PoP 153 | Marketing and Advertising Day 2: How to Do an A/B Test

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Marketing and advertising tips by Joe Sanok

What is an A/B Test?
How I have used them?
Why they are important in paid ads, but also your time.
How to use the Plan-Do check-adjust in everything.


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Meet Joe Sanok

consultant headshot JoeJoe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is one of the world’s leading private practice consultants. He is the owner of the Traverse City counseling practice, Mental Wellness Counseling. Joe helps counselors to start private practices and grow them.



Podcast Transcription

Pop 153 | Marketing And Advertising Day 2: How To Do An A/B Test

[0:00] Music.

[0:23] I live here and radio center to building in downtown traverse city at practice and practice world headquarters.
I hope that you are doing awesome this week yesterday recovered all the differences,
between marketing and advertising established a few things if you miss that have gone back and listen to that we’re gonna be talking about marketing and advertising all week long.
Really excited to do this series for you today date you are talking about a b testing a way to kinda make your marking money go farther.
As well i’m gonna talk a little bit about state parks and my work a great adventures youth camp and a little bit there.
And then we’re gonna talk a little bit about how to use plan do check adjust and everything to be more efficient in your marketing.
It’s gonna be awesome the first i want to talk a little bit about brew your practice is an event and doing asheville north carolina,
it’s around I want to say 1200 1400 bucks,
you’re gonna get one on one consulting you’re gonna get group consulting were gonna be talking for two days about how to brew your practice if you’re starting practice for growing a practice if you wanna add people.
To practice ready to level up come hangout with jane carter allison career and myself down asheville north carolina.
You can head over to practiceofthepractice.com/brew and you can read all about it is was amazing and fall from what i’ve heard of a living in this really hot summer it rained like the whole time so.
It’s gonna be awesome to see in the fall well.

[1:56] When i was paid the summer of my own sophomore into junior year of college i wanna see this i was like twenty twenty-one somewhere in there.
I applied for two different jobs i applied for a job at the state park.
And for great adventures use cancer grand adventures youth camp with the job i really wanted it was this like day camp where it was kindergarten alter six graders.
A lot of creativity and it just sounds like a really fun job and then the state parks are like something that was fine but he also started earlier but i applied for both jobs.
And so i have a kind of done my own a b testing will talk a little bit about that later but when is working at the state park i got hired there.
Didn’t get a call back to great adventures right away.
In i was working overnight and within a couple of weeks i ended up in a bit of a union scuffle.
So they have this rule that you couldn’t have any hair below your ear lobe and i really liked having a beard and so i drew a beard out.
And the head guy said i had the shaver was gonna get fired and,
she had a mustache and was a thick mustache eight at her that he had it for thirty years and looking at his ear lobe configuration his mustache went below his ear lobe and so.
I said to him you know as you know cocky twenty something year old i am happy to shave my beard if you shave the part of your mustache that is below your ear lobe.

[3:31] And he was not refund of that and i want to the union and cuz it was a unionize job and get the union representative involved and i got to keep my beard.

[3:41] It was not my ideal job i have to work all night long sitting in this like little cabin in the woods looking at the darkness and telling people to be quiet and it was it was a job i didn’t like.
So when i got the call the green benches you can’t i was thrilled to leave after just four weeks of working at the state.

[4:01] And it was great i got to come up with creative ways of helping kids feel energized and play outside and we have to have all sorts of adventures.

[4:10] So maybe you had those kind of a b tests in your life for you’ve tried out two things at once you know he’s tried cross fit and you also tried swimming or you may be are dating two people at the same time or,
who knows what it was for you but.
We all have this things where we try him at two things at once and one of those things wins and cut it takes over an hour life and that’s all that an ab test is.
When i first baby test was i was gonna run traditional advertising in two different local magazines one was grand traverse women’s magazine which is a free magazine that’s giving out.
Can throw traverse city on the same that have women’s issues and the other one is the.
Traverse city business news which is a like three or four dollar magazine that comes out every month that covers everything business.

