PoP 154 | Marketing and Advertising Day 3: Which Social Media Should I Use?

Marketing and advertising tips by Joe Sanok

Christina Awareness  > Trust > Partner

Go back to business avatar.

Benefits of LinkedIn, FB, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter.

Why you are doing vlogging all wrong.

How to blog without blogging (transcribing).

Refer to sessions 136-138, www.practiceofthepractice.com/5dayblog.

Unknown things: Groups, posts/notes, hidden messages in FB messages > other.

Why a page is not that big of a deal, instead use groups.

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Podcast Transcription

Pop 154 | Marketing And Advertising Day 3: Which Social Media Should I Use?

[0:00] Music.

[0:24] I am go.
Before we dive in talking about social media how i met my wife and how to spend your time and also people are doing really wrong with video blocking.
Let’s talk a little bit about brew your practice so i’m hosting this event with jean carter who is as great consulting down in asheville north carolina and also allyson career,
allyson is just an amazing network are shoe is on episode this thing is ninety one and she did ninety days of networking with ninety different people.
Answer should just a master networker in the three of us are putting on this event we’re calling brew your practice it’s around i wanna say thirteen hundred bucks and it’s gonna be awesome it’s two full days of individualized,
i’m group work we’re gonna be in a small group of probably under twenty people and it’s just gonna be fabulous to have such individual is time with you guys.
So head on over the practiceofthepractice.com/brew that can be september twenty ninth and thirtieth down in asheville north carolina it’s going to be an amazing event.
So today we’re talking about social media one of the most frequent questions i get whether i’m doing a webinar or whether i’m doing a live q and a weather it’s e-mails or with my consulting clients is.
Should I be on failing whichever social media it is.
So one thing we want to think about is your business Avatar so I touched on that and day one but I want to go a little bit deeper.

[1:56] Today’s gonna talk about your business avatar we’re gonna talk about how i met my wife,
where can i talk about video blog about people doing wrong in a bunch of different kind of tactics in regards to social media and just online marketing in general.
For someone to take you back to the year was 1997 so Christina my wife and I I didn’t know that she existed.
My friend phil he ny snowboarded together i snowboarded me and almost every day of my senior year of high school and actually the year after i fell and hurt my back and ended up having to have surgery mayo clinic that’s a whole different story.

[2:33] So phil says hey i know this girl and she can get us cheap tickets to crystal mountain and she’s also gonna drive us there.
And I said who is this woman you speak of and he introduced me to christina.
And christina had this like old like oldsmobile type car and she would drive us mad fit all our snow birds inside of it.
And the travelers to mountain and she get tickets for ten bucks for the night.
And has high school relationships go.
As we drove together more and more we would drop Phil off cuz his house was like halfway between the mountain and our house or my house and.
We start talking i specifically remember this one blizzard where i got out of the car and i was pumping gas into her car and i remember seeing him like this girl.
And so we started dating we dated for three months and i want to see her band places in this,
awesome just not in the band should the base player fretless base i mean how cool is that yeah.
A girlfriend that’s snowboards and plays base and a day and it’s cool it’s not,
damn that’s good and i’m driving home to drop her off.
Things are kinda weird and i said do you like phil because i just had a sense and she looks out the window with tears in her eyes because he was so we break up and filled in one date her.
But then over the next seven years as we’re both in college and can do in our own thing we would go out for coffee over thanksgiving or christmas we talk about the people we are dating.

[4:03] And everybody that i dated i compared to christina.
I remember thinking that this person’s not as good as christina and this area this person has kids christina and i’m like we.
Why am i getting people and comparing to and acts like that’s kinda weird.
So then in 2003 we went up to the movies we held hands and 4 months later we were engaged in four months later we got married and that was in 2004.
So there’s three different levels here and there i think are important are in the dna of every single human relationship and also connect with social media.
There’s an awareness i didn’t know christina existed until phil said i know the strongest he’s snow boarding tickets and she’s also gonna drive us to mountains in awareness that christina existed.
Next Level was trusts over 7 years we built this trust where we got to know each other I knew about her family I knew about what kind of her moral compass was and you about.
Her direction in life and you that she is a kind of person i want to spend more time with it and then after that.
We have a partnership and at every single level excuse me every single level.
There’s fewer and fewer people so they want of people that I have awareness of is probably.
Five hundred thousand you know people need if i said i’m really added up to be more than that.

