PoP 168 | The Successful Mistake with Matthew Turner

Successful Mistake with Matthew Turner

poses – becomes Today we’re talking about ‘the successful mistake’ with author and storyteller, Matthew Turner.

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In This Podcast:

He has interviewed 163 entrepreneurs about failure by learning about:

  • Their greatest business mistakes
  • How they learned from them
  • How they turned their mistakes into a success story

Common mistakes found with the people Matthew interviewed:

  • Losing yourself within yourself, i.e.: daily ground.
  • Forgetting to nurture relationships and set yourself up for success!
  • Spending more time ‘learning’ than focusing on your business, i.e.: consuming but not taking action.

In his book:

  • Successful people view mistakes as lessons
  • Only big errors are ‘mistakes’
  • You need to make a lot of little mistakes to progress
  • Nobody can succeed ‘playing it safe’

His writing process:

  • Getting an idea onto paper, i.e.: create a ‘hitlist’ (bullet points).
  • Takes idea and makes it more structured, i.e.: taking hitlist and adding it to colored cue cards – each color represents a different purpose – becomes more detailed.
  • Explore ideas and actually start writing first draft.

CLICK HERE to get a free copy of Matthew’s book, Successful Mistake!

Meet Matthew Turner

2Matthew Turner is an author & storyteller who works with entrepreneurs, founders & creative thinkers to build thriving businesses that light a fire within them.

After interviewing 163 authority figures, Matthew’s unearthed how successful people overcome failure and adversity, not only ensuring they don’t ruin their own livelihood, but form the basis of their greatest idea yet.

You can learn more about the book at successfulmistake.com

Meet Joe Sanok

consultant headshot JoeJoe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is one of the world’s leading private practice consultants. He is the owner of the Traverse City counseling practice, Mental Wellness Counseling. Joe helps counselors to start private practices and grow them.



Podcast Transcription

Pop 168 | The Successful Mistake With Matthew Turner

[0:00] This episode of the practice of the practice podcast is brought to you by slowdownschool.com it’s loading school that can they are gonna be offering a conference in the summer of two thousand seventeen.
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[0:20] Music.

[0:41] How’s it going.
So exciting to get to know some of you i was just out and see.
So many good things come out of it but it was really funny cuz i was signing in at the ce you stand,
and also is registering and people are like hey you’re joe santa act and.
It’s just it’s peculiar but it’s awesome thanks so much for letting me into your ears and into your brain and you guys rock and I’m always so impressed with the work that you guys are doing.
Out in seattle my wife and i really took some time to slow down and i’ve been kinda running full tilt towards practice the practice blood you know that.
Been really tough taking off fridays and mondays i do a little tune on those two days but for the most part.
Getting very little on those mondays and fridays to spend more time with my family just testing out,
if a slow down and still keep in my incoming productivity up and thus far has been working.
Well we’re out there and play do whole episode about this experience,
i tried floating for the first time in a bunch of you have been,
on my Facebook and different places about how when you need to recharge one thing you do is you float and so it’s this really cool thing where you float in the saltwater,
and complete darkness and you can have music playing and not and you just have the sense of like.
Loading and there’s this order and tell you about and can a future episode.

[2:12] But we did that one day and then they actually here’s the deal the second day to come back as a first time trying to decide.

[2:19] Tell my mind that all over the place and then the second day i just really ticket and but i’ll tell you more about that a future episode.

[2:26] But just super excited about today’s guest we wi connected with you reach out to me over email matthew turner.
And going to tell you a little bit about him in a second.
He’s been interviewing people that have failed really big and entrepreneurs and.
I don’t take with me if you at all because it’s just awesome so without any further ado i give you matthew turn.

[2:51] Music.

[2:59] It’s funny usually i don’t usually just want to but that’s okay your mustache threw me off,
no worries i,
alright well today i’m here with matthew turner he is an author and storyteller,
who works with entrepreneurs founders and creative thinkers to build a thriving businesses that light a fire within them.
He’s interviewed hundred and sixty-three authority figures and he’s really on earth how successful people overcome failure adversity,
not only to make sure they don’t ruin their own livelihood but they also form the basis of the greatest ideas yet,
we’re gonna talk more about his book the successful mistake but man.
Joe thank you so much not so pledge Mike Erdman,
oh I often times get people that reach out to me that want to be on the podcast and I turned most of them away butt,
when you ask for a talking about what you’ve learned from those hundred sixty three people i thought matthew’s gonna be an awesome fit for this is really protective of my audience and so,
i’m really happy here excited about we’re gonna talk about today.
How long and i’m glad that you’re excited and have been its real pleasure and yeah it start to sure few stories and just kind of,
yeah yeah what little bit about how you getting to be an author and story teller that specifically works with entrepreneurs.
i suppose my passion for writing goes back,
ceramic twenty one i have that’s a pretty rough breakup and it led me to for the first time i suppose share my feelings and expressing them.

