PoP 150 | Public Speaking Tips with Grant Baldwin

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Public Speaking With Grant Baldwin

Today we’re talking all about public speaking with Grant Baldwin.

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Daniel Wendler is a doctoral student in clinical psychology. Before pursuing a career in psychology, he worked as an online marketing consultant, and wrote a successful online social skills guide. Today, he combines his skills in psychology and marketing to help therapists market themselves online.

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Meet Grant Baldwin

Grant_Baldwin-Head ShotGrant Baldwin is the creator of the Booked And Paid To Speak training program, a nationally known keynote speaker and author. His podcast and training site “The Speaker Lab” provides weekly training to speakers at all levels of their business.

As a speaker, Grant has given hundreds of presentations and has spoken to over 400,000 people in 45 different states through leadership conferences, conventions, and other events. His book and curriculum for students, “Reality Check,” is taught in 400 schools around the country.

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Meet Joe Sanok

consultant headshot JoeJoe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is one of the world’s leading private practice consultants. He is the owner of the Traverse City counseling practice, Mental Wellness Counseling. Joe helps counselors to start private practices and grow them.



Podcast Transcription

Pop 150 | Public Speaking Tips With Grant Baldwin

[0:00] Music.

[0:24] Joe Sanok your host i am so excited to be here today.
Today we’re gonna be talking all about public speaking it’s gonna just kinda go off of last week’s discussion with joe calloway,
grant baldwin but before we get into public speaking and all the things around public speaking i just wanna thing day and when blair.
He’s been on the podcast here before but he’s sponsoring today show his author marketing for therapists dot org clicking with clients on-line marketing for private practice therapist.
And dinners currently doctoral student in clinical psychology and have successful careers and my marketing expert before pursuing his college to become a therapist.
He loves combining his knowledge in marketing of therapy to help their kids grow their practice and reach new clients and he love to help you to his online marketing consultant.
He just add word as ceo management and anything else that might be helpful for your practice and was really awesome.
Is that dan is giving away practice the practice listeners a free twenty minute consultation between now and aug.

[1:24] And this guy just knows his stuff and i love that he’s a sponsor is a very non traditional sponsor,
and allow people might say that he’s kind of a competition of my buddies not this guy knows add words and as ceo management like i wish i could self check out,
Hannah Wendler marketing for therapist. Org and go connect with him.

[1:46] I am so excited about our guests today our guest is green baldwin grant is one of the few podcasters podcast is one of the few that i listen to on a regular basis he is the creator of the booked and paid to speak training program.
A nationally known keynote speaker and author is podcast in training say the speaker of provides weekly training speakers at all levels of their business.
And the speaker grass given hundreds of presentations and has spoken to over four hundred thousand people in forty five different states.
Through leadership conferences conventions and other events his book and curriculum for students reality check is taught in 400 schools around the country.
This guy he’s just a power house and honestly his facebook group is one of the most valuable groups i’m a part of so without any further ado i give you the one the only.
Grant baldwin grant baldwin welcome to the practice of the practice podcast.
It is an honor and the light to hang out with you my good man it is so great to be hanging out today,
i listening to your speaker of podcast for a while and your speaking was one of my big goals for two thousand sixteen and when i discovered your podcast after her remember your interviewed by.
It’s been really helpful to discuss structure out more about speaking.

[2:59] Both left this earth who are you free billy don’t know grant baldwin with the quick version of you can your speaking background and also how you got.

[3:09] Yeah so I can growing up in high school I was really involved in my local church I’m at my youth pastor had really big,
impact in my life and so for while is called that track was like that’s what I wanted to be used,
so that’s really kinda where it started and so was with bob colleges you pass for a little while,
parts of like provided like but one thing i really enjoy doing things i felt like i was good at was speaking so,
i was in a lot of speaking there and yes in to the youth group and also just being from time to time on the weekends and big church and so really just i really enjoyed it as well as things i got good feedback and throws things where,
i think i think a lot of times we can have this and some of that something that we’re doing,
it feels like go out with some practice i feel like i can be decent as you know or may not be the best the world or something but i feel like this is something that comes easy and comes naturally and granted so take some work but.
Feels like there something there you know that’s a that’s kinda what speaking was a little bit for me early on so after we left the position that after that the positions and then i am.

