PoP 172 | Tips From The Pros: Kelly Higdon, Miranda Palmer, Clay Cockrell, Allison Puryear, Jeff Guenther, Harrison Tyner, and Alison Pidgeon

Tips From The Pros

Today we’re talking about tips from the pros with some of the leading therapists in America.

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Great tool to help you become a better therapist by placing you in peer consultation groups to discuss your most challenging client cases. They have a HIPAA Compliant video conferencing system that is fast and efficient. New members can get 2 months for free at www.theravue.com/joe.

In This Podcast:


  1. Slowing Down
    • Purging
    • Practice
    • Presence
  2. Spark
  3. Innovation


Answering questions on networking.


Speaks about how to rank in Google. Listen to his previous podcast here.


Three tips on how to expand your practice from a solo practice to a group practice:

  1. Map out all your business processes and set standards
  2. When hiring, ask if the person is skilled at both the clinical and administrative requirements
  3. Rethink your strategy of when to hire clinicians


Tips and advice on online counseling.


Kelly and Miranda talk about your value and provide tips and advice on how to create a schedule.


Talks about how to take your practice online with WeCounsel. Visit WeCounsel.com/professional for more info.

Meet Kelly Higdon

life-coach-for-entrepreneurs“My purpose has always been to leave the world a better place. I want my daughter to walk into a legacy of compassion, kindness, standing up for injustice, and creating beauty.

I wanted to be so many things growing up. And now I am. A therapist, a speaker, a coach and an advocate for having a vision for you life and turning that into a reality. This is a culmination my life story and my curiosity. I’m direct. I get deep quickly. I unearth not only the pain but the potential.

This is about internal shifts that make ripples into the universe. That’s how I help the visionaries of the world – transform inside and out .

The other good stuff – I am a wife, a mom, a derby girl (Jelly Slamwich) and a pretty kick ass friend to those that know me well. I love to sing, laugh hard, and sing some more.”

Meet Miranda Palmer

mirandapalmerprivatepracticeexpert“I truly want to help be successful, and have a happy life. Whether that means having a full, traditional private practice, writing the book that’s been simmering, or developing an awesome online program- I’d love to be your definitive guide.

How did I end up helping thousands of therapists from all around the world? I failed a licensing exam, by 1 point… and I lived to tell about it. Isn’t it funny how something that feels horrible and terrible in the moment can turn into a catalyst for something beautiful.”

Meet Clay Cockrell

screen-shot-2016-06-30-at-11-20-23-am-199x300Clay Cockrell, LCSW is the founder of Onlinecounselling.com – a listing directory with the mission of helping clients all over the world to find the therapist or life coach that will best meet their needs.  The site also works through their educational resources and podcasts to help counselors work online in an ethical, responsible and legal manner.  This is a site for online therapists developed by an online  therapist.  Originally from Kentucky, Clay moved to New York City with his wife in 1997 and started the concept of Walk and Talk Therapy – he walks with his clients in Central Park instead of meeting in an office.  He has been featured on ABC’s Good Morning America and CBS’s The Doctors.  He has also been profiled in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and National Pubic Radio.

www.onlinecounselling.com | Take Your Practice to a Global Audience.

Meet Allison Puryear

unnamedAllison Puryear is an LCSW with a nearly diagnosable obsession with business development. She has started practices in three different cities and wants you to know that building a private practice is shockingly doable when you have a plan and support. You can download a free private practice checklist to make sure you have your ducks in a row, get weekly private practice tips, and join the Abundance Practice-Building Group to gain the confidence and tools you need to succeed.


Meet Jeff Guenther

jeff-guenther-lpc-180x180Jeff Guenther, LPC, is a therapist in Portland, OR. He has been in private practice since 2005 and currently leads workshops on how health and wellness practitioners can build their digital brand and attract more clients online. Jeff is the creator and owner of two highly ranked healthcare directory sites, Portland Therapy Center and Wellpdx. Jeff recently launched a new project, the Practice Academy, to teach therapists and healthcare workers how to ethically and effectively build and grow their private practices or small businesses.

Meet Harrison Tyner

untitledHarrison Tyner is the Founder and CEO of WeCounsel Solutions, LLC, a behavioral telehealth company head-quartered in Chattanooga, TN. He started the company in 2012 after seeing first hand the extreme issue of lack of access to behavioral healthcare in the United States. WeCounsel’s mission is to increase access to behavioral health services through technology enabled engagement tools, like video conference. He has a B.S. in finance and logistics from the University of South Carolina and has five years of experience in SaaS business, healthcare, and telehealth. Above all, Harrison has a passion for entrepreneurship and startups that make a positive difference in the world.

Meet Alison Pidgeon

unnamed-300x200Alison is a licensed professional counselor in the state of Pennsylvania. In 18 months she went from starting a solo private practice to building a insurance-based group practice. She now employs 3 clinicians and a virtual assistant. In her spare time she is often seen running after her two small children and her therapy is cooking.


Meet Joe Sanok

consultant headshot JoeJoe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is one of the world’s leading private practice consultants. He is the owner of the Traverse City counseling practice, Mental Wellness Counseling. Joe helps counselors to start private practices and grow them.