[4:36] The only but i found that i had only somewhat therapeutic to do it,
in resin form since as i look back on my life i realize i’ve been a big fan of story telling mine tile,
i didn’t always pray to writing because i struggle with things like ground,
and sentence structure and i was going up so i struggled with it backfired and tossed i don’t like it,
turn element on that i appreciate now what you know when,
since fence what kind of weather like my first question for in your came to be your rights in fiction writing novels and i still do but i absolutely love it,
what’s in my backgrounds always been in my acting that’s why i studied ss it’s the.

[5:25] In about four years ago now i decided to leave my job to start working myself how about freedom i wanted to have the freedom to not only she live my life but to work on it can work on it work on,
me to a lot of online stuff,
hands it’s been incredible journey to meet like-minded people and for lunch,
and as for the office fully to speakers coaches,
you name it and the success mistaken idea of our group shortly after i start this,
yourself makes the journey i was gonna make mistakes instead of alien are also chose procrastinated important off,
restart people,
when you are down businesses like help me like what advice you got and i realize they should stories about the times,
mail the times that come across obstacles yet date when twelve come ten inch that’s when i start to realize oh wow this is what,
separates the best from the rest of these people in learning fast and the fam but i tune in and,
at times and messy and its lessons so long story short i’m still hundred sixty three people about,
the greatest business states what they learn from how they transformed the mind for success story.
And it’s taught me so much it’s been a real eye opener in sony phones,
so hundred and sixty-three how do you land that number,
will my original hope was kind of two hundred fifty so i mean vision i filed due to fifty but a lot of the,
i hope it is starting.

[7:08] In person i,
that’s not right now i wanna have like a hundred colitis,
start so i can get up to that number and man by the time i got to find a ride like hundred thirty order for basket of a random number let’s go to two hundred fifty.

[7:26] And that’s what i thought i got like a hundred fifty stopped reaching out to people so by the time i got a final few,
people say recorded and all the final me and,
turn that diary the final number was a hundred sixty three so that a random number but i love it i got one fifty,
well i think it you know when people say i’m in the hundreds i’ve interviewed to hundred of,
be like it’s okay,
but hundred sixty.
Well I just supposed to so many different.

[8:06] So if things like there are unspoken a couple which might be more specific charlotte nc now people who are.
So fishing practices and stuff and what are the first people by,
kinda came to mind when you’re talking to i need something that was relevant for a lot of the.
And conversation i had with people was fuge,
do i think you still actually text boxes lol but it is a long line stuff now in a bit,
not sure if you’re when it comes to live in us and john had a very eclectic.

[8:40] Background white to the white house,
he won’t say in silicon valley work ten hollywood he didn’t little bit of all sorts.

[8:50] Into it i was always like why you always so specialized in an alarm at him when he left his jump-start his own practice,
yes i am still making mistake of thing gets in.
About relationships during his time in the white house and so can buy everything is about building relationships,
building on networks are you able to connect with the right people like it’s all about,
building back what could you know all that kinda thing is really good and it’s served him well he gone for one great job to another,
restart his own for.
Which I found very Cullman.
In my conversations and it was when i turn losing yourself within yourself and is basically just a simple is losing yourself in today i ground you know you get,
lost in the far off the critical figure bites ii when you gonna keep up with the man you gonna do this you gonna do about,
weeks months sometimes the case maybe yes have gone by.
I’m super realize that you haven’t done all the stuff actually,
foundation of success,
one of those key for.

[10:04] We got so busy in called and all the daily grind of when he was in exile practice,
it’s stop going to those events is stocks reached out to people,
people who are relevant in his space so now he’s online if you don’t like fellow bloggers Lo podcast as you know people were going to help.
And getting in front of the people she wanted to touch base with in new orleans and new people who would be,
hopefully one day clients in stock in being saying that he don’t like this is kinda cost as little then.

