PoP 141 | Software as a Service with Flow App Founder James Hollister

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Software as a Service

Software as a Service is the theme of today’s podcast. James Hollister goes deep about start-up, launching a technology business for therapists, and how you can create passive income with products to grow your private practice.

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PoP Culture Meet James Hollister


James Hollister is the Founder of Flow, an app and software company with hopes to elevate the mental health community by strengthening the connections you have with your colleagues. Build a professional network full of the people you know and trust. See up to date details of their practice and current availability so that you can refer to them easier. Discover new people you’d like to get to know. And, hear the latest news on topics that you care about most and discuss with colleagues in a private, secure social network.

Here’s how James describes himself and his app:

Hi, I’m James Hollister, the original founder of Flow. No I’m not a therapist and I don’t come from a background in psychology. My background is in technology and developing software. I’ve worked on software for various industries, ever since graduating from high school – software for restaurants, casinos, auto body shops, notaries public, sign companies, I even built a poker playing artificial intelligence.

Most of those ventures failed – mainly due to giving up or losing interest. It wasn’t until recently that I figured out why. I never cared enough about the missions of those that I tried to serve in those endeavors.

This time I decided to change that, to pick a group of people I could stick with, one that I knew was flow-logo-with-bgimportant to society as a whole. A group of people I could care enough about to push through the inevitable uncomfortable emotions that come with entrepreneurship.

That’s how I landed on mental health. My mother struggled with major mental health issues her entire life. Perhaps if she got the help she needed her life may have turned out differently. That matters. If there’s any way I can help solve that problem, even in a small way, I’m up for the challenge.

Once I knew I wanted to help this field I needed to uncover how, a way to use my skills and talents. From there I took to the phone (and email) to reach out and interview therapists in practice. Often paying for a full session just to ask questions about the struggles they had.

Long story short, Flow was born of those discussions.

Connect with your network of colleagues – the ones you trust in your own local community – and communicate on a professional level in a secure private way. Sure you may be on a couple of those listserv mailing lists, or be a part of a professional association but this is different. Here you can connect directly with the people who you know and would like to build a better connection with. Talk about the problems your local community is facing right now. Coordinate local events or share details throughout the network. You choose the level of privacy for each of your posts, send a private message to one person, share it with your direct colleagues, share it with the colleagues of your colleagues, or share it with your entire county.

Here’s a link to Flow Therapist App.

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Meet Joe Sanok

consultant headshot JoeJoe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is one of the world’s leading private practice consultants. He is the owner of the Traverse City counseling practice, Mental Wellness Counseling. Joe helps counselors to start private practices and grow them.



Podcast Transcription

Pop 141 | Software As A Service With Flow App Founder James Hollister

[0:00] Music.

[0:27] Joe Sanok your host here in the radius center to building in beautiful downtown traverse city michigan.
At practice of the practice world headquarters hope you’re doing awesome this week and hope your private practice is just killing it.
I’ve been doing this five day blog course and a lot of people joined from the blog and podcast that three day series at the end of may and it has been so interesting to just learn what people are discovering,
from just a blogging in trying something new.
I ask people in the first email in that series what there one word is describe in blocking in it’s about seventy percent of people have something negative word with the word overwhelmed being by far the top word,
and the way i talk to people about being overwhelmed by blogging is you know you just keep trying you keep,
practicing it break down a blog is just a list of less than as you get better at me at some story in there and it’s been really great to see in yesterday at the tennis records that would ban last wednesday.
I had a wedding r that was all about blocking and so we talked for forty five min into questions and people have just,
amazing questions how do you how you structure your time to get blocking done you it was just a really fun community for that forty five minutes and,
i am launching on june twentieth is when it’s gonna start this thing called blog sprint and the idea is that in two weeks we will all together each rate ten blog posts and will.