Podcast Transcription

Pop 172 | Tips From The Pros: Kelly Higdon, Miranda Palmer, Clay Cockrell, Allison Puryear, Jeff Guenther, Harrison Tyner, And Alison Pidgeon

[0:00] Hey everybody go santa back here i want to let you know about a really cool new resource called there of you is a great tool to help you be a better therapist that putting you into pure consultation groups to discuss your most challenging client cases,
i know when i was working the upper peninsula of michigan i was really far from other clinicians that were doing the same to workers me in this would have been the perfect resource of the time.
They have hip compliant video conferencing system it’s fast and efficient and right now new members will get two months for free as a bonus to all my practice and the practice listeners.
Headed over to theravue.com/joe that’s theravue.com/joe also willing to show nuts thanks for being a sponsor of their view.

[0:45] Music.

[1:07] Oh my gosh.

[1:09] I’m so excited for his podcast it is on my gosh news guys it’s gonna be so awesome i have some of my closest consulting friends.
Together all in one place kelly higdon miranda palmer.
Play cockrell and counseling back alison pidgeon who just came on to practice the practice as a consultant or untrue practices and taking chances.
Who is it allison puryear from abundance practice building and then jeff gunther,
hi jeff was on a podcast recently talking as ceo and people just love this i have all these people together in one spot for a webinar that i did with we counsel we counsel has been sponsored podcasts are free really cool new professionals program.
And this we’ve been are it’s super long it’s like this is gonna longer podcast but i’m telling you it is so worth so much information on one spot.

[2:03] Music.

[2:12] Couple minutes about my subject area but i want zoom out a little bit and talk about why it’s so important for you to look at continuing to level up your career and your private practice,
the amount of people that you impact on a daily weekly monthly and or a career basis is my name,
that’s a really big deal because if you burn out early that’s years of people that you could have been serving,
that’s your when your father and creator in your career and that’s people that you could have been serving that are clinicians is also the satisfaction of continuing to level up your career.
I’m so over the last four months or so i’ve been taking some time to slow down,
and really look at what was working in my private practice what was working with practice the practice and amplifying things that are the word system in one thing i really discover during that time in reading and number of,
my address is it’s really high achieving people,
in looking at those people there innovators know world not just people in the constant practices are not just people in our feel really those people on a global scale that are impacting the world,
what were habits that they had is part of their life in this chemistry step process there wanna talk about the first part is slowing down,
the second part is spark and then the third part is innovation,
i am driving to slow down because i think that’s a really hard thing for a lot of us to do especially when we’re excited about our business when we’re excited about growing.

[3:45] If we slow down we get the shower moments from his ideas are sparks the innovation those times that,
maybe on a long trip and you decide to turn off the radio for an hour and just think that sometimes you,
best ideas come on the spark come eleven what were gonna cover today is innovation practical techniques but i want to zoom out a little bit talk about slowing down.
And so is slowing down is really three phases that i see and slowing down but you can implement right away the first way is purging,
the second one is practice and the third one is presents and so courage practice presents so what i mean when i say purge.
Answer the number of years ago when i was working full-time at a community college i was growing practice of the packs on the side and i had my mental illness counseling.
Practice going was working like fifty or sixty hours a week because i knew it was a chapter in my life when i was gonna need to,
there’s a chapters these premises chapters when you slow down this was the spring time and you was gonna be short-lived,
i’m the one thing that i started doing was taking a can work and technology sadness that at five o’clock on friday,
until the afternoon of sunday i would check my email i wouldn’t check my facebook i wouldn’t go on twitter,
the only thing i really let myself use listen to podcast while i mow the lawn up and i said outsourcing going on because i didn’t wanna do that once i stop doing that.
I’m so the more that you can set some boundaries around your time to let your brain rest.

[5:15] That’s really important to purging that technology purging obviously select your brain just gonna be right for gross.
I don’t wanna look at some practices that you can still so that might be something like a set of practice but it may also be the only checking in once or twice a day,
rather than just having it and can you all the time it might be the start using medication or something like news to learn to meditate more are maybe it’s going for hikes there’s always these moments when we decide,
weather we’re gonna work on our business are gonna go do something moves the needle for in our personal life or business,
everything is stuck in that can you male centric of world we’re just keeping things going.
When is slowing down you have these practices that are almost non negotiable that repeat what happens then become more fully present in a practice and honestly you can see things different,
i’ve been when you’re stuck in the middle of it i think about when like i’m flying an airplane love doing those of you goes on the airplane and,
what is the happens gets stuck and then i’ll take a break i’ll watch from the shows and the airplane and come back to see all these numbers on there that i couldn’t get before because i was just too overwhelmed with the problem,
an exact same thing happens when you slow down since my tip gonna answer just a couple quick questions if there are questions gonna drop those,
in to the questions section and we’ll see if there’s a question there that i can answer a quick otherwise we’re gonna move on to allison per year to keep things going.

