PoP 188 | 12 Days Of Practice: Twelve Months Of Action

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12 Days of Practice

Today we’re talking about 12 months of action with Joe Sanok.

In This Podcast:

In January I’m going more in-depth with a 10 part series on slowing down to spark innovation. But here are the 7 Practices of the Practice we’ll be covering more in-depth: 

EVALUATE | Where you are at

DEFINE | Starting or Growing

PLAN | Sketch out core items

CREATE | Build content that attracts clients

ATTRACT | Build partners that can attract clients

SERVE | Over serve your clients

OUTSOURCE | Edit non-essentials from your plate

Visit www.practiceofthepractice.com/12days to download the 12 Days of Private Practice PDF.

Meet Joe Sanok

consultant headshot JoeJoe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is one of the world’s leading private practice consultants. He is the owner of the Traverse City counseling practice, Mental Wellness Counseling. Joe helps counselors to start private practices and grow them.


Podcast Transcription

Pop 188 | 12 Days Of Practice: Twelve Months Of Action

[0:00] Welcome to the twelve days of practice series had an over to practiceofthepractice.com/12days that’s the number twelve days,
you can download the twelve days of,
act of god that goes along with this twelve part series up in over there and you will get resources infographics and what awesome things to help you launch two thousand seventeen,
in an awesome awesome way to get this practiceofthepractice.com/12days.

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[0:55] Welcome to the final day of the twelve days of practice series i hope that you are inspired and ready to take some action today we’re talking about twelve months of action,
and how to structure your goals so on the twelfth day of practice to give to me,
twelve months of action living books to read ten days off nine quick changes eight passive income ideas seven ways to grow six productivity tips five blog post ideas,
four days a week and three slow downstairs to website questions and an awesome money mindset that.

[1:35] Alright let’s talk about what it takes to have success over a year.
So in two thousand seventeen this year i’m gonna be launching a more in-depth.
Podcast series that’s gonna be a ten part series on slowing down the spark innovation i have people like louis house lined up i have other folks dates i can’t make it but i’m super excited about.
And where do we talking about the slowing down to spark innovation but there were also gonna be talking more about the seven practices of a practice to set.
He even outsource goals on my gosh i’m so excited about it and then also in two thousand seventeen i’m gonna be doing a two-part conference,
is gonna be three days called the slow down school we’re gonna be hanging out in northern michigan rca all-inclusive with food and cabins are in the right on the water.
Really slowing down turning off our phones and help you figure out how you can really step back from your practice.
To let your brain slow down to come and chill up that soil to be able to grow some really innovative ideas and what do you do with those ideas how do you implement the seven practices of the practice.
He said he even outsource goals says the first three days and then the second part and some people just come for that and other people come to the second part we’re going up knowing practice.
We’re gonna be doing group consulting and wine tasting and it’s gonna be so much find them and have some special gas say,
some really cool things and be giving away so for all of that please make sure that you are on either the slowdown school list which is over slowdownschool.com.

[3:14] Or the piano and practice list which is at practiceofthepractice.com/pinot.
To make sure one of those two less there’s gonna be some really cool partnerships are coming out of that as well so as i think about my goals for two thousand seventeen.

[3:31] I have incoming calls i have goals that i want to continue to grow the income to practice of the practice and mental illness counseling,
i influence also the number of people that i want to affect in a positive way to be able to get a larger message out to the world on a reach a certain number of people in this coming year,
and also ryan impact poolside goals of whole wanna see the world better not just because of my work but to my giving,
how to make volunteer work through volunteering with the young entrepreneurs those search of things as well.
And so as you think about your two thousand seventeen why to think about that income impact and influence and what you hope for it.
So when you think through that then i want you to really think month by month so if you were to pick just one of those girls maybe the income goal.

[4:19] One great thing to do that we talked about earlier in this was to really work on.
Setting your income goal dividing by the number of weeks you wanna work and then working and how much you need to charge from that.

[4:33] As well or shipping to what would you look like month by month with success measures be for that.
And then lastly each week separate today list and that action last.
I want you today this is gonna be shorter podcast because i want you to take some action you listen to twelve days of practice i want you to make a list of what you’re going to get done in january.
Then email it to me and joe at practice of the practice and i would love to encourage you virtually so you can continue to grow and grow.
Thanks so much for letting me into your years and into your brain next week we’ve got some exciting things coming on the podcast and i will talk to you soon.

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i understand the new host for the publisher rendering legal accounting clinical or other professional information if you need a professional you should find one.

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