[2:05] We’re together every day for four days in a row you have access to me i’ll be doing a webinar are,
for forty five minutes each day that’s about blogging them for half an hour to go take some action based on that wedding r and then after half hour you’ll come back.
And i’ll be around for another half hour for questions and answers.
So it’s a great way to get access to me if you can afford the typical consulting package which runs usually between.
Six hundred thousand dollars a month this is only ninety seven bucks and so it’s a really good way to jump into the.
Can work on some things get some feedback and attracting your ideal client getting some blog post written and just learning about most basics of marketing.
I know a lot people can’t afford that you six hundred two thousand bucks a month and so on and off for something that was reasonable and also,
can a valued my times i’d love for you to join me,
heading over the practiceofthepractice.com/blogsprint and we’re gonna be doing it from one thirty eastern standard time if you can’t make it there can be recorded and put into the facebook group in the facebook group,
is a private facebook group so you don’t worry about if you ask questions as to what the world can see it has been super awesome so i’m so excited about today’s,
yes today’s guest is james hollister and he’s launched super cool app called flow app is gonna talk a little bit about that process of current software as a service and,
can i have any ideas that you want to put in the place you may have ideas technology wise on the don’t know what to do with those ideas a lot of us are clinicians and.

[3:42] You may be have an idea for anxiety after a depression apple or something is software as a service and he’s not talking about,
how he can i took a step by step measures to launch this app and is going to talk about flow apple little bit,
and it’s super cool he just really house work on the business side of it,
so i’m not gonna take any more time away from james i get to hang out with james in person out of the most awesome conference in may in la jolla and such a cool guys on the road with his family taking this like,
epic family road trip and just meeting people to help promote the app and we just,
adventurous guy so without any further ado i give you the one the only the never replicated james hollister,
james how’s your welcome to the practice of the practice podcast i think jogged to set the yeah yeah this is awesome i’m so glad that you’re here and,
i’m really looking forward to talking about apps and technology and all the interesting stuff you’ve been working and so,
always start with your not a therapist for you launch that there be app and like who are you and what are you doing in our field is time.
What is the gas france and i don’t have any background in psychology your.
We’re counting if there is anything at all.
Home girl going to high school in this text message program and other stuff and yes.

[5:16] Build my own things lost my phone at while yeah finish toy around with things for three years back and forth to try it.
Everything from an ass for notary public ps two hundred four yes i enjoyed around the building and not four.

[5:36] Really big auto insurance our insurance company my her said to go anywhere in sf and yes one can look for different problems like it’s on different groups of people i might be able to help,
and not getting reports that insurance company and all that so i went to process of trying to understand what they do.
What is your address and any problems in my house.
And not just to turn it into your concerts and sketches and go to the feedback and start building on the boat really what i found in all of this free sms uses that.
Once i got past that really park it from paris to school idea and you have these people that’s why and that’s all fucking radiator deliver some cheese at on,
search your heart heater is set to have to do not allow the answer to the sales staff comfortable with so,
is it that are usually started to freeze and started myself and start to wonder whether i want to do is fix yeah i think that’s i’m interested to hear how you.
Are starting to work through that think that’s true of so many counselors that,
there’s certain parts of a business that we just love that could be the therapy hopefully therapy until the thirty one of those things sound like it may be like blog more like marketing more you like the accounting side and.
Then counselors and often times to the run on business have to you know sort through all these different things and some of the stuff that they just don’t like me how are you overcoming that.

[7:13] Well it’s a lesson learned is the regime that i’m on now after photos from using coffee filters are.
Giving up is called a certain little deeper and start asking why i give notice and on,
what is that and then care enough about that i was trying to serve the point on which you can find out an insurance company makes more money right was the,
was interesting when i thought i could make some money off my record it hardy was.
Not really enough to get me up and moving and beginning davis and what do you see i hear that so often that holy money,
honestly people think money is gonna be the main motivator but then it’s like we i don’t like working with this type of client and that’s so it applicable,
to our industry to your industry to so many industries like what gets me up in the morning so what was it about therapist that you thought like.
That’s the group that want to start to work with kids i work with their personal lives and we are now isn’t easy group to work with so what was it about us the said hey and want to figure out there pain answer to figure out some ways to help them.