[4:17] Kaiser speakers and just got to learn more about the business and the industry and how this whole thing works I had to get speaking gigs and how much you charge and all that stuff and so slowly build the business and so for the past about 8,
no was nine years now but full-time speaker done a lot of the education market speaking at high schools and colleges taking that leadership conference’s do a lot with,
lunch for two hours now the corporations i work with from time to time and we do a lot of just,
dilation of alluded to just teaching,
the business card and business of speaking cuz speaking those things that i’m sure will get into that when people are interested in their trip by the passing by is just hard to know.
How to get into it how to get started and what to do and how much you charge and i think a lot of people in this just making like into the question like is,
like the spring even make sense why i’ve got a practice going i got a good thing going do i need to be speaking and so,
i’m sure we’ll tonight a little bit today as well yeah and so one thing i was thinking that a lot of people seem to do with is this are like imposter syndrome so if year.
No use pastor going on that track then all of sudden use and maybe with all the side maybe there’s some training in there the easter speaking to high schools outside of maybe the church market.
How did that transition happen how do you feel like you had something to say to people outside of maybe this Market you had been really involved in.

[5:37] Yeah i think of imposter syndrome is always kind of there because i think the back reminds roy’s can like julie who my to be up on stage,
speaking to any audience about anything we feel like there’s always people that know more about the subject of the topic than we do this one thing that i was gonna frame it as is your you’ll have to be like the world’s greatest,
expert on something you just need to know slightly more,
then the audience about some subject or topic saw give you a good example like uses i’m clueless whatever comes to cars i just don’t absolutely nothing about cars so when i take my car to the local mechanic to get the oil change,
whoever it is that’s working on my car to me,
that person is the expert why because they know more about cars than i do now does that mean that they are the world’s greatest expert on cars like now i know that they know that remember,
i’m not looking for the world’s greatest expert on cars i’m looking to this one person that knows way more about cars,
then i do so to me i view them as an expert so really,
and expertise is really more in the eye of the beholder so whether or not you think you’re an expert,
is something irrelevant because it really do other people view you as someone who knows more about that subject or topic so yeah absolutely like early on.
I remember that i was pretty i was in my mid twenties when a person to do a lot of speaking and i remember was working with an organization doing,
like seminar training is for them so i would go i can’t go from city to city and would speaking do like an all day.

[7:10] Training for like thirty e forty fifty people or something and often times like i was the youngest person in the room and are i would be like i could be some of these people,
kid or grandkid and i was like what the crap am i doing here is looking at me like,
that like i brought my dad soup to go speak in sf that looks so look like a packet yet so yeah absolutely but.
If i’m talking about a subject that i’m knowledgeable that i know slightly more about,
then them but i can i can bring a lot of value to that and so i think i think expertise can come in a couple of ways to i think expertise income in the form of book smarts,
and i you know i have a certain degree or have multiple degrees on the defense school,
or i wrote this book and so therefore it positions me as an authority an expert on this the other side of expert is someone who has some type of stories so maybe,
for the both talking with someone earlier than interviewing are on our own podcast.

[8:10] With a guy who does a lot of speaking around the personal finance space and he does a ton of stuff and he is really viewed as an expert he has no,
his no educational criteria our credibility really for him to be a personal finance expert,
other than his own story he went through a lot just figuring out his finances alerting it for himself as he talks about his own story and journey and i’m a little bit of that myself and that i have no.

