PoP 162 | Pillars of Practice with Geoff Simons

Pillars of Private Practice

Today we’re talking about the pillars of practice with Geoff Simons, a true trail blazer.

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Here are the five pillars of Private Practice:

  1. Finance
  2. Marketing
  3. Administration
  4. Human Resources
  5. Professional Issues
Read more about these here.

Meet Geoff Simons

abt-us-imgGeoff Simons is the founder of the Private Practice Hub and has worked, as a consultant, with a thriving psychotherapy practice for over six years.

Consequently, he understands the stresses and strains of running your own business. He also knows what is needed to build a successful private practice, what mistakes practitioners often make and how to avoid them.

Meet Joe Sanok

consultant headshot JoeJoe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is one of the world’s leading private practice consultants. He is the owner of the Traverse City counseling practice, Mental Wellness Counseling. Joe helps counselors to start private practices and grow them.



Podcast Transcription

Pop 162 | Pillars Of Practice With Geoff Simons

[0:00] Music.

[0:07] This is the practice of the practice podcast with Joe sanok session number 162.

[0:13] Music.

[0:24] Trailblazer you know someone that always does things first.

[0:31] I was this morning my daughter she is V she just started kindergarten we just did Kindergarten drop offs.

[0:41] And it’s interesting cuz the number of the kids were weeping and holding on to their parents legs and didn’t want to go.
In their five year old she’s pretty darn independent and,
she was off and running and we had to be the ones that were like hey hey hug and kiss hear it’s the first day of kindergarten ever.
Class of 2029 is starting right now and it got me thinking about you know I’m a first-born.
And how often firstborns end up being Trailblazers but then also for Middle children and her second kids show.
They also often seek to be Trailblazers that they seek to do something different they seek their own path outside of their older sibling.
And how inside each of us we need those guides we need those obi wan kenobi,
can you do it as the people that are gonna show us the way.
Even when trail blazers there are people that we’ve looked to.
Today on the show jeff simons he is genuinely.
An amazing Trailblazer and is doing some incredible work in the UK and it’s going to share with us a ton of the just Corp pillars of Private Practice.
Trailblazers is our theme today.
And it’s all,
you’re making amazing Turn-Key websites they just look beautiful they look like you spent thousands of dollars.

[2:11] And actually giving you a month for free to check them out to try to make that switch over to greater vision,
a highly recommend them you can go over to brighter vision.com.
And check out can what they’re doing to get a video there use,
promo code go to get a free month and go make the switch.
Put today Jeff Simons is with us and he’s going to be talked about being a Trailblazer not just in the UK but how he’s kind of trying to take over the world I’m so without any further adieu my interview with Jeff sign.

[2:43] Music.

[2:50] Okay i wish,
when is interest of helping private practitioners to run and grow their businesses more efficiently.
So he developed a private practice which is a,
dishes the supports and helps them to run a successful private.
He also really enjoys tennis and watching with,
spurs welcome jeff to the practice of the practice podcast.
He just brought me on this is well as usual they and that.
You know our mutual friend clay Cockrell from online counseling podcast connected us and,
you’re doing some really amazing things over there in the uk,
how you get that started then maybe we can talk a little bit more about some of the,
some approaches you take to teaching people to grow their practices.
Question i’m it started because my wife is it the aux psychologists we have the ones,
it says there back is there in october so nearest and.
What are some water he nine and says you work for that reason bull’s-eyes practice the recognize.

[4:21] I’m the national health service was suffering,
sad loss of the with the guns and money into training all.
That’s actually places to go is.

[4:44] Therapist will be coming else into the world and not being able to go into the National Health Service but would have to come into private practice.
Which is fine but unfortunately for a lot of therapists they haven’t been trained Inn.
The business side of the business that interested in some thirty psi or not and drained her,
frankly not very interested in the business because they never really go,
they would need to run a business that i do not know what service would be down and do not to this,
or even if the smart tv using your.
And I will be comforted by that.
So what people there but most people interesting that,
recently not what does stale,
close the amount of people in private practice that when I said started back in,
two thousand thirteen we collected data sub for sixteen thousand therapist.
I recently done the same axis of now so whatever hundred six,
eight thousand therapist hundred seven.

