PoP 187 | 12 Days Of Practice: Eleven Books To Read

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12 Days of Practice

Today we’re talking about 11 books to read with Joe Sanok.

In This Podcast:

The One Thing

The Storyteller’s Secret

Talk Like TED

Smarter Faster Better

How to Be Here

How the World Sees You

The Power of Habit

The Millionaire Next Door


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Meet Joe Sanok

consultant headshot JoeJoe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is one of the world’s leading private practice consultants. He is the owner of the Traverse City counseling practice, Mental Wellness Counseling. Joe helps counselors to start private practices and grow them.



Podcast Transcription

Pop 187 | 12 Days Of Practice: Eleven Books To Read

[0:00] Welcome to the 12 days of Practice series head on over to practiceofthepractice.com/12days that’s the number 12 days,
you can download the twelve days of,
act of god that goes along with this twelve part series up in over there and you will get resources infographics and what awesome things to help you launch two thousand seventeen and an awesome awesome way,
give us practiceofthepractice.com/12days.

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[0:54] Well welcome welcome welcome to the 12 days of practice podcast we are on day eleven and today we’re going to be talking all about.
Eleven books to read in two thousand seventeen.
And i’m gonna go through each everyone of these but for this list of books have an over and get the download all twelve days over practiceofthepractice.com/12days of the number twelve days,
and we would love to give you all these resources so that you can know exactly where you can get them and what they are.

[1:28] Alright so on the eleventh day of practice to give to me,
eleven books to read ten days off nine quick changes a passive income idea seven ways to grow six productivity tips five blog post ideas,
four days a week and three slow down steps to site questions and also money mind set.

[1:53] Boom.

[1:55] So let’s talk about eleven bucks to read this year these books are the best books in my opinion for you to read on to really move your business forward,
the very first one is the book the one thing,
i’m gonna be in the open up to you some pages and just like let you know some.
Is open of randomly to page fifty nine where the talk of big ideas.
Number one don’t be a disciplined person be a person of powerful habits and you selected discipline to develop them,
second build one habit at a time no one actually has the discipline to acquire more than one powerful new habit at a time one thing really goes in depth.
Into how to get more done and to me has been probably the most essential book in my own development of being a business owner and leveling up.

[2:48] Second the story tellers secret,
buy a coming guy you only gosh this guy is amazing he talks all about how story is so i’m,
order me an everything we do and how we speak and how we examine how we learn,
is randomly open up to page one thirteen.
And how much i love this part of investors that richard branson want to see the big picture before they dive into the details of a business idea.
Just as every story needs to headline in every book needs a title a good story-teller will start with the one big idea before expanding on the details.
I love that,
this book has really helped me with my keynote speeches with understand how to speak in ways that should help me continue to grow on the next book is smart quotes by shane smell,
and i will open up to page one forty five and i’m a big star and underline there.
And he says I’m pretty sure the acquiring a billion dollars would solve all my problems however studies show that wealthy.
Especially those who fall into it through inheritance or the lottery,
or sale of a business are often not happier once they’re rich a meaningful percentage of them believe that their wealth causes more problems than it solves.
He actually throughout this book.
Talks about shortcuts that you can take in life cycle of life hacks but they are based on research and understanding actually from that blah from that i had a blog post idea.

[4:20] Where i wrote all about,
how if you win the lottery to handle it from a mental health standpoint and i hope is that someday a lotto winner is going to google that and see that i want to work with me i can tell you whether or not one has done it do to help,
but someday i may be working with lotto winners as my specialty alright,
just had a second the next book is also by carmine gallo is called talk like ted the nine public speaking secrets of the world’s top minds will about this book takes a look at the top two hundred ted talks and the nine things that they,
do and so random page of the random page to eleven presentation designer expert and author,
of resonate nancy do are created the slide thru al gore’s global warming presentation i know nancy very well and we shared a static for slide design the philosophy of how presentations can she,
transform the,
the talk about pacing yourself with your slides in that can do the death by paper cuts what’s really cool is that,
they go through exact things that you need to do at the end of the book i have all these can notes i took and ideas that i want to implement some chocolate at.

[5:39] Next book is called am smarter faster better by charles do hag.
And this book on my gosh i love it when the love of all these authors they have such a mixture of story,
with research and then just a couple of their main points and they do and such assist systematic way that’s just incredible,
i’m opening up to a page two weeks ago got some notes on page two thirty but how,
hi bro oh this is the bio diversity section where they looked at an application tell you more about this he looked at areas of the ocean that were dead,
and they were using the spots that were either super super call,
or they were spot were just violent with waves but the places they had midsized wait midsized waves and moderate storms came through occasionally,
alternatively place with no ways of storms just a handful of species dominated is seems as if nature is creative capacities depended on some kind of,
periodic disturbance like a tree fall or an occasional storm the temporarily upset the neck natural environment.
But the disturbance can be too big or too small and we just the right size intermediate disturbances are critical.
That’s what i love about that section of this book was talking about how we need disturbance to disrupts that we grow quicker,
i’m smarter faster better is a great not just time management but a way to really level up your career in a number of ways.

[7:05] The next book that i have all that i think you should read is called how to be here by rob bell interviewed robin the podcast and we’ve stayed connect.
Since then not so much of his writing has been inspiring to me to let me just open up to a random section,
this is this is paid seventy five part for the thing about craft.

[7:25] And he says i once had an idea for a two or i been reading a lot of quantum physics and then came across to fascinating analysis of the hebrew words in the first check,
of the bible and somehow that connected with what i read in a book by its gotta schoolmaster from the eighteen hundreds,
never mind me something to happen before with my boys and me several years before and gradually i began to see a talk forming.