[10:36] I want to test with if you want to launch a new product or a new service tomorrow.
Who would be like the five people you would reach out to her and you know what help you even buying from you orange juice to people cut and john can write down five people.
And he realized that he had a problem he lost himself in himself.
It’s going how valuable relationships and networking connections are.
And just talk.
Yeah i need put it online and sandra i need,
on all the work inside the now if not can wait i need to really go to from the line and start building my what network again i need to re-establish close relationships who may be able to help me these days,
from the previous ten plus years of working wells but i also need to reach out and up,
people who have seen on speed people can help me grow not in about right now in a way of like ask what is to be charged for these connection and takes weeks and months at a time,
but john really start dedicating myself to connection relationship relationship,
and you became a real off for it figured out and let him two things I recognize and build in his will is complete different one now but it all stemmed bass kind of Tipping Point of realizing I know nobody,
is that you know when i know the people building this relationship,
and i started my own business when he should become the most important thing i forgot all about it because i just got lost in to,
i see this time and time again i think it’s something special is relevant when you stop you’ll practicing your professional weather is alive r doctor just hope you know.

[12:12] Rome agents whatever it might be you know you’re really good at doing something when you’re an employee,
i miss you know you ever get my the structure and maybe you’ll love all of those networking events.

[12:25] You are very important reasons all relationship building those relationships building but not working those that you now and if you lose stop.

[12:33] When you stop do you get called in i’ll be out in all the craziness then you are going to be hurting yourself in the long run,
kiss you gonna write on a piece of paper i’m watching something you are cause this,
you know big list of people you know you can come home i love that play i remember last year my daughter she is in her second year preschool.
And this one guy other dead and i we’re gonna walking out and we got talking in,
we have had kids in the same class for a year and a half of this point we always a,
and dads were dropping off really never dough and a conversation we started talking,
and he does as ceo copy writing.
Okay and so like it looking natural leg match made in heaven for like what he does and what i do and two enough for coffee.
And as we’re talking it just the fact that for a year and a half,
we have literally seen each other almost every single day and never talked a little bit about what we did in their business world,
could you show me how,
is important and now were talking hundred icloud,
amazing how when you have a causing private practice and things are going well and clicking along it easy to just like,
not reach out to,
it’s a great point those people just in your life and be friends and family are.

[14:07] Acquaintances some kinda just trying not suppose relationship which i like how you doing what are you working on like am i able to draw like oh by the way i’m doing this,
buy any chance and you know anybody who might enjoy the and,
if you’re keeping something else i’ll be there just seven those opportunities but is also,
a lot of people you can reach out what fresh you do not know and that is an opportunity for you to,
and go to the one of a great way to dubai not exactly how and john did it he was like well i’m always do my blood and i want every time are,
you morning people what’s a really good way to,
sam is locked away during the night all about going to networking events mean ass mama guy or gal holes and of the business got,
relationship and nurturing those relationships comes in many forms and,
how can i do it committed way when doing a little but also.
It’s a huge thing it came across many times and I can join the United personified,
holy shit you so well know i think i think that’s such a good point even for me just the podcast.
There is a platform to reach out to people that i respect the work in to be able to get to know people it is the total game changer for me and so,
i was really close to so many other therapist jumping into the podcast world because,
the natural listeners their natural conversation with that’s what we do everyday and so.

[15:38] Is the counselor starts tomorrow that’s really exciting,
and so you book called the successful mistake to how did these hundred sixty three people view mistakes failure spring up all that.

[15:51] Well i think one of the big things to mention first and foremost is a lot of them didn’t like the idea of mistakes later like.
I get a prince of over some help to be involved that don’t they seem states is mistakes i see them as lessons and i think about is the point on but is one of the key differences between the rest the best.

[16:11] What separates from the rest because,
i suppose and,
today’s successful people been done a long time but the money got off our dick such as they still happen and i still appreciate by mistake and their father well but there is a wood sf states in favor of those kind of things to the big stuff.
They realize on one of the small mistakes and i’m gonna say small mistake i mean things which you note to me and you may seem quite large book.
You know if they don’t end in you if no causing you to light.
Have sleepless nights is the this still can’t minor,
to them i’m gonna move on and i realize that they gonna to next and have to make lots of little mistakes in order to avoid the big ones.
You need to avoid those big family is back cripple you and sit on the styles you need to make a lots of little mistakes lots little areas,
in order to enter a improve examples of a great idea about doesn’t happen something big key difference between you know what makes a successful person of one else,
of those one just area is that they just look um six different light they understand,
i need to make some in australia progress and move forward of lies i’m just playing it safe and who the hell succeeded by say right after news the term experiment that,
I’m going to experiment with you know something new so maybe it’s going to be with a Facebook ad or.

