PoP 175 | Career Explosions and Rebuilding a Thriving Practice with Marc Mawhinney

Rebuilding a private practice

Today we’re talking about career explosions and rebuilding a thriving practice with Marc Mawhinney.

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Meet Marc Mawhinney

After a decade of success in my past life (real estate,) I went through business closure and challenges that would have caused most to give up. How did I get back on track? With the help of coaches! After years of being a lone wolf, and being proud of “going it alone,” I experienced the power of coaching first-hand, and it really made a difference.

So when I was ready to go back into business, I knew that I wanted to be a coach. I wanted to help others like I’d been helped. I dove in and became a coach, and discovered what every new coach learns when he gets into this business … it’s not easy! So when I finally got it rolling, I knew that I didn’t want other coaches to go through the same growing pains that I did.

You see, there are a lot of people who would make great coaches, who never get the opportunity because they can’t get clients through the door. If they give up, it’s not just them that lose out, but all of the people who they could have helped if they were only able to connect with them. And that’s a shame.

So that’s why I launched “Natural Born Coaches,”, a podcast to help coaches with their businesses. I’ve done almost 500 episodes of the podcast over the last few years, I talk with well over 1000 coaches every year (on-air and off-air) and I work with a lot of coaches as my clients. This has given me a unique skill for helping coaches grow their businesses.

Meet Joe Sanok

consultant headshot JoeJoe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is one of the world’s leading private practice consultants. He is the owner of the Traverse City counseling practice, Mental Wellness Counseling. Joe helps counselors to start private practices and grow them.



Podcast Transcription

Pop 175 | Career Explosions And Rebuilding A Thriving Practice With Marc Mawhinney

[0:00] Go here i hope you’re december story awesome went to let you know that in january i am going to be launching three video series i have the guys from cuple media cuplemedia.com they do amazing videos for,
counselors their private practice me help me put together three just incredible looking videos so head over to slowdownschool.com we could opt in to get those videos before anybody else again that slowdownschool.com.
Just popped into the email and i’m gonna be sending those videos out in january i know it’s pretty awesome and really like him and learn a lot about slowing down setting goals outsourcing them.
So that you can work less and make more.

[0:40] Music.

[1:08] I worked at kentucky fried chicken i already have my bachelors degree and wanted a job that i could just make a little money over a couple of months and then not feel guilty if i give my one week or two week notice.

[1:22] And on the first day this guy who was the dishwasher that was fine his forties or fifties so i mean a hard-working guy who is not making money mean if your working cassie and it washing dishes really nice guy.
He told me that one of the perks was you could take a bucket of chicken home every night.
And i thought whoa as like you know post college like not quite ready to move on with my career waiting for grad school to start.
That sounds pretty good to get free bucket of chicken everyday.
So i’m leaving on my first day of working in kentucky fried chicken i fill up a bucket of chicken and i put in my backpack and this lady who is the next day i got promoted to be manager said what were you doing.

[2:07] And i said i’m taking some chicken home and she said you are allowed to do that.

[2:15] It’s in that moment of the choice right you see this guy who is in his you know forties or fifties that’s working at care see told me to do that or do i just like take it and on it and like the light on so sorry so i didn’t know.
Knock on that guy about it cuz i just get a lot more to lose but you know those times when then you,
you either screw up or you’re in a job that can i do is all bs and you after that i worked for a few weeks and was just taken off the schedule wasn’t fired i just didn’t get scheduled.
And you know i didn’t care cuz yachts can see bookmark who were talking to today.
His entire career like exploded and he’s gonna share with us what you learn from that how he pivoted to launching a very successful in the business so without any further ado i give you the one the only the never really.

[3:12] Music.

[3:20] So we have mark when the key is on a mission to help coaches build stronger businesses he’s a lifelong.
Open your he she is this with this podcast natural born coaches his coaching programs in his popular facebook.
The coaching jungle heat frequently makes appearances and is a contributor for entrepreneur.com you can learn more about mark over at naturalborncoaches.com mark welcome to the show,
hey joe thanks are having yeah i’m really glad to have you today at one start with you at some failure going on in your life with some business and that was can i mix,
it is a little bit about that story and then how you transitioned into doing some coaching work.

