PoP 148 | Blueprint to 100k with JV Crum lll Day 2

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Blueprint to $100k with JV Crum III

In this episode, Joe and JV Crum III give advice and the blueprint to reaching $100k to callers.

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Meet J V Crum lll

JV Crum lll on how to reach $100kJ. V. Crum, III, MBA, JD, MS Psychology, was, by his twenties, already a self-made millionaire, entrepreneur and investor. He is a writer, speaker, mentor and creator of the Conscious Millionaire Institute LLC. which instructs entrepreneurs and leaders to attain complete success. His non-profit Conscious World Foundation Inc. drives community projects which support youth development.

Meet Joe Sanok

consultant headshot JoeJoe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is one of the world’s leading private practice consultants. He is the owner of the Traverse City counseling practice, Mental Wellness Counseling. Joe helps counselors to start private practices and grow them.



Podcast Transcription

Pop 148 | Blueprint To 100K With Jv Crum Lll Day 2

[0:00] I went and watered my flowers this morning last night i watered and it was dark.

[0:06] One and one of them has two little violet flowers in it so i had my first baby flowers are a your user is flowers with people’s words risen everything and show them are like,
nine inches tall that don’t have a blossoming yet so.
There’s hope for is a flower daddy hey daddy i don’t.
That seems like you have to be phat not fat going to be fat so i’m just real flowers or if you’re flour daddy does m mean that there be like a flower child in there somewhere yeah that’s like the flower babies my baby flowers yet.
Give you flowers so i call my baby flowers.

[0:49] Music.

[0:56] This is the practice of practice podcast with joe next session number one forty eight.

[1:02] Music.

[1:08] This is a beep on the third and i’m here with show senate joe welcome i’m so glad to be doing this podcast together yeah this is a fun little adventure we’ve got.

[1:18] Yeah i know you know me during this all summer long it seems like and we’re both doing such incredible things so you know we will talk about music on the last one interests have you seen a concert are you have a concert you going to,
yeah you know every thursday there’s this retirement community that has.

[1:36] Can above local musicians believe michigan famous musicians are coming,
and it’s great marketing for them and they just open up their lawn and have outdoor seating and people bring picnics and wine and it’s just so much fun it’s like a big community gathering.
Well i’m gonna one of the outdoor been used this week at fiddler green in denver i think i think the whole six thousand nine thousand a lot.
Right and i’m gonna hear lyle lovett,
which i thought would be kind of fun concert cuz i’ve never heard him in person and it might be a one time thing but is like your wide variety of people and i know he’ll do a good concert,
yeah yet so fond just can’t connect to some of those musicians that are coming through your town and go to concerts you wouldn’t normally go to.

[2:20] What so you know what we’re doing here is joe and i have teamed up and we’re taking calls so we’ve had people who have called in earlier.
They’ve left messages about their business and their really wanting to break through hundred thousand are having some struggles with that,
so we’re here we’re gonna be giving advice to them and you’re gonna get to listening and whatever’s going on with your business hopefully a lot of this advice or play you so,
joe you wanna play are calling person yet we’ve got daniel today so let’s take a listen to daniels question.

[2:54] Hi it’s saying hands okay my website is resetyourmoney.com the question that i have is what advice would you give someone the.
Keeps on being stuck and.
Everything black focus and staying consistent even when things are going well and their business and their having results from what they’re doing.
But distractions and other tasks are coming up where they’re not being consistent at the work that they need to be done,
i love this idea that daniel presents of how do you stay focused how do you get the most anything really goes off of our question answer yesterday for eight,
any idea who midnight yesterday oh sorry to call the judge is also previously okay.

[3:48] I love daniels question about staying focused for his business because i think it really connects with it is question that we previously answered,
because so often i think we get sucked into those things that just aren’t helping our businesses bottom line in gb offered some awesome advice on the to be able to just focus in on what’s gonna get you to that hundred thousand dollars and,
really for me i think prioritizing what your day is gonna look like,
based on what your financial goals are is one of the first pieces of advice i give any of my consulting clients would buy you jb what do you usually start with.
Yeah i love what were headed with this because i have a sister but i developed based on what i found work for me our whole team here doesn’t countries million ninety two to a lot of clients and it’s that you will.
And can you really put this together the night before but you have a purpose for your gay that’s related to your bigger goals and then you have a maximum of three priorities.
And you can only have you can you confused just have one party like sometimes when i was working on my book.
I wanna talk anybody wanna look at an email i just kind of wanted to focus on the book there are days that i just batch doing podcast and you do the same thing,
may just mainly focus on the podcast you might have one other thing but when you only have,
three priorities in each one has a specific measurable,
goal outcome but you’re going to achieve that day what i find is that as i go through my day my mind wanders.

