PoP 169 | Online Counseling and Building a Business That Matters with Harrison Tyner from WeCounsel

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WeCounsel: online counseling

Today we’re talking about Online Counseling and Building a Business That Matters with Harrison Tyner from WeCounsel.

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In This Podcast:

Often, at times, our friends and family can provide valuable pointers relating to our business.

One in Four individuals suffer from some sort of mental illness. There is a shortage of physical counseling providers in the US. WeCounsel aims to provide counseling on a remote basis.

Market Research:

  • Is there a similar product offering out there?
  • Networking, i.e.: chatting to family / friends about their thoughts on the product idea
  • Raised funds to reach a ‘minimal viable product’
  • On-boarded a partner to grow the business

Having a passion for your business, managing your emotions, and refusing to quit are all important elements leading to success.

Head on over to www.wecounsel.com/professional to learn more about the joint partnership between Practice of the Practice and WeCounsel as well as access a free downloadable to five keys to success when taking your practice online.

Meet Harrison Tyner

untitledHarrison Tyner is the Founder and CEO of WeCounsel Solutions, LLC, a behavioral telehealth company head-quartered in Chattanooga, TN. He started the company in 2012 after seeing first hand the extreme issue of lack of access to behavioral healthcare in the United States. WeCounsel’s mission is to increase access to behavioral health services through technology enabled engagement tools, like video conference. He has a B.S. in finance and logistics from the University of South Carolina and has five years of experience in SaaS business, healthcare, and telehealth. Above all, Harrison has a passion for entrepreneurship and startups that make a positive difference in the world.


Meet Joe Sanok

consultant headshot JoeJoe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is one of the world’s leading private practice consultants. He is the owner of the Traverse City counseling practice, Mental Wellness Counseling. Joe helps counselors to start private practices and grow them.



Podcast Transcription

Pop 169 | Online Counseling And Building A Business That Matters With Harrison Tyner From Wecounsel

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[0:20] Music.

[0:42] Welcome to the practice and practice podcast i go see dr host i’m so glad you’re here.
And that your taking time to let me in two years into your brain i’m her live at the radio center to building in downtown traverse city i hope your week is off to a great start every tuesday morning we go live at six thirty am eastern standard time.
And we’re just doing some final interviews has some great people coming up soon,
and today is system even better and we have harrison tyner from we council with us but i want to tell you a little story about my brother.

[1:19] So when I think it was around the time when my grandma died or she was sick we’re all together as a family and the women from the family were.
Doing something together and my brother my dad and I were sitting at this bar and we were just chatting it up and I remember my brother asked me,
so how are things going with the practice and i really proudly said they’re going so well i have a waiting list.
And and he is a business consulting in chicago at the time and.

[1:49] I was really proud of like having a leading listen music wait so when people want counseling.

[1:56] Do they like wait around for counseling and has not usually get it right away and he’s sick so the waiting list thing.

[2:04] I think i come back to us now usually they don’t he said well then why don’t you just like salem has it because i’m and busy is busy as i wanna be and he said to me.
Why you just raise your rates.

[2:18] And i thought he was the most scrooge mc duck money hungry can a person that i could ever think of when he said that,
no that’s not that’s not okay you can just take advantage of people and he said to me.
To joe if someone said you i want to see you so bad i figured you the very.
Well I can’t turn that down.
So then he said what about five hundred a session and kept working what about to fifty.
What about one fifty i think it was at like eighty bucks a session.
And he made that point very clearly that it wasn’t as much about the time as much as valuing my time.
I think that why bring that up two days harrison’s gonna talk about how his family influence his business in a very positive way and.
Often times are friends and family when it’s done appropriately.
Can’t really point out some things in our businesses that can help us grow and think differently if we’re open to it.
So that any further do i give you harrison tyner from we council.

[3:32] Music.

[3:42] They are on the practice of the practice podcast we have harrison tyner from we council where he is the owner ceo and founder of week on,
how much does an amazing video chat for counselors that are private practice the tip of compliant and we met a number of years back at the aca conference,
they’ve been where can we council for five years and it’s just taking off so it seemed like a great fit to have him here on the practice the practice podcast.
Harrison has,
and still gonna dive into on-line counselor gonna talk about building a business and all sorts of other things so harrison walking to the practice for the practice podcast.

