PoP 166 | Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

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Biting off more than you can chew

Today we’re talking about biting off more than you can chew and how to prevent this.

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In This Podcast:

  • How Joe bit off more than he could chew
  • Ways to slow down and not burn out as a counselor
  • A little bit about www.SlowDownSchool.com
  • Why the hare was smarter than the tortoise

Meet Joe Sanok

consultant headshot JoeJoe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is one of the world’s leading private practice consultants. He is the owner of the Traverse City counseling practice, Mental Wellness Counseling. Joe helps counselors to start private practices and grow them.



Podcast Transcription

Pop 166 | Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

[0:00] Music.

[0:23] I’m go smack your host here in the media center to building in downtown traverse city is beautiful day here in traverse city.
Chris paul here is just starting to creep in here some the leaves are starting to turn a little bit yellow just kinda dusting the yellow as a lookout.
And the water from my office here,
and there she building going up next door security hammers in the background that’s what’s going on but before we dive into today’s podcast i just wanted to say thank you so much to brighter vision brighter visions today sponsor,
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And i’m so excited to see what his website and that looking like and i’m gonna interview him can about the starting phases.
But brightervision.com/joe head on over there and they’re gonna give you some awesome discounts and again that’s brightervision.com/joe,
it is the single best place to get a website when your first starting out when you’re on a budget when you don’t have a whole lot of money to pay.
It’s they make what’s with that look like thousand thousands and thousands of dollars so i would highly recommend heading over there brightervision.com/joe.
Well today on the podcast i’m not talking about biting off more than you can chew and i’m going to tell you some stories about that.
As well as to be talking about some strategies that i’ve been developing around slowing down and taking bath that biting off more than you can chew.

[1:59] I’m gonna talk a little bit about it some ideas that i have coming up.
And yeah yeah i just my mind is just running because we just got back two days ago from brew your practice which was an event that i put in with jane carter and allison pureer.
Down in asheville north carolina and the brewer practice peeps on my gosh so inspiring we did two full days of talks of blazer coaching of,
can i hang out and drinking beer and coffee and when this la zoom comedy tour in asheville.
And my wife and i need christina we got to stay down there we didn’t take our girls with us as long as we were away from them since they were born i think together.
Beach and our winter.

[2:47] Music.

[2:53] This is when we first got there from their chickens they were some of the best eggs i’ve ever had.
And homemade bread their cooking bread in the cabin when we got there is a smell that fresh was just asheville you have a place in my heart and bria practice was really fun that.

[3:11] But earlier in september i spent some time in colorado and went to my cousin’s wedding,
and it was in this old train station in pueblo and is it was really like a beautiful beautiful event,
and we’re sitting there my aunts and uncles i have my dad is the oldest of fives on its and uncles were there and some cousins and we go up one of the first tables cuz we’re family.
I get this huge plate of food and i was trying to not eat meat for a little bit there and i failed miserably anything prime rib and it’s like perfect medium rare prime rib and i’m not a huge meat person but,
usually prime rib night go hand-in-hand tell you in a minute why i don’t know how much prime rib me in the future here.

[4:02] So i take my first bite of prime rib and i’m chewing and it’s a little bit larger and fed your of a bite and i should’ve taken.
But i’m at a wedding i’m making a mix spit out this piece of me so i changed it for probably thirty seconds which is in the eating meat is a long time to chew.
And decide i can either spit it out and my napkin and start over or just have a new piece or i can just swallow it.

[4:31] So you say you swallow it.
In a field can get stuck in my throat and you know i kinda have this like weird can i pick up thing that happens sometimes when i eat and i just need a little water so i pick up my water.
And i take a sip in this ice-cold water goes down in a comes back up through my nose like i just don’t happen i pull my ms.
And can quickly walked to the bathroom and.
Of course my dad told me i hear my mom to pick follow him to the other one make sure i’m not like choking so i go in the bathroom.
And i think i’m good like it still feels weird.
I come back to the table i can talk i have all this breath and i was like you can’t yeah i’m fine i take another sip of water and it comes back to my nose and go back to the bathroom.
So i go in the bathroom and realize that this piece of prime rib is caught like in my esophagus before my stomach.
But like i can still breathe and everything and it’s just like.
What is a talk about it like feel it like right there like just like regular the bottom of your rib cage is just sitting there.

[5:45] So i guess in the bathroom with me and it’s like a public bathroom simon like the handicap stall and every time someone walks in like is to people’s fee in the stall i’m just like don’t talk.
Go to the bathroom and then they leave and then i like tripe you like a child like get this piece of meat out and it doesn’t work.
So then i drink some water in the lake hits my gag reflex and the water comes back up the meet still sitting there so.
Probably every fifteen minutes or so my mom like opens the door the bathroom is like.
Joe you doing okay in there mom in the bathroom or something where to change your mom submit napoleon dynamite style,
and if so my dad at first like is county chatting with me and then i’m just like i just need to like can work through this i’m doing jumping jacks and like,
bring head upside down i’m trying to make myself puke it out like this piece of meat i bit off with a more than i could chew.
And it literally is just sitting in there so then like my dad goes back to the table and come to find out that like,
my aunts my cousin i think another uncle that you’ve all had stuff like this happen before so they only have advice for my dad so he comes back with a glass of hot water or warm water it’s mostly help break things up.
So i take a couple sips of this hot water to help it get around the piece of me and it’s just sitting there and it is a.
Feel come up and hits my gag reflex and now i’m keeping it warm water and so.