[5:22] Many people than within that i trust gets smaller than the amount of people that i partner with.
Will i ever see and made one person but i mean even just the people that would put a conference on with the people that partner with.
Having a workman’s counseling that played partner within spending friday night playing games and drinking glasses of wine but that kind of partnership get smaller and smaller and the amount of people that you let in.
And that’s true and social media as well that when we have people that don’t even know we exist.
Only goal you have is to move them from no awareness two awareness.
And the people that know you exist have awareness you wanna move them from a.
To trust the people that trust you and moved on from trust to partnership in the counseling relationship.
So it’s really hard to go from I don’t know you exist I want to partner with you sometimes that’s Fed Up by other.
So they can get dr that says.
Hey i really trust this counselor you should go see them even though you had no awareness of them or a pastor saying he i know your marriage is falling apart this is beyond what is skills for you should go see this marriage count.
That it’s not someone else’s trust someday that’ll be an insurance and it’s just comes down to money,
more times than not people now what you even look into who’s gonna be the best that who do i feel like i can trust even if it’s just looking at an insurance kale.

[6:47] So we went to look at who you’re trying to attract who they are connected with and then start to build your social media around that person.
So think about all the different social medias that are out there i mean there’s,
ten facebook pinterest instagram snap instagram snap chat twitter.
If you put all your time and all those you probably wouldn’t be as focused as you could be based on who you’re trying to attract.
So if you’re trying to attract empty nesters for example they’re probably gonna be on facebook keeping up with photos of their grandkids are gonna be keeping up.
Is you know their kids being a college.
The group that’s gonna be in the fifty five to seventy five range probably are gonna be just on facebook.
Where is professionals that are gonna be like twenty five to like fifty blinked in is gonna probably be the best place to put some efforts there.

[7:43] Also if you wanna think about you attract women cheer practice we know that eighty percent of the of interest users are women and then half of those are mom’s,
you know more often than not if you’re going to be working with women you want to have some sort of visual images that are on Pinterest.
And they’re not going to just be promoting your practice you want to Crete quality things such as.
How to get through a divorce transition ten things that kids need to know where the you need to save your kids in the midst of a divorce those kinda very practical content marketing we talked on day one.

[8:15] Instagram me a younger population so that’s gonna be in the like fifteen to thirty five range,
super visual short little films work really well there again you’re creating content,
that’s going to match who you are but also matches that environment on snap chat if you’re trying to attract the young crowd that can be a good platform to be on.

[8:38] Really not younger crowd typically you’re trying to attract the parents to make that decision not just.
And then twitter tends to be kind of a catch on the number of ways i would say that probably the.
Ten to forty five.
With my own chiropractor that also with my consulting clients that twitter has been that of active think it’s more.
Or maybe a consultant or you have some content on that’s at more of a national scale than if you’re just trying to focus locally.

[9:13] So those are handsome the benefits of each and i would take where is your business avatar,
and then also what do you enjoy because if you don’t enjoy a particular social media.
You’re not gonna do it you’re making enjoy it you’re not gonna be creating content this authentic to the community,
and i would much rather have you be on pinterest and do that like crazy even if you’re focusing on men’s issues because if you love pinterest the nuclear gonna attract other men that love pay interest.
Set your business avatar where they are but then also thinking it would just really like.
If use hate facebook them.
As well you know if you love something else put your time into the one that you really enjoy no one aspect it’s really starting to grow.
Is videos in regards to on-line media address the social media and marketing.
So the thing that is becoming very popular with therapists that i see on facebook all the time is video blocking.
And there’s a couple of things that people are doing really poorly when it comes to video blocking.
It’s so it doesn’t take a whole lot to you add a little bit.

[10:43] As well if you’re gonna stare directly at the camera and video tape yourself talking about something,
for one that can be really boring so you wanna keep it short like a minute to two minutes on also what you can do is just use i movie a little bit to drop in that mean talking but then get some b roll,
i’m zero is where you have can a video of different things and so say you’re talking about.
Being a fishing with your kids and getting them ready for school maybe you,
video tape your husband’s hands putting together sandwiches before school,
can you video tape on your kids tying their shoes in the morning with your i phone,
can you get what’s called b roll so that you can have your main talk going on but then you extract,
audio out so that you can drop another video so that’s not just you staring at a screen for two minutes are some people ten minutes i mean,
most people are gonna watch that and so if you can make a little bit more interesting even by having some text that goes over top of you talking and saying your main points the more that you can add that’s interesting the batter,
so that’s one of my biggest pet peeves is to see concert bring all this effort into making crappy videos no one’s gonna watch.
So make sure that you really put in that extra time i’d rather see make one quality video a month then for a month and really have nobody watch it.

