PoP 156 | Marketing and Advertising Day 5: How to Make a Marketing Plan

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Marketing and advertising tips by Joe Sanok

Business avatar.

Identify where they spend time and with whom.

Create a content calendar.

Set up automation with social and email.

Create a 5-day opt-in around your topic use www.practiceofthepractice.com/aweber.

Offer a local talk at your office.

Meet Joe Sanok

consultant headshot JoeJoe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is one of the world’s leading private practice consultants. He is the owner of the Traverse City counseling practice, Mental Wellness Counseling. Joe helps counselors to start private practices and grow them.



Podcast Transcription

Pop 156 | Marketing And Advertising Day 5: How To Make A Marketing Plan

[0:00] Music.

[0:24] Joe Sanok your host year at practice and the practice world headquarters in downtown traverse city in the remotes into building,
i hope this week has been inspiring for you to evaluate your own marketing plan.
You’re an advertising plan looking at a b tests looking at how to build your social media presence to look at.
You’re blocking might not be how it should and how to increase you’re in person networking how awesome has this band.
Well today we’re gonna be talking about building a marketing plan the first one to tell you but brew your practice brew your practice,
this is gonna be an amazing event down in asheville north carolina then doing with jane carter and allison printer to great private practice consultants,
it’s gonna be september twenty ninth.
Thirty f and it’s right around the corner so head over to practice ofthepractice.com/brew to read all about how it can help you grow your practice start your practice learn more about marketing.
Any news from most of all three of us consulting packages they usually somewhere between six hundred thousand dollars per month.
And so you’re gonna all three of us for around and see the tickets right now are about thirteen hundred dollars we’re gonna have them somewhere between ten and twenty people there so it can be really small group this highly focused hyper focused and you.
It’s gonna be just a huge step forward for you if you join us so please join us to be awesome to see your beautiful faces dollar asheville in the fall.

[1:52] Well today i wanna talk about in a basement project that we have done recently over the last year.
We’re gonna talk about building a business avatar creating a content calendar and using a five day opt in to help get good client leads and then just over all in one student.
Having a marketing plan so it was probably two years ago that christina my wife and i.

[2:18] Is that we start thinking about renovating our basement a basement was just kind of your typical michigan basement had just counts not florescent black.
Had a little bit of carpet weed red head ripped up is there a small that we found.
And so once we kinda got it we knew that we wanted to add a bathroom down there maybe a bedroom with me breast window and had to renovate most of it.
And we know it’s gonna be a substantial project and we’re super adverse to dad were debt free except for our house and an even that reply to,
early onset for us is really important to not take and that’s just can one of the things that for us is really been helpful.
I think in having less stress in their life but then also being able to make different financial decisions for living really kind of simple sweet savory gonna pay as we go.
We talk to a contractor that we knew and in doing this it’s amazing.
How much you don’t realize you don’t know about doing a project and maybe you’ve done you’ve built a house or you know what done an addition.
But the exact way that things have to go so first you have to move all of your boxes upstairs we moved all our whole basement at all these boxes with holder ounces college.
You that we had to use seal everything and then you know next after its sealed then they can add the studs and then the electricity in the plumber everything has the order and stability can put the carpet down first of the drywall first.
Because you have to do everything even the electrician said well if you want any extra can electricity upstairs any extra sockets of the called power outlets that the call.

[3:55] Power outlets you should get now before we can close up the ceiling cuz once you do that can be tough where.
We have this idea that maybe eventually we’d like to have a gas fire place down there so we had to run the gas before you know we had all the studs and before we had all the insulation and.
And so everything had its place and its timing.
And they were in the home stretch all we need is counters now in the laundry room and we ordered the glass shower door for the shower in the home stretch the girls are playing down there frequently it’s nice and cool in the summer time and it’s just amazing.

[4:31] But these projects take so much time so much planning and when you are building a marketing plan you are building the house for.
Getting clients in so it’s really important to take things step by step and a proven order.
And today we’re gonna do that so the very first thing you wanna do is to build your business avatar,
so cool is your ideal client choir you trying to track down to their age giving them a name giving them to the kids the merry whether connected to all these different things to make your business avatar,
we leave whether connected to his po one the most important ones.
So are they going to got to go to church today in the pta are the kinda lonely what are the big problems that they tend to have.
And then the second then identifying where they spend their time and with whom do they spend their time.
Is it for the people that already have trust in their life is there certain coffee shop at ten to go to,
is there some yoga studio they tend to go to other certain doctors in your town that may be pair up with your business after maybe the natural paths to really thinking who they spend time with.

