PoP 186 | 12 Days Of Practice: Ten Days Off

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12 Days of Practice

Today we’re talking about 10 days off with Joe Sanok.

In This Podcast:

Vacations, let’s talk vacation: 

  • Must have a VA set up to not lose business. 1099s/W-2/sublease keep $ coming in. www.practiceofthepractice.com/assistant
  • Plan ahead and think through commonly asked questions, save in a FAQ on google drive
  • Set up vacation responders with people to contact
  • Use automated scheduling through a secure platform like SimplePractice
  • Bring a book or something non-business related 
  • Talk to your partner or kids about boundaries so you are present. 

Click here to listen to day 11, eleven books to read.

Visit www.practiceofthepractice.com/12days to download the 12 Days of Private Practice PDF.

Meet Joe Sanok

consultant headshot JoeJoe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is one of the world’s leading private practice consultants. He is the owner of the Traverse City counseling practice, Mental Wellness Counseling. Joe helps counselors to start private practices and grow them.



Podcast Transcription

Pop 186 | 12 Days Of Practice: Ten Days Off

[0:00] Welcome to the twelve days of practice series had an over to practiceofthepractice.com/12days that’s the number twelve days,
you can download the twelve days of,
act of god that goes along with this twelve part series up in over there and you will get resources infographics and what awesome things to help you launch two thousand seventeen and an awesome awesome way,
give us practiceofthepractice.com/12days.

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[0:54] Today we’re talking about how to take ten days off in fact the last two weeks of december i took.
Weekly off and i have been having throughout the year trying to figure out ways to continue to take time off.
And so today we’re gonna talk about how do you take ten days off because ten days to me represents a lot and i’ll talk with the in just a second but first.
On the tenth day of not christmas on the tenth day of practice to give to me.
Ten days of nine quick changes the passive income idea seven ways to grow six productivity tips five,
blog post ideas for days a week and three slow down steps to website questions and also on monday morning so or.

[1:44] Alright let’s talk a little bit about taking ten days off to wide ten days well it’s one thing to have a longer weekend it’s another thing to take a couple days off.
The ten days there’s a few things what ten days it can you really stand out is that to do ten days.
Well for one it’s more than just one work week is two weekends.
And then five days of ninety’s tend to me then have to creep into a whole second week so either have to leave on a thursday or take off next monday so do me there’s a lot of things that you have to have set up to take ten days off.
So first let’s talk a little bit about vacations and why they are important so we talked earlier in the three about how slowing down we go through that,
that purging that practice and that presents and how important it is,
to slow down to really start a spark innovation we’re gonna go more in-depth in two thousand seventeen all around the idea slowing down and why it’s so vitally important in it’s what the top innovators the world you on a regular basis.

[2:47] The order to take a ten day vacation have to have a lot of infrastructure re set up so for me that outcome of ten days off means that you’ve done a whole lot work on the front and to really focus and how to effectively take ten days off without.
You are losing money or losing clients are dropping the ball on a number of ways.
So first you really have to have a virtual assistant set up so you don’t lose business so,
it’s really important to have somebody still fielding phone calls still scheduling people in,
so that when you get back all those new clients didn’t just get a voicemail that said hey in ten days i’m gonna be back instead you have somebody that’s answering those calls that you really are connecting with,
in so if you don’t have a virtual assistant third mean king those phone calls answering scheduling using your grasshopper,
iphone using your scheduling softer using simple practice things like that is really important to have that set up so you can take ten days off,
and i said yesterday that i’m taking applications now for people to work with the assistant i’m training you can apply for over a practiceofthepractice.com/assistant but also during that time.
You wanna keep the money coming in and so having ten ninety nines or w twos are people that are sub leasing from you is really important to be able to take that time off i know that in it was november.
Two thousand fifteen yet november two thousand fifteen meters october nineteen this november knows october.

[4:18] I remember it of all of you to fifteen and christina and i and our girls we went and visited my brother p,
and at that point it was and she is his fiance now it’s now they’re married britney people britney out west in oregon,
and we went to the got man conference while we are out there we connected with you know kelly and miranda and hosted all these events and then when hung out with people britney for a while,
i think that i was gone with the family for two weeks name is week and half there’s more than ten days what was really cool about that,
is that bad period of time my top performing clinician here had his past two weeks,
ever so i made money while i was gone hangout with my family.
As well i saw that my own for it to be in that month was up i hardly took a hit financially,
but is all because i had ten ninety-nine set up your through the practice keep money coming in while i was gone.

[5:18] As well to take ten days off you need to plan ahead and think through commonly asked questions on save those in the faq section in the google drive so that your virtual assistant doesn’t have to contact you for every little thing.
Make sure they have the suicide hotlines he of some backup therapist make sure that you have can decision-making flow charts so you have to put in some time so you can keep that flow going even when you’re not there.

[5:43] As well certification responders with the people who they should connect with so whenever i leave for a while so the end of december when i left,
why did is in the nuts if you want to start consulting with me cuz that’s with fractions of practice private number one question i get from people is how do i do consulting with you,
i send them to my free consulting page for them to read about rates what consulting with me is like and then to schedule a free thirty minute time says,
going over the practiceofthepractice.com/consulting to set up your free thirty minute time to talk about consulting if it’s right for you,
and after that i did rd saw with the rates were they at on the scene cancel the testimonials sleep and pri,
qualified where was it someone try to take thirty minutes my time but instead it was somebody that knew the monthly rates for six months and it was gonna cost.
As well in the email i have if you are looking for counseling please call casey,
my assistant to schedule an appoint with me or one of the other mental illness counseling counselors and then i also have a link to the page to talk to each and every one of our counselors cf to let infrastructure set up to keep everything going,
as well you can use automated scheduling through a secure platform such as simple practice if you don’t have a virtual assistant as a great way to set up scheduling and like brighter vision can have a link to your simple practice schedule,
and they do a great job next i would say bring a book or something non business related that to me is one of those practices,
that really sets you apart.
From your work so you can genuinely step back the can read something that you’re interested and they is not just business on because if you listen to business podcasts of your brain storming by post if you doing all that when you’re on vacation.

[7:24] Well it doesn’t really help you genuinely have your brain slow down and then lasso say,
talk to your partner your kids about boundaries so that your present so maybe that means you put your phone in airplane mode for half today maybe means that you guys go on adventures together maybe,
it means that you set certain goals for the day you can make breakfast together every morning and you don’t go on vacation you can you ten days off at home,
but talking to the people that are important to you about what they want to get out of that ten days is really important to sew again,
for those ten days off we have makes you a virtual assistant set up so they can field calls,
have lost ten ninety nines are w twos bringing in the money while your gone think through those commonly asked questions set up your vacation responders use automated scheduling through a secure platform like simple practice.
Bring a book or something non business related and talk to your partner and kids about boundaries that you have set so you’re present for your ten days off.
We come to the end here of our twelve days of practice tomorrow we’re gonna hit eleven books to read in two thousand and seventeen,
thanks for letting me in for years and into your brain you rock you inspire me it’s so cool to see all you’re doing and i’ll talk to you tomorrow.

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