[5:58] Different therapy Casa Grande said there is a huge increase in my money talking about the UK here.
It’s interesting that yeah.
Frankly on the west side the gauge always discard the business and marketing information to paris.
I’m good i think you mentioned that we.
He has his eyes covered under my paper is.
Oh actually that finance mom saying,
and professional it is use.
What you there one acid on thirty,
it’s income housing very straightforward with the news that is paris at the is that people need to think about when.
Not developing that rhyme practice.
I see it you said that you ran the sensor and you’re an approach that got,
eighty three thousand people that joined your email,
at sixty thousand initially,
so your just because i ronald your website the house and what is that in the united states what kind of the how did you get that many people to respond.

[7:31] A lots of it has been through what about.
Set on my wife Barry mind that she’s a therapist to self and it’s Bill. So Association she joins oh has,
connect the three major,
alright in the you saying express the one that way and set the fire her discussions i was told in the.
When you go to website is flashing on the screen and it will.
Sure some being the only one that’s doing that the uk and really specializing in helping people in the you,
okay i know you’re continuing to grow outside the uk that you think is probably one of the leading reasons people keep referring other people to.
Hey guys so i get lots of the most back from there is this a fantastic in,
i’m getting my jaw is great information on october friends that i had one today,
weather los angeles information on free will websites are and i see someone who could use annually,
so we did that as a member,
Private Practice out there’s no charge there’s no charge the only difference is as a member you get access to more thanks for more information.

[9:02] Wow end so when people become members I imagine that then you capture their email and you’re able to then more accurately communicate with them.
Absolutely box we gotta strategy the next few months,
is that not me asking them to add some data and car five days and the party tonight,
what Association I belong things are gradually we’ll get more information from therapist,
well it’s a real estate information to the needs,
no just take it back a little bit what was your background,
really helped informed what you’re launching a private practice home.
My background for thirty days from back in nineteen seventy six.
What is a ninety seven six.
Was it in technology.

[9:58] I was the first person to sail the electronic typewriter in this country oh my god,
i already easy c is it with the electronics right us all there is,
what are meetings and all of that the heat is what hurts,
individualist modulations.
BBC embarrassing people laundromats,
when someone first saw an electronic typewriter like what was their reaction.

[10:47] That’s a very good question if you’re all taking me back many years and there was a stuntman.
There is no especially because it had a thing with that they can see the worst but actually maker got back my,
directions before that did the page because it is that’s the worst,
it wasn’t much larger machine wait so that i can still feel that way,
goodbye have to carry around that he’s doing stations.
When does deliver 24/7,
when i was a tween what he is not blowing your room with my lawyer now is harder to hooters yes.
Which had to make it simple these days was astonishing those days are over something in the odor.
Went through the whole thousand pounds which is there are in mass segregated problem bat and six k those six thousand dollar and.
What is this the next thing that’s gonna happen and what okay yeah so you can were in that technology or like your trail blazer selling the purse like.
And then it faster in a while now is so wearing.

[12:21] My best audience love it here or possible medications one enjoyed my sizzling in this case for this generator without using hands we have,
go to the next an apple tv three different in stock first country.
And instagram them about the very software options that we have on ge,
where is my applications like licensing.
Databases in missing persons database is in that’s great because the please so.
What are the detectives say is a lot of questions and i want to know the axon the tax.
I want to make sure that i’m happy true that i didn’t give them any sounds job that has a plain english in the air with six by myself and didn’t understand sauce.
I am so is a very easy process i miss anything that great but some like it really good training for just.
Learning how to sell in a way that’s authentic you that the average person can next with,
vs me sometimes the sales tactics it feels so slimy that.
The jets just sail and it sounds like that’s really informed that even with private practice hob so you just provide really good content easy to understand information to an audience.
Absolutely i’m probably most to america’s marketplace do try to keep the boys are practice.

[13:58] Very very simple very stressful will react with talking.
Tango on itunes when you look on private practice to the reviews the practice,
where is the technical job are so,
unable to easily make a judgement free one software the,
hello world and we reviewed by baroness.
So I know that the information there is it’s solid.
And how much do you think like in having a website like private practice how are practice and the practice to.
Kind of like a curator of information we’re taking very complex things and making them easier for the average person under.

[14:48] Actually that’s been like the nations of the world you got is this and.
Yeah so tell me a little bit about your five pillars in with your wife’s practice and as you guys have developed that.
But what if you discovered in reverse maybe state of finance what do you discover their that some private practitioners can take away on.

[15:17] Interesting Lee Ann are the five pillars,
but let’s work is it lots of business information that her house is.

[15:29] What if your wages that girl experience.
To present at the scene played i did last year,
oh there is it is it cracked is that is still runs then practice with paper and.