[4:21] Okay thanks for having me I’m so excited that you’re on I remember when we met at the ACA conference and I was so excited about what we cancel this doing then and you guys are continuing to grow and.
Now you’re here so yeah what just when we start with total to buy your origin story about where we council came from.

[4:44] Oh yeah i think it is a question again and sitting to tell on here just to give everyone a background just,
can we get started and why i think dad is really boarding for a company and yeah we council,
it travis history and it is really organic start storing re start of the story behind it and,
i don’t think there’s any difference it’s one that i am.
Do i you know we started thinking i wanna do something out where i wanna find something to dedicate time to that for a while and came.
To this idea of online counseling and it really resonated with me because like,
most of the people are listening to this you have,
Airbender and experience are seeing a loved one or friend go through lack of access to healthcare Behavioral Health Care in this case and,
in my story i have a family member sister who went through a life threatening event,
and was suffering from some pretty severe pst to the point that it is debilitating in,
Sushi Hana going to Plantation program called The Meadows out in,
i said features and is frozen.
Cognitive behavioral therapy method and it works well for her and after five weeks came back you know.

[6:21] What is he continues on train at the same facility in the southeast s you are between sir are feeling thirty exhaustive search on the right provider in moving to,
how do you spell Mississippi and Hattiesburg you guys don’t know this is actually Behavioral Health but.
It’s also you know kind of a third world will,
can you place that you would otherwise be standing there to see a provider for four years and get the treatment she needs want and go to school there as well and.

[7:00] Weather for five years but he’s fine now,
thankfully in and doing great she’s a nurse and why is that at the time really back star families why couldn’t,
meet with her provider remotely into where she did not have to,
jesus roger for life why was never told it will not how strong we council as the end of this,
where is the result of the story and you know i took that.
When i started working and we can someone wanted to do and yeah solas is a real problem is this something other people and countering and in today’s time is,
sorry that one for individuals suffering from some sort of mental disorder.
And there’s a significant shortage of bear hugs or vice united states and sure you all know and see that is a situation all the,
what happened during levels of.
In degrees and i think everyone is affected by that in someway that is our goal of the council to increase the.
Access to care for decisions by providing writers for that fool where they can effectively and efficiently me with their clients remotely,
yeah i love it like you share personal story and thinks for sharing that i’m really glad your sister’s doing well now.

[8:32] But i work my very first job out of grad school i worked in michigan’s upper peninsula and was hired by come,
ihd had to drive an hour and 15 minutes to get to my office,
it was like in the middle of nowhere and the i ice,
people drive from two or three hours away just because there were providers in the upper peninsula and at that time technology wasn’t to the point that,
not really kinda have something like this and it’s so frequent that you hear about people that are specially rural settings that they don’t have access to clinicians.

[9:10] That’s the story we hear,
daily at we cancel i think this offers use for friday and different purposes news cases that we see come through the door but that is something unfortunately we hear quite a lot but is,
the geographical barriers one that we try to solve for and you know once.

[9:35] What’s really started looking into it and researching the market we realize that at the time two thousand eleven there really work many.
Solutions whatsoever on the market that were viable or,
you know just in existence and so sorry if you for the need to be so and i think we can manage just the right point where the technology was starting to come up to speed where this is going to be viable method,
location and the industry large developing to the right where a jacket support,
what’s your suffering like this thing were fortunate from a timing standpoint to and now she’s taking off,
i’m interested from canada business so you said we did some market research to see if this is something other people are dealing with a lot of counselors that i talked to they have an idea of whether to ny product or,
just there some idea what were some of the things that early and you guys did to see if this was a viable market for your idea.

[10:37] Will this the first is willing to see if there were any other similar type of products as well we learned is being in an.
Hey there are some antiquated tends out and i think there’s an early folks that came on an actual early two thousand our really think latest ahead of their time and,
i’m you gets into the legacies eyes on you not,
there’s something that need to realize and we can add initially thinking tom edison on my interview is such a novel idea,
no it’s an idea that I’ve been there at least a decade before hand but I think we sense that.
You know there was a little bit of revitalization,
and industry and i respect the timing was right there so you know we look alot around online around the trans are case studies as their efficacy is your you know,
cancel rebels a is that supported on my counseling and now comes there and.

