to her mental illness causing voicemail.
If the dial my extension or any of the each other counselors extensions it just rings their cell phone and comes in as mental illness counting incoming,
then if they don’t answer it doesn’t go to their personal voice mail goes to their voice mail for practice and what super cool.
Is that even if i just had myself and zoe,
i would still want because to have that can a central switchboard just makes it feel more like a solid business and then when your,
adding people to your practice as most of you probably will if you listening to me cuz you’re gonna growing rocket,
it’s really cool because then it allows you to i just add more and more extensions to it.
So i have an affiliate link for that over at practiceofthepractice/com/grasshopper,
yeah let’s practiceofthepractice/com/grasshopper and they have a great video that explains it all,
i think that the plan i have is nine dollars a month and then you pay like a,
honey a minute or something like mean in your builder hundred dollars and i can’t get the old like every like two or three months that’s for a whole group practice it’s so cheap compared to most you can start-up costs.

[3:54] Citing the deathly wanna go check out grasshopper cracks the pictures that come ford slash grasshopper.
About a month ago i reached out to our gas today keith currently under and,
i heard about him on facebook and when i started looking is work i was really amazed at the two of us have been connected prior to me reaching out,
to keep his ma is an lpc and he’s the founder of hire practice which is a company dedicated to helping therapists achieve their highest potential.
Is the founder of bolder psychotherapy services.
His expertise and helping therapist achieve their goals comes from twenty years of experience in business growth and management,
teaching at the undergraduate and graduate level and as a licensed professional counselor who has a thriving practice in boulder colorado.
And i love boulder on my gosh that’s where christina my wife where she and i went for our honeymoon to it that you talk will association there and i was on the association for experiential education is the regional chair for.
The heartland for three or four years.
So every year i had the fly out to boulder for a canon national meeting with all the board and all the other folks and.
It was so fun how i love boulder is such a cool town and had a friend jaime there went to red rocks and.
Song of the sea was the black keys open for dashboard confessional who opened for back.
And i just saw that same line up a couple of weeks earlier in cleveland or cincinnati someone look at very different experience there in ohio.

[5:28] But i recognize the base player from back and got to hang out with him for like an hour before the show just talking about their european trip and it was just as fun as i find memories of being out in colorado,
i’m so without any further ado i give you keith currently under keith currently under from higherpractice.com how you doing today.
Doing great thanks how are you i’m doing well i’m doing well well i’m really glad that we met on-line and the on the show today.
Can’t wait to just dig into some of that won’t start with a little bit about just who you are and then i want to hear more about your practice and then we went from there so where you keep.

[6:11] Yeah so i live in boulder colorado i went to grad school you know pry fourteen years ago from now i am starting a private practice pretty quickly after grad school in boulder.
God ands in the in the early years you know i i went in and out of trying to.
Go part-time with it full-time and you get more to that story that’s what happen their personal life i,
married we have a great community out here boulder lots of friends.
How old is a great place to live from its meeting place there’s we went on our honeymoon and stated she talking is i forgot the tea house is like uzbekistan or something that the guys did,
swap with that this is scott at the boulder tea house the actually important in the ceiling from uzbekistan so it moves ask it’s amazing it’s cool and yeah.
Yes it got quite the town going on the ball now its special place yet have you always lived in boulder did you did my good buddies cose they grew up in new jersey oh wow so what bright boulder was.
School brumley grad school about me to boulder in two thousand and two probably.
Sorry about the same time i was in school to yeah yeah.
So so had a private practice is between full-time and part-time and then when did you start can shifting towards more consulting.

[7:45] I knew i was doing consulting individual consulting probably about six years ago,
you not once i really got my private practice establishing figured out what works and what doesn’t within a couple of years of that i started consulting,
and coaching client coaching therapists do it and you know the more i did the more i was like i really love this and,
and also started seeing like wow this is a huge thing we need for therapists and there’s not enough of it and i was really getting passionate therapists need to be successful private practice and.
They just start top skill sets and how to do it and i wasn’t taught that in school so that was kind of what you know motivating me and i also have a business background from.
Come to my.
Long past stitch suffocated business background you has why i lay under grad was in business administration and i do different things that did some wall street stuff from work and some.
And management positions and things like that.
So i got exposed to business in my early twenties then kinda wanting a big can a roundabout way of eventually finding therapy.
Working being a therapist and so it all kinda came together.
And then we eventually lead to higher practice which was like okay this is where one be spending my time now is in basically making therapists successful as they can not only.