[8:40] College you have a college degree but nothing related to teaching the,
but a lot of what we’ve done a lot of experience gives us some type of credibility to talk about there so the expertise and the credibility can come at all and a lot of different ways,
I love that point of just knowing a little bit more than your audience it’s it triggered a memory that I hadn’t thought of in a really long time when I first became a license counsel,
I was working in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula which is this like really Roar alaria.
Am i interrupting for zeta phi if i told you stick in the summers.
Like when i was a kid we had a family friend that we would go up to up we got ensenada no way,
we got there porcupine mountains right on the lake and,
it was as fun and that what i don’t think they have internet yet i mean it clicks holik on their eyes new there’s not,
and their family lived up there and so we got there from time to time and stay with them is beautiful there’s a lot of on the others not there’s not much up there right in me like there’s some of my family friends that are in the,
parents generation of the rays with a dirt floor like me so like really like.
The picture that and i’m teaching these parenting classes as a twenty five year old who doesn’t have kids.

[10:13] And so that same idea about how do you you’re the youngest person in the room you’re teaching about this subject.
Seemingly you don’t know anything about but i have the book smarts in the license but i was also i’d say to them,
you know i’m am much better stories and i’m a parent and i can teach you the research but you gotta learn how to apply in the speaker when you can and figure how are you gonna.
Well get another example that like i said i’ve done a lot of the education market.

[10:39] There be times where i would speak to teachers will i’ve never been a classroom teacher i didn’t go to college to be a teacher so there are times where i thought that about myself of,
a school administration are dealing with budget cuts are dealing with frustrated parents are dealing with keeping kids engaging the clutch on a daily basis so yes that is true but the same time there are elements that i could speak to i could talk about,
how you interact and work with students i could talk to speak about other elements of their job without having,
had done their job so yeah i think i get i get i get some of that,
down here feeling like i’m in the on the outside or it’ll talking about i’m gonna say something wrong about using the right jargon or whatever,
but at the same time i think often of you still bring some but expertise is about outside perspective to the table that they could certainly be viable for the audience,
and I also wonder how much of that then becomes a unique selling point for you that you’re not a teacher cuz I imagine there are lots of former teachers or principals that want to go back and speak to teachers,
but not being in the industry not having a mba are not having these like credentials but having lived in having outcomes with the clients you work with the classes you teacher.
You know like the booked and paid to speak course you have those sorts of things i would imagine that actually becomes a selling point for you because you are in the industry.

[12:01] Yeah annoyed i think they can definitely help in fact we have a.
Creaking that we used to offer for teachers and so i actually worked with a couple of teachers who wrote and created the curriculum so that was a big selling point where i would say.
Yeah i wrote this book for your students but they wrote the curriculum for you that’s made by teachers for teachers and so they really they understand exactly what they’re looking for so.
Yeah i think i think i can be your selling point that you know if the if you don’t have that exact experience,
as you let that outside perspective you know that whenever i was.
I work with the teachers agree to creek i’m i was bringing a gift and that their trenches all day everyday.
That’s helpful here from the outside looking in like white what do you guys do it that way like what if you did this way as a bring some of those unique things in there,
as well conducting make a big difference as well yeah yeah so whatever discussion so far is better like with the assumption that people want to speak.
And i think some people like you reference early and is there should i even be speaking to me looks like kinda reverse a little bit.
How should people decide when it’s time to start speaking like where people that shouldn’t be speaking cuz i’m thinking about.
Counselors chiropractors massage therapists coaches that listen to this podcast.
A lot of them might be making 100-200 $300 an hour and so for them to even be out of the office for a day they’re going to lose several grin,
play who should be deciding to speak and what are reasons people should pursue speaking versus you know maybe this isn’t for you.

[13:29] Yeah that’s a really great question and i think i think it’s always important to me speak i talk to always challenge them to answer that,
first question of why like why do you want to be a speaker like what what how to speaking fit into your business cuz this early people,
i want to do what i’ve done and they wanna speak full-time they wanna do you know forty fifty sixty events year whatever in their nature industry there’s a lot of other people that i talk with the work with the people who,
full-time schedule you got something else that’s going that’s working as a maybe speaking just fits into your business and another way and so,
i think speaking can be used in a variety of different ways for businesses depending on what you’re looking for so,
if you’re doing something that’s more of let’s say a service based business and you’re doing you have a service based service professional they’re just in your primarily local community.
Speaking to work really well for a lead generation tools so maybe you’re speaking at certain types of events or,
expose a conferences or anything like that where you’re the,
the primary purpose is to pick up new clients and to get your name out there especially if you’re just getting started maybe you want to speak to.