[4:01] Yeah yes i thought i was gonna be the only on your printer that avoided failure cuz after about ten years in real estate i thought wow no failure no stumbles,
funny you always have those little hiccups and bumps on the road but nothing began i thought i on the one entrepreneur’s in the history of mankind that’s avoid failure so.
That’s pretty good in bang two thousand nine hat so anyone listening to.

[4:23] Is familiar out on two thousand eight two thousand nine in your neck of the woods in canada and of course you’re in the us,
it took a little time to get up the hospital did that reach out and everything right to put their and yet difficult time but that being said looking back with on site now seventy,
almost seven years later it actually worked really well because i wouldn’t be doing what i’m doing in coaching and when we chat with you here today i would still be.
Set one real estate new broker here in canada and probably not having a lot of fun doing so it’s ended up working out well but definitely challenging time.
Yeah for us it became actually the right time because that was when we bought our first home was at the bottom itself we realize it or at least you have to get better but,
but everything was falling apart can they in business at that time so.
Wow so what are some things that you can learn through that process of kind of watching the business that you thought was gonna be like your main business could fall apart.

[5:22] Well i learned that you shouldn’t box yourself in to be doing something for the rest your life so my mistake was i always,
identify myself as a real estate guy because i done it started minus twenty one years old and like i said provided back a dots all i did so,
that is really my only thing i’ve done as an adult was straight in the real estate and university and you know not identify myself with so,
the challengers when suddenly everything collapses you feel like you’ve lost a part of you know because i always identify myself with real estate,
and suddenly bang real estate not there anymore and,
looking back now i can see that silliness probably pretty boring to do the same thing for your whole life for your whole working for if you don’t something fifty or sixty years that’s gonna get pretty doll so what i’m workman’s hey.
Mark ortiz different than the real estate business are two separate things.
And i could end up doing five different things at ten different things here in my life oakley december it.
I’m hoping that the change happens differently but structure the same circumstances every business is that you and because you got the eddie you have some more gray hairs for sure if the case but when someone realizes that.
Yet you care to work out if you do not stumble you know it’s not,
that failure isn’t final as long as you don’t view it as final and i find a lot of hunters it’s really sad because when they have a business closure they.
Go to nine to five you know and go work at a job a j o b and they decide to give up an entrepreneurship like okay we’ll wasn’t for me and i’m done and you have people over twenty.

[7:00] Seven years old thirty four years old forty five years old too young to be looking at in terms of and i’m like what years left but,
it is really getting cynical and jaded about business and,
that’s so i really enjoy helping people gone to the stumbles and i’m not a good comeback story and i love move with come backs and,
the rocky movies and all that stuff so i really enjoy people come back from looking like there done.

[7:26] I promise you were talking about politics and canadians i stay in the you us politics but it was really,
amazing is your apple id from you know but most poles are the ponds had a matter of ten percent chance of winning you know or maybe a tad higher certainly wasn’t a favorites for him to win on the action items,
really incredible to see whether your face whichever party you’re and i think you have to admit that’s pretty amazing to see that yeah i’m in the next day i wrote this blog post about like why he won and we didn’t see it coming and,
like from psychological triggers like he did so many things right that,
you’re the people that talk about speaking your talk all the time even done a hand gestures and whether you agree.
He tapped into a kind of psychologically what some of the best practices are for speaking.

[8:11] So yeah interesting when you talk about failure i and can come back stories a you triggered my mind some memories of like i remember in,
two thousand six i apply for a phd program and didn’t get into and i was like devastated i felt like there’s a lot of things that,
had been done well or remember in two thousand and.
Well over eleven i applied for this like director position at the college i was working and didn’t get it but then i think about.
A five year phd program it wouldn’t of until two thousand eleven i even started my career instead of thirty two thousand four,
and you know if i got this director position i wouldn’t have had the extra kind of mental energy to work and practice of the practice i probably still would have been working at the community college and.
Do i forty to fifty hours a week and you make the same amount of money as it was back then and.
It’s interesting how often have those failures with things the see the giant let down of the time often can open something up and you that you can actually go after your passion,
okay talk a little bit about your passion like how you then started doing this natural born coaches thing.