[17:45] I’m currently doing a test with google ads vs facebook and,
yeah a lot of people say that was a mistake because i.
Unit two hundred dollars or five hundred dollars on that facebook and that didn’t really do anything,
the two means it’s an experiment and the more that you,
can a guy in that knowledge that’s gonna save you time and money and hassle later on because you viewed as process rather than can a win-lose situation.

[18:10] Absolutely i mean if your friends and start a new press let’s say rely on you don’t really know how to best and reach those who but you won’t reach,
then you’re going to have to try a few things you can read all the books and take all the classes that you want but you’re going to have to try a few stuff so you can have to try out and CEO Facebook ads Google app,
what to do about you gonna make some mistakes because they’re not all gonna work,
so you could look at his man i messed up and i wasted like hundred books to read books for fun but she looking in over a year and a,
what about money that i wasted all that time i wasted all those and steak those times i could’ve been spent doing what i know now no works,
thanks put new wanna get will the point where you know what works,
bye bye train stop by let you say experiment and so to an extent you need to make some mistakes you need to kinda hires some people to do and then always gonna get right and i think i just outlook of looking at as okay,
been on spacers and all families of and not and give me that the not box about so,
this isn’t working as change then you gonna,
so what are some examples of that where people didn’t view things as a mistake that maybe we the average person my view is a mistake.

[19:33] I suppose to think like a really.

[19:38] Close and warm here but my can of look at it like about like a little miss steak.

[19:46] I suppose okay so.
Just goes with an unfamiliar fresh books is a pretty big answer for accounting software that very popular and i spoke to the ceo and founder mark them about it.

[20:02] She told me about any of this kind of say not working we can work for this stuff about don’t receive mistakes that has been to help you get when you take he talked about how they had a dime,
tell him to describe the hands of enterprise and software and they went big and accustom you know a lot of money we’re talking like,
i think it will end up running slightly seven figures because this is a big business has big service so.
Yeah when they make mistake it’s pc,
but i miss the elements it in a relatively to what they are doing in that size you well enough to trip it was big it was like seven figure mistake,
it took them no one wants to lose that amount of money no wants to waste by my time sin,
short story long as they try the software they try to make it work they kept going,
and it wasn’t working it wasn’t helping them enough it will,
should we keep a little while longer maybe we’ll figure it out next week next month.

[21:08] So they kept trying to kept trying it just didn’t work then it apart and slide scrap it seven point,
i’d like to say custom many months of you know wasted time in a custom of seven figures of white,
million plus dollars is a lot of money to anybody at okay for you while the relative to who they waves monthly with a big mistake that was crap and will,
what is so process people within the fresh books team now the program is all these kind of a fuck they were able to replicate a lot of all the software updates.
Book bespoke it and you know around their exact,
so yes a waste a lot of money yes secret on things massively different way but in doing so that wrong team were able to build something that was lost pacific to them could invested part-time and money into the house first of all.
Absolutely but the developers with this still gotta figure out from the get go about made ended up costing them you know just as much more a lot of money,
no it doesn’t think about out so yes it was a mistake yes it was something that bottom line in the,
being cripple them and this is the actual let them to know to really great piece of software in-house that was specific to them.

[22:27] Big mistake thirty you me and so many people up and it in pretty sizable one for fresh books,
are they solve lessons and a nice to turn around,
then the sofa and tries and software so in the long long term like,
it’s not always want sweat but also tell mike wanted bout you know how to make decisions you know to be really like he knew this was working.
Most of our hand he could have coca called and said look,
this isn’t working yes we’re gonna wait salami by walking right now it’s the right thing to do so also timer about decision-making and any convalescent as he is general practice from business of what the,
full size they know about so much about success and everything in between.

[23:16] That decision-making so yeah like a big mistake but it was it was humbling to see like my festival,
status like it was no big deal in the last one right but it happens,
in a min out when,
had a big take aways from these authority figures before ask you some questions about your writing process.