[5:03] So i went to both of these companies and said i have five hundred dollars to spend i’m also running an ad in that your competitors magazines grand traverse when their business news,
what can you give me for five hundred dollars and saying i want to spend a thousand dollars total,
because if i got one client that came you know more than a handful of times like that was going to pay for.
They run our lives return on investment on my return on investment calculator you can use over packs of the practice if you haven’t used that the,
or it helps you figure out how many clients you need to get for the amount of money in claiming to spend on advertising.
So anyway so ideas five hundred dollars for each on the each give me a it was a quarter page ad in and one of them gave me in email blasts to their list as well.
Anything that even the greatest women said that i could come to the women’s luncheon but i had to be a woman and i didn’t have any women working for me at the time.
And so both of them run at the same time so that’s my a b you and having be very can i connected to each other at the same time so you can really manage the results.
And then i looked to see new client wise when i ask for clients do your about me how do you about mental illness counseling.
And the traverse city business news one i got one person from them like it’s your from grand traverse women so.
Lackluster results but in the same knew what to do print ads that be traverse city business news at that time of year have worked better for me.
So if i was to this and can a bigger scale i might try a couple of times a year to do concurrent ads in two different.

[6:40] I’m places so it might be adventurous women’s and then also in the traverse city business news to really get a sense of is it the traverse city business news on the continually went so say they continue doing.

[6:53] So that i know for five hundred dollars each time i usually would get at least one client that.
So then it say i wanted to try something new maybe i’m going to try google at so i run a five hundred dollar google ad campaign at the same time as my traverse city business news and say get for clients from the google ad campaign,
and zero clients from traverse city business news and maybe even just one.
Well then I may say that kind of my new a is going to be Google on so the next time I might do a $500 Google ads campaign in a $500 Facebook campaign so that I’m always kind of competing against whoever’s won the last.

[7:29] When you do this you doing is your refining what’s working within your market.
And this is true even in where you spend your time if i spent twenty hours in working my podcast vs twenty hours working recourse,
which one’s gonna get me a bigger audience or more people that want to work with me in my pressure in my consulting practice and i found that the podcast is python the best way that i can build trust and authority with people,
because i’m in your using in your brain you get to know me over time.
And almost everybody becomes a consulting clients and listen to your podcast for years are i really like binge listen for the last six months and i’m ready to work with you so i know that the more that put into the podcast,
typically the more consulting clients to get,
the more people to get my email list as well i get people that want to work with me in a group setting so it just works so that’s why i put more time with this five day blitz into the podcast because that a has one in a b test after a b test.
So that’s how i use them but also let’s talk about not just how many tb test works my phone is blowing up.

[8:36] So make sure my family is okay i owe you at some guys are going camping with this weekend i’m just mute this say about that folks.

[8:45] What you know it’s like running out here my office it’s you know it’s not as highly edited podcast which i’m not a highly edited person salmon or reduce microphone here in.

[8:55] So there’s this idea in maybe you’ve heard of lean manufacturing toyota really kinda master that.
As well and number of companies have kept taking that on lean manufacturing basically is that you figure out how to get things done most efficiently,
right on time so you don’t have a lot of backlog of actually manufactured storage are things you need to sell.
Yeah i can sell something before you end up creating it.

[9:23] So when you see like an out this product ships in six to eight weeks their can during the money in the creating a product.
Now that same principle can apply one of the biggest principles businesses is this idea of plan do check.
Adjust the circle of you picture planet the top so i’m going to plan my marketing campaign.
I’m going to do i’m going to pay these as a be so five hundred dollars and the hundred dollars in each fifty bucks and the each you know start with just a little bit of money if you’re gonna be doing paid advertising so plan do then check the stats,
a lot of people are asking the cleans when they come in how do you hear about me that’s the most important question you can ask them other than obviously clinical questions but in regards to advertising cuz if you don’t know how people are finding you,
how can you expand how can you put more money or energy into that if everybody comes and says i’m really into your pinterest graphics,
then you know okay i want to spend money i can just create a whole bunch of sweet pinterest graphics vs if everybody says yeah i heard you on that radio spot that you paid for.
Then you know okay if i put five hundred dollars into advertising on the radio i’m gonna get five thousand dollars worth of claims out of it,
see you need to be checking out so plan do check and then adjust we’re gonna change things up.
Based on what you’ve learned from your check so plan do check adjust plane to check it just you continually are doing that when you’re doing a b testing.

[10:49] And this is important not just with your money your spending like i said your time that your spending on things.
Is blocking worth it are you ranking hiring google as a result of it all these different things so.
Ab testing that’s the basics of it go do an ab test tomorrow we’re going to talk about social media,
okay talk about weird spend your time i get so many questions about should i be and all of them said in one of them during your facebook page are sure sir facebook group.
We’re gonna go and all of that tomorrow the social medias tomorrow tv test was today,
and if you are interested in hanging out in asheville north carolina head on over to practiceofthepractice.com/brew,
let’s get going to send you more information about the event that jane carter allison printer and i am putting in down in asheville this fall,
would love to hang out with you down there thanks for letting me into yours and into your brain have an awesome day talk to you tomorrow.

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