[11:49] You know taking the concept and.
Please providers today like what are people saying today about this letters are,
network of family and friends from every provider we can said we think about this,
do you think this is something your using adaptor,
no we mostly positive reviews say we get some negative reviews i think the button so i understand it on,
was said and we got a lot of by nurses number for survivors and users on him out of that exercise which is probably the most telling.

[12:30] So how many things in our state yet so you can look into some of the make is there a viable option here and then.
So many of us as counselors haven’t had any business class is what so ever so then.
You realize that they actually market and but you look for funding do you sell fund like what were those next steps.

[12:51] When them is to get into the,
position around on my five star in the monster seen in raising capital and.
You know not done as selfish as is its own Journey.

[13:06] It’s a huge rollercoaster for sure we actually did james friends,
how’s it going rate is a must see capital to get your bible product.
When i was one that we can test and.
Like take the market with the young one is scared of providers in.
Tried out early.
Work with us as partners to build that product in fact essay,
no i am not ashamed to say that will you this is our first foriegn to the taxi in,
no this wiring was initially are you clock of designs with that actually sketched out,
200 Pages worth of,
book living with the scene and do you except you take that booklet,
repair like let me show you this idea and give my picture like i just knew that seems like a very interesting story of talking to your friends and family about.
Give me money is i had it how you do that,
who is your sewing the concert and,
the person nearest in your needles.

[14:29] Make sure i’m your family trust you if you are so passionate you’re willing to quit your job and dedicate your life to this and they’re gonna,
eight hundred ten is a rose that’s the real selling it and i think he be on and getting it,
conceptually think,
they wanna support you in mast is really just water is when you see round hole where very very grateful for the time there and will show how finance cash well it and how do you because i’m.
Are scared to talk about money in a lot of ways so what were some did you have to look at,
like gear yourself up there was really like i believe in this so much they like,
it just seems like i will invite my family into this are my friends into this.
Actually i didn’t make me that’s awesome.
Yeah yeah i didn’t really wanna put that pressure on them and it actually got our first finding it was a nice your family me and one small injured and,
$10,000 bit,
you know initially wasn’t a huge mountain and we sit roll and we see what you’re doing we obviously see this point you’re not going to quit and we want to support that.
I think i’m probably speaks to just how clear that passion was like if your friends and family like,
hey how do we get involved versus you feeling like you have to like show me two hundred pages of sketches.
I got really shows how this was like a part of.

[16:01] We were at that time is your single launch and will they naturally want to get involved.
And i think the duce getting booklet was really loss of a,
i also use to convince posted by and for us and more so,
what exercise and have been helping us,
take what we have in our minds having it aybar and really flushing out.
You know the user interface and user experience and really kind of having a tangible resource.
Yeah so what is really critical in your explain product in the early is.
No in the early days were there any techniques you had around goal setting like cheating goal setting goals having.
Clear markers number was it just dance of passion i’m just gonna keep running forward.

[16:55] Who is in me not in use a little bit of a shock at first like extremely opportunistic selling really nice here but i guess all of us have,
you know my trade today be kinder,
as we can light comes on the interviews that’s good.
Yeah but we were you’ve no idea Jose we were so ecstatic the first time we got a meeting with a provider.
Like that we can i don’t like energy no like this is interesting one,
take some time and talk to these kids and would like to inside out was to reset it and,
seems like absolutely i think this is wings,
exam two hundred about the beer here or what,
yeah i knew about it just working back in is going to something i was.
The course or into the company that i’m not the world to us and.

[18:00] Well I say that it was kind of a shotgun approach or that you’re kind of naive it you’re so often I think that we over think like what it takes to be successful in private practice and business and ideas in like genuinely changing the world for the better.
And the kids we put so much pressure on ourselves to do a perfect the first time but often times it’s,
hey i have this idea i’m going to do my best at it and there might be some things that are a little wonky but it’s gonna like.
Get better as i do it more and so to hear about a company that is growing and successful it started with.
Kevin didn’t know exactly what we’re doing but we knew that we’re passionate about we’re gonna keep like at a and i just got super cool.