[8:27] Yeah your sister you look so little soul-searching starting to think about know who’s a group of people.

[8:35] That i care about their machine not just not just helping them do what they do but i care that they’re successful in what they do and long not much a few fall.
I didn’t work nights starting to talk to a girl about student and local and organic meat seafood restaurants talk to some,
what a farmers it’s cat massimo stanley financing know just thinking of my past and.
What’s important and i think a lot of home in my maya some family history of mental health problems with my mother.
And um so yes i thought i saw cycles and with the professionals pixar there and just yeah i think we are you guys use.
Is really important to.
Adjust your help today at the whole culture of how we reset and work with mental health issues and,
we grass individuals and all the stuffs i started investigating more and it started to clear.
What’s the deal that i could get a time machine care enough.
Well i have a bunch of friends that do different types of business that have focus on the good for the world businesses and so i behind you like does marketing for only,
can companies that have certain ethical practices and another friend is the auger free videography.
Yeah i think that the whole like i do a triple bottom line some people say in of the profits and you know all those and then you add in whether it’s a good for the earth are good for people.

[10:13] And is such just important way viewing business that you’re not just in it for the money and you not estimate to help your own family but like it’s gotta.
In some way help make their of matter so that that’s awesome like were there any things.
He said he saw psychologist on a list like what are my computer some ways they were some tools that people could use of their starting to think of apps are things like i would you know where to start in regards to.
Let’s or markets in a sheet from the justice it was.

[10:51] I think it’s the most of your calls,
oh the bureau of labor statistics yeah the occupational job is probably now they career conference coming back nigga plug made a decision of and tools to in on.
What you thinking about different business industry is used to it can i get a feel for.

[11:14] Because i was looking for the students can i doing well i didn’t want one that was slightly our on so you can see information about.
Especially if your test is the charger radical regime look at less companies through a service called reference usa hmm okay and is usually pretty,
get free library is relationship was like recent news that yes cancel.
That’s going around the city go are trans in professions are all that kinda stuff your,
oh well,
so sick of these one for you is like what something that i can emotionally get behind like i just i don’t wanna just do something to make people money but i want to actually feel like this is helping the world so that maybe step to for you was,
is there a market is there money behind it is a growing it’s not a job it’s on the way out to where did you go from there.
Yeah they’re on so it’s in setting saying hey chain in this industry and i am nothing but.
What is it i need to get up there talking guys instruction.
Ideally this is what happens what you do like what you would you are watching the show from home so that i.

[12:35] When i am in such a female friend just start conversations with people in.
How long since probably about the time that you emailed me and some other folks and we started chatting a little bit it’s funny i usually ignore like he emails that are like kayla launch a new something,
not a menorah but,
i hear something about you matter how you phrase it or how you worded it but it seemed very like i just wanna like figure this out and see if this is even something viable to help counselors and.

[13:06] I don’t think i should go back to the original email and sees what click the mists number we’ll plan was that he was a little further along yeah.
With all the letters you sent actually and this is kinda part of my personality yeah of our time asking for help from people mm she is feeling lucky girl shut up.
Yes it’s official taking people’s timer just seen a time so what is it was a nice isn’t enough about twenty thirty.
Can i just offered to pay for a session basically but will be different session where i would.
Just interviewed instead of natural therapy session,
to compensate for time please and what so you actually like went to therapists and pay their accounting fee and then just interview them about your idea.
Yes honestly all the us open with them about what was for the fish yeah that’s on my canon lens is.
Taking from people that was taken.
Set the house on the river that are in rice so what did you discover during this like thirty rodeo.
So is it crosses the news in the past right time questions ass them on just to get her things you serve certainly service level you can.

[14:38] This is for people with problems is three questions answer bs.
Hit on kiss given the prom today and he was trying to get by sms on the house just having questions related to what i do with you guys do when and where it takes.
What is the cat a new clan with extra seasoning what we do after session for session when you do mr is working my.
And then.
Yes for those i got to get a feel for my little one it’s like to be in your shoes back on.