[14:38] Delta credibility or just that brand recognition not just for your local area,
but maybe within your industry let’s say for example you’re a massage therapist and you want to be known as one of the,
the top massage therapists in you’re in your space in your field in your nature industry whatever it may be i wanna ways to do that is begin speaking and some of those bigger,
conferences were peers colleagues other people in the space industry may be because of what i realize are not a lot of times and we go to,
conferences are been so we ceased we see people speaking,
we associate a certain amount of credibility or authority or expertise with that person because they are speaking as a maybe for you maybe want to speak primarily is as a means to just build that may be for you guys about of,
product or a book or something that you want to be able to offer that’s it there’s a lot of different ways that you could you could use,
speaking to help build your business but i think it’s a great question i think everyone needs answer is asking why is it that you want to speak it’s not enough to say i wanna be a speaker i didn’t one time is kinda fun let’s do some more about,
i think along the same lines question will be how it how to speaking fee,
into your business and so again the great thing about speaking is that you can do you can do as much or as little of it as you want and you can you can have it into your business and a way that makes sense for you you’ll have to just do.

[16:09] Fifty sixty seventy events a year of going in speaking at other,
people’s things and you know you could do just a couple of things here and there just again doesn’t credibility or get your name out there and enjoy your good example to.

[16:23] Instead of just constantly going in speaking in someone’s also some ounces of,
i am a makes sense to host your own event where the rather than waiting on someone else to invite you to their party with you through the party so you can do that as well,
two couples lot of the same thing that we can we talked about earlier i think that’s a great play me with the most awesome conference and other conferences that’s been one thing that’s really been helpful to.
Continue to level up my career.

[16:46] And can i get some wondering how important is it to look at the amount that you’re getting for speaking getting viewing that is kind of the bottom line product versus this is an opportunity to get people and myself on all to.
You’ll get them into my coaching or consulting or mikey course because i think that there’s ted two different mindsets there may be there the same mindset it can be paired together.
So yes which side would you say is more important focus on or is it just two different approaches in regards to speaking vs speaking to get leads,
yeah that’s a great question and i get a lot of oat come back to why are you speaking so i’ll give you a couple of example so when out when i got started speaking i was more of,
i wanna go speak i want to collect a check,
in the transaction and basically like i didn’t wanna speak every now this is my fee can i just more or less a gun for hire right as a that’s the way i approach speaking early on worst day,
are you seeing a lot more for lead generation or it’s less about what,
first check would be and more about what the long-term value of that relationship as we can get would be so there’s a lot of clients that we we work with that are in the summer spa giving an example there’s a one of our students who.

[17:59] Here’s a speaking part really is a lead generation tool for his coaching business and so he told me the other days he speaks for free,
at the right types of events were his ideal client would be he said in the past just right here.
He’s on three hundred seventy two thousand dollars for his coaching business,
he’s done by doing free speaking dicks so for him again even though on paper he speaking for free it is a great lead gentle what’s the primary and the general for his coaching business which is,
your motor model six figures so i’ll give you another example ever speaking a couple of years ago at a conference and i when i spoke for free,
it was kind of a competent to connect with the event planner i do there’s gonna be some of our as much oscars there that maybe action what we what we do,
so when i spoke for free i pay my own travel to go so like on paper i lost money on that one particular event but as a result of the session that i did there.
We picked up a new coaching client with a couple of people who ended up buying some of our courses later,
that’s a bit cleaner got great feedback and reviews on that one session they did so they ended up hiring me the next year for to do the keynote i got paid for that so going back to the original three,
of it and we’re gonna technically lost money because of the travel.
That one free of lint into that generating thousands of thousands of dollars in revenue for the business like a dry cleaner tribute to that so i think he is gonna look at it from.

[19:30] Less of the either I got paid I didn’t get paid and how does this dollar amount matchup to,
what i could get in the office otherwise.