[9:24] See individual clients but no weed abundant life’s yeah,
no it was that sort like a slow burn into it was like a revelation moment to my gosh like i need to hire practice it was,
it was kind of a revelation,
you know i knew that i was moving more toward wanting to coach therapist but i realized you know i was a revelation in the sense that like it was like a two year period of kind of,
knowing something else was coming and they didn’t know what it was and then it was over the course of like a month or two words like okay this is what i’m doing create this business this online.
Basically start-up you know helping therapists and all that came together like what are we actually gonna do and you know i wanted to create.
Am i want to create a business that’s okay you know gonna be able that health r plus from you know kinda easy of like getting them from starting to finishing,
seven that’s right we’re headed no where we’ve got a lot going on our able to really help in that process so.
Adjust as you were on developing the different things you thought therapists needed with their content you’re consuming outside of the therapists space like podcast or books or things that you allow like that would work was with just.
Here’s this gap ice and it just started in an active learner of on-line.

[10:56] Marketing for a walk a long time so i’ve been studying a lot of different marketing techniques and things and how to do that so and so was really,
happened you know it would we have a focus group that we work with for a while that was really helpful.
How does the death of one of the test things out we started with the first idea was we wanted to create a really comprehensive course because no one.
No we get a lot research nobody really had a good comprehensive course specifically designed for therapists that we found so that was our first mission was,
wanna comprehensive course so we did a lot of work that took about a year to develop and now we’ve actually we’re launching now from all that work which we were,
using for a while to is this course now we’ve actually moved in to having institute.
So that’s gonna be launched in a couple of weeks now where were we ever full course and we have a ton of other course material worksheets in all kinds of great stuff and so that was just one whole.
Area i feel like was we need to be able to drafts people self learning needs and we also in other areas but that was one thing i wanted to make sure that we were able to do.

[12:19] Yes so so when you say comprehensive course for some of the can a bullet points of that course.
Yes we know basically the course and now it’s more expanded there are tons of different license it’s been of over fifty lasagne some it covers everything from,
what are the first five main things you need to do to get a practice open to how you doing bud.
How do you create a brand identity to you how do you write copy for your website and create a website with willy on look out for online marketing and social media campaigns and.
Two hundred and local networking and researching qualified leads in you’re in your area and know how to not waste time and.
How to communicate properly you know majestic so are we really.
Covered the full expanse of running a practice for people not just starting but also a lot of people are part-time and.
They can we can get over the hump of you know ten clients we can a wonderful time so we’ve covered that also so what are some of the like key principles for getting your clients think that’s something that,
i hear from people over and over they might have the infrastructure to get the website but you may be there at that five clients are ten clients may want to double that.

[13:49] What do they keep on components that you advise it didn’t know it obviously depends on what they’ve tried,
i’m new to that so is,
the first thing if you know i’m working individuals on what they’ve done but no from speaking w kind of a blanket kinda statement that one of the,
the most important things,
you always need to do i believe is you gotta strengthen your i have the kids in your community so whoever already knows you,
well that’s the first place to always keep those relationships really strong because people who know you well,
and have,
set for some reason of a client or patient population to sign you there going to advocate for you know that’s different i always will make a distinction for people between,
kind of advocate and referral source because an advocate already knows you they’re gonna advocate on your behalf them the look out for you.
How can they care about you and you know maybe have a long-term relationship for there is something there so that’s really important you know focusing on those advocates now lot of people saying i’ve done that and that’s going on.
You’re the next up there’s a ton of online things you can do.
But i don’t think we’ll cover that today cuz that’s a long kind of discussion but in a local networking wise i think the next big scab.

[15:23] Is really focusing on how do you how do you find the really qualified referral sources so you’re rad and you’re just kind of.

[15:33] Taking not talking approach for your calling anyone and everyone who you think might be a good referral source like you a call every psychiatrist in town that doesn’t really work that well so.
The way you qualify your sources is not what i usually tell people is if they’re willing to.
Specialize while the growing.
If they have specialties in the world and to focus on the specialties the growth rate’s gonna be so much faster than if they just are general list,
because when you specialize there’s a few things that happens in the beginning.
When your general is typically the way you get,
a general population is through word of mouth referrals and word of mouth referrals take time so your clients have to talk about you,
and that takes time and me be friends and family talk about you but again it takes time when it’s in a word or word of mouth like that so that so to me that’s a slow growth.
Practice which is okay to speed it up because people on a week three to five years in jail to have a full-time practice and they and you don’t need to,
it is where you really kinda do more of a laser targeting marketing campaign specialize.