[6:46] Set as your pretty nose and i’m actually introduce allison free right now and maybe we can answer some of those questions answer allison career she has abundance practice building,
i have known her for a number of years in fact he got me in person for the first time,
down in astral north carolina when we put a conference together cold brew your practice,
i had so much fun getting to know her family and getting to know her and she is just of my rent amazing consultant and with no further ado i give you the one the only you never replicated asking for.

[7:21] So so sexy you guys about not working and is this is kind of a part of the concept of having some plain market in as a part of your plan to get your practice up around,
it’s snowing on will i love it and because your soonest out so that the person doesn’t get working are,
do i have to and you don’t work when and where do i say not working in i wanted you take a step back and look at the back of the,
the context of all of this is will i be judged and maybe we can just the fact that like.
Road tripping judged and even though we’re good people every probably wouldn’t be therapists.
Where living substance opening ourselves after stay on sunday in ands is the questions do you have to work no,
yeah anything you wanna do i will it build your practice faster absolutely will it create referral machine that means you don’t have to work so hard,
you’re so i’m yes i’m still practices in three different states on the back not working and i can tell you that it works i’m we need to do is to refrain as.
Either connecting colleagues or building relationships and making new friends and is it a lot less.

[8:42] Roast is not working sounds gross it sounds like something you burn about business will not something that you learn about their most,
everything about this is getting together with like-minded people it just wasn’t feels much more doable infringement rights for introverts i say.
What’s on your post starts it doesn’t have to be the same frequency that extra hurts my eyes,
enjoy it to make sure that your sister not working maybe once a week and ordered have dr her love walking happen frequently,
go away i’m so lose its like second question who do i network west in.

[9:21] I want you to consider the people that get in front of your ideal clients before your idolized in front of the user your referral systems are for all,
yeah so,
whatever the to refer to if you were planning on this water is oldies and midwives need to have fifteen minutes of your patients,
what’s your name i wanna help their people they need to know that you’re out there if you start certainly frame some of these kinds of relationships is people who are we to have your number,
in excel what is there to approach them.

[9:55] Considering nationals partners so it is what it is a national appropriate for me is the best production i do not regret psychiatrists,
in how is the ball because they cleared the how to set the time and is trying to buy more and more frequent visits.
Dang can provide.
If there is a pages places i’ve lived where there just gonna say if you stick around i’ll think about other people who serve your next,
don’t buy into this idea to paris competition for scarcely for clients some of the best brunch ever gotten were giving him in the other eating disorder therapists.
We get full if you just keep trying learning doing everything in her way and so you’re gonna need people to refer to it so that you don’t feel you have to keep taking people on your.

[10:46] And you are a in its first responders in the moms group is it a primary care provider,
is it on a pastor school counselor think about your ideal clients are gonna go to make it by frank,
i didn’t get this people are there it’s getting tucks my networking group not working and you have the opportunity to get some referrals better,
three i’m so after the wedding i would love you to do is.

[11:17] Sit down a list of these people might be based on your ideal clients and go for the easiest people first hear this or is this go there you have to be a hero and get customers not working so that you don’t feel like you have to be a.
I’m forcing it and pushing it too hard so then the question of what you talk about.
Have a conversation if right now is stuck on can not working so can’t sell myself and suggest you don’t sell yourself,
don’t forget to somebody talk to them like a human being everything about our profession is not working were modeling for people how we are with other people.
How is that an airplane like just probably sudoku in because the person i sausage have a blessed or if he has airbus energy so.

[12:06] Your modeling people to show what it’s like to sit with you and your asking about them and their business.
Play conversation is asking about your skills safer to wait until they ask you about your business and wait at fine i’m.
I believe that’s not connecting to your what is really important is you talking about why you do what you do i’m.

[12:28] And can we plan nothing connects a complaint how do we wanna can whatever reason it is set and match the whole time this.
What awesome thanks allison so you have a question for allison drop it in the question area also it just having a couple of questions that came in,
laura asked how do you set to expand hiring people in a practice allison pidgeon is gonna hit and some of that,
and if you have more questions after she presents than you can a pass then and then,
is facebook is only for on-line practices katherine ask no this is for any practice i’m in the way to expand you’re doing we counsel offers a great platform for that,
i’m betting they were talking marketing practice we wanted to be for any clinician it’s out there hi and if you considered in counseling awesome as part of that.
So i’m allison quick question i have for you yeah hundred really like approach knowing where to spend your time and you can hit on this but,
what does the marketing and networking a lot of people wonder how do i make sure that i focus my time on this correctly what’s the one quick tip you can give people on that.
I was returning that i don’t plan on making sure that you’re thinking about where they are but i can status and extroverted and outgoing,
so i can talk to the person in my grocery store but it’s not necessarily the most efficient way to build the practice of thinking about your ideal clients in front of us stopped and,
when they’re needed help awesome and one quick question from Jacqueline is,
when you ask someone to go to coffee or lunch for networking purposes should you pay for this or is it okay to pay on your own.