[19:41] And figure out again how i want speaking to fit into my business and how i how that’s hyphen going to do the speaking event how is it moving my business forward right so i get a lot of it comes down to,
you know i guess that’ll be brother on the white piece as let’s just say you’re doing a local service business so you’re not looking to pick up any type of like national business.
What makes sense for you to go speak at some local civic organization to.
To thirty people or maybe you could pick up five new clients and yes you may have lost a couple of hours in lost revenue,
stop seeing clients that day but the upside of picking up you know V new clients are till 7 or 10 or whatever it may be,
from taking a couple of hours of your day to speak up you know local luncheon or something that return on investment could be huge.
So i was a keep that in mind as well do it say to is,
because everybody schedule is different there’s going to be some people especially that are charging on an hourly basis like service-based professionals.

[20:42] Who have forty hours week filled up and there or whatever it is built up where they it may not make sense at any speaking so i am not trying to get new clients about trying to add any more to my plate speaking may not make sense.
Where is other people.
It’s you look at all like why would i do i free speaking engagement across town when i get paid a hundred dollars an hour to see a client well if you’ve got if you got a slow schedule right now or you’re needing clients.
And it’s less about it i got paid i didn’t get paid more doing it as a marketing opportunity to promote what is that i’m doing.
I’m interested in the office no reason the office coming to see it you’re gonna make a hundred bucks an hour so.
So it just keeps giving out and might as well give me a hundred bucks an hour once a week i think that’s right though you divide that by forty hours or so that’s pretty low our leaves are he.

[21:33] So i’m wondering the value of in person speaking vs podcast then you do both but is say okay i’m going to a podcast and i know that right away.
Yeah this many people are to subscribe to like the practice the practice podcast so i can reach those people.
Vs i can go see significantly lower amount of people but it would be in person.
How do you decide when it’s time to launch a podcast and have that be part of your speaking portfolio with the benefits and what are your thoughts on that yeah i think um.

[22:02] I don’t know there’s necessarily like you have to do it you have to do a podcast we have to live and you have to do one or the other i think you can do both and others pros and cons both ways and so.
Listen to the podcast for example so you mention you know one of the upsides of a pot gas is you and i can record this right now and the comfort of our own offices that we can have,
these people are literally all over the world are listening to this that have to travel anywhere that can be,
driving on the road that making dinner that can be running on the treadmill be tuning in the morning from this so there’s a lot of impact that can be had,
with something like that got out the letter of the upside of doing a live in.

[22:40] The great gatsby fewer people there oftentimes you’re gonna be able to make a much more significant and didn’t have a lot of the people that are in that room here with you maybe for a day or maybe,
you know the copper tubing for three days,
vs i listen to fifteen minutes of a podcast right so it’s almost apples and oranges there as not necessary one is better than the other i think they both serve a purpose light i host a lot of that you must live at,
i hope i get yours podcast so doesn’t necessarily have to be one or the other they can both provide a great impact but can impact people and different ways.

[23:16] So talk a little bit about your podcast recently did thirty days of questions and before we started recording you’re talking about you one of the reasons for the is that your cadillac common questions and i think that’s a smart way to.
And hits most common questions talk about the thirty days that you just did.

[23:33] Yeah we did and the month of april recorded thirty podcast episode one episode every single day with for a couple of reasons one from just a marketing standpoint that just,
we normally do two episode awake but just for one month i just do i just a really strong push just can it,
that to get more people paying attention to bring more awareness to it so from that standpoint it’s really serve that purpose well but the other thing like you can ability to their.

[23:58] I just got a creating this database or encyclopaedia where as a speaker i get a lot of the same questions and for any service place professional you know if your.
You’re helping other people in the space industry or whatever you’re doing you probably get a lot of the same,
questions and writing you got like your staple you know thirty second one minute answer where you can just kind of help people and so that’s and that’s certainly something that i could do like give you the thirty second answer to your question or,
tell you what let’s record an in-depth,
recording is some thoughts on really think through my answer be to the question and record it so that everything that i can i can use in the future so next time someone asks me hey how much should i charge to speak or does it make sense to speak for free,
rather than giving the quick answer as i got,
go listen is that i do hold ups or twenty minutes just on this one question this is getting a lot more thorough in-depth thing as i can’t or i can’t remember who said it but.
Someone basically set your own answer someone’s question like,
answer it away that you don’t have to answer it again or it can be used multiple times like never do the work just once right,
have you know that you’re always answer the same questions over and over and over an email or on the phone or an in-person appointments,
the create some type of cool weather of your podcast or something else or you can give that person more help and assistance beyond just the you know just your thirty seconds staple answer.
I love that that’s a smart way to can of boost some of the lessons but then also have a resource that when people email you that you can go back to.