[9:13] What’s funny because colton wasn’t even on my radar you know when i gotta real estate finally i decided twenty twelve,
yeah i’m done you know been there done that got the t-shirt money on move on so i want to not one that really to stumbles or will stay on it in twenty twelve and then finally got out of that i thought okay what’s next and.
We’re coaching came from it was i was actually helped by several coaches to help me back on my feet my own comeback story.
And the more i thought about it i thought wow that’s really cool business to be and if you doing now to help people as a coach.

[9:49] And i’ve been trying for all my life a personal development i just didn’t realize it so i wasn’t hydrated high school and in high school i read thinking direction and i know me,
what on person elements as always reading books and taking courses and videos in anything again hands on so i really been training the code for years and all the work i don’t want my team agents i been coaching i just didn’t realize that i was quoting,
and that’s how i got in the into this business i thought you know what i’m going to.
Build a business and coaching it’s something that’s going be location independent i’m not can’t find my,
smallest stadium in a city of eight hundred thousand people in atlantic canada but i love knocking confined to hear that it can be done anywhere and that’s where coaching started you know,
and then eventually as time went on i did more coaching and it got better at the end of my business i realize there’s a need for,
don’t bother coaches with theirs and just like you’re doing you know if your business and helping people need help with their practice i thought wow coaches.
Need a lot of help because a lot and they wanted they want to help others and want to serve but they’re just not baby born and bred entrepreneur’s are there,
need help and close to the door and that’s where i started focusing solely my nations could help other coaches.
Anyone else comes in my world for them is that they’re not the right step like a bricks and mortar banana focus solely on co.
So where the phases the use when your starting up natural born coaches and you’re like phase one i was doing this and that let into this like tickets through.

[11:20] Can some of the faces you went through yeah phase one was banging my head against the wall,
so if you’re out there listening being in your head against the wall is normal and natural so is one being had.

[11:33] Yeah so i’m actually phase one and this is something scary over the years gone going but really my approach to everything is ready fire any so i don’t spend too much time,
planning things and you know that’s probably hurt me at times i think it’s help me a lot more that hurt me so i’m ready fire aim study ready aim fire and i really don’t,
hold back and try to over planet because you know what it’s like with business plans to stop there gonna be obsolete in today’s that something’s gonna change in different so don’t get me wrong it’s important to,
to make plans and to think things over and have no idea where you wanna go obviously but i think some people or a lot of people actually got stuck in a trap where they just.
Behind the lines doing all the planning and not on the battlefield not the actual action you know either so that was really phase one was okay i don’t really know anything,
about having a coach and does the sun this can get either do it seen like riding bicycle and then make my mistakes and everything in,
you know that i would.
It on in the next phase was watching the podcast you know when i felt like a the,
community in your industry so that’s why watch natural born coaches november twenty fourteen.
And where later on a two year anniversary mark and five hundred is the five hundred episode like a thousand coaches the year you talk to it and holy cow he.

[13:08] Just from energy standpoint i’m interested how old during that phase you just kicked out so much content with what ribbons did you have.
To help maintain the energy what’s a red bull dot.
Actually no more five hour energy guy i’m not a cocky guy wrestlers the idea i can’t stand coffee some people think i’m weird i’m one the few people in the world don’t like coffee but um no actually i think my career in real estate,
really prepared me for this because in real estate i had those same early days where i was just,
pounding away on stuff you know and put all the work in not being compensated properly in the early days you know probably be paid third-world wages back on the twenty one year old real estate agent.
But then it starts to roll in it i use exact same model here.
With my coaching that i reinvested those early clients in a revenues break back into the business and then that helped grow my coaching business just like you worked with real estate as well,
so coming in real estate taxes or coaching i had in my mind hey this isn’t a get rich quick scheme because i seen that years ago real estate everybody got in the real estate together and make a million bucks in a couple of months is gonna be easy and then,
most people drop out of it and the same thing happens with coaching you see people dollar signs in their eyes and i thought you don’t i’m just gonna get in there do my thing put the horse blinders on not read the competition and,
what other people are doing stuff and i’m just gonna build my business and you know that’s not always the fun sexy way to look at it going in their every day doing it but that’s why did i showed up every day.