[16:58] And what does you because you can become known as an expert in your community around something you know if you know where to go for the referral sources.

[17:08] Can,
when you become the person for anxiety disorders let’s or and so then you have to call fire leaves buys you know,
you’re gonna if you if you specializes in the human you’re gonna want to go to the places where you have to think in terms of where do my.
Where is my clients where are they rate that’s kinda key to marketing is where is the clients hanging out where i can expose my name to them.
So that i know and my name and what i do that’s the thing were was thinking about a marketing where they hang out weather whether it’s online or offline.
And where are their symptoms basically for lack of a better word you know showing up in the world that they’re needing help in expressing the need for help you know something like anxiety for instance.

[18:05] Um things that a lot of therapists may not realize is a lot of places something like anxiety or we get in to parents were.
Yeah that might show up and.
And you know i got family physicians office maybe we actually when you really get into the qualification with these kids.
A place where time does water shows up a ton is in like a cardiologist office you know where.
How we looking at you know people that come there when i think there’s something wrong with their heart and their.
Unibrow into the heart dr and they get minus the panic disorder and these people you know it’s like the doctors need.
Referrals and they don’t have enough of them because so few therapists think that’s where these people showing up so.

[18:57] When we really expand this into all different types of symptoms and.
Things that people are struggling with that’s where we have to start thinking where these people going and when you get so targeted,
you actually really now or down the competition because not a lot of people marketing to that.
The green and there’s a lot more you need to do to get yourself even more.
To get just away from competitions are not competing in a for instance.
Another really great tactic is known researching practitioners that are newer.
For referral sources because they don’t have big where they don’t have big referral network either but they’re also getting you people and so stabbed seeing those texts and new connections can really help so there are lots of things i could say about.
How to grow faster than that you know how to double your practice i think you know it all and was here is you know you strengthen your advocates.
I wanna really just get very targeted in your local marketing approach and no after that there’s more you can do but.

[20:14] Definitely online marketing is a whole other journal future see you it mention you said the term marketing campaign and so the a lot of listeners have heard that they wouldn’t really know,
where should i spend my marketing money if i have marketing money wish i spent time on-line how do i,
make sure that if in front of a cardiologist are his or her staff that i use that time well something has those kind of questions what kinds of things would you point them towards.
I would say.

[20:45] Don’t spend money on local print media anymore haha you know it for the most part don’t be putting ads in newspapers that now you know radio that back kind of stuff.

[21:00] Doesn’t work so well and you can get so much more for your money,
yo brochures sure if you’re going around to doctors offices they’re still handing out brochures not find spend the money on but the thing is you can print brochures now for so,
you know it’s basically almost nothing,
so as far as we’re spend your money in larger marketing campaign or you’re in your room you’re basically yeah what’s your,
your business model so there’s no different choices if you’re looking on-line marketing paid online advertising.
Here is a few mean things that work google ad words.
Which of the ones that really work for therapists you know were talking about.
No we ranking when you type in a keyword to google apps a therapist los angeles and.
How do you see if there’s no that list in the center of the screen which is called organic results which are not paying for none on the right side bar,
you have the paid advertising and sometimes a couple above it those are effective they cost a lot of money to get yourself high up in that list.
How to get traffic coming to your website so near the cabin depending on your region can be effective i would say the average cost i’ve heard.

[22:30] Where can i see now is you know you’re paying for the six hundred a month for good campaign on google ad words as a therapist.
So you have to balance out you know what you’re returns gonna be on something like that.
There’s a lot of other choices you do facebook ads now i’ve seen mixed results with facebook ads for.
Direct client referrals but.
I think that’s really important to consider what facebook ads that is good is just driving traffic to your website,
can you can do that through if you’re somebody who’s blogging writing articles on your website which is pretty important.
I’m for therapists web site in general even if you don’t do it often cuz it just builds content on your website.
Are you people visit your website who are interested in you are gonna region content and that’s a way to drive traffic to websites to blogging so you can do paid,
make a boost post on facebook you could really increase traffic to your website and that’s great to do there’s other places you can pay online you can pay for.
Really getting help with optimizing your website and you know search engine optimization and trying to get your rank higher in.
Google that something you gotta know a little bit about it or just hire anyone.