[18:41] Yeah I think they like grit and perseverance and just knowing that you know you,
quitting is not an option that’s on the table at any point in time is the biggest driver,
success in meeting your emotions also where did this,
we got some great help me jenny’s great place to start a company we,
where was you not be accepted into two accelerator programs jonas former days where,
we had a cadre of mentors and business resource is,
and media attention around us that help for hellas to next level,
did one of the larger to the public a tank with didn’t summer two thousand thirteen,
which really.
Health announced us.
Oh you know it as an actual real business we get our next follow up on.
About six to nine months in between finding events the that point we had real investors.
We had gotten to a point we had a minimum viable product and in when she know we landed,
the biggest tells i capture provider in the united states is our first winding down bus and we need her,
try to get him at the time i know that’s awesome,
yeah okay jose treasuries are the smartest and.

[20:12] And i just cannot afford right away and i think i think that,
it was a testament to how strong the market is and how ready.
I think that healthcare professional or for this but,
but you know they worked with us a hand and glove to help,
develop key aspects of the product since we had a professional clinical team that was working with us to develop what’s there today so that point how does it,
start the scale and grow yeah so i mean and you know the is funny we’re talking about.

[20:54] Feeling it gets is filthy,
feelings healthy and it doesn’t want to try dr j and that’s something we don stains off the,
also done some really great things stand for but yeah we want to eat we did this pilot or a,
wish I would have done completely differently if I could do it again in the fall of 2013 and we took tender Riders we took like,
you have six free rooms that aren’t your try this out and you know,
david at the market and had are offerings ready for launch november eighteenth child.
I think we have like a drop in ceiling,
yeah yeah and every note we kind of thumb,
show right the game on her face like we.
I maybe like 20 or 30 providers for quite a while that were you.
You know i think we did not do the marketing saturday justice and you know when it came to us and we didn’t really have a coherent strategy for their success which really,
plus me if we do they will come and that’s just not the case in it or when they come.

[22:25] You have to have a plan in place,
guys going to drive their adoption success and using that software and,
you know like they weren’t getting enough like online counselling appointments because of it or like what,
tell me more about what you mean like if i drive their success.

[22:42] Yeah so in my point of view doesn’t measure of,
training adoption learning and knowing the software what all the phone she’ll eat you can and will do,
making sure that you there for beer for successful in a do you go out on that,
let me have a first session with your client in houston and golden test calls in,
and i’m gonna talk about how we change things but you know two thousand fourteen.
Going through the history here you know it was a lot of.
Water proof of Concepts you know our original thesis is a business was to provide a form of marketplace where providers can only leverage in online Office Suite,
call so,
who is the cells in our directory and have clients new clients come to them online find an,
request sessions Inn Builder practice that way,
mom is,
and maybe have sex and other thomas is yours providers all types,
you heard haitien so we had to lose clients and wanted different things like enterprise,
what seems like administrative or capabilities lol said we’re building back in administrator function hourly.

[24:14] What is fourteen or marketplace model and,
you know we found ourselves you know the end 2014 beginning of 2015 really stretch then we were doing so many things and you know building and marketing to Enterprise,
and what was archer private practice individual,
i have a providers and a roll of in ands marketing to you know if the vision center of white person trying to get into the web site and we’re under apple was under resource and want any good job any,
what’s new as in between we took a step backwards are we got any change here is just something’s gotta give and.
We went back to our roots but slightly different when this was,
the point where we realize okay this is this is someone telling me to make a change and here’s the,
so in all where meetings are worried about four hours were going to,
Back to directory piece of our offering to focus on making res software for writers and selling directly to dan.
I’m letting some of our larger clients create marketplaces for themselves and maybe we roll it back out at a later date when we have a critical mass of providers until we rolled it back we redid the website redid the pricing we show Gaston to metrics.
When were you planning for private practice worried about increasing utilization and.

[25:49] User acquisition so it is getting people on board meeting people to try it and growing and not let and you no lighting i think what you that the money’s here’s the fuses out more current.

[26:03] So you know that we re read and,
how we approach marketing sarah’s read on.
And yeah we did we gain clarity and focus think the most important thing and we dead was without a success plan for the products so.

[26:24] Where as before nothing happen when they signed up.
What a buyer signed up after we launch this new initiative which was around april two thousand fifteen to get a call on you can leave from one of our staff,
answering any questions they had and scheduling one on one training where we walked into the soccer and do tesco with them.

[26:44] We would really am e-mails injured and you get in that way,
help educate on the products explains access stories with the dude that’s.
Yo what other orders for doing with it to help kinda build that information and knowledge is for the.