[23:43] Yeah well i was showing of a kind of quick start with you and from jan jennifer gresham on ss just because i am much and it’s not related will jenny but she’s been on.
Jen today justin’s light causes coaches she’s basically helps people and,
you’re great but successful mindset for wall and you’ll be more productive i suppose just,
getting to have a mole well-balanced life which i think is very important for most people especially if you kind of,
your grandmother woman bond a smaller team book jennings original backgrounds bolts adoptable,
you know she’s a doctor not a medical doctor but she was a researcher she did a lot of us very academic scientific,
background also has been military background to that kind of hershey and bitch so her background is very much like.

[24:37] Yo you do things a certain way you progresses and way eventually she left a lot to start her own business and for one reason or another,
straight away she had the cinema success people connect with her writing and her causes when she launched a new service launched new product it sold it sold for a while watching kept on doing walls the invest all that money,
telling mall she was funny difficult to escape this world of learning.
No sense of letting through trial and error outlet and from your surroundings living by just list,
taking the causes that cause the thousand bucks issue stock cost.
Sell it because we can maybe make ten grand should be reinvest in all his money in flight five or six more causes interested in so much time taking so much time to lay morrhigan come down to the fact that you didn’t know enough,
if you can dance the fact that she was scheduled going.

[25:39] She usually good about what you did but she couldn’t quite believe she was grabbing a business owner grow up in unexpected happiness test you could survive on own two feet until the proof is in the pudding he lost something people bought it.
Like that wasn’t true friday but she just,
didn’t quite buy into it so she just kept on lunch captain devouring reinvesting the time i think this is something bucket fits a lot of people,
because especially been,
in a working environment for a long time.
Bitch you know has professional are being a coffee or whatever it might be you get called in space is thing about you know you’re good at your job you have a job.

[26:22] So when you branch out to be in your own business owner and aunt mac you have your job but so many other things i think it’s kind that can be difficult,
does call him weeks for school moms in some cases of first few years to really buy into this and stop you have this.

[26:40] So you try on I suppose you don’t feed about fear by letting Mall,
by taking these courses joining these masterminds going fees conference is going to all these events i’m not saying not be that valuable,
i’m not seeing by john didn’t get a lot of it from taking all these causes but she spent so much of the time trying to learn mall,
i took a from actually being able to spend and dedicate more time to her.
Actual business and that’s only because it looks so often people will it listen to podcasts like this with no read my blog other people’s blogs or podcasts and,
the feeling that the action bit it doesn’t actually create income if feels like action but you’re really just consuming and then if you don’t do something with the energy of consuming it started like.
If you eat food all day and sit on the couch like you get heavier aware as if you eat food all day and then you go exercise and take action you have a nice balance and so in the same way just feels like.

[27:39] You’ve gotta take action and so like for example whenever i listen to a podcast i write down like what’s my big take away,
when i change my website of the sales copy i’m going to do of the other products are gonna launch on to really take what i’ve learned and give it some feet,
i’m rather than just consume amen i think that your point was jan really just because that because we can feel like we’re taking action all we’re doing is consuming.
Fuck off what i think is a great approach think it’s a great thing items from baron and i took the causes of orange like the biggest and causing the book like what i did in the beginning i listen to apart cuz i read a lot of blogs,
and again i’m not saying biting gets value from back but didn’t.
Was i can see now was i take action i was just consuming and it was just because i need to let me to learn,
and i took my eyes going okay i need philips i’m gonna spend you know thirty minutes now every morning and then again in the afternoon and again even with one block after another after another,
and is like well,
could I be spinning about time better could I be instead of reading all these things dedicating it to one book at any given time but I know about other taken action of can I be spending about to demand less,
but taking tomorrow and you know how to get more faith in my own process i think its advise always is in those to you not taking the game to the next level they don’t spend hours upon the each day listen to podcasts and,
we can block say that they don’t delete all the lessons comcast they do in a more productive and efficient manner.

[29:13] They are coming selective and make sure was taken out when you say what action what take away is the big from base what can actually include right now so i’m making sure.

[29:24] I’m using my time the best possible or yeah i think it’s like,
at the beginning is starting to kinda grow your specialty is you got a consume a bunch to figure out your specialty to be good at it to be the experts,
then you guys can move in delhi growing your audience score on your income all that the comes after you really of taking the content.
Does it matter to switch gears a little bit cuz you do a really great job of writing reaching out influencers getting books out there.
Talk about your own process,
what is it that you have the ad and then you start writing are you looking for what like what’s trending how do you decide on your id and tickets through your and writing process,
let’s book one and when i despise life it like most good things it begins life in it and a notebook so.

