PoP 177 | 12 Days Of Practice: One Money Mindset

12 Days of Practice

Today we’re talking about money mindset with Joe Sanok.

In This Podcast:

And an awesome money mindset

  • What we were taught and why it’s unhealthy to be a martyr for our clients
  • Money is about win-win, they pay what they think you’re worth, you get paid for that worth. My standing desk. 
  • Service and quality = more money 

Click here to listen to day 2, two website questions.

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Meet Joe Sanok

consultant headshot JoeJoe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is one of the world’s leading private practice consultants. He is the owner of the Traverse City counseling practice, Mental Wellness Counseling. Joe helps counselors to start private practices and grow them.



Podcast Transcription

Pop 177 | 12 Days Of Practice: One Money Mindset

[0:00] Welcome to the twelve days of practice series had an over to practiceofthepractice.com/12days that’s the number twelve days,
you can download the twelve days of,
Cactus Guide to the goes along with this 12 part series opt-in over there and you will get resources infographics and let of awesome things to help you lunch 2017 in an awesome awesome way,
give us practiceofthepractice.com/12days.

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[0:54] Welcome to the very first day of practice were gonna be going to the twelve days of practice,
and i’m christmas day every year my in laws host a christmas dinner and the people who come have kinda changed over the years,
but one thing that has always stayed the same as my mother in law has these twelve days of christmas glasses and we sing the twelve days of christmas and whatever class you have using it’s so cheesy and so fine i just absolutely love it.
So here’s my own twelve days of practice today is the first day.
On the first day of practice to give to me an awesome money minds it is today we’re talking money mindset.

[1:38] Using the quick hit app so as to hopefully give you a lot of really quick things that you can think about and preparing for two thousand seventeen but let’s talk money mindset.
So we were in grad school we are often taught that it’s unhealthy to think too much about money even when you think about.
All of the movies at all of the different things that are out there the people with money often the bad guys are bad girls.
And for me money is just a tool that expands what are the going on in our life so if we are a bad person that treats people poorly.
Well then where the people more poorly if we have lots of money and if we treat people really well and we care for people who wanna have an impact on the world we make more money,
well then that’s what happens to so for me it’s not so much that money is bad it’s more how we use it,
and so often we were tight unicorn it for the money i am doing this cuz the service or often hear people say,
the reason that i’m going into counseling is that i experience this tragic event and i don’t want other people that go through those are great reasons but also,
when we go in we make ourselves the murder when we go into sections and it’s about us feeling better about ourselves that’s not really healthy for a client,
think about it think that if you knew when you went to counseling that your counselor after seeing how terrible your life was full so awesome about themselves like,
you need to be doing your own work so that you feel good about yourself.

[3:10] And are donating and volunteering in your practice and you choose to do that somewhere outside where doesn’t directly affect your clients,
as well money is always about a win-win situation we walk into a store and i say you know what,
that expensive five dollar coffee is worth it to me.

[3:29] I want a copy of that craving i love the flavor i love the taste i know exactly what it’s gonna give me i’m willing to pay for that.
I have my hard-earned money that i worked for in i know it’s overpriced in my mind but i really wanted,
and so that person also than me say you know what i’m making this coffee we’re paying fair wages were putting everything into this business for marketing at well we’re looking at quality beans.
So i’m in charge more than my competitors and so it’s a win-win situation we’re in my side and saying this purchases worth it to me.
And it’s saving me time and some weights even the hassle of making my life better and that person that things were the for me to create a product so,
i just bought the standing desk that i’m using right now before i used on this old music stand of my wife’s and record the podcast on that,
yeah i didn’t have a nice like telephone thing to cnn and my wife’s an occupational therapist and so she said,
awhile ago usually like wells nice standing desks and it was under two hundred dollars in my head have that there are five hundred thousand dollars,
i love it i don’t have to set up my computer and take it back down every time i claim comes in its really awesome and so for me it was worth it to buy this desk and for the manufacture they’re making money off of it you some money,
when it’s at its best should be a win-win situation where we all find where.
Lastly money is all about service and quality equally more money so when you provide awesome service when you are.

[5:04] In a specialty,
when you are in something that is helping people and they say you are the best person for my daughter who is dealing with cutting you are the best person for our marriage you are the best person to help my son that’s dealing with depression,
you’re not looking to just use these people you’re paying for the expertise that you know and the more that you can think about where your money mindset comes from.
The quicker you can move forward in your practice so value wait what messages did you hear from your parents but money.
Was there never enough money was their scarcity model was there too much in your sense of entitlement any of those money issues we get from our parents or siblings or grandma or grandpa.
Early on in life can affect us later on so think about that think about what messages you heard.
In grad school what did your professor say about money where did they say about private practice and then think about your own personal relationships your partner your spouse your closest friends.

[6:04] How do they view money today view it in a healthy way to the view it in a way that is leading the goals of what you want to do a private practice.
Or is it standing in the way of your success.

[6:15] Alright tomorrow is gonna be the second day of practice and we’re gonna be covering to website questions.
And it is.

[6:27] Music.

[6:34] This podcast is designed right after in a thirty of information regarding the subject matter covered is giving the understanding that new.
Oh sure rendering legal accounting clerical or other professional information if you need a professional you should find one.

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