[24:00] Because there are good ways to do it in bad ways to do it right now is the plug and i don’t know if your wordpress are you use for websites but.
I’m were press the plug-in from yost as ceo tool is awesome it really helps you in regards to figuring out how i optimize your pages for q are yours trying to target.
Yeah yes that’s pretty much the standard yeah point so so so when people come to you and they want to learn about blogging,
i totally agree with you that blocking is one of those essentials and soften people gotta get hung up on oh there’s only six people month to read my blog it’s just as important to help boost your ranking in google as well,
sometimes it’s that and position yourself as an expert of the main goals blogging what do you what are you teaching regards you how to write blogs are effective blogging and can’t concepts around that.
Yeah seven is a is a couple of kind of choices here so if you really if you really.

[25:03] If your intention is to is as ceo so again co search engine optimization you wanna increase your ranks in google and um you really wanna have your blog categories match your services on your,
on the website so as a therapist.
The way we really increase our ceo is week we need to have services pages are specialties.
Because we don’t typically rain especially in any competitive region we’re not gonna really drink on a keyword like therapist los angeles very where anybody hears gonna,
bring down that you my rental earnings it treatment or trauma treatment of things like that so that’s how we,
we do this by having specialty pages on the website and we blog.

[25:55] In categories related to our specialty pages and all ties in together with us to so if your intention is really around stl you wanna match your categories to your specialties.
Now doesn’t mean you can’t ever write blogs that aren’t in those categories it just means that is if you keep that going you definitely have,
part of the co strategy going there’s more things that need to happen,
it now if we expand out from there and say well,
as he is okay but really you know i need to be blogging from my heart and i just want people to know what i care about know how i help you then i say that like well that’s,
awesome so you should be doing and what you can be playing with is around.
And insert it as a therapist this is kind of a new area for us as you can be playing around how much personal disclosures okay for.
When you’re blocking your not sitting one am with a client,
it’s not like you’re taking time away from by disclosing something and in blogging there often is some level personal disclosure,
when it’s kind of a service based industry you are in a personal growth there’s often some personal disclosure see got kira were comfortable with honestly that’s important to.
The whole fact it has the kinda personal block bang for your clients cuz at least my expenses van that when people are blogging about the dog in about like.

[27:32] Things that make me a grief of the death of their parent if it’s not tied to some therapeutic fifteen minutes you know kind of more like a journal he doesn’t seem to have the same impact as.
Something like seven symptoms of depression that look like.
Things it or something like that when maybe of head of an experience know i know you right i think your totally right on it i think that it’s.
It’s the way you do it witches of your personal disclosing it’s always and contacts of a.
You know i shrug all that other people face and that you’re talking about how they face that struggle and how you’ve overcome that struggle so it’s not it’s never just sort of isolated in a journal,
you know i don’t think that’s very effective not that many people are interested they wanna relate to it,
so you know the people who disclose personally from my experience the effectiveness is one it’s an contacts in the blog of a theme,
they are trying to get across and then very effective is also,
no personal disclosure and you’re doing this kinda thing like you know five steps to reducing stress in your life right,
yeah those are very effective and those are imported into and there’s i mean what are recommended for people who.
New to blogging is do some research online you know and most effective ways to blog you’re gonna come up with.
Unlimited amount of really quick reads on how to blog effectively there are lots of templates for four subject lines no subject lines are huge.

[29:16] There that’s what’s gonna your septic line is what’s going to determine how many people actually open you’re in your email and you know we don’t know that if we haven’t studied marketing so.
We are gonna either get a three percent open rate because you’re just creating any subject line and you don’t know about parking at all or you just find some really simple templates to fill in.
You know very effective subject lines in you’ve and you adopt them to your,
content and going to get a thirty percent open rate and you know if you’re in the thirty percent open rate on your newsletter the you then you’re an industry standard and we means that people are paying attention to.

[30:01] Yeah i heard about a year ago and wasn’t sure you know if the number changed so that’s good to know.

[30:09] So it will that there is the question i’ve heard a lot of discussions around whether or not counselors should have newsletters and so,
but when is it appropriate for concerts you have a newsletter and when do you think that it’s just not a good use of their time.