[27:03] And they were getting calls periodically from us over time start implementing things like we cancel university so you gotta forward this actually working really really well and we need to be able to ride in.
Dozens of trains and a week,
and you know so right now we we do we see mercy and is groups of one to five each day there mean and under training size with our success team.

[27:33] And you’re we Implement in a different tools like a support center where you can get at you can take it.
You can click a button right in your dashboard and request test colon or support staff will reach out to you,
expeditiously to schedule that with you with you with their finances lol make sure that everyone separately is a whole,
of them around this in an even today we will you guide walker software that will take you through the key functions of the software so there’s no excuse not understand it there is,
it appears like software so training wheels for software so,
doing all those things and above all else is having an unbelievably delightful.
And responsive and supportive experience yeah i think that’s such a good point about just serving your client well and seeing where they basically on boarding them and i think a lot of counselors in private practice can miss that of,
how do you walk them through a process to be successful in counseling whether it you know it’s going to be online counseling or in person.
It’s like eminem’s counting we have our intake coordinator that you should talk to the person.
Chilling sons and the intake paperwork walk them through exactly how to get to our office.

[28:50] Okay every step of the way there’s almost somebody or resources holding their hand until they get into that session with the counselor,
it and if counselors are doing that they’re just missing out on potential clients that could be helping.

[29:05] Also when is the process not being in and,
in a personify our company’s was to customer throughout the entire process,
success to me is you’re going by three main components it is General support and balance board for issues that arise and answering as expeditiously as adoption,
a lot of stuff that we just covered in three hours,
i’m selling and up selling it not is seriously sales inspector finding,
the option for each provider because everyone of them has different desired outcomes for other news on this has uses broccoli and,
need a gift for a couple of clients in that’s fine woman identify as it is the plan for you and your knocking it but is designed to grow.
How can we help you that how can we help you be successful and when you need to do that and how you know how to boil success plan for you and that,
do we need to be providing you with marketing resources or on boarding material to help you explain the service to your client sir you know what will special functionality do you need do you need something of the software,
to type in your website some shoes conversations you start have with people that have plans for tom harrison grow,
yeah i think that last piece of up selling a lot of counselors don’t think about so you think of the natural progression counseling oftentimes it’s the coming from intake they do however many sessions you average and then they’re done.

[30:43] But ask yourself i think that what’s the maintenance fees if if they’re done with the in person counseling is there in the course you can develop is there an e-book you can developed there is something else that can walk someone,
past counseling,
and that’s because that your offering so much more as well and so let me see because in most counselors there listen emily oh up selling but then when we actually look at it serving that person at that next phase of their at,
i’m making sure we match the products that we give them with our services and what they need yeah it’s.
I am so deeply right there is nothing is not i think is,
no she attacked providers that you have a hard time marking themselves but you surprise me you have something that’s worth giving and.
And people that there’s demand for it and if you can package you know,
whatever that is whatever series and services or products around that and you know your driving and your vibration knocking you doing.
Un Amor con your clients at favor because,
that’s something they can consume the very stages throughout their treatment processor relationship with you right now even thinking about the price of the practice audience,
if someone is just listening to the podcast are consuming blog that’s all three but then there’s smaller can items like the newsletter that seventeen box and then,
i’m moving through that as things get more and more expensive but there more individual is refusals growth cell so i think that’s a natural progression in any business that you find ways to.

[32:19] Can up sell into something it’s appropriate for the audience.

[32:23] Well i’m interested in regards to some of like your own personal habits around slowing down recently i’ve been researching a lot around,
how can we slow down that’s when like the spark of creativity comes new ideas and others like shower moments from your own idea.
Do you have any personal habits around slowing down or can i making space for new ideas on jesus name you’re completely admitted.
I’m a huge proponent of that the only way you can innovate as through fresh eyes,
you can and the only way i have pressurized take a break,
and maybe is re focusing attention elsewhere whatever that is another part of the business your,
in your personal life what have you but if you take mental step away from where does your trying to figure out what she or orders diminishing returns to the right and that’s what i’ve seen time again when i’m trying to get through,
problem at we counseling no for me.