[14:03] Okay but it’s like asking someone out on a date it’s a nice gesture and you have a limited networking budget so many and recommended for hockey rather than,
lunch and no way you can still get to know them and operated tree and an opportunity will get now i got it so,
yeah i live in there i get this one that just means we have to hang out again so yeah question from melissa she’s a hard time talking referral sources about being private pay and pemmican physicians often dismiss her any recommendations there.
He is a training people how to refer to when you got a well hung next you can train people to refer to you by saying something like.
You know joe really specializes in working with angry kids and he does look isn’t working for a really long time so the goal is for you to work the city is most competence.

[14:58] With your presence in ans i trust to go see him where people in a great way so i think he really nice.

[15:06] Awesome language.
Cool off but it’s allison i’m gonna have jeff gunther up next is from a private practice academy he was on the fax the practice podcast couple months ago probably one of the most responded to podcasts interviews and never had,
and i gotta jess email list and was so impressed with how well he frames out as ceo and make it higher in google on i just had to involve him in this and many other things tech jeff,
the one the one the only the number of and i feel better set everything is alright see just go ahead and ship.

[15:44] Alright thanks lot and i’m gonna go ahead and share my screen so they can see what i’m doing on my computer just a sec and by help folks who in google search drinking so that the contract work lands on-line and the show a few basic things,
so dave had to retire medium maybe even on the first page of google search results so here i go.
Check my screen so i’m there is a practicing therapist in portland and a search term that i would like to shop for is,
codependency therapy partly because i treat folks that are suffering from codependency issues and again when it was just something i can see where.
The second is on the first page and click receive washing cycle and that gets me thousands and thousands of visitors,
and every year and the ball of my clients come from just doing that searching visiting this page and we look at this page you can see it’s it’s nice that looks,
pretty good but there something special about it,
and there are some sort of like a few things are special about it but i’m gonna tell you about it but i just wanna let you know that you can create a paycheck that says that there isn’t any like i’m sick or tricks equals trying hype no sound.
I’m a first thing that you really need to understand is that each individual page on your website,
drinks in the search rankings not your whole website so yea or some my,
hey john could nc ranks my deposit my page and oppression ranks in a different way i’m so that each page on your website and stay in the.

[17:19] Give you now special good attention to mention all have three to six key words and that’s where i started like structure content around.
What i mean by keywords is that,
keywords are the words that people are happy in the google search and wanted to try to find your website to see share that i have a little work but my,
home page is on my three to six k words to live by,
up dates please contact page that special to page and codependency or is it over here last three six keywords and codependency is cunt balancing anxious attachment relationships is it for therapy,
those are words people in the typing and the google and that i wanna put on my page so that i can on hopefully the first,
google sound what to do with those keywords what you identify them all until i the first thing you need to do are the first,
place that goes on your website nor understand what he’s a page when your pup second string for is a go to your page title,
your page title is right up here it shows that the top of the browser typically see my right there in the page title is also will,
i’m search engine result page can see that red hair,
thirty seconds he interested hatchback i personally use square space to manage my website something quickly show you exactly how to edit your pics title you gotta pages glasses like pretty much the same for.
We press it click on the gear icon and right here you can see there for codependency and it’s kind of a sentence it makes sense for the page and that’s the sort of patiently should be putting and.

[19:01] They next class the school coast understand what you’re,
patron for is the headings and sub headings i can see where my key words are and i had a haircut tenancy sub headings inches,
increase the tax with the key word companion seeing relationship i’m so all my important he works and headings and sub headings and i make sure that i tell,
hello google apps on my website to go ahead and high la when am i having was in a minute,
make sure that i used to having tag having one two or three that does google that this word is super important that you want to rate for that she worked and.

[19:42] Next and this is pretty obvious but your keyword should be in your content surprise surprise so let’s go ahead and,
see how many times codependency is my content,
i’m having sex and then naturally sprinkled for the rest of the content as well as the other sixty words i have here so,
over stopping and applauding and contentment makes sense if we look up here towards the top of you guys can see but my url,
just wanted to comment that will make me name about the dress i’m.
This page which called co dependency and this page is called codependency and the cure codependency is in my and you are out there should be in your url you can also see that there’s some great looking videos,
sign me and these videos have titles and descriptions that have the key words your probably getting the jest of,
and also i went out to other pages that are just like minds having to block the road on different website link out of the with the key it codependency page that will be her dependent page that has google what neighborhood,
i wanna live and.
And also my key words cut dependency codependent relationship in last couple weeks back to school again,
really in particular it’s actually wondering for the last two is that reached out to all of my.

[21:11] Service franzen healthcare workers in my apartment in the city and ask them to link to my website and their resources page and the more links to get,
how are you gonna rain can search drinking so that’s,
basically what you need to do there are some more details and can’t get a little more complicated but if you just do that you could dramatically say your patron can go up and possibly even crank the first page of google just a federal.

[21:38] Dang,
when is awesome so hard so much in a short period of time well then just so couple questions are coming through how often would you recommend updating your website according to the appropriate he words that are getting the most traffic.