[30:25] Well i think you know who is also adjusted with this kind of concept of an.
Email newsletter is at this point in decade ago,
you know the email newsletter um blocking was kind of new you know it was it was sort of a concrete idea,
that you know you got this newsletter and it’s hits in a get it every so often and it’s very specific in.

[30:56] How you know how you can call a newsletter but really.

[31:02] Will you know that’s really that term is only kind of mentioned when your signing up for something to get your email on to the last,
a really we don’t typically have newsletter term anywhere in the emails going follower and really what’s coming through is whenever you write a blog you sent your last.
And that still kind of the newsletter but that you know most people don’t have the term newsletter anywhere.
Now it will most will most counselors with their email list you feel like.

[31:35] That just sending a blog is the most effective where would you say that having additional content that’s unique to the email as well.

[31:43] Um most cancel orders based on their blog and then you know that’s great and then,
every once in a while so i need to send the block and then every once in a while you might still sends something else so if you’re promoting the workshop or group you do that.
You know some people might even go as far as promoting individual therapy but you gotta do it in a way that’s kinda skillful in on just keep,
sending random emails that says i have openings so you know promotion is okay in your.
And you know your email last bites your one do a lot be you also don’t wanna err never do it because if you never do it.
Then it sort of like of.

[32:37] They don’t understand that you’re actually business right just a nice guy that cares about anxiety and yeah what’s line.
You’re running your business and that’s nasty i mean you could have a separate personal blog but this is your business blog very,
so it’s a conflict is the soap i have my audience are people that are starting or growing a practice and a lot of what we just kinda covered i think is,
is a questions for people that are more advanced cuz i know i don’t wanna leave those folks behind,
yeah there’s like for example i’m a nine person private pay private practice and most of my time,
for the practices spent promoting the other eight people here and i’m doing more consulting that i am doing counseling now so yeah i’ve got a couple new people to join the pro,
just like for those of us that have grouped practices are there more advanced practices what would you push them to do to scale and grow and continue to thrive in private practice.
We have a when you have a higher you know capital higher revenue stream higher cash flow its i think it’s always good to invest more paid advertising and,
because you know when you’re running a big business like that.
Now you don’t wanna be going out all the time on the streets and spending a ton of time working people face to face it you know you’ll be if you have more money coming in,
you’re gonna be able to return of money with my advertising.

[34:09] You know what people it depends on the business model a lot of in these,
can i grew practices are in a way to bring people in and they stop after market themselves you know that’s a different situation right,
who were the individuals at the market themselves and their kind of in the situation like everyone else where,
they have to do it from the start but when people are more established even doing it for let’s say five thirty years.

[34:36] In their individual practice in they say they,
something is not totally clicking right baby keep there at like eight to ten times the key and get over the hump i you know that’s where and let’s see the do the local networking,
i would say there’s two other things if they really understand the local networking.

[35:00] The to other pieces i would say what’s going on emotionally and were willing to look at that cuz in my experience,
i would say half the more than half the battle here is the motion of thing it’s about it’s about a.

[35:19] Attitude and mentality of entrepreneurship and you know we don’t typically,
entrepreneurs don’t typically take a hard look at what’s coming up for them every step of the way psychologically and emotionally and that’s a big piece of you’ll often find.
And i went through this tons of times route you know pat over the past decade of your self-worth and.
I’m feeling the failure failing at things and no persistence or collapsing where all these different experiences and if we don’t have the mentorship and support.

[36:05] To work through it and the development all milestones or south are coming up from entrepreneurship that’s where most people get stuck in my opinion,
the practical skill sets there teachable pray to learn a ball and i can tell someone go meet with five people here’s the five people show me with and they come back to me and they say they can do it or.
They say they make a call but actually you know i got scared of the call on didn’t go well or where they did the five people but then three weeks later they’re not doing anything for three months,
so i would say no the motions huge,
i’m with a twenty to look at that with somebody that is you know in a practice for a while and can’t,
seem to get over the the next song and the next piece for somebody like what you’re describing yourself what you have this you know,
you have a large can click model at this point and more you know joint practice whatever it is then we will get some more online,
social media opportunities.
I’m really expose practice because you know everything almost everyone is spending time on-line.
In facebook you would you look at referral sources linked in but when the clients are on facebook that’s where we would.