[33:28] Oh i can found myself taking an admin for church where i hung may be.
Sure sure few weeks or months at a time i’m working sixty hours a week and then,
i dial it back down for a couple of weeks because i just don’t i don’t think anyone really can sustain at an early in really do meaningful work,
is cabernet care if you if you say whoever says they do that even if is just sixty eighty hours a week and is talking esther,
ass in solitary get back down to me and forty hours a week or something in indefinitely to take a long weekend or something like anything is is cliches nothing is extremely matter rated icon back,
you know that Rejuvenation that focuses is definitely something that was missed before I did it.
Yeah i totally agree and i think that sometimes when people think about slowing down they always think all the kids that go into the wilderness for two weeks but he can just be.
Yeah I’m going to dial back how much I’m going to check my e-mail or I’m going to slow down in this area and just focus on the things that move the needle forward or,
the long weekend or i’m just making it like have screens on saturday he can be the small little things rather than you know i would have to disappear into the wilderness for two weeks,
when will my adding a i always unplug after work usually leave you no reason one time but i don’t forget my phone or computer and i only got time was.

[35:04] With my family and,
just checking on wind a little bit and a and that’s just like to work life balance thing and everyone goes to that meeting at work.

[35:16] Taking ten break stride clearly i’m walking around the building or you know.
Introduce yourself with what freud is totally on work related conversation can,
can i think it is spurs drainage juices and mines more so than anything else if so so what’s next for we council like when you guys working and now.
So me and let me peas the last part of the puzzle together for you so,
in two thousand thirteen was the year for us to the turning point we did this headed to from marketplace mall to completely sass based business small which is software as a service so i can,
you know big immediately started to see returns on that were for green and maybe thirty years of providers and launch and.
Three five enterprise clients margins sorry to dissolve this invested will story.
You know we soccer growth mother we have not seen before and we knew what we the numbers that we needed it to justify this year is an investment which is really the first,
institutional medicine from the start of manage for me is really kind of indicator is in has as much as it can be a kind of making it and,
there’s a valiant death and the funding world between an angel and this year is that alot of star have skit.

[36:49] What’s behind and before should i hangout overcoming hurdles,
Marquee event for a startup company like ours and so we knew we needed to do that within a year and have the numbers do it and have that investable story and that’s the way it came to be we kind of.
I have these two terms as the market now are practicing enterprise in both experiencing healthy growth and having.

[37:17] The only print out the concept and the model for the business to the point where.
You know we have some decent beer folks coming and where did gerhard are saying hey this is a great idea this is something is needed.
We were kiwi one was actually wanna scale the small and this is a growth oriented company so we’re is your series a and april,
of two thousand sixteen how to say and have used their capital.
To rapidly expand our team so does years all about growth.
On was last year’s all about it right so we went from what you if they think it’s so important for business to say like what are you doing right now,
so like the last price 6 months for me is Ben I just want to amplify what’s already working and I’m not going to take on any new projects and then,
in the last month that really sorry to amp up some of the new projects and just the said that your about putting this year’s about growth.
I just wanna put a big underline and bold and that for people to say.
Need to focus on what your goal is right now so could continue every interrupting i just wanted to make sure i underline that.
No i think that’s a really good point you had setting saying is goals error,
so you know which of the company in here,
on a shoestring budget round five providers are fire five employees to thirteen growing twenty and renting apartments but i haven’t been there before like.

[38:53] Like marketing department and outbound sales department so before it was just it was just me and yeah you know what really grind it out and.
And as for sells guns and,
fortunately able this point to bring on the folk stick that can do it justice and putting more resources for the product I think work product first,
that’s our orientation is it our and support delightful support and making sure that the product is right makes sense and is the best in class and we take very seriously.

[39:30] Is you know we have a very large and hostile machine is constantly breaking on the product updating it releasing new features anyone that is a client of ours knows that.
I release the future every two to four weeks are.

[39:47] So we just got a couple of minutes left and I want to make sure we touch on can where you guys are headed and I know that you and I are going to be,
and some things together excited to talk about that and then also you gotta give away for our audience and want to make sure we talk,
what you so so the fuck little bit about kinda what you and i are working on together.

[40:08] Awesome i guess i’ll start with why was what is this.
We are going to be releasing in early november series of do subscription plans and offerings,
around the products and one of those is going to be cold professional plan which is a higher end plan is kind of hybrid between what we’ve historically as,
fighter practice and enterprises somewhere in between his first providers babies individual maybe it’s a small group.
Dad wants to leverage Ana full suite online office with admin capability with private labeling,
i’m tying it back to the website a very serious about their personal counseling and cleaned the probably have a users and also or have a keen interest in growing and optimizing a practice establishing an online presence,
and that’s why we decided okay we are which because she is an ex for billing practices and helping.
Providers individuals with rose working and otherwise to help them succeed.
In holland with our blessing software,
and it’s not together going back professional plan that you can grow over time into,
and that’s something to work streamly excited about having Yu-Gi-Oh come in twice a month to sit with our professional providers and exclusive webinar talking about key points.