[21:57] Well you should be,
updating as much as you possibly can google actually really likes it when you have put content on your page and then your sort of updating and changing and,
and i’m like what’s trending and what’s going on the news what’s changing when it comes to that healthcare or,
the pressure in the different treatments out,
there solutions because of like looking at the different keywords that you want to be wrecking for and then changing after constantine there usually out and lots,
fresh blogs every month or every week or so is also really good way to tell people like i am taking care of my websites such as the stale website that sits there and never gets up,
updated finger like that.
Yeah i know i’ve run the math and so say you write a blog post every week for twenty six weeks and maybe charge a hundred bucks a session for the use of math,
so it’s twenty six hundred dollars in lost business in your i loss on a business but then if your charging a hundred bucks and maybe you have like six sessions are so as,
is that how many plants that take to pay yourself twenty six hundred box is just over four clients from those from those twenty six blog post so i can use it for clients in the next three years because of black was making number one google,
probably yes another quick question for you jeff is what suggestions do you have for people that are not tech savvy.

[23:21] I’m well i would encourage you to research a little bit about search engine optimization because it’s you don’t have to be a tax expert,
to create content and put key words in the right place so go to the practicekinda.com which is my web site or just google search engine optimization beginner’s guide and there seems really,
great free resource resources that walk to hold your hand and walk you through all the basics you need to do but if you really want to.
Tired and is your professional there are tons that are out there there’s even ones that specialize in mental health and health care practices and you should,
go ahead and speak higher than and even if it’s like three hundred to five hundred dollars or something it’s definitely worth it to make that financial investment because you’re gonna be getting a lot of at.
Yeah i totally agree and i think that one thing the people that are not tech savvy worry about is the platform wordpress square space like its pretty much the same as word like when you’re talking a blog post i mean your boulder headers your,
it’s really if you can type in where you can tighten square space or wordpress i’m joe says i need to catch my breath that was fabulous just not like to hear that jeff and christina said that was awesome and simple.
Flipping awesome looking of this let’s see when you see.

[24:52] Using the podcast begins wikipedia helps retiring go any tips on how to get into wikipedia,
no it’s so hard to get into it i been trying get into the as well with a side of the,
test google is in one of with wikipedia that’s laying and the number one website that google so if you can get a link,
i’m looking at looking to your website that that’s really great to the best way to do that is to,
create a website for your website that is like an authority website that has i’m research that you’ve done and collected case study is that you’ve created that show someone really really valuable information.
Go to wikipedia on an article about,
depression or anxiety or pst and you would go and in you’re at it and try to contribute to at and then you would link to your website saying like see shares my research and here is my proof i’m so you can do at,
but you have to make your website a real authority website that has like tons of great information.

[25:58] Awesome so jeffs gonna probably jump into the questions section of the answers of those other questions didn’t get to are up next to allison pigeon and she’s a practice and the practice consultant which is my first consultant run and cracks of the practice,
she’s also the owner of move forward counseling,
it is a group practice that also bills insurance which is on like on several consultants that are out there so insurance is part of her practice model the one the only the never replicated allison pidgeon and.

[26:28] Hi thank you so much for having me today and you talking about three to six winter practice russell practice to group practice rick lopez rhetoric is just screen still showing up there.

[26:42] I just wanna make sure that’s turned off it looks like maybe it’s your screen might yeah,
okay to enter shipping and turn off that just so that people can see allison instead of the screen.

[27:02] Every girl i like in santa it’s all agree thank you,
so today we’re gonna be talking about are three tips to expand your practice from a solo tour group practice and the first thing i,
how is map out all of your business process he’s and set standards for your practice before you even start the whole process of,
train interview people are,
apparently so what that looks like is you’re gonna make a document for that and clean that walks them through the step by step process of how they need to do their job so if you can systematized.
What are your business you can rock located as many times as you need whether you have one of the year yeah at ten am please,
so for example in my ritual system during a practice i gave her a document that guy for detailed instructions for how to schedule a new client,
and that way training was very simple she can go back now and look at that document she is a question,
if she is around he is in nc one else needs to do her job can just refer back to the documents and they have a road map of what they need to do.

[28:15] The other part of this type is to sex and standards for your practice,
so for example you need to clearly lay out with the expectations time trains deadlines are for that person can feeding various aspects of their job,
so pretty there is then maybe you know your progress note has to be completed within twenty four hours.
For my virtual assistant one of the standards is the one i return all phone calls within twelve hours,
so the second to is make sure that when you go to hire someone in you’re in the interview process you ask that person and also their references if that,
commission is good at both the clinical aspect of the job but also in ministry paperwork and the job.

[29:05] So when i was the director of a community operation and the whole clinic i manage a lot of clinicians and it quickly became clear to me,
who the stars employees were because not only do they have great clinical skills but they also were able to stand up for their people or they were good at managing your schedule,
and as a result they had great productivity i never had a talk to them about if they,
if a board member of the receiving enough clients as a bus they were a total dream to manage because they created very few problems for me see wanna make sure that.
When you’re looking for a clinician hiring a practice you want that person is good both,
the artists clinical side and also the people working streetside.

[29:51] Blasted by have is really think your strategy of when to hire clinicians so i think the common,
thinking is when my case load is full as a solo practitioner then i’ll look to hire someone else,
the problem is that.
By the time and you candidates you hire someone you get them trains you maybe get some credential on the insurance panels at minimum three or four months have gone by,
so you need to be forecasting out three to six months in advance where you think your practice is going to be and plan.
Way ahead before your schedule gets full.