[14:44] The discipline consistent and then it started to roll more and more in that really fueled things when you see results that’s the ultimate fuel for motivation on the type when I have a really good,
day with a lot of stuff coming and i can’t get to sleep in on just wired and ready to go so yeah that really investment i’m interested in the county jail into that so.
Like i see how do i pay for your food and all that sort of stuff but so was it basically like you know what your household budget was and everything else you just dumped back into the company of the tickets through your formula you use to,
like what you reinvested what you took out your pay for living expenses and things like that.
Well no i didn’t eat for your help with a skinny yeah i just i bought some bread and water you know what kind of you rabbits in the woods back of document now,
was a real bastard everything i don’t mean to say i didn’t he do enjoy going to a movie,
you are ever going out with friends or whatever but you know obviously their stuff like that i did but i wasn’t going out making,
a purchases so i remember.

[15:49] Want to go down south somewhere warm which is very appealing when you live in canada and you hate your february and i can number one to go down south and i said,
i’m sorry i hired a coach to help me something because i’m always hard coaches to help with different things i need help losing my business,
and i basically talk the money that could i could put on a trip somewhere down.

[16:12] You know south somewhere warm to drink by a pool all day long instead reinvested back and they doesn’t.

[16:18] I no longer with that girl is that which further along so i think i made the right decision,
you know not getting i think too many people are choosing the trips down south there choosing to go in to the bars of the friends and blow hundred or two hundred dollars i could go and do something to help your business.
Add you know for me where I spent most my money even in the death of all years I went through that business closure I never pulled back from books so there’s a great,
quote and i can’t remember who said is essentially said you,
you buy books before food is what to paraphrase and that’s why i always did so the day after my business closure i remember spending money on i think and grow rich big workbook sat,
you know it’s like something fifty boxer sixty box or something,
and a lot people would do that if i gonna buy this not if i have to eat it all throw some mustard on the pulling hills blocking all got for now this is the time that i need this box,
what is the temptation often is you know you’ve like bootstrap your business like it’s fine you hit that pay me finally start to make some money and your like let’s celebrate nothing,
no going out for me on the first of the milestones one thing like i am creating a lifestyle that you know better off if you don’t have that cash flow like and then you become you expect that had a life that was if you can,
pause for a few years and just can’t keep that lifestyle how it’s been when you’re bootstrapping it and put it all back into the business.

[17:39] That’s such a good point in me and my wife and i after grad school,
a rather than up your life that we start to make a little bit of money we just pay down student loan debt and so that we did that with our own family too so that.
Before your kids were totally debt free and that’s why we can make decisions now.
Where it’s not pushed up against the wall financially cuz we don’t have any debt other than you know our mortgage on our house and we don’t pain that probably nine years,
and when you do it just makes it so much easier to make solid business decisions rather than ones that are based on just being freaked out about money.
Yeah i’m a license in real estate because in the later years i think i got kind of ice fat and lazy and i’m hundred sixty pounds,
roughly so i don’t mean fat physically and is the kind of why i got arrested on my laurels and you know i did spend money so i had,
three luxury cars you know and why the heck,
what is the three lock right anyone for every season you need us is that you know mercedes because you’re in canada and you know it in the winter you need sending me this car for summer so,
even though i enjoy money i think it’s important that you don’t have a block of money and i’m certainly.

[18:51] I’ve changed thinking i’m not the type that it’s gonna go i’m when the money comes in it and get all i workers on the stands and spend because i realize that,
if you’re on a hamster wheel trying to work just to support excuse lifestyle then you’re gonna be stressed out you’ll be taking on people that you don’t want to work with,
and this is not good all the way around so i think having a nice balance now or i’m not a miser not scrooge and i’m still enjoying my money,
i’m not going over board in i know that ounces yes you can i get to a point where it lease for us we know looking our life our personal life we won’t have a certain on a savings and them you know anything above that if we don’t have a new financial goal.
It’s gonna you know we can decide to reduce yesterday we like little yesterday,
we bought this new coach for our basement we’ve been finishing its gonna be this great pull out bed for friends and,
weather visiting its like we haven’t spent that much on a piece of furniture in my entire life but.
But i don’t feel bad about it because you were meeting us savings goals and meeting my business goes like at your rate is this different phases that you go to where you’re reinvesting and maybe you invest a little less financing your business and.