[30:13] And it isn’t their existence airport and a you get an idea down so whenever i get a new idea for a cause for project for a book it all just begins life with.

[30:23] Get an idea down on paper and i just call craig has lost so i from sign something you and i wanna come up with a big list of people i want to reach out to or whatever i’m just come up with an idea and i wanted you don’t mind don’t.

[30:37] Of those i need paper i just crate him to small it is just bullet points and is it was going anywhere in for my ten bullet points on two hundred template part she really doesn’t matter,
he’s just all about span look at the time of course of days.
Adding to this last Light in vase idea,
overload at times you able to your take it from me at concepts on wednesday to something a bit more concrete the time being combs to,
taking that idea in something more structured and saw often take from the hit list beaver on something on a computer and will talk on an actual no past.

[31:18] I lost the type you cops so i’ll have you know these movie clicked you cards in each,
click you couple have a particular post sofa thinking,
book it says mistake for instance the structure of the book remains as a dock is split up into seven main stages,
so i may i’d.

[31:44] Twenty these pink post it notes.

[31:47] In state law on your name is instances shop stage to pain stays freeze bugging in stage four depression stage five is the two point six is reconstruction stage seven is acceptance sorry writing those words on the xp,
post it notes to stick on the wall are dogs i’ll be making a few notes and everything is gonna pin post it,
will be based around this notion of what i.
It is and structures within that giving stay stop giving main chapter,
because anything like a car cost has like more jewels has something a bit more you know big a page,
now to be like sub chapters for be so headings but is always compound something much is a bit bigger,
you know if it’s ten pages long fifty pays a hundred pages and then all kind of drill down from doc you know the yellow ones might be like the child’s of any check to so you know each,
date may have anywhere from you five six ten of these chapters again i’ll just put in down these ideas with from the hit list and.
I know the feeling on the yellow ones,
so they loans will be okay they taken those beget picture ideas from the pain so i’m just going down a little bit deeper survey my tomorrow you know.
For instance when shock that has a lot of things that going so i can make a mistake,
so what are the fundamental punched in a mistake what causes than one of a kind of book the options that make from worse where the warning signs despondency don’t make me the first place get them into the yellows and then the final and i didn’t lose.

[33:23] Which are going to be ideas of in each individual choc to sit on the individual stories before touch from people like jan and john.
So it all begins by from his hit list i’m in slowly but surely or just putting this hit list,
on today’s post it so you because love you wanna do i just to come on the wall and you’ll be arranged you might decide acts i don’t want john story them in a movie over here and again this is a process that can take days the,
mum’s is always going to,
you know it’s fluid it’s never quite concrete how many ideas are books you have going at a time i carried you possibly have new ideas or is it,
like just tunnel vision and successful mistake to avoid since when have a lot of ideas not one of my biggest downfalls of it these days i’m trying to really get,
you know small focus is not disabled i didn’t come by those ideas come solve pokemon a notebook and how can i just save them for a different day how come back to this.
Do not right now right now i need to focus on a b and c,
show even better a and b and upset i even bad it just day.

[34:33] That’s kind of what he at least is that far you know you can half your twenty idea anyone could time it and it has been so i added to the hit list in tray and your hit list.
Only you can bring it to the table you take the pics you cops when you’re ready to invest your time when you’re ready to like stopped,
making a how to fill in this now that are answer when to do about that i suppose,
and i didn’t exactly put it on paper and a project doesn’t exist in the stocks of taking those ideas turn into something more structured be,
car cause one of my pay stubs can how i take it to the next level and i’d erase.
What is on the hit list just chip away at it until it,
becomes a two kind of its own you cannot notes to them all the time it may become a big sprawling mess on your wall that’s fine so long is taking shape of time what is it takes a certain amount shaping happy,
that’s when you know you going to computer i have to make my macbook says an amazing piece of michael scribner and it allows you to just be,
take every fan,
i’m you never know what’s going to happen until you start by in baptist rough you actually stop explore,
in a non suspended from that they just one word she to free fall was just ideas,
tell your sister explorer been putting things and keep on it’s difficult to know what can happen but is like simply put what might my free prongs.