[15:22] Definitely too much that really running to canada.

[15:28] Problems that is all considered you probably seen software for them to mention software and shit.
Crushing finances from getting sick which.
Yes that’s the cause and the song started to realize this song this trance.
And people the people what’s people saying something that i was a little bit is missing probably should have been dismissed from us and i was.

[16:05] Kinda feel of them feeling isolated in and um.
There’s too busy to talk to collin sister too busy to really get out much sooner we’re on.
Three please hustling people that will cost to have such a your self lol.

[16:24] Yes just got your for this isolation from can a longer history of our home.

[16:32] Does how home theater see you about things are going on locally energy and i often surf.
Search completions for there some kind of trashy happens locally are there some kind of change in.
Just economics your home moves were calling splotches new paper books and things just to get a feel for what is happening locally.

[16:59] Yeah i kind of thought as it was for using stuff people from the nation really knows like six eggs.

[17:09] Sorry you had wasn’t all.

[17:14] This is this time after to not bring your own back ground into the discussion and radio and what people are saying.
Does his i guess i think if i had an app idea i would probably have the idea for the app and then try to prove that it would work where is your kind of doing the opposite where your,
trying to stay open-minded and then develop the app after you talk to people yeah that’s me says i am.

[17:42] Yeah what is your present which prove yourself this phrase making money am i going down slides something and nobody wants right away.
And so he’s really trying to stay also has your can do in these interviews now when it’s all.
Where is later history from a laying on my.
What is she talking about how she is lol calls from refer people who prefer fish and she’s always looks so warm.
Choice zero weather seeking for the nile or some where she has to say that i can’t use everybody else’s.
The vin and uncle shoes are there in the those relationships that she had when she got up over fifteen years of practice.
What are you selling everybody thinks the house is always busy why when starting people because they can sing and i’ll.
Yes we are this is real relationship she has with cause people are gonna start.
Weather away because she doesn’t communicate in the simple fact of my ass slot open on tuesdays your on arm noise from for a now fri.

[19:05] Yes of course the direction after having an all.

[19:10] Yes that is kinda cool things little in on some like my beautiful it’s trader go out there and i want people to see if it was a calm.
Area of interest.
Yeah and you’re pursuing it still so it is a area of interest i think about my own practice we have now nine therapists year.
And even tried to manage like who’s gonna referrals who’s not to have that we are intake coordinator she you know she could use this app when it comes out and.
Yes tell me more can where you planted with the apps and where you’re headed yeah yes.
Your messages are to collect will be interesting.
I want to test it again trying to prove that it on my goal is to prove that it is to have her so much confirm my suspicions information.
You can resume your time so that when i go to prison will website which will web page using a throw the home from the house it will landing page so and so got there is like an.
Sorry to just send that to a few of you or talk to you in.
Hello jane sale on-line two is broken things are happening too much and yes see what kind of.
Is anybody with mom so that a that age health finances and your email if you want to get in.

[20:44] Really good to use the first castle so that was pretty fast and my mind was something about ten to fifteen people for seven people.
He came there and printer email address which is a good thing of me.
Resume is the new alex when you are done with that paid advertising on facebook.
Your so what kind of targeting did you do i use the surface but with that it what other kind targeting did you do for your kids.

[21:16] Was the number to figure out the right.
From where you think is in soma sorry based on profession it’s probably a little fuzzy as it’s not all.
Hello friend practice your it’s mostly on.
People are lazy and that’s on you are trying to find people who like certain topics of lights medium.

[21:45] Home thank you could tell people that we’re liking.
Yeah i’ll teach suck properly perfect cuz he to house looking and it worked and we are you looking more for like a certain percentage of people that would sign up they came there or are you looking for certain numbers to jump on the email list.