[5:19] Cuz i come up with these ideas and i wanna run to the white one that’s another great idea that way stop being.

[5:26] You can have that i get a cake just to worry about it will come back and when i got the,
this approach because once you have the outcome she said she have priority one so pretty one might be the one to call up some clients that you work with before and see if they’d like to re-engage to that could be priority number one.
And say you outcomes you’re gonna contact at least five clients that were previous clients,
then you create your actions that can i see that’s the exact opposite what up most people do most people in the morning the start writing these actions are gonna get on their actual list,
but they’re all over the place that can be twenty different you know topics right.
Show this week okay i wanna reconnect with five prayer clients so then you can hit the action in the first action might be you’re gonna look through,
prior claim she had in the last twelve months and you gonna choose maybe ten of them because some of my puppy and then you gonna start calling them,
and you might before you called me to have an action of will what’s the opening line what you want to say to them in first thirty seconds,
kinda break the ice and just you know get a casual conversation going,
but that’s so much different and i think daniel if you do something like that will you batch things and you have no more than three types of things your batching in a given day.
And you might wanna go out how we met what about all those e-mails what about all this unexpected stop why co eighty percent of your day out of the batch and then you literally are add an hour and a half.
It’s at a time but it’s part of your day where you gonna go okay.

[6:58] I’m just gonna allow an hour to an hour and a half for unexpected stuff e-mails to come in that are gonna do with because if you don’t,
it’s just gonna push your day way out and your nine o’clock at night and you’re unhappy because you didn’t have time with your spouse your children your personal time.
She can have to plan for the unexpected or anything jv you touch and exactly how the brain works which isn’t surprising cuz your trained in psychology like i am.
The week and only focus on a handful of things at once well we can think we’re focusing on five or ten different things but we usually don’t do that well.
In the more often that we can give our brain.
Zero choice be easier is so for me for example i put a lot of things and my schedule that i just automate and so it every thursday,
morning i have work on pot cast in or blog so that if that next tuesday is podcast is in good to go,
i at least know that thursday i’m not gonna be in a pinch with it i know that you know by taking most weekends off completely from the email social media,
then monday morning should probably check in on some things with some of my clients,
so i blocked out time for that so i just don’t give myself a choice in place of the black things off the just repeat every week,
that’s helped me really stay focused as well,
all those ideas that you and i have a lot entrepreneurs have i want a place to put those and so i just on my iphone,
i have the notes section of my today list which is a few reasonable goals that i have for the day and then i my someday list and they just putting it there,
in the someday list if i ever find myself without ideas at least i have new pages and pages of ideas that sometimes a coherent sometimes they’re not as much of months later.

[8:37] What an i think of daniel really touched on another area that we should comment on about how to stay consistent.
Because you know it’s really easy to be gone hold for like one or two days.
Yup lol wow i really want to accomplish this summer but this new product together or when i put this email sequence together but then you get to the second or by the third day it kind of,
getting distracted by all these things with something that you would suggest to stay consistent what think,
really stepping back from light will why do i want to stay consistent why do i want to grow this business if i make a hundred k in the next year so you’re not there right now and then you are.
How’s your life going to be different cuz that’s a lot more compelling than just saying i’m not gonna check email,
have some really understanding your why that’s driving everything that you do I think it’s one of the most important things so is it,
someday you wanna lake house so that you can have your parents over and sit by the lake is it that you are safe for your kids college education,
is that what is that why that’s driving your purpose in the world maybe one hell poverty in the developing world whatever your why is,
he started there that’s can be a lot more compelling for your brain than just making a check my email right now so when you start there and then you said to samuel what are the goals just like you would sort a few minutes ago,
and then break those down into micro goals and then stops,
it then allows you to say okay here’s the one small thing that i can do in the next ten minutes before i have to leave to go catch lunch with a friend that i can take to move toward that gigantic goal,
vs saying it’s just ten minutes all just plan my iphone for a little bit.

[10:10] That when you have those little teeny tiny moments of time to work on something to know exactly what you can do towards that bigger goal.

[10:18] Yeah i will i love this what it had gone that in that it’s much easier when you’re when you’re.
You’ll putting things together into a group of what you’re gonna work on me if you can just work on one thing for like an hour two hours within three hours that’s great you know that’s a great thing.

[10:38] Also there’s a different kind of energy that different cash require.
Like this week i have one day that i’m doing five podcast.
And on that day i’m also doing some other work but i’m doing the podcast first have an hour in between so in that hour in between i wouldn’t try to write a blog article,
because writing a blog article requires a completely different kind of mind focus and mind energy and way of thinking than being on a microphone interviewing somebody.