[30:35] So my philosophy is if you build it they will come if you want to start a group practice probably need to start now rather than wait till later.
And consider hiring a clinician who maybe does something totally different than what you do because they’re going to attract a whole different population of Klein,
the century then you will be competing or clients so for example the first condition i hired it was a play therapist she,
i have a very different skill set for mine cuz i don’t do play therapy and so it was great that i was still getting new clients and then she was again attracting a whole different population to the practice,
so i have some.

[31:21] Action steps based on the three tips that i came up with so to summarize the first one was about mapping out your business process season setting standards so.
Take the time before you jump into hiring somebody to map out the process sees that you and play with need to know in order to do their job.
So when a clinician joins the practice we talk about.
You know what sorts of things are their responsibility what sorts of things are my responsibilities.
The battle system doesn’t support the ministry of lee and so it’s very clear than what they expected to do the second one was,
making sure that commission i hire has both good clinical skills and administrative skills so action step for that area would be.

[32:12] Sit down and make a list of those key questions that you can ask when you actually do you have that interview with the candidate but also,
make sure that you are getting references from the candidate and you’re calling the references and asking same questions a lot of times you know where difference is there or happy to serve answer that question,
no did you see the condition like struggling to get there people are gonna last job or where they always,
yow from the critical care something like that so those things will become clear to you if you ask,
skip questions and then the last one rethinking mr idea when our clinicians and action stopped,
we need to take some time the collects the data on the volume in your practice so if you look at the number of new clients are coming in right now,
you can forecast out three to six months in advance if that’s a number of clients are coming in how long will it be until your,
lol and so obviously like i said before you don’t want to wait until you’re full and then oh my gosh i need to hire somebody,
you wanna be cleaning that three to six months in advance so.

[33:30] If you can look at that data i mean your clients are getting every month that will give you really good idea when the start the hiring process.

[33:39] Awesome sales in one quick question is there an easy way to determine what insurance companies pay per session and for various credentials such as phd is or amaze.
Yes so.

[33:53] Issue with that is you typically don’t find out what insurance companies pay until they send you the contract and has the schedule attached.
So that you can just call and say hey how much would you pay me you can have to go through the process.
To get to that point anyway figuring that out is does your networking that their best way just ask if they can give you a ballpark idea of which ones in the past and which ones worse than.

[34:21] Awesome cool,
thanks so much alison up next to play cockrell from the i’m in counseling podcast here’s the number one podcast for people that are doing online counseling,
it’s also been featured on the today show and pr so clay is gonna be enabling his video camera right now he’s someone i’ve known for,
while and get me person are the most awesome conference in,
and there is please facing his new york city studio,
office apartment of the apartment at your office if you are a girl will play welcome here we go.
Okay hello everybody i,
i’m mrs cooper because i get to hang out with some of the leaders in the industry and i’m a book i’m over here dropping down all sorts of notes like i’m sure you are,
so i started the online counseling directory and my cousin podcast because i’ve been.
Doing online counseling for the last six years and i did everything wrong so,
the idea was to help therapist learn how to do it correctly and so on the podcast that i run we,
we gonna be therapist and leaders in the industry and no longer that way i’ve got some tips and i hope to share some of that with you.
And so one of the things that i hear over and over again from therapist is that they got into online counseling because of the client asked them to.

[35:55] Either the client moved and they want to continue therapy or they were going off to college and so the therapist and goes okay after work into this and figure out how to do it,
all the questions is coming or rule area i need to grow my practice and i’m kinda limited by the number of people,
but i can see or i want to travel to be able to travel and take my practice with me on so that’s gonna have people jump in and there something that you need to consider when thinking about doing online counseling.
So one of them is the state licensure issue and many people used to think that you could do online counseling,
if you were license in the state that you were sitting in new york or should you can hear the background noise in manhattan as long as i’m in new york and i’m sitting in new york i can cancel anyone,
what in the united states and is not sure.
You really need to be licensed in the state where your clan sit and watch people are licensed in multiple states and in florida jersey in california because they move around a lot of military spouses your therapist,
it’s time we move data and get a new licence so far right now there isn’t a national licensure so you need to find out,
what you were state board regulations are so i would suggest contacting them and contacting a professional organization weather in sw or making,
psychological association of a cat or whatever board is your professional or to help you with this guidelines after on how to do it correctly.

[37:30] And as i say every podcast there’s a lot of fever from their place because this is a change door industry.
What if you come back of your with information you’re good to go in the information is easy to come to so,
one of the things i’ve been wanting to do with my wife said that kinda crazy for wanting to do this was to go to each state warden all fifty states and find out what the walls were increase this massive document of what the walls were,
for doing on my therapy in pennsylvania and chances were and that also go to each professional where.
For that states and find out what they’re saying that its gonna be massive project.