[22:06] Percentage OKC percentage versus numbers.
Yes that is a little bit of you for having.
Hey mark it was a guess whose fucking funny for me but yes answered was,
how likely somebody was be interested at all in the subject matter so i give you could target a hundred thousand people that were actual like looks like good customers for you,
if you can save fifteen percent tended to opt and then it’s easier to make scale little bit.
Yeah okay yeah so many interesting things about apps for the app even goes live okay for you get wasn’t us in the car on the screen this is this is relatively new emails.
Yes hat is a symbol of things that i know that the overall show us all living in this house and start.
Trying to find ideas test dot.
What’s that um for us to twenty one blue shirt your.

[23:20] Translate please to get something successful major surgery so then use to get these people opting in and where to go from there.
Yeah front of their students to send you more emails to the people i adopted you and couple months later i.
Can you feel it find my pitch for what the what do i list contacts.
Yeah yes to talking people i can understand more about know where to sleep first.
It’s in really nice clean and it’s being a bitch and.
Yes of course and i put together some mockups can design of work sheet and i should around and got be back angry that.
And then when i message to my douglass people living room two hundred fifty k and then all.
Yeah kickstand some of your if you if you wanna be like one of the first week.
The first like doesn’t people can use it and you can not get really accessing.
Life time have discounted whatever premiums and there is much on the third planet after your first year when it comes out all standing so me the kitchen and yes.

[24:49] It was a people to on each and i was kinda last operations of weather not this do you have a personality great and i really want that much on long.
Sting start to change when you have to actually put your credit card on shit ray so know something i really want to make sure it.
Yeah wasn’t very much money it was the last class college for me that.
It was something that people get behind enough even if it doesn’t ring a free version sometimes the most people use free version.
The fact that there are some people that’s seeing you and i enough to pay something towards the key from yeah i think i think back to that the consultant school when i launch that.
After all this time into creating the how to become a consultant podcast i mean like ed episodes of it with the idea of building the audience and.
I probably should’ve done some facebook ads like you’re talking about first just to see how many people would actually jump under an email list and then pay something before i put as much time into the podcast cuz united spend a ton of money in building it,
so much time and newsweek of the week podcast,
stand in need of your filling up the consultant school but i feel like the way that i did it ended up being people that argue are connected to me in some way wasn’t brand new people to follow me to the podcast and so.

[26:19] I definitely into that like i wanna lunches podcast and it’s gonna make me money and this way and i haven’t validated it like one bit and so.
Oh i think that like this model they’re talking about the lean startup which i’ve read that book in a while and think about it like this is.
Like that really for anyone that’s launching you new e course or you know wanting to write a book or a an app it’s such a good model.
Yes course um.
Can you please like you don’t have to go to the mall in the testing are you contestant of places in.

[26:57] So like say some their purpose has an idea for an app i think most of us probably get the idea first before we can start interviewing.
What will be their stuff and i don’t hear more about the app and a second but like what would their steps be in validating i have an app idea of parenting app idea what would be.

[27:16] Someway that i could do that wouldn’t take up a ton of time as well.
So i think this is hands on you talking to your parents on the grill so we should you try to get there.
Tomorrow you thinking my surf holds.
Painfully blue today brochures leaflets a parents of elementary students that have kids dealing with some sort of behavior issue.
Okay shut off your yeah so um so you can find in your head maybe starter surgery of.
Really sure copy something that can fit into some test copy the speed to the market and have.
Speak calmly myself from them um so colors somebody ass yeah it’s in the book.
Idea for france with the school since or hang behavioral issues on.

[28:22] Yes my come up with just the nearest for five headlines whistling only castaways attention to have all.

[28:32] Can i just want to senses something that can fit into the size of a facebook ad long beach so.
Dumpling rating got is a cat is access to yeah i’m and it got a couple of pay copies it set up for failure to believe maybe it might be your does your,
daughter gets quiet when she’s been being disciplined or something or does your son get quieter start crying when,
you give a consequence or as some copy like that so you treat for five different types.

[29:09] Yeah that’s right is somewhere dr pepper like men yeah so go over to making a facebook at which we might be a little bit talking for some fun of a cat about.
Yeah actually i think it was because we are around google as we touched on facebook ads for a podcast is to put in the show notes.
Okay cool i’ll be cs is pretty simple and easier hang of it is for gas gauges is looking to find.
Am population market the home we have a certain number of people from one litter at least maybe ten thousand people.
That would be your target market to see how to test and then you can create is saying something on the way.