[37:30] You know get exposure to them and also referral sources on facebook and am so there’s a lot of opportunity in facebook.
To expose yourself to people who has a boosting posts is the best way of getting people to get back to your website look what would you say are the best contact ex on facebook for a more advanced practice.

[37:52] So i think it’s pretty comprehensive you gotta get somebody in their active in groups getting you exposed commenting in ohio in different types of groups depending on,
there’s all types of groups you can be and um we would have to break that down but so that you’re active you.
Definitely even in your if you can do a blunt between a company page in your personal feed you know it’s important to do some things in your personal feed,
as a therapist because,
you have colleagues in your personal feed your lack of clients their bf colleagues usually in your personal feed and so.
You know you wanna have exposure and there so it’s not just boosting posts that’s one important thing you wanna be sharing lots of articles.
And no others posts that were articles online related.
Usually crave topic one of the different pieces as a therapist one think of the mental health related something another kind of part of the map to be lifestyle.
No sharing different things that are both on the color spectrum of mental health but that are also and kinda entertaining to people right by mean we look for our personal feeds.
Good with you look at the percentages of what people open.

[39:23] You know people tend to gravitate toward more entertainment type things but you can include entertainment that is mental health related as well so you really wanna be very diverse in your approach in facebook,
no more you’re in beijing and facebook the more you keep your company page updated the money boosting coast driving traffic to your website,
you can give things away that’s always important to get people to opt in to your list.

[39:57] Which is the you’re planning on blocking you need a way to get people on your list that and you know that.
He’s getting people talking to a list is it something in the afternoon how large about because you can either have a one to three percent opt in rate meaning.
Everyone who visits your website.

[40:20] And there’s a place to give your email address to say i want to be on this newsletter if you just say hey avenues letter.
Love for you to join you’ll get weekly emails you have a one to three,
what’s the inside and have a one percent opt in rate meaning of hundred people visit your website maybe one person lol and what were the message like that and likely it’s gonna be.
A lot less than one percent so yeah i found it yeah i know you’re gonna say i found so go for it i was gonna say.
You can get up to forty percent off today if you offer a hyper targeted free the high value.

[41:02] Product in the product is usually free guide.
Or seems there’s other things you can offer you can offer small the book but you don’t need to recover very short free guide that’s very targeted.
Toward something like you know the six steps to a happier life but you would want to be more targeted right light you know six steps to alleviate your depression today that type of targeting.
With no type of promise now and it doesn’t me it all we’re saying is you can alleviate depression today right so when you offer such a strong promise with something so practical with the six that,
that’s where you get your that’s where you sit you get.
That percentage rate increased dramatically ex financially and if you really wanna have you e-mails which you should because most clients will call you right away anymore.
How do you know the people that are word of mouth will.
But the people that are hard-line thinking about their being rca call you right away they’re gonna check your website out you need to nurture you need to form a relationship with them and that’s how we do it we,
get their email we send them blogs and then they call us a couple of months and that’s how you have a long-term marketing strategy online.
Yeah and i think that even having lists that are focused on specific topics of you have people opt in.

[42:36] For your depression download then you can have a whole bunch of parenting or couples work all these other random subjects try to keep it.
Around anxiety or and around pressure whatever that optimus you make a go outside of it to me it seems like what works is making sure framing around.
Why they originally signed up with okay so,
i’m interested in coming your transition out of doing as much therapy and into consulting the number of the listeners are adding consulting can be on justin,
it says um what were some of the things that were have practical steps for you in becoming a consultant.

[43:13] The big switch for me.
There was a couple of things happening for me one more as i kind of got cleared,
the for me i was always very motivated round personal growth and mr challenging transformation and helping people but when i got really clear round was.

[43:35] I
I didn’t see myself for some reason sitting one on one with people for the rest of my career something just started to shift in the words like this isn’t was really good for some her time and.

[43:48] It just didn’t seem like i wanted to be sitting with twenty thirty people in an office every week.

[43:55] And then what happen was i realized the place where i’m gonna be most effective.
Is helping therapists you know all across the world which is now what’s happening.
Have them be successful because i was working through me was the more therapists that are successful more people are gonna be less people are gonna be suffering so,
i just cleaned wanted to be working in a different kinda area of this personal growth mental health can i have.
Field where you know i’m kinda wanna help the helpers to succeed and in what they wanna do so that was just kind of a shift in my.
Perspective around you know who is the king and i also became very passionate about the business side of it i.
How to business background in my twenties and says it can’t all came back together,
we’re really enjoyed the business side of it and when i went through all the trials figuring out how to do the business side of it i was like it’s like there’s not enough there’s definitely not enough people.
Out there right now um.