[12:04] What else you can do is when you’re doing video blogs especially i’ve had clients that are dyslexic they just don’t like typing they don’t like blah,
is the do some video blogs and then to have them transcribed so transcriptions when you go into it upwork.com or other,
virtual assistant type websites on transcribing probably a half hour forty-five minutes cost about ten dollars in so you can do,
is you can have your video transcribed and maybe it’s just if you do one of those kinda crappy video blocks are just talking at the camera and the point is it to have that.
Get some traction for you it’s more than just get all of your thoughts.
You have someone that for ten bucks i transcribe the whole thing then you can have a second virtual assistant,
they can add that into a blog post so it still your content be you don’t have to go through and all that adding a that’s a great way for you to blog without having to block,
is well i covered in sections one thirty six one thirty seven one thirty a and a three day have blog course and then also i have a five day.
Bloody email course head over to practiceofthepractice.com/5dayblog this number five day blog.

[13:12] And that’s gonna on.

[13:18] So lastly there are a couple of unknown things that most people don’t take advantage of social media that i think are really important to spend some time on.
I’m wondering is groups especially linked in groups and facebook groups on both as a participant but also as an owner are really really effective so for example if you are teaching people locally that.
Maybe are anxious about networking so they have some social anxiety they’re like young professionals.
You’ll have a young professionals of traverse city or young professionals networking group,
and then maybe sometime you throw in their tips around how to handle anxiety around that working how to handle,
depression when you don’t feel like going in not working what are some of active just health tips on so once you create that group you can then do some psycho education through that group.
Is well on facebook groups are we more effective in pages so if you help.
Maybe parents of teenagers instead of having your group be called parents of teenagers there dropping out of school or are having behavior issues thing more generally what you pay all parents of teenagers want to know,
so maybe things you should know about teenagers and so you focus more on inviting people locally.
Having local things in their events that are going on keeping active and keeping that content being very meaningful to the people can be very very helpful.
Using a lot of people don’t using social media are posts or notes.

[14:51] And so on for example facebook you can add a note which is basically a blog post for facebook,
as well you can do one of those within linked in and that shows up in people’s feeds often times i can be a great way to get some extra people coming over to your website so you can have half of the article or link to the full article.
It’s a great way to produce and content within that actual platform noise when he blogging mostly on your own platform but it’s really important make sure that you’re getting people to your platform.

[15:22] Also.
One thing that i didn’t know about to me six months ago is there on facebook there’s actually saw a hidden messages section and so when you get messages on facebook.
People that reach out to you maybe a potential client which we don’t in courage to have people on social media,
i’m going through the whole intake process there but people are gonna reach out to you where they are and so as people reach out to you wanna make sure you’re available.
No if your friends with someone that message goes right through.

[15:53] If you’re not friends with that person facebook hides that message and i actually had messages that were over a year old with and there,
some of them were people that are reaching out for consulting work of course and i can do consulting work if they don’t hear from me for a year,
i’m in so we need to do is go into your facebook messages and then select other and then you’ll see all these messages that you’ve missed that are from other people on may be,
potential clients in their there may be people that are asking for resources and maybe some spam in there.
But you wanna make sure you’re checking out a semi regular basis i would say at least once a month if not every other week.
To make sure that you have potential leads are coming in there obviously the more you check that the more likely you are to catch on quickly.
And then the last thing I want to talk about is why a Facebook page is not that big of a deal and instead you should use groups so I mentioned groups.
And every place should have a facebook page just to have some awareness of.
But the way facebook has changed their algorithm they only let about ten percent of your audience see what you post a few hundred people that have liked your.
Mental illness counseling page what happens is if you post something only about ten of a hundred people are gonna see unless you pay to boost the post.
Which is why you’re paying to have your own audience see it which is why when people say i only have a handful of people that liked my page mike that is okay just keep putting a little bit of content in their keep active.
Really that’s not where you should be spending most of your time that’s like runny nose coming in the six summer colds just like kicking my butt.

[17:27] Excuse me an email between episode here.
So thanks for me in two years into your brain again doing this awesome event called through your practice down in asheville north carolina headed over to practiceofthepractice.com/brew,
it’s amazing were gonna be doing some really individual is a specialized work with you guys over two days we have a morning cup of joe with me we’re gonna be diving into all sorts of things in the afternoon some individual time as well small group time,
it’s not gonna be a large group it’s probably gonna be between ten and twenty people see really gonna get some individual is time that usually people would pay for in a package with me.
About to head over to practiceofthepractice.com/brew and you can get all the details there and tomorrow.
We’re going to be talking about in person not working in person when i get a call advertising because we are defined whatever has been really.
In person marketing and so we’re gonna talk about that real talk about how to connect with doctors and churches and other folks as well to things including me in two years and it.

[18:33] Music.

[18:39] It’s been silence is sexy and remain we like your music in this podcasts i prep acrid information in regard to the subject matter covered.
Is going with the understanding that the host or the gas or the publisher rendering legal accounting clerk or other professional information if you need a professional you should find one.

[18:56] Music.

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