[29:58] Phone just say you should call four hundred and how many verses you cannot with an you’ve seen me seven upgrade where randomly chooses which one to use.
Search with that is the test different versions of the same thing your saying because long message.
Where am i listening more than or less than,
office restaurants along for general can running the show friendly for all those people you target and where i’m really and just looking for right now is whether people to come so on.

[30:36] As far as what does that do to you can just go to releasable landing page and set up your shit for free need interest like.
On the facebook page or something then we’re going to all cuz i asked to worry about wasting the court’s you just really spending money on testing whether people coming at all the.

[30:59] Yeah so.
And for this restaurant with the fuck’s this is kind that you pull this some of the pics best person to strategy where they don’t help with the title without testing it through this kind of.
Schedule a time a bunch of twenty different styles subtitles made this is a test to delhi with one resident more.
Okay so in this step one for the people listening is set up a facebook ad test out some titles for your app for your e-book you’re looking doing and then,
the next phase you’d side with opting into the email list and look at the percentage that so you looking for something different.
The car is right so you can look at the statistics on your facebook and see how many people who site click on it.

[31:51] Not low because it’s a facebook at this particular disease called english scottish eating a difference.
Friends of sean so this is something like one or two percent of people to click on it is really high actually okay.
Else and like what is it so you end up with a hundred and fifty people on your email list use of this fifteen percent so that would mean that about a thousand people came there.
Which if it’s one or two percent then that would mean that about a hundred thousand people saw like so how much does that cost to beckley in facebook to.
Like what look at me not the of to get all your numbers but likes like for us to test something to get your handful people on the email list will be reasonable can a first round test financially,
yeah um good question something your fingers.
Thanks you pay for facebook at a number of people who see if you pay the number of people who can dish and the range depending on who you’re going after so much if you shooter if you doing for.
Hello nurse surgeons in french is chief of the three of abuse clinics i think it’s like nineteen or twenty five dollars per click probably because it’s so expensive going to substance abuse program.
Yes it’s a free market everyday and gas stations.
The volume is black at heart difference is higher than just bought this way over time yeah.

[33:22] Push all the passing printing publicity enough population and products that people sell their from your very hot and is it when you can you can get six for twenty five fifty cents each okay.
You know i’m so so you want a contest out the baby that.
So we’re talking about number of impressions here’s a the self the number of times somebody’s is not one person makes it more than once shut up.

[33:52] So if you are reading the population of like i said something like ten thousand which is probably pretty legit apparently she on.
So maybe you see something like twenty to thirty thousand impressions and if you see her at.
Something like c percent twenty thousands.
To five hundred fifty is set up to my cost you anywhere from fifteen hundred dollars to get those clicks.
And you are going on an extended actually nice in bitch that sells it and clicking email address.
Um so what’s your clicks and you have a subject is doesn’t is actually like the concept of people putting their email addresses for it on your year you thirty or forty.
You notice for that yeah that sounds so something like a dollar and you mail address is your scene there is,
if you like it then how much does your happens of costing are you book and you concert in reverse how much you made per person get the dollar per lead and then a certain percentage in buying.
Yeah that’s kinda line lake city which is just standing there like a hundred dollars just to make sure i don’t waste time on this is the told me and.
Yeah well its password we’re at with the app right now so soon give me like how do you describe this app to people now after her interviewing a bunch of people in ky thinking through it like we’re with how you describe it.

[35:32] Yeah so it’s go slow.
Is really scared i thought i would get one for savings and business cards kenmore software smart and you.
Kinda missing to allow people to hurl community to better connect with the colors that they have the people that i know locally.
And i am not strengthen the relationships and new relationships with an.
The local community so that they can provide better care can make sure that the people that they.
Can serve the are coming in finance people that are best for them to serve the filing them and when did you find that date,
on the fit for their able to change after not using the interest on the cable and helping so it’s on the guest star on this machine that can i just saw pink one.
Text i think it really could you proof the.