[7:47] Rob goes through and talks about how he slowed out slows down a number of ways to be here and be present,
but i also really goes into the craft of speaking in the craft of teaching,
and if so important for us to learn as communicators as business owners as counselors,
to take these big ideas that we have of changing the world creating more happiness of reducing depression and anxiety,
how do we craft thing to message the people can digest through our blog posts are social media and much bigger things than rob doesn’t magnificent job,
add that to his podcast and his book the next book that i’m recommending is how the world sees you by sallie hog’s head this is a book,
it really takes the best of personality assessments the best of marketing and business and put all of the one format that rather than how you see the world is how the world sees you when you’re at your best.
And it’s great because i use this actually with my team i have them take the assessment and we can know what they’re best at,
so for example the maestro this is what i am as my thing maestro is have very high standards for their sst themselves and their coworkers.
And employees partners and customers often comment on their superior dedicate,
what the primary power advantage to have strong opinions their secondary prestige of management they have an set high expectations what other architects may have a complacent or stock job maestro is really get around,
they were type a determination necessary to push through tough challenges so for me it’s been very affirming to hear that i’m not just like this unique person and that.

[9:22] There’s other people have this mindset to summer so that’s like its own personality take on the maestro so i highly recommend the how the world sees you it’s a great book.
Next i have of the power of habit this is also by charles do he do higgs and charles really goes in to have in this book.
And so for example let’s look at he talks about can a cue routine reward.
And how much is page one of seven almost everything about the company is rigid hierarchy had to change to accommodate neil safety programs building new corporate habits the section.
The sections where this guy o’neill had taken over company and instead of focus on like sales or bottom line he focused on safety,
by focusing on safety of focused people and i’m having to communicate with each other about better.
Notice things that were wrong and combat the cat corporate hierarchy that just wasn’t working at the time,
and when you look at that one what he calls a keystone habit.
That is really on locks all these other things so things like making your bed in the morning is a keystone habit that research has found will really open up other areas of your life.

[10:37] For the next book i have is the millionaire next door may i read this geez policy is there in two thousand nine this is well before,
practice of the practice was around before i had even moved from kalamazoo up to traverse city.
And when i loved about this book is they looked at five how risky how mill,
he was doing these research studies we’re here bring millionaires and they are asking all these questions and have round tables with them,
here get these fancy wines and caviar they found that a lot of these millionaires really just incorrect and they started having just like,
budweiser in like sandwiches or stakes and stuff and that do connect a lot more and they realize that,
these millionaires really look like everybody else on this have really clear habits and lifestyles to help them continue to scale.
And so for example.
On page one forty says also know that the average american buyer of a new motor vehicle paid more than twenty one thousand dollars for is most recent acquisition this is now much less than the twenty four thousand eight hundred dollars paid by millionaires,
moreover not all these millionaires purchased new big vehicles,
however many indicated that the most recent vehicle was used thirty seven percent said that it was used in addition many millionaires indicated they traded down recently that has purchase lower priced vehicles and they had before.

[12:05] What is the most what is the most that these millionaires ever paid for the motor vehicles fifty percent of millionaires the surveyed,
never spend more than twenty nine thousand in their entire lives for a motor vehicle but one in five or twenty percent never spent more than nineteen thousand nine hundred fifty and eighty percent paid.
An eighty percent forty one thousand or lower now let’s look at what year this was from britain ensures that updated since then lol,
this version of the nineteen ninety six on some sugar researches change address the numbers but the bottom line is that millionaires tend to spend their money on things to help them continue to grow money,
not put money into things that depreciate in value is less than a mindset that i’ve had over time were to me,
having all these fancy things is an important it’s more important to build sustainable income over time it lasts two more books left.
Last one is called tribes by seth godin chives this magnificent book that talks about how you build groups of people and help them connect with each other.
Page seventy one all you need to know is two things.
The first thing you need to know is that one individuals have far more power than ever before in history one person can change an industry,
one person can declare war one person can reinvent science or politics or technology the second thing you need to know is that the only person holding you back from becoming a kind of person who changes things,
is this friday the second thing to know is that the only thing holding you back from become a kind of personal changes things is this lack of faith.

[13:41] Anything you can do it faith it’s worth doing and faith that failure won’t destroy you,
our culture works hard to prevent change we have long has systems organizations and standards and designs to dissuade people from challenging the status call the magnificent book the its a short read but stuff going really gets the point tall tribes.
Lastly the book i just finished by michael ports cut steel the show she become the third gave me a signed copy this when i was a visiting him in denver things jb,
this is a great book for anyone that is influencing people that speaking that has big sales pitch is coming up.
So i’m going over to page ninety three this is under framing and organizing your big idea,
and first bullet point is the problem slash solution framework traumatize illustrate each problem then offer a compelling solution.
Next have numerical frameworks well-known to consumers of business books and speeches think of stephen covey the seven habits of highly effective people the chronological framework,
is where you go from start to finish such as your pregnancy week by week and the modular framework such as book yourself solid or put be on solid,
were given authority to frameworks this book is so powerful in regards to learn how to speak in a way that,
people listen and make choices that will better their business about two years so again those eleven books,
where the one thing story-teller secret smart quotes talk like ted smarter faster better how to be here how the world sees you.

[15:12] The power of having the millionaire next door seal the show and tribes of red every single one of these books and i can,
stand behind every single one of them they’re all amazing books and if you want that for a kid of list,
headed over to practiceofthepractice.com/12days and you can get that list,
thanks for letting two years and eat your brain and tomorrow the last day of the twelve days is a twelve months of action i will talk to you tomorrow have a great day cf.

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