[15:54] Well twenty five percent will there is the hot water side.
I see it coming from a,
what is technology expert in and hang for lack experience.
So what we tried doing was my papers for school now want the simple things what gives status as i did but my hated that they are.

[16:26] Oh and i’m having withdraws shapes and sizes you may have a business plan to get money back or,
what we’re talking about here is its single page in spreadsheet is what it just getting the basic information what you charge.
Most people think it was from last year model two x,
so it’s always here is that is what will.
Good with that information up working all the hours god sends not being right,
i want to get.
What’s not to has austin is very basic questions on a day-to-day basis there is a section,
in progress out there people ask questions if the day ever been to the not there not one of my,
experts response.
So under finances sounds like when you have your business plan when the first things just looking at what do you want to achieve through your private practice run some of those basic numbers.
In regards how much are you gonna make which profit margin just was really basic kind of things are running a business.
Yeah i’m described as was like what business but the back to back in the people that he wants her.

[18:00] They must be going on i would like to say that the twenty percent of americans like she is our business are.
But i have a business but will not question how much of judging right will.
Which is a question i get was on your list and it did the question get knows what is it.
Why is it true the question is what’s the catch is that the.
What is it that states the blue happy that will is and the other is that i am a to stop the staples at the top of the disposal share the off to the races,
hey jarvis will never i it’s always the appetizer sponsor.
Sure so that the primary really monetize the website is sponsorship and advertising.
So under finance getting a business plan to knowing your numbers what about under marketing water can assemble appoints there.

[19:14] Why will they just checked it on the most important thing with my dad is not that you do it.

[19:24] Flashing him he period or is it just.
What is really interesting is the surface to work and i get.
What is the cause this thing is keeping your host or continuous flow all marketing activities.

[19:54] I’m doing something you is the spot because the nipples.

[20:00] Set the game up to the hose what listings.
Your breaking off then they would call to someone.

[20:12] So really it’s nothing as a one time event or like you just starting after practice but.
So much in perspective is something that there is that something is.
That’s what you need to continue.
Can you get in someone’s boarders handle that should be that is precisely what would my what from being in the birds progresses.
To setting up an agency model because there is,
what she collected from service because you are waiting list.
I’m within three months of starting private practice i heard he starts his people on the list.
When thousands like to work colleagues did that she is popping noise and sign them up as associates.
And now she wants cause there’s access to agencies for practice,
because it has she does the tree are so actually,
yeah bro don’t back up here in our book moving he will be just as good or married across the way we can there has got some spice.

[21:44] And that will be based around the time of availability the type of therapy required,
the hell insurance company being executor set yourself because the whole,
i’m a tenant who is that may be suitable electric gates and ask us is.

[22:12] Wow so really kind of scene marketing is an ongoing not just.
Testing your working but also just a service to the community so the marketing your wages during a part of it is that she’s just fielding has three edging for you than other people in the field which i imagine.
When they then get refer all their appreciate that from her.
I would take we actually had where the.
The third is in what is the monthly basis is the charges on the bus okay so hard of it so it’s kinda referring within that agency.
Yeah okay makes sense the silhouette like or a lot of the group practice models are here in the state the meaning.
So what about professional issues like and that color what are.

[23:10] What’s the distance in the is used around and what’s the insurance.
Where are the yeah we use your room available by itunes,
hey goodbye,
insurance covered multitudes are is where online over there,
where the fuck is the bulls what the,
send my liability insurance and the okay.

[23:47] That’s quite a bit of people still concerned about it.
One hour and for how long is measured how avengers was the problem so is mostly she’s getting a good quality bird that understands the issues is very.
That’s why we would tend to recommend by boat in the market,
send it in all the time for the boss.
The rangers are in class we have.
I know that for me but the american housing association has a partnership with a hp so,
liability insurance that’s who I’ve been through and some people have had great experiences others not as much and so there’s a lot of different kind of one statues from here in the states as well.

[24:44] What’s the weather like there are others that offer and we got the blow the foundation and have your dude are so mechanism do it do what questions.
When you go to danville possible on the two people to sponsor the door is opened it.
To beijing mrs matthews very bushes every person is,
the way God that the therapy on the business least you got some support,
I didn’t think many people use safely when I get questions coming to me I often say go to your Association what about your insurance company that says,
because those are the places that information absolutely.
So what why don’t the back is uses cd predation of is there a very long all of what this is the,
i’d like to be able to thirty four vs asians associated with four.
Oh well the same for some kind of demon activity,
that’s what his problem to the home we.
As a result of the estate appraising banks.