[25:30] And how important is for you was labeling it based on my casio and keywords we focusing on that too is part of that was adjustment answer the question and we’re gonna just put the question in the title.

[25:41] The north of aware that we don’t like we don’t do a lot of in-depth as ceo research whenever creating a show notes titles i got a gal actually i want to be on madonna super bowl that i basically all record the episodes.
And then got a gal who we got a guy who added some all together does like that you know the transitions music and all that stuff and then the,
different who listens to be up the back and that you created the show that for she’s generally the one that comes with the title and all kinda tweet that i’ll,
more from the perspective she’s gonna have a she’s gonna making the title base what she’s hearing and i’m kinda thinking like okay from the.
As a speaker what would you how is speaker work this will be the question that they were so i might tweak the title,
based on that they were not doing it any type of keyword research anything beyond just yeah yeah i.
Let’s stick finger in the air and i think the style sounds good right.

[26:35] Set for the last part of the show i deftly wanna dive into it how do people get started so people are all yup i wanna speak more where do i start what are some like me five tickets are seven tips or whatever many tips you wanna.
Give us on where do you start to start finding gigs getting gigs and paid for gigs where to start yeah while we couple inches their first ball let’s,
let’s do it approximately just preached and that we do about like a free email course people can check out all the given answer but,
of people looking for more in-depth stuff with a free ninety no coursed called get started as a speaker,
people to check out our boat and paidtospeak.com units booked and paidabit.com and so on that’s like a thorough nine email like walk through what you need to do but not,
we talked about three key questions really wanna answer we talked about that first one of why the other two would be what and who what and who so why,
what was a why do you want to speak with your touch on and then what do you want to talk about and who do you want to speak to so you can’t,
okay could this approach it just like why doesn’t everyone as we’ll talk to humans or do not rise to talk about life.

[27:44] I just doesn’t work you know you like Joe you understand from and especially if you’re running some type of practice or you’re running some type of.

[27:51] I am a service based business to recover have to have a knit you got really can figure out like who is this for because at that point if you know who you’re providing a service for your really clear on it yet the next step in terms of marketing,
you can start to figure out where to those people gather that were where would if i’m going to if i am a,
i’m a family therapist focusing on something like specific.
Her behavior issue and children okay i got that my mind and i’m reaching will it were those people gather what are the pe,
a publication that,
is probably off-line standpoint of where would those people gather if i know that i want to speak to,
if i was be to dairy farmers alright,
pretty unique that’s where those people gather like what types of events and i really i think is a lot simpler to focus on existing conferences and events,
because whatever your speaking to existing conferences and events you’re not trying to convince them to hire a speaker there they’re gonna they’re gonna hire speaker either way,
for their audience as it i found that works really well just kinda,
be super clear on why you wanna speak who usb to what you wanna speak about and then beginning to look and figure out where to those people gather water they what,
what are the topics or subjects that may be that they would be looking for what will the ways you could add value to their event.

[29:27] What’s so once you establish that but how does like a sizzle real or like hand out about how you speak at home porter is having some footage of what you do to getting,
yeah there’s two k marketing tools i think speakers need one as a website and two is a demo video chocolate to their demo videos is a real you know how they do it can be used for,
different times honestly but personal your website that you must have one and she have to make reference on your allowed people may listening mary have a website for your,
existing business or practice or whatever it is that you may do but that’s i communicate anything about you being a speaker,
so this is back this is a question we get a lot from people go like okay i’ve already have a counselor and i forgot my counseling site for my practice,
so do i need to create a whole new site as a speaker the house like i was at work and you could take some of it depends on how much speaking wanna do.
And you could you could create a speaking pay just come on one page one page on your site that you could reference your speaking and just gonna link up to that but a big thing is on your site,
people won’t know you’re a speaker if you don’t tell them you’re speaker like it’s crazy to me sometimes that.