[19:55] I have no plans really important it’s not gonna journal,
earlier this year it was a five hundred dollar journal which sounds crazy you know as an italian leather huge thousand page journal custom made and so invite,
i hate that was nice splurging on it because i love journaling and got my best idea,
and i wanted a journal like a big ass turtle that looks like a huge bible basically,
who is the new governor chiropractors can appreciate you caring that around all the time to see yeah so every year you talked to thousands of coaches and.
I’m sure you’ve picked up maybe some common things that may be pitfalls they had our mindsets or.
Maybe even on the other side successes that you see over and over what are some things that we can take away as counselors have private practices that there may be pitfalls are successes that can speak to this audience.

[20:52] Find a lot of coaches are a perfectionist and i suspect entrepreneur’s are as well and i really try to be better than the from work with them as quick as possible,
so i’ve seen some coaches of winter we take for five six months to do at a lead magnet in our free resources there,
i’m driving people to come into their email list or example yeah and it shouldn’t take four months to do a lead magnet i mean it should take four hours,
recording is most and raised there i can usually tell there’s gonna be successful because of they don’t change that way of thinking,
if their captain of taxes and they’re just get run over there knocking be able to do anything cuz and i have seen way too much and i tell people you can do that,
i’d rather put something out there for to seven hundred ten eight to ten you work on improving it.
Instead of worrying about having it as a tenant and so good example my first website look like garbage you know it wasn’t no offense to my web guy cuz,
you know he was working with literally five hundred bucks you know were talking bootstrapping and,
and on a student budget but you know what that website actually got me a lot of business and then when i upgraded the site too much more expensive site looks nice and pretty,
i didn’t do that at the gate you know was couple years later they ended up going with that most people say when i need to have a,
beautiful site off the hot and it’s gonna look the same as in brenda shards are tony robbins and read for leo’s and then they don’t get into the world and then they don’t get business and it’s just not good all the way around.
Yeah so they like really get wrapped up and perfection i totally agree with you over at practiceofthepractice.com/perfection in a nineteen minute video about.

[22:30] Being paralyzed by perfection and getting things done and i actually went through my very first website i used for it what’s a time machine to wait,
way back to the back machine to show when i was that use to look like an unbearable but to just say like,
but it was up like i was building as ceo i was getting can like the word out i didn’t attract manual crank that soc to the website but,
at least was out there okay so paralyzed by perfection what are some things that help people overcome that perfections of you have a client the are working with,
and they are spending four months in a lead magnet are there any strategies you given day can kick him in the pants just get it done.

[23:09] Was is where good coach comes in handy because of codes can hold you accountable design on the type of coach that.

[23:16] I don’t care about being to hire some people some coaches would say you shouldn’t do that that’s not the role of.
The coach and you know when they baby them basically i’m not afraid to challenge and call people out so i did quite recently you wasn’t getting something done it should be getting done,
and ask them why they get done the he kinda danced around it,
in nine get me an excuse as to why isn’t getting done it again five a third time you’ve made a said mark you know i screwed up the should be done it can be done today and it was done he sell at that’s part of it is get that accountability help.
Because of your by yourself it’s too easy to get distracted by something going on where you get that little voice in your head that able to deceive you and trick you and not doing it,
but if it’s an outside pair of eyes it’s looking on it,
then often i can get it through your head that hey i gotta get it done do you need someone i can call you out and happy ask,
that’s not always yourself that can do it using somebody else yeah so can having someone set the timing for you and call you out on it.

[24:15] What are other Falls people fall into when they’re growing their practices or even things that you see in successful coaches that we could apply to Private Practice.

[24:25] There’s a feeling out there that they’re not ready to let’s say go on podcast to be interviewed so somebody,
i might say to apply hey get on joe’s podcast be great for you in and this and that so i haven’t been on and off all do it in six months you know when you really have to jump out there and.
You almost have to eight say fake it till you make it cuz i say think it so you make it you think these cheesy guys with facebook ads with,
in out of my land yachts and reading mansions and,
they told their lies thousand dollars over the bank account laid on the bed take a picture of it and put it back in their back like they just wanna say something rather than actually having something to say,
so i don’t mean knows people don’t be like that really these people are full again i need one point six million dollars last month working two minutes a day how are you pay me ten grand and all siri my secret system and blah blah blah,
but i do mean that you have to,
blow your own horn have to the contents to go out there and the interesting thing is if you can project that image out there as a successful blank whenever you’re doing,
you’re gonna catch up to it eventually so i’ve always,
been further down the road and i probably and my visions been further down the road so i’m always acting to catch up to that do not starting on the pies hours is that again cuz i think that’s so that the people that i see their successful do that,
set your vision is farther down the road than you are like yeah what is that look like sometimes.