[5:37] And then from there.
Brainstorming content calendar invite content and saying good quality content that you are creating specifically for your business avatar with people connected to them to see.
You are i do clients are angry kids that are in high school of divorced parents.
And so you got two parents you’ve also got principles that are connected them school counselors that are connected to them excuse me niggas coffee here.
Come five episode doing that.

[6:13] So really thinking through who is connected to this person and then creating content over the next probably three to six months of the year gonna right so.
Maybe do a.

[6:28] A teacher’s guide to helping kids through divorce a school counselors guide to helping kids to your divorce.
You may then even set up so automation with your social you make with your social media where you’re gonna have a lot that’s around helping teenagers through divorce on to the really focusing in on the business avatar.

[6:47] No one of the things that people often push back on is i don’t just wanna see kids of divorce rc a lot of different people.
Now people will make assumptions about you based on your specialty so if think about your doctor if your general doctor said you know what i do i want to help you with some brain surgery.
You wouldn’t trust him or her with brain surgery but if your brain surgeon said to.
You know what you really need to exercise more your weight is going up my nose has nothing to do with brain surgery but honestly like you need to exercise more harm your on a track to type two diabetes.
You would trust that person’s judgement more because you would assume if there that much of a specialist they also a kind of a general list as well.
The same is true you know in restaurants that if you want to a restaurant and they didn’t give you many as we can do anything here just let us know what you want vs.
We’re really awesome at asian fusion food then you’re all okay the really awesome at that i’m just gonna go to them for that.
And so as a counselor having a couple of things that you’re known for is really important.
Then create social media as maybe even some email campaigns are set up on the business avatar.
One thing that i found be highly effective recently has been doing a five minute five day email campaign and so for example i set up practiceofthepractice.com/5dayblog this number five,
that blog is that plugging course is all about how do you blog why should you blog what are the resources for months this been a great feeder into my paid.

[8:21] Course that’s called blog sprint says ninety seven bucks it’s a facebook community with videos eventually it’s gonna be a full on the course.
But i have lost thirty people go through blog spread that had heard about blocks print from my blogging podcast.
Adopted into my five day blogging course.
And that was free and automated through a weber and then moved into you know this actual paid course and so for setting this up some of these paid,
answer these automated e-mails it’s super easy go to practiceofthepractice.com/webinar.
So if you ever and you can get a free half years all the things that you should you in the first email campaign but it’s set up so that if someone signs up today.
The email number one tomorrow the email number two.
See someone and signs up a couple of days from now the email one first and so it’s all automated so see here again with the idea of helping parents are having teenagers in regards to a divorce but you may have a five day email course.
Five different ways to help your teenager through divorce and so it might be that you have a dad’s perspective email course a moms perspective the more course may be one for the teens.
And that you just some of your best advice in regards to how to stay attached how to have new rhythms how to find new connections.
And then maybe the end of it you offer a local talk in your office and maybe the first thursday of the month.

[9:52] You have a three talk that’s forty five minutes that people come to you and register for about how to be the parent of a kid that’s divorced it could be for a couple that could be for the individuals to be for the teens.
So then you have the scanner on going.
Automated what we call a sales funnel that you’ve created in so when we look at the steps of identifying your business avatar second looking who they spend time with.
Third creating a content calendar that gives you good as ceo with blog posts for setting up some on a mission social media.
And then screen five d option and then having a talk at your office.

[10:32] For sure i mean i can say for sure my attorney would say that i can say that but me and you are gonna find new clients it the more that you’re putting yourself out there creating good content connecting to people that are connected to your ideal client,
yeah i’m having an on-going marketing and it’s gonna help you just rock out private.

[10:50] So much fun this week has been so much fun.
Thanks so much for letting me into yours and into your brain head over to practiceofthepractice.com/brew to find out more about,
i’m in asheville you guys are awesome thanks for letting me into yours into your brain have an awesome week talk to it next week.

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