[36:30] What’s the strength of a text practice and the number of years holstered house.
Everybody you need step of which the applicator switches now i have a very nice yeah and after the interview with me as i’m gonna give you more details on it cuz i record this ahead of time.
I wanna make sure that we have the most up to date like call to action here’s what jane’s gonna give you guys at the end of the interview,
after that i’m gonna let us know exactly where he’s at with things so.
So stay tuned after the music is something cool i will james like,
so for counselors what’s with or experience the they,
they want to refer somebody and it helps them see who has openings right now and i come tell me a little bit more about what the actual counselors experience to be with the app.
Yeah so different than what you have access to.
How is your password all you can usually look up a list of,
people on saturday your people girl whatever on the list goes allow you to carry enable you to know,
and trust certain people it or are within your community so on you don’t is religious maybe through copy the answer whatever and has,
these people trust you and that you’re back into your old jackson you on krypton connection within the apps that you can see.

[38:02] What she deserved what taxes offerings of the house with services they provide as well as the pastor on a few of you to help me find their something panel.
Where she find a dresser help please.
Home theater personally you can on the weekends and sometimes little kids moves.
Switch to streamline atrocities your interesting referral on me like a the.
Not everybody in the it seem the population is their comments or just like,
on the second beginning of next summer and it just you seek everybody which i’m sure how all that there is hardly.
The groups that the most energizing was bringing life to the company to work here while will soon james of every counselor in the world were listening right now what would you want them to know.

[39:06] Yeah it doesn’t hurt off the hash yes yes london that this is this is coming it’s.
The victim’s can i help her mental health community as a whole i think we’re gonna never really transition.
Yes the filter to make sure that.

[39:30] Servicing the people that matter seen you people are undecided of the room really whole.
Use this happen is to fill in this work is it possible here.
But i am so excited for to be released and a b testing it and now i can think of the handful of counselors here in traverse city that i almost always refer to,
a week is i sent this email to these two counselors inhaler sent someone your way and like to have a more efficient way of doing that and can tracking it.
I’m really excited hopefully get some local people on board here so that we can just improve our flow.
And i need to leave that in his leg that ass of improve our are flow through the apps that,
thanks so much for the work you’re doing i’m so excited to hang out the most awesome conference and the time that this goes live i’ll be right after the most awesome conference so we will,
have hung out it was great hanging out with you at the most awesome conference,
what was the sky has the demon answers yes to james house or if people wanna connect with your after connect with you with the best way for them to connect with you.
Yes email me to respond every now sis james asked.
Flow is either you therapist the cops awesome well james that was fun hanging out most awesome conference and will talk again soon just wanted to set the.

[40:56] Music.

[41:07] My big take away from hanging out with james is that they’re just so many opportunities for us to take our therapeutic skills are business skills and apply them to different products.
What is the book.
There might be some technological product james it may be extra blog posts there’s just so many different ways that can take what happens in our businesses in our private practices.
Apply there outside in ways that people can have access to be on justin of the traditional therapy are the traditional business that we’ve done as i want to just encourage you to brainstorm and dream and think of just.
What’s something that i can add to what i’m doing early start exploring.
And that might be blogging and love you to join me unplug sprint that says practice at the practice that come ford slash blog sprint.
Again for slash blog spring and i have a link to that the show notes which are practice the practice that come ford slash session one for ones to one forty one.

[42:09] So thanks so much for me in two years in your brain you guys rock your so encouraging we just continue to grow as a podcast thanks for sharing this with your friends and people that are your colleagues and i’ll talk to you soon have a good one.

[42:21] Music.

[42:31] Special thanks to ban sound to sexy and a cash check records we like music in this podcast is designed right acura thirty to information in regard to the subject matter covered.
It’s good with the understanding that the host a publisher for the gas surrendering legal accounting clinical or other professional information in a professional you find one.

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