[25:55] Well the way i pictured i picture of god is stuck on my head along stack and there’s a carriage way down at the end of that and in front of me and i’m chasing accurate in on i’m in now in this case i catch up to it usually and then i have to put the,
cannot further down the road and also knew michael geez i made it really far will you how far you’ve come most people don’t do that most people,
don’t give themselves enough credit ac well i’m a brand new whatever instead of spending it so,
i’m gonna claim you as fifteen years in an industry and she knows that industry inside out and now she’s gonna be a coach consultant in that industry.
Buy cheese treating yourself like a brand new coach that knows absolutely nothing about that profession,
and she knows it backwards and i said that you were finally cuz she was holding back and stuff and i said we did we talk time to go through everything she knew everything she done and she done so many things in that industry she knew it better than.
The line is a lot of people’s yes you certainly cause i do it but she wasn’t treated like he is treating yourself like.
Joe blow their roller bags and decided i’m gonna become a coach or in this industry and she wasn’t herself credit so you really have to spin it to positive for where you’re at,
well and that’s so true us often counselors there for starting a practice i think,
say that what would i know if i do a specialty like they’re gonna know that i’m fresh out of grad school and after giving the staff the eight percent of us citizens,
i have a master’s degree so right away you’re in the top eight percent then how many of those actually have a counseling social work major family fare.

[27:28] Degree and within that how many are specializing in sex therapy and helping kids with behavioral issues and says it right away.
You’re in the top one percent,
just by focusing more than a couple other clinicians and so ninety nine out of a hundred people in a room are gonna know less about that topic then you unless you at like a therapy conference and.
I think that’s so helpful was there to run some of the numbers also let you know a lot more usually than the average person and even the average person in your field.

[27:58] Exactly so I take a problem that mistake the lot of coaches I’m sure the people in your world as well make,
maybe not so much but i’m finding coaching at least an authenticity zt the buzzword and i’m big on sharing struggles and all that stuff but,
i do find some go a little overboard and it’s almost like they’re making a pity play where they say i have got eighteen cents in my bank account today and i’m sharing a can of tuna with fluffy my cat,
you know or whatever and i got a car payment due on friday and actually seen this type spouses social media for people put themselves and their success coaches,
and i’m just thinking ah come on man like i was not the way to do it you know and you can show that the god of the ot i’m all for being authentic and not putting out of daniel state.
Imagine all that stuff but also it can go to far the other way people are gonna hire you because a pity you,
mark as your car payment or your rent or your mortgage is coming do you know that they don’t wanna hire someone who doesn’t have their crap together,
that doesn’t give them a warm fuzzy feeling cat is in judgment there’s while keeping some people just don’t even think about like wow even though i’m using facebook.

[29:06] I need a consensus the image or something about counselors whether it’s around the selection of whether it’s around my family issues with my post things that,
don’t can reinforce that their counselor that understands communication or family issues or like do you think that’s conscious of the just are even paying attention to that professional image.
I think that people are putting stuff off and then there cooler head prevails usually few hours later maybe day later and they deleted.
So i am actually seen people my industry put up a post about their spouses cheating on each.

[29:41] And i’m like wow that’s crazy and then they take it down and we saw this with the election to me.

[29:49] I’ll try and probably aircraft on some people so desperate people are going on like this donald trump things in the world i see a lot of coaches doing this as well.

[29:57] And where people in our world that are supposed to be telling people that hey you’re in charge of your destiny no other external forces can hold you back,
and all the stuff that’s under the selection in there or crying about it like it’s the end of the world,
and where the people are supposed be going out there and telling you other our clients.
That we control our destinies and i just i get it that is an emotionally charged thing in and i’m not trying to speak that you can have strong opinions,
but i do find it was best way to overblown with people thinking that this is the end of the world and you know that and people got stuck in a ton of business got lost week.
I’m off to hold action season two especially the week after the election i saw entrepreneur’s that wasted way to much time and mental energy on it and i just work and i can’t work on it for a week,
and not because i get bogged down in the political bs when i think that’s a speaks to the anything in our lives whether it’s elections whether it’s like family issues other things,
the if you’re posting on social media or is distracting you from your business.