[38:10] Will somebody i should i am reading from the mac conference found a document of a law firm in washington dc,
baby back in its eckstein backroom green and will have some show notes but they went to each state and found out what the regulations are it’s up to date and you can easily find out what you need to know to do on my counsel,
so because someone georgia example has requirement of doing some extra training and it’s,
six hours its it’s an easy process to go out with an online course but if your therapist in georgia you have to have that special training in order to do,
on my jensen so awesome the other things that the state licensure is like the number one thing that there is ask about.

[38:55] The number two thing is what about the platform because many people using skype or face time.
And or google hangouts and those are great but they’re not compliant with vehicle.
See you have to have a platform that is compliant and that’s why i like we council so much because they are there in cricket and they’re designed for mental health professionals.
And i know has to be talking about that the business so she agreement but there are the really good so are the number one things to think about you don’t want to be using something that is going to put you in violation of hip hop.

[39:31] And your some tips that i found to be really helpful.

[39:36] So when you doing on my account and is just would just extra you want to make sure you close out all your browsers.
What is firefox or internet explorer and just have your if a complaint form on because browsers even though you may not be surfing google there pulling a little bit of your project.
C make sure there is not broadband is dedicated as possible to your platform it won’t look at the camera placement get a computer that has an inbuilt.

[40:07] In the camera is built into the frame cause right now i’m looking at the camera there but you won’t have a connection.
With your client and doing it online is just,
when did you see what making much eye contact as possible for example right now i have the window of this platform pulled up to the top of the screen so i have a better eye contact but if i were to move down here and i’m.
You can see i’m not making eye contact and its hard to have that therapeutic connection with someone that is not looking you.
In fine so that’s one thing to think about so it’s something that has a camera in the frame of the computer think about lighting,
you won’t have a light that is against your face and not really like if you had a window behind you that’s gonna make you look washed out,
are you black out depending on where the white sources,
so just had experiment there something’s tips that i’ve learned is to put in some headphones right now so that helps with the sound.
What it also helps with the connection.
And there’s some anecdotal evidence about that but having some headphones that are actually connected to the computer can help with your connection and also help with that with the sound.

[41:25] I’m so does it come with the text that i found out through the years i hope that’s helpful anything we think of low,
i especially like the tip of eye contact you know it and lighting just having a late pointed at you make such a difference versus having,
just have your select a one question is clay can therapist counselor existing client was working a contractor to short-term job overseas somewhere outside of the united states if it’s short-term job.
How that extra question and and where we’re learning a lot about the back i’m gonna have any lamb introduction better green walls from.
Next week on the podcast to talk about international counseling right now the regulations internationally are not there,
so you will have freedom to talk with anyone,
outside the united states canada maybe an exception would you wanna just invest a little bit if there are some regulations for on my cousin if you’re not will license let’s say in dubai or on my jury or the uk,
my understanding is that they’re not going to someone information on that because it’s the wild west we’re learning as we go and see the regulations are catching up,
i think that’s a the value of your podcast is it’s changing so frequently that it’s like a blog post was written a couple of weeks ago may already be outdated and your staying right on top of another question for you if your license in another state,
how would you handle son who is suicidal in your unfamiliar with local resources there.
It’s really important to get a great informed consent when you begin working with them and one of the things that you want is a is an emergency contact.

[43:06] And the local emergency numbers because if i’m seeing a client in in california,
and i’m sitting in new york i call nine one one it can go to that would work with a client if you need help with the local,
emergency services numbers are for all the clients that you work with,
just cancel it and there’s a ton more questions in there so maybe eddie can help answer some of those but we’re gonna move out to cali maranda to make sure they have their time and get some time to wrap,
up with person at the end,
thanks so much play on some of kelly and maranda kelly marie and some of my closest friends outside of you just the consulting world,
we put on the most awesome conference together also they have the business school boot camp as well they had seen me there impacting,
thousands and thousands of people every single year and i have such respect for the work they do together welcome kelly and where and now.

[44:05] So five minutes in us was your we can do here and we’re gonna talk about your value and meaning to schedule.
The staff was like scheduling and willy without often comes down to really believe in.
You are life should not be dictated by a business wanna see hunger business that into your life.
I’m having bad will having a baby and all the changes in the top of your head i had to have a schedule change a lot and there just like me doing the camp one of the things we recommend using where.
Imagine really incredible think about what kind of business you want me here.
Cuz you show freebies that like runs your life or you can create something really wild beautifully,
with all your values and things want to see vanilla and so we have people television,
where they just kinda go to the password on their site we can think through your i don’t they who are you seeing not,
i don’t know what hours are you working now change over time this is the beauty of the practice right,
i know that your business you could dictate the schedule on a sec while i was making my food in your from his.
The schedule can change and i’ll give notice about it so that place to expect this if you’re a therapist that wants to travel abroad and.
Good news on sat i take off a month every year for travel and so that we clean our no way this is this is how it goes in the practice.

[45:43] So you can do business practices that are gonna help,
kind of hold the boundaries for the kind of lifestyle that you want to have in your schedule is like over working we all know this we all know brains they get exhausted so we need to kind of.
When are tasks and so when am at work working forty hours to sixty hours in the batter.