[7:20] I’m just like so frustrated i did not fly to colorado to stay in the bathroom all night long this is ridiculous and just,
and it has been great family.
It’s okay just calm down like this is the most important thing you can be doing it all and i’m just like so dang frustrated with myself.

[7:42] And like its running i know this is something that could happen to me like so like when am i frustrated with so then he goes back to the table and one of my aunts says we’ll try coca cola and so i’m type one diabetic something green i cash my insulin but.
It says like on-line two like drinks sips of coca cola but like if it feels like it’s saying to foam up like don’t let it come back out and work through it so then i’m like drinking the since of coca cola and i don’t know if it’s like.
Spicy when pushing it down or if i feel come up with is gonna be the me that comes up so i’m sitting on this coca cola.
And now i’m every time it’s my gag reflex you have coca cola that is this sat and my saga is.

[8:29] And now look at your hour and a half market been in like the bathroom.

[8:34] And i hit the starter and like dollar dancing like the first dance and all those things and white and just go out and after changing you they just go up there.
And so i’m thinking of hospital get this piece of me out of here like it is not going up or down.
And i just get so frustrated with it that i just and side of this is grossing i probably should’ve warned you at the beginning and i just stick my finger down my throat over and over and over.
Until like chunks of me to start coming out.
Um and then i feel fine rest the night just kinda hung out didn’t eat a whole lot a very very small bites but.

[9:16] As that was happening i actually was thinking about telling all of you about this.
Because i’ve realized there are times in my life when i have been off we more than i can chew so i think about.
When i was in cali is working full-time for community mental health and i did join the group practice.
And it was weird match where i had to get on to some insurance companies because at that time it took insurance on but then if people call they didn’t take the insurance agreed to kind of match them up together.
And i can’t marketing myself and had a couple of clients and then i remember it like exploded right out like.
Either nine clients like in outside of my full-time job and i have this group i’ve started that was going and then like just all these other things and i remember just breaking down crying on the couch in our small little apartment.
And i just had been off way more than i could chew.
I had a can like vomit up to some of the things that just were a good use of my time.

[10:19] And as a thing of our practices i think you know i really can’t reflected as we are traveling to and from asheville.
In what is really work for me and not just goal setting but in finding a pace and lifestyle in life.
It’s gonna have an impact on the world around me is gonna increase my income is also can increase my influence to us to help the world in a different way than if i wasn’t a part of the world.
And i started to realize that it’s that i’ve kind of been overtime learning to slow down.
And i’ve really been intentionally trying to find new ways to slow down because.

[11:04] When we’re slowing down were like taking a shower for example that’s when these great ideas come.
And what will for a hike it’s when these great ideas coming so sweet of like this thing that as you slow down.

[11:20] The sparks start to fly and then the creation and creativity starts to fly to and so i almost feel like there’s this like.
Think we’ll cycle this is really dumb the really successful entrepreneurs go through.
When they start with slowing down with a have certain practices whether it’s medication or whether it’s like sabbath practices of.
Taking time away from their business or are certain practices i turn off my phone was just having breakfast with gary this morning.
And he’s talking about how since spring times right now to fall in his family they have turned off all screens at five pm.
And how he’s been reading all these books like classic books that business books classic books and has a family read more and they’ve gone bad about eight thirty or nine and you just the stress free ness of this of being a business owner.
Then like turning off the tv reading together letting our bodies naturally cycle and can’t go down that slowing down.
Like sparks things is not be slowed down to spark things or to create new things is not like we are slowing down or brainstorming.
With almost like it hills up the soil of our brain.
And it gets things moving in a way that it wouldn’t happen if we just going full tilt and do email in but hustle hustle hustle there’s nothing wrong with hustling but.

[12:54] That slow down i think is a unique characteristics of the canon p guess entrepreneurs that really do change the world.
I come up with the innovative things rather than just new businesses.
Is it there first is slowing down and then there’s that spark that happens moments in the shower when your just talking to a friend are going for a walk or stand up paddle boarding the you allowed to happen and sir to foster the seed starts to grow.
And then after that spark it always goes into this like creation time where you’re starting to create.
New and innovative things and so i said to think about like what is it.
To continue to level up my business and increase my impact on the world.

[13:47] So you can hear can in the coming months and then be interviewing some use interesting people have confirmed are like louis house or j pop is in from the one thing in some really interesting people to be doing this seven part series.
On the seven practices of the practice.
Is i want to share with you because this can be something that i’m gonna continue to can i dive into more and explore more and tried really articulate more to you up to give you more of a framework to level up.
Look i have also have this kinda calming and peaceful life where you can slow down as well as can a sprint towards things.

