PoP 189 | The Puck Stops Here

The Puck Stops Here

Today, Joe Sanok speaks with Jaime Jay of the ‘Stop Riding The Pine’ podcast in this reverse podcast.



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7 Practices of Practice:

  1. Evaluate
  2. Define
  3. Plans
  4. Create
  5. Partner
  6. Serve
  7. Outsource

Meet Joe Sanok

Joe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is one of the world’s leading private practice consultants. He is the owner of the Traverse City counseling practice, Mental Wellness Counseling. Joe helps counselors to start private practices and grow them.




Podcast Transcription

Pop 189 | The Puck Stops Here

[0:00] If you are ready to grow in two thousand seventeen i’m gonna be doing a monthly webinar are and a monthly q and a session that’s going