[45:11] That can hold therapists with the business side of it and we just need doctors we need a therapist to be successful it’s just.
So important with everything that’s going on in the world yeah yeah.

[45:25] So what were some of the tools podcast books you courses that help you can have with that consultant.
Yeah so you know i went the road of.

[45:38] Yeah i did a lot of my old study around building my practice but you’ll be coming into the consulting arena,
i have to do a lot of study around,
you know business coaching and also online marketing and copy writing and a lot of other areas that.
You know basically i need to be able to hold that knowledge not necessarily that an individual therapist needs to learn all that obviously and the technology.
Is a huge learning curve as a consultant because a lot of technology of to be aware of so i stayed a lot of yours and he again he’s a big.
Big name in consulting kind of consciousness consulting of studied,
i’m sorry for the witches she shoes with teaching women entrepreneurs,
no i’ve done some course work with them on-line and really studied enough evidence,
i’ve done a lot of stuff with that ryan dice is digital marketer school the moon that’s very practical.
Not again this would not translate so much to a person in to down there she the therapy officer translates to more than business coaching peace and in no more of the,
company that i have to.

[47:09] You know man h so digital marketers his business what tony robbins for coaching you know he’s kind of the region near coaching ourselves.

[47:23] Watch him a lot and studied a lot of his techniques not have also studied someone you know stuff around well because.
Relationship to money and wealth and that’s a big piece of in talk about.
Buy twenty one is in the emotional psychological peas a lot of us are facing any small business owners facing this on some level.
I’m in a therapist specifically face this which is their relationship to money and wealth and what’s happening there so you know i’ve,
as read a lot about that and it’s important piece to look at you know what is your relationship to money are you okay with.
Earning money are you okay with taking money from people how much money is okay for you.
What were some of the authors or people that helped you with that wealth mindset.

[48:18] Yeah i think hard actors a good one we see what his book is here because he is kind of a classical book that’s really good.
But the.

[48:39] I’ll see which i’ve read a few of his books in the secrets of the millionaire mind you know when you get in to.
Wealth books in general you gotta kinda come into with.

[48:53] When i kinda open mind because a lot of these people are,
to make a hundred thousand dollars what would be like to make a million dollars will you be like today in any can challenge a lot of our values and things.
I’m gonna get say is a guy he’s actually a good person heart attack because he his approach is the psychology of wealth.
I think it’s a good starting point for people and it will trigger a lot of.
Values and different things there’s other people dr d martine teeny is a good one.

[49:35] Some people might know him he has some great stuff around money consciousness really good stuff around your value system and prioritizing values.

[49:47] Awesome will have links to those guys and gals in the show notes and i’ll try to find some you tube videos and links to their books as well so i give you guys all that those urls and in a minute or so,
so cute of every counselor in the world were listening right now what would you want to now.

[50:04] To follow your dream and your vision and if it has to do with in creating a private practice or expanding your private practice to i would say.

[50:18] If it feels like there’s some risk involved i would say.
To take that risk because there’s always going to be a sense of risk whenever we’re creating something we’ve never done before and,
even in the worst case scenario for lack of a better word if you feel like you falling some point if you keep sticking with that.
You will achieve what your dreams are we just need to stick with that.
Awesome so keep you have a free download on how to start a private practice right also little bit about how to get that.
Yeah the download that i have a down load that i have you just go to my website.
And there’s you’ll see a place to just you know trigger email address an awesome says over a higherpractice.com kenneth currently under think so much for being on the tracks of the practice podcast.
Thank you very.

[51:22] Music.

[51:42] Special thanks to keith for being on the podcast today it was great and head on over to practice the practice dot com for slash session one thirty nine for links to all those,
books and things that keep share with us today thanks for letting me into yours and into your brain again if you looking for phone system however practiceofthepractice.com/grasshopper to check out more of a grasshopper you guys rock keep it up and i’ll talk to you soon bye.

[52:09] Music.

[52:26] Special thanks to the band silences sexy and i live there g and art your music is great.
In this podcast is designed right back in thirty to information on the subject matter covered is good with the understanding that host the publisher,
already got surrounding the accounting clerical or other professional information to a professional is fine with.

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