[46:09] Then focusing on what essential working twenty hours straight so we wanna hang value in what we’re doing well,
i have to do is to tight and then i found in terms and everything is needed so by what your next.
I hear this all the time i have to work in half or equals i don’t play well in that time i don’t plan on having that is.
It is on a practice right when i was ready to county and my and my practice i had work evenings i refuse to work weekends i have never worked so we didn’t make.
I receive this i needed that time to on every story seven so,
and when i win this i dropped my evenings into where i had no evil all so.
Really evaluate because and also to different scenarios and lifestyles of people out there that can accommodate daytime hours or maybe you’re the person that loves working for later in the day cuz you want.
Good morning really afternoon just for you sell,
i’m really cracking pretzels list because they walmsley tire setting.
Alright what is really going to how about yourself by yourself as a person as a nation,
are you value your life or your personal and professional life back value your business and how you value of my.

[47:46] The truth that are being that he that he holds the apple holds you.
Oh and we it is it anything else but making sure that we are personally taking care of,
there is nothing have another inherent for me to be here in money is just a resource,
i am the way you have a back money has nothing to do with anything else to restore.
When you under five that resource we can sure that you don’t have enough battery for take care of our.
I am to make sure that you are well-trained and a great vacation networking have a cocker,
okay sure that i have everything automatically your five dollar for you suffer in a relationship offer,
and also you’re probably near other people have depression.
So you know you don’t have to talk about the general like how your schedule for next.
And to ride the whole and valuing back in it also and also get really handle with or talk about money,
because if you try to prevent falling and then you create a beat that out for about one.
Because they don’t have the resources they’re on then you’ll find yourself constantly in the red and it was really hard.

[49:17] It’s about retrieving ideal scenario and in an ideal since it dies like when now is not what i wanted before but.
That is the beauty of being your own business.

[49:30] Pack it in the holy cow well done and saying there’s that was killer for me any quick questions for kelly miranda they were gonna bring harrison back on here,
and we’re gonna be can i follow up on the questions that are in there and he’s turned in this together for us presenters as well we know that there’s probably fifty questions that were answered in kind comments for all of our presenters.
And i don’t see any follow question you guys nailed it all right there kelly Miranda so right harem and welcome harrison back and kelly miranda and gonna jump off of the video there.
And me am while was like a fire hose information so much amazing information i always learn so much from my friends and,
i swear everything on those people gave me a tip but i’m gonna put in the action today what you think harrison yeah i was impressed compact can size,
hi value exactly what we’re hoping for so yeah great job to all the presenters and play especially you talking my language we have those types of conversations.
Everyday i don’t really cheap as practiced its is everything outside was just.

[50:51] Dance there’s a question in the group that there was asking are we gonna be doing this and i’m going basis and answer that question nobody site that,
are the professional program is gonna be a monthly weapon are similar to this where you that i’m talking about things are bringing in some of my friends that are available,
weather experts on certain topics and also doing some q and,
in the last weeks so that’s two times a month and i just wanted to make sure everyone heard that cuz that questions are really important when i think i also have leads us into the professional program talking about that.
Yeah that’s really great actually was gonna ask you to touch on your somebody to do michigan to answer absolutely if you like weird today and,
what more,
we’re gonna be is just doing two of northwest monthly other exclusive to our professional members so.
And with that if you are interested and taking a practice online with us about with we council member changes expertise as we seems day,
you can do a few things one we have a hand out if you go to your control panel click handouts you learn a little bit more about the partnership and,
the benefits of taking a practice on the council what you can expect and you can also we cancelled our concert professional.
And you can request accounts location one on one with the products if it’s right for you with some of our success team.

[52:29] Music.

[52:44] So again i want to thank harrison from over wecounsel.com/professional for putting on that webinar to bring together all those great people.

[52:55] Allison allison jeff clay kelly marie and you guys are all super heroes in the.
The consulting world helping other counselors to just rock out in planting starting and growing private practices also.
They’re of you dot is our sponsor today they offer pure consultation group’s i demoed it with them it’s so cool you go through this process and what you’re looking for a group to get to small groups of four.
And if so if you’re in a very specialized area maybe sex therapy or working with adolescent boys are doing,
issues you want to consult people that are in similar specialties or similar mindset maybe you just keep cat new interviews cb tv,
they’ll match you up and strengthen the very best route for us to head over to theravue.com/joe to read and hear more about them or even though the show not practiceofthepractice.com/172.
Thanks for letting me into your years and into your brain you guys impress me so much with all that you do and thanks so much for being a part of this community.

[54:00] Also forgot to tell you on tuesday,
i’m next tuesday me the coffins gonna be on the podcast she’s a writer for art in your magazine she’s an attorney and she’s launched the cash out big podcast and it’s just an awesome interview so make sure you tune into that next tuesday,
again thanks for letting me two years in your brain have a great.

[54:19] Music.

[54:34] This podcast is designed cried at converted information in regard to subject matter covered with interesting to me that the host for the publisher get surrendering legal accounting clinic or other professional information.
If you need professional should find one and thanks in advance ounces sexy felonies use your music as our intro.
You guys rock press the practice account for more information how to react or private practice.

[54:55] Music.

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