[41:51] Relating to in the successes of an ever growing practice in what’s needed there how to market it had ab providers.
And then commenting out with our traditional service is you want having what medicine expert and can help is providers navigate regulatory environment,
and how to understand how we can most effectively use the software especially as it relates to marking.

[42:21] Yeah i’m so excited about it cuz they just yesterday i was saying before we get started that i had a couple of openings in my mastermind group and dad four times my whole life but i had spots and so.
Thinking about like that basically your professional programs gonna get an individual mastermind with me to grow their practices and just it’s gonna be so much fun day at work with those people and help them grow and market in.
Build a practice no we have more can about that in the future here and.
So here’s and you got a free giveaway for the audience and i’m super excited about it.
Yeah Joe said if all of yours would like to go to we cancel. Professionally you can learn more about this new joint offering that we counseling.
And go be,
same as well as a free downloadable five keys to success is when you take your practice online so that the there few wall just another information around,
the new professional planned and yeah we’re really excited about it awesome,
in one question always and with tears in his if every counselor in the world were listening right now what do you want to know.

[43:36] Where um i would like to know that,
yeah it’s telling us is amazing advanced and if you haven’t already,
use sound nasty thoughtfully consider thomas and how to effectively use your practice cuz i think there’s a huge case in los,
practice is there today and it’s not as big amount as you might think,
and we want to help you do that and do that successfully we cancel we want to be the gold standard to leader in behavioral telemedicine software.
This software standpoint and also from a consultation an educated standpoint and so very sore for us the answer this questions for yourself and for your practice.
Awesome will harrison tiger from winnie council the founder ceo owner,
the guy that rocks out all that just because his sister went through some stuff and he follow that passion to solve the problem so thanks so much for being a practice the practice podcasters and.

[44:44] Thank you dr created this.

[44:49] Music.

[44:58] So much of what harrison says i just resonate with.
The idea of really looking within your own pain points for business solutions and ideas.
Is really important one or even just the things that you’re spending time on was just thinking recently about how netflix stock has just gone through the roof and how they continue to create amazing stuff like shows and.
You know i’ve been watching netflix for a number of years and.
It never occurred to me to think about all the action invest in the things that i enjoy the most or how harrison solve this issue in regards to his sister and then created a business solution around it,
i’m just so important to have your eyes and ears open all the time not just for business ideas but just.
Turn better the world to make an impact on the world Beyond just making more money.
Set don’t forget to head over to slowdownschool.com that’s the conference that i’m planning for next summer.
It can be amazing where we slow down it to spark innovation will be taking concepts that we see over and over where,
we can purge all that technology and all those things were gonna be in cabins in the woods can include your food and your housing and the teachings all the supplies for.
All you gotta do is get there.
And then we’re going to do some practices to slow down come up with a plan for our lives and then we’re going to really,
are they going to spark creativity and innovation and doing some activities on that you really focus in on your business.

[46:34] The you can just grow and Lodge.
Continue to stay tuned if you wanna get information about the tickets aren’t open yet but slow down school that com is where you can get on that you molested me the very first people to get access to that.

[46:48] I can head on over to slow down school.com it’s going to be an amazing conference for introverts and it’s going to help extroverts slow down and really excited about all the we’re putting together there.
And yeah it’s winter years and into your brain next week.
We have just from the beginning cause there’s a florida suggests richard’s wish were working at a really interesting project together and she’s gonna be talking about,
how she’s going to be a beginning counselor to now being established counselor what she’s learned over the weeks and weeks over the years that she’s kinda moved from just grad school,
so follow-up interview from when she can read first started our private practice the things including me in two years into brain have a great week and i’ll talk to you next tuesday my.

[47:37] Music.

[47:47] Special thanks to the band sounds is sexy for the intro music and this podcast is designed right after thirty that information in regard to the subject matter covered is good with the understanding,
any of the host publisher or the gas surrendering legal accounting clerical or other professional information if you need a professional you should find one.

[48:06] Music.