[36:09] Approach from working a book or calls are the users when it is because life is hit list no book then it becomes a huge growing massive panic,
two kinds of all and it becomes something a bit more structured says,
in july was using software picking the first draft of the mass and you make a mustard june second often something that monster should,
the third to get two more finalized and it,
not any sign of people in sheridan cs person is different for everyone when i call it take you from like start to finish when you’re like i’m an interview a hundred and sixty three people to,
finished book i was not productive citizens that i think i could have done it all over again i could get from lights day zero.
Be and get an idea in stock hit list to the second version day zero launch day i can i could get back down to run about two years maybe and eighteen months if i could redo all again,
because i work like forty hours a week is that whittling away at all you’re doing other things to.
No i don’t feel you would need to dedicate your entire life to,
it doesn’t have to be your main focus light you can just be working on a like an hour here an hour that you know and day every other day off is you need to get,
really got auctioning you like a hundred fifty people but takes organization update structure but again.

[37:41] You can reach out like ten fifteen people time in the morning you can hire someone to do the initial outreach for you and then you start to slowly but surely stop.
I didn’t those interviews in shock conduit xl take.
So we just keep going on and on cuz there’s so much about marketing and books and maybe others have to have you back in the podcast it someplace picture here,
but every counselor in the world were listening right now matthew what would you want to know how many can be about had a feeling mistakes can be about book radio and what would you want the counselors to take away.

[38:23] I would.

[38:25] And name it something about a week off and show their own client share with a yard and sit fuck you know things don’t always go.

[38:37] You will have a plan in the beginning and,
i have this notion have this jb hunt this idea and it just will not go according to plan and it is not to say about thing you have to have is faith you,
you are going to improve is your ball on you can continue to progress and continue to learn and you can continue to grow mistakes and failure,
can he would be can,
official stock in anything and it chopper in the book to glorify mistakes or failures say it’s great when you make that he doesn’t get it stops with your pierogi promptly you can make sure about the bible last.
To help you grow from the grass and go from good to great and i truly believe,
and it all begins as mine second is,
is this i suppose putting all for understanding going i’m not gonna be schedule my state.
I’m going to do my best to avoid the big ones by embracing the small ones.
I learned from the small ones are the big ones don’t how can i think about can be relevant with your counselor whether in your confession but that it any of your business owner.
And once they are all human beings about my mistakes happen things do not go according to plan it’s not the end of the world and not.
Cost of suppose that would be my key take with small that’s wonderful,
well matthew turner he is the author of the newly released book the successful mistake,
and you are giving away something amazing to this audience i want you to be the one and ounces what you’re giving us a great so i mean i.

[40:13] I just want to spread the love of this book far and wide so i am i’m running this campaign of a minute went you can grab a free copy of the paperback all you have to do is come of coast it’s post call so you save a lot of money,
how many if you were to buy on Amazon and you also get some goodies,
object thuds you all the time it’s a great deal and you can just drop about successmistake.com/joe.

[40:40] Yes that is so awesome i love it if you’re if you’re running right now if your walking the dog for driving will have a link to that in the shots as well.
Is matthew turner thanks so much for dropping so much value in this podcast today and all the hard work,
in interviewing is hundred sixty-three people and writing this book really excited to get my own copy of this book.
And to let the audience know just what I think of it and have some discussions with my audience about it.

[41:09] Thanks so much now so pleasure i’m thank you guys with this new screen yeah have a great day.

[41:15] Music.

[41:27] Thanks so much for letting us.
Really excited to see all the stuff that he’s discovered and again head over to slowdownschool.com and learn all about this conference in two thousand seventeen what we’re gonna be doing.
So slow down so that come in and a text next week we’re gonna have.
Harrison tyner from the council talking all on one counseling okay trans in that his story it’s going to be in,
credible interview it is incredibly New View I know because I already happened and he is back story about why he went into creating a platform.
Where on my income thing is just it’s awesome it’s so cool he really gets into some personal stuff.
So next week maybe turn on tuesday morning they always go live and have an awesome week cia.

[42:22] Music.

[42:29] Is comcast is in right action thirty to information in regards subject matter covered his game with the understanding that new,
host the publisher will get surrendering legal accounting clinic or other professional information if you need professional you should find one.
Have a good one also thinks that and sounds to sexy for our intro you guys rock.

[42:47] Music.

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