[30:40] I’ll go out now lol speak and some of you just think like people just think maybe you just didn’t like that one time.
But you just happened to be in town and you just spoke that one time so try to make reference that you know you are a speaker this is something that you do so,
turn on additional waiting on one way of just making sure the on your side is communicating that you are a speaker and this is something that you could you know your some subjects and topics,
that you could speak about so personal having a website the second thing we would be that demo video so the demo video what you think are like almost like a movie trailer where,
you know you take,
like a ninety minute movie and a boil it down that two or three minutes will not to three minutes of a really good sense of what the movie’s about whose and what the plot is like all this just based soley,
well on that on that movie trailer and such really what you’re doing is most people are gonna sit and watch a thirty minute video of you,
you’re a good fit on what they want to couple minutes and that’s it so that,
that demo videos basically a highlight video of you speaking and it’s really important to have one of those because it just helps to have a sense of like.

[31:48] Yo is this person good fit do they seem like they’re good at what they do you know do they seem like they would be a fit for our audience so does the audience is in this video do they seem to be enjoying themselves and,
what they’re listening to yourself having that demo video is definitely important is if you wanna get paid you can you probably get by without it,
if you just wanna do free things and if your just going awesome existing relationships and especially if you’re doing something local where maybe they’re not.
They’re not bringing in some big way outside speaker they want you to come speak at a luncheon you could probably get by without,
play a demo video but it really wanting speaking to me a key part of what you’re doing in your business than having a demo videos really important.

[32:31] So as you get those say luncheons if your first starting out.
I would you just have a friend come with their i phone you get like a nicer what canon camera like what would you suggest an aggressive starting to put together the demo reel.

[32:43] Yeah so episode fifty six for park and talk about this done it again and again that this is a good example i you know i can give me the answers on these things,
but this is where again for pretty listing like what are those common question that you just you know you always get.
That you can you can direct people to appoint elders you got you got it like a thorough resource for them,
so i love you know that off the top of your head and the other is fifty six like i had it look it up,
i don’t know oh confess i will but i had a pulled up there because i knew i knew your going in it just like we just do the video over to that was just an episode of what number was it some.
But yes so for your demo video the,
you have to hire somebody in the video crew my first video was me speaking to small group of about forty people have a little tripod in handy cam set up on the side of the room i do it wasn’t that great the video was kind of dark it wasn’t,
and this is like ten years ago so the video technologies is massively improved in different but the fact is this interview i did with a guy who actually edited my demo video.
But i just talked with on that episode reference,
he said like a good iphone works really well for demo video and just setting up on a tripod and even getting like second iphone to record the audio so just fine like an inexpensive mike.
To plug into your that other iphone that’s on you and you could just sync up the audio and the video later so big we’re not talking about like some of the,
fancy high tech thing him you could you could use iphone you could borrow us and if you’ve got someone there who’s rd filming it are you got a friend that’s got a decent camera that you can come in you could totally do that.

[34:23] And on the headings employee and you could certainly hire someone to do it you could check on you know like a craigslist or even just ask around on facebook and see if anybody knows anyone.

[34:32] My first few videos i edited myself from you could you something like.
I use windows movie maker on my very first one ticket use you like.
I know the mac so you could use just some basic two were really again yet you not wanna talk about making some type of.
Fancy high and editing were talking about like okay i need this thirty second clip and i need this forty five second clip that i need this thirty single and you just come like.
So we were just talking like just want people to have a sense of when they watch that video if you would.
I know it in i movie that they actually have are you gonna do movie are you gonna do a trailer and so that they have a function that,
makes it easier have a trailer and of course you change it also doesn’t look too much like it’s just i’m movie but i least gives you some ideas as to where to go if you’re gonna creator of the trailer for yourself.
Yeah that the one of the things that like whatever you’re creating your website you dim of any of that stuff like i a big thing i was always say is to work with what you’ve got do it with excellence and then just improve as you go.
They do with excellent improve as you go like your version one point of your site of your demo video of whatever is going to suck it’s supposed to suck but you want to get something up there nights again i dental excellence i don’t to the best my ability,
but it’s not going to be that way forever like my current value is really good i’m really proud of it.