[26:16] Will there is one last friday but is she should take her for the best local not national.
I’m super hot sale something will i owe pain in and will be like tomorrow will come on is that you.
Gotcha yeah we don’t successful in london that is no tv channel.
Maybe globalization to go to hell events on it says second place the job offer live events.
Yes that’s awesome and i know that you and i talk to the tv channel and so will see if practice and the practice jumps onto your tv channel at some point the future here.
When is the great wall of ice machine sued if your balance is three.
It doesn’t cost anything so you can use that phone completely free of charge.
He will start last month that that’s great.
What’s so what about administration and hr those too or can your last two colors what would people need snow around the house.

[27:43] What’s the fuck.
The station but this time i’m on my way to.
Yeah leslie and christina are we still on wednesday she is using the right since.

[28:00] What in the bible where all the people are not this trying to find the differences are there talking there is.
Open bar where you are place and what location is it so it does.

[28:38] That’s the one thing he can’t see london and you want to work policy your place six other practice is working on.
What is this and is.
I’m sorry if my words lol you should black,
more you to the local what is true is this is marketing one thousand thirty.
What are the marks and see what she is doing.
Any where from hun work from home money is this something that should be considered is your home suitable.
How are.
What is the impact on the earth’s good in my heart i thought just thirty is that seems to be exactly where i am.
What could he for one what.
Because fuck what people because what specific day to was well so she has to.
What’s the.
And what is the court that he just didn’t work so it is what it is not just about kiss.

[30:05] Because this is on their.
She is quite expensive like that you post war.
It is our job to go in on a two best this or.
It’s just not sure to be out of the rv this about what is the.
What did he do this is it does.
Yeah yeah you totally that’s where it’s in the states state or human,
so what about hr with were symbol of.
I am so long as we are on tanks are there it was slot but he’s.
Because even Floyd,
are these terms what is running hot.

[31:44] You press the private practice what so it is.
What’s up three ounces what recommendations for two.

[32:18] Dumb but someone does ministration Perth.
Sorry reads locked how many are my arms and financial it’s.
What is it when someone who is a train issue is this.
Suggest if every colors.
Yeah you can a person receives the brass united states person we just fall arse they’re totally that’s a big hand is getting.
Leslie i got this.

[33:38] What’s the one thing i will have them on my taxes and.
I’m trying very low to make sure that the child is in is just as much as i am well is and i.
What is the apple id and not sure what is the best the best the in.
Business plan first.
Marketing plan second by that I mean how many hours you can spend the month based on fat people.
Where can i find it in her heart to jet ski private practice putting the total distance is.
I am still need to do the moccasin you still need to understand the role with Martin has in the business world.
I got two hundred things to think there is no good.

[34:57] Yeah I agree you know when you really think through you,
coming up with a plan for your business and the.
I totally agree suggest Simonds has the website Private Practice Hub. Co. Uk so Private Practice Hub. Co. Uk.
I am what have links to all of that in our show notes Jeff Simon’s thank you so much for being on the practice of the practice podcast.

[35:25] I got it thank you for having best wishes to all and then i have a great thanks a,
are doing really good work to help counselors in private practice it’s really cool to here.
Also all of our links all of the resources we talked about over at practiceofthepractice.com/162 can check it out also,
i have a video that i just launch that is from pinot and practice and i did this event.
Where people flew into traverse city we worked together and then we went wine tasting you can check out over a practiceofthepractice.com/pinot and also if you haven’t checked it out yet on our home page you can listen to the,
so that’s down there we’ve got all sorts of great vents coming up in the future makes you jump on the email list so that you can,
really just kinda stay in contact with us but the biggest called actually have for us to take is checkout brightervision.com/joe,
provision makes amazing beautiful websites that really helped counselors convert people that are just kinda poke around in to actual.

[37:07] To learn more check it out talk to their team they’re based out of Colorado there an amazing group of people just definitely check them out,
thanks for letting me into yours and into your brain have an amazing week and i’ll talk to you next tuesday.

[37:20] Music.

[37:26] Special thanks to ban sciences sexy and madeline nearest like music and this podcast is designed to write accurate provide for her,
provide accurate thirty to information in regard to subject matter covered is good with the understanding that neither the host the publisher or the gas surrendering legal accounting clinic or other professional information,
professional skill find one.

[37:46] Music.

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