[14:26] So the first practice of the practice is evaluate where you’re at.
I’m looking it was working look a car that low hanging fruit things that could potentially amplify understand the past that you’ve kind of learned from and see other can inform the future.
The more that you can understand your past successes the more you can create successes in the future the second practice of the practice,
is defining whether you’re gonna start or grow something so often times we are clear our goals and,
are you starting something that spring in new or you amplifying something that’s already established deciding whether you’re doing those two things can really help you move forward.

[15:10] The third practice is the employee and the core items and i talked about,
this and number of different ideas but soften with goals are just to alex at kinda milestones and all that but i think really chunking out just like one of the phases of you want and counselors to your private practice,
phase one of the anser to talk to potential people attract the right kind of person for your practice then break that down into can’t micro moments,
so maybe post something on facebook not have coffee with some people that could be potential people i can be evaluating the contract in so looking at one of those things that,
if you no show or if you’re early to a meeting that you can work on for five to ten minutes to keep moving the needle forward.

[15:55] That’s kind of like with picture mountain you can going up the mountain your planning to get to the summit and then the next three are gonna be more like at the summit and so,
you’re gonna create content that supports that cool,
i’m gonna be crying blog posts are gonna be reviewing the cap in your website to see if it’s match with your ideal client.
You’re gonna create a landing page for coming your new idea,
so for example slowdownschool.com this is the first time it publicly the announce that that’s where you can hear a little bit more about some ideas that i’m gonna be working out soon so slowdownschool.com.
So you gonna create contact.
Then next you attract the right partners the rate referral sources the right people they can send people to you so that could be that your meeting with counselors that work in schools are working specifically in private schools.
And after that we really want to serve so.
So often we don’t serve people as well as we should be serving people.
And use answering phone calls having someone that you’re paying to answer the phone to call them back if you miss it within fifteen or twenty minutes to make sure your virtual assistant that’s helping you with that flow.
So we have evaluate define plan that can going up the mountain at the top we have created attract served in last one this is the one that most people mess is out source.

[17:26] Outsource to take all of the non essentials from this goal and outsource them so when you think about it.
You know when you reach your goal when you have a new income level your first time make ten grand in a month or you as inclinations your practice does that is buzz that happened this home inside of your body.
That you can excited and addicted like setting goals and reaching them but if you don’t outsource the non essentials.
You’re gonna then take a new goal you can feel that new bus at some point you’re gonna have that not more than you can chew you’re gonna have way too much on your plate so what you need to do is consistently at the end of each goal you reach.
Outsources non essentials where all the things that are not essential to you so for example for me.
Its own discounting with joseph or counseling or consulting with joe sanok.
I need to shop for that now do i need to be doing all of the scheduling do i need to do all of the e mailing know i can have somebody else do that so outsource those nine essentials.

[18:31] You know in our can of american and a lot of listeners are in the united states but in the us culture we often hear this like slow and steady wins the race i think about,
the tortoise and the hare.
You know they start their race and the hair just like sprints and then he so far had he’s gonna just chill ax underneath this tree,
and the tourists are kinda keeps plugging along does the marathon slow and steady wins the race.
And i would say there is value in that the whole like might be little engine that could just keep perseverance keep going at it even when its slow like keep going.
I agree that yes a value we want to teach kids but the hair sprints and then prints and then rests.
I actually feel that read them can match what our bodies need more anything but just how our day is.
We’re awake now for the day and then we sleep the to ten hours hopefully it’s ten hours.
How do we know work for the week and then we have weekends that you know we often work through the year and then we take vacations in the summer time in the winter or you we take you no longer weekends throughout the year.

[19:43] So much of our life is brinkmann slowdowns sprint then slow down and i think it’s really important for us to see how that slow down.
Let’s sparks which leads to creation which leads back to slow down sparks and creation.

[20:01] See you go out into the world this week and find ways to slow down and spark creativity.
And i will love hearing from all of you.
Are there so many people out there the email me and let me know what they’re doing to just grow their practices and it just blows my mind all the work that you’re doing.
It’s so incredible keep it up again when i think brighter vision preservation makes amazing amazing websites for only fifty nine bucks a month.
And if you hurt over to brightervision.com/joe you will get a great deal.
And it’s just gonna it’s gonna be awesome it’s gonna help you grow your business you can get more referrals beautiful website,
and i know you’ll love it and you thinking about thirty back money back guarantee or something like that i should check that out just make sure,
i’m going to see him under two for free if you go to that link and so go check brightervision.com/joeo.
And thanks so much for letting me in two years and into your brain slow down and don’t bite off more than you can chew this week.

[21:05] Music.

[21:11] Special place the band sounds sexy and esther garcia we really appreciate you letting us use music and this podcast is designed to provide aka thirty that information in regard to the subject matter covered his game with the understanding that neither the host.
The publisher or get surrendering legal counting clinical or other professional information you need a professional you should find one.

[21:31] Music.