[36:04] My first love it was not a good and so we’ve they’re probably are sixth or seventh generation of demo video would,
pay for five websites now that you just keep improving so don’t look at some other.
Person side whose years ahead of you or someone else demo videos been doing it for years there are i can get a video like that will no of course you can you just get started so work with what you got improve as you go,
i love that i frequently say a quick stop getting paralyzed by perfection just get things done.
Yeah totally absolutely so can you all you wanna do it with excellence i don’t know about be icloud i just all i got is crap so we’re gonna make like a give whether we apartment to is remember that whether we want to admit it or not let the people,
but people judge books by their covers of people judge your speaking ability by your marking materials people this isn’t true just speaking this is this is a lot of server space professionals that if i go to your site,
i think of myself just the example i was looking up,
i was gonna send my wife to go get a pedicure little spa day and only pedicure places and so i’m like just googling i’m just gonna think i’m looking at a couple different sites,
i’m looking at the site and i’m making assumptions about their business based on their site now this may not be accurate me number fair may not be true,
i’m on this is all i have to go off of and so the same thing is true with whatever comes to speaking that i’m.
I’m looking at the site the site looks like it was built on like a GeoCities page from nineteen i love you just reference GeoCities had to let me archives there but even with the looks like it’s.

[37:41] Like been there forever,
it’s gonna be hard to think like this person to great speakers and again it doesn’t need to be,
did expensively but the important thing is that you do it you do it with Excellence that you do make it Sharp.
That’s that’s great so great if every private practice owner in the world were listening right now what would you want them to now,
is it a big thing to be play the long-term game plan a long-term game and just realize like,
it takes ten fifteen twenty years to become an overnight success so it just it it is a long slow,
grind and so like nothing worth doing happens over time not great analogy i heard a while back out in the river center but they said.

[38:32] Basically this of you notice that things in a crockpot taste better than things in the microwave.
Things in the crock pot is better than things like with things just they linger longer than they’re longer vs they like,
i’m just looking for this instant success so if you’re if you’re listening on my guys i just wanna get speaking gigs is go out and you just start like swimming away and not getting any traction it just takes a while to get going it takes awhile to,
yeah you know us the people who are who run service based business is the people that professionals are listening to this that when your first getting started getting a client is an,
uphill battle but the more you do it the more momentum you gain the easier becomes the more momentum up the more traction you start again there it just takes time so,
have just a long-term perspective for wings and if you wanna increase being ready for this of our conversation into your business just know that,
it’s gonna take some time to go on,
I love that we just made a curry dish the other day,
it was the first time it tasted delicious but the next day after it sat in the fridge overnight it was like those leftovers were so much better it’s like any good soup it always taste better the second day.
In the application that there will grand ball and how can people connect with you hear more about your work and just get involved with learning more about speaking.
They will it be placed in the speaking stuff but the podcast of the side we run is called the us be,
speakerlab the speaker lab.com so there you going to guinea can find the podcast get over 60 episodes they are the people can check out and then again it in that free email course you can find that on the homepage of the speakerlab.

[40:05] Website or you can go 2 booked and paidtospeak.com and again that’s just the free email course walking either how to get started speaker,
awesome great have a great day thanks for being on the show jump off of.

[40:24] Thanks so much grab aldrin for being on the show and also thanks so much dan when blur for being a sponsor today heading over to marketing for therapist at work to clean your free twenty minutes.
Of consultation will be given you between now and August 15th 2016.

[40:40] Thanks so much for listening to the practice and the practice podcast you all rock you inspire me thanks for letting me into yours and into your brain and have an awesome week.

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[40:57] Special thanks to the bands long trigger music and silence is sexy like music.