[31:01] That’s not help you move the needle for your business or in your life if you’re getting distracted by those things really being intentional and how i can use my time.
When is big things happen or maybe it’s hey i know that the day after the election i’m gonna have,
a lot of feelings maybe i should just black out sometime that made allowed to do something fun with my family so yeah i think that you can go so much farther big just politics that.
Those things get in the way of our businesses if we don’t really think through and how is this a function of my business or how is this a function my life exactly,
so mark one question that i always ask people at the end of the interviews of every counselor in the world was listening right now what would you want them to know.

[31:44] That’s a great question i would say mentally prepare for the bombs how long the road you know there’s a great saying that problem sharma has okay mouse is the acronym for keep moving forward,
not something every single entrepreneur’s should have tattooed on their bodies in i believe,
so don’t go into thinking that is going to be perfect and you don’t need that pessimistic but also don’t wear those rose-colored glasses that think that you’re never gonna encounter challenges so i finally go in the things i tell myself,
haters gonna be something there others me some dark days you’ll get through it and it actually helps prepare me.
To go through what i think a lot of people are going into business a don’t do that,
and then there shocked in the throat not the gaming something bad does happen in the office and they can recover so that would be my advice how that’s great and i’m gonna link in the show notes for you to get,
marks copy of the real abc’s of a successful coaching business it e-book he’s put together for us that he’s giving us for free mark and i talked just a little bit about that you book and what they can expect to get out of that.

[32:47] Yes book originally started as its gonna be one or two page pdf we talked about lead magnets and free resources.
And then it just bloomed and almost ten thousand words cuz i just decide to speak my mind,
i pulled my inner donald trump and i took my filter off and said i’m gonna just put what i think for coaches out there and if the essentially it’s one of the abc boxer yep twenty six different points for a b c big things.
I would want to know when i was starting coaching i wish i had so i put it out there and it’s been great me feedback people and learning a lot from it and it’s been helping so that’s a book in a nutshell,
wonderful mark if you wanna connect with you what’s the best way for them to connect with you and your podcast,
yeah that’s what is natural born coaches doc on and the other place um spending a lot of time for a lot energy into is a facebook group so if you go to the coaching jungle doc on,
you get to the coaching jungle facebook are we got over three thousand coaches in there lots of good value lot of people in your world as well that are in there too so would love to have a,
wonderful wedding saw that mission outside give you that lean can just a minute mark thanks so much for being on the practice of the practice podcast yeah thanks so.

[33:59] Music.

[34:12] Whenever we have that change in our career you know we can.

[34:17] Why lo we can be upset or rebuilt mark and go buy some books and a set leveling up.
I know when i’ve been jobs that i knew weren’t long-term fits i said to pro actively looking for another job another agency job sir looking for skills i could building that job to adjust my role.
Or was reading books and listening to podcasts they were more in line with my luck with what my long-term dreams were.
And that’s what you gotta do you have to be continually learning so that you can level up your career.
Now in january i’m so excited i mention that am gonna be doing these videos but i’m not starting a ten part podcast that can i go really in-depth.

[34:59] In how do you slow down,
how do you adjust purge out that technology how do you join in to some practices that work for our brains and how to find presents to and spark innovation and we’re gonna go in-depth with seven interviews,
with just amazing people like us how is brian can less j.
From the one thing and me just these writers that have.
Writers and authors and content creators doing the amazing work so we’re gonna be talking specifically about the seven practices of a practice.
Threw a 10-part series on the show and I’m just so excited for it it’s going to be really killer.
And so make sure that you subscribe to this show in itunes so you don’t miss a single episode and would love to have a review as well that you so much for letting me into yours and your brain have an awesome day.

[35:51] Music.

[36:07] This podcast is designed right after the thirty of information in regard to the subject matter covered is given with the understanding that neither the host the publisher or the guest surrounding legal accounting clinic or other professional information,
if you need a professional you should find one and thanks in advance ounces sexy for the intro music you rock.

[36:25] Music.

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