[11:09] So i think it’s your much more efficient like even if you have that ten minutes like say you and a fast.
Action kind of mode you can you do something that’s just a fast action thing you don’t try to slow yourself down because that’s gonna be really hard to do so keeping those together and the other thing i want to add was human work growing up.
Discipline never sounds like a good fit.
Right we meet women come adults we look back we go actually mom and dad might and am something about what they were doing when they made me make the bed because of the kenmore disciplined person but i’ve started calling it positive discipline,
that is entrepreneurs we’ve got a positively discipline ourselves and let me be that you get up in the morning and you meditate you visualize you do your gratitude you look at your plan for the day and you do all of that before you ever look at your email,
if we ever have a conversation with someone that that’s like maybe you’re fifteen twenty minutes that’s part of becoming very disciplined,
on a daily basis and so daniel that might help you maintain your discipline is he had something in the morning and then maybe some kind of ritual in the afternoon when you kind of grow out on form what did you accomplish.
I didn’t you know that you’re gonna do that kind of helps you maintain the focus that way i gotta be accountable to myself at the end of the day,
will help you find the positive discipline that will help you for i love that one thing that,
i’ve realized recently as i’ve talked to more of my coaching clients than i thought just everybody did is that they don’t do is to really visualize their day but not yesterday but to visualize like.

[12:47] Every moment of the day in sa at the beginning of the day you said picture twelve hours of time but as your driving to the grocery store even to think about where the avocados in this also had almost officially get in and out,
and having it be a part of your dates of your driving in and you’re gonna be writing a blog post after working from home you know that you can write a blog post about of.
Three o what are the main components of that what are the main thoughts that i have,
what information don’t have that i need to get so that when you actually sit down to do whatever the work is you already are working on it and your brain is then subconsciously continuing to work on it.

[13:24] I think that’s a great idea because i was thinking first of all you had me thinking about the grocery store so i’m gonna go to trader joe’s i’ll give a shout out to trader joe’s tonight and this morning,
i’m doing a cleanse there’s only certain things i can eat some gonna get eight or gallic.
I’m cucumbers and i’m gonna get a bag of organic apples and gonna get eight organic avocados.
Right and then i’m gonna get some tomatoes because for the first three days i can eat regular food that’s gonna clean filter be organic tomatoes but it’s the same thing as writing a blog post,
is that a lot of people sit down to go on write a blog post but have it organized.
And they haven’t thought would why when referenced in the statistics in this blog post or do i wanna put a graphic in this blog post so i think all of that is part of the positive discipline a,
of really having an organization and focussed which options you want to take to get to that result but it’s grouchy absolutely for daniel won’t be,
maybe two or three steps that you would give him to start to move towards being more focused on the work he’s doing.
Yeah so the first thing i’d say is let’s chop down because your having trouble with the consistency,
and so the conscious focused action model of having a specific result rather than having it be a thirty day result of you may have a thirty day results tied to i want you to really check it down to a five day results,
so that all money you know where you wanna be at five o’clock on on friday because that’s gonna help you become consistent because every day you gotta move toward that and then i want you to have a specific at least one prioritized.

[14:58] Result that you can have at the end of the day each day that’s gonna help you get,
to that five o’clock friday result because that’s gonna keep you on task and right now i think that’s one of the things you need is to stay on task.

[15:11] I totally agree you know you took what i was gonna save had chunking i would just said figure out the pillars of your goal but i like how you said that so i would i would totally act exactly what you said,
and by defining success with daniels gonna find is that,
it’s gonna be a lot easier to know today is the one thing that will that i need to do tomorrow i need to do this and as a result of this week i’m gonna have taken a giant step forward.
So great advice tv this is always so fun day can i talk consists yeah i’m really great time with this woman have to take some more,
call in show that we can give some advice to more people and you know when we’re gonna be telling you more about where he be doing a free webinar are,
or how about blueprint two hundred thousand and exactly what you need to do with your business to get you two hundred thousand so were gonna tell me more about that now because we’d love to have you come to our wedding r.

[16:06] But jb and i are so excited because we are going to be doing a webinar are together called blueprint two hundred k and were gonna be talking all about the steps that it’s taken for us and our consulting clients to get past,
a hundred k as long time ago for jv cuz he’s the conscious millionaire and so he’s well past that,
he’s gonna be delivering a bunch of contact around your first steps to get two hundred k and gonna be doing the same that’s can be at august second.
And august for three to be doing letters and both those days at one o’clock eastern twelve o’clock central eleven o’clock mountain and ten o’clock.
Pacific you can head over to practiceofthepractice.com/100kwebinar that’s again practiceofthepractice.com/100kwebinar
And we will see you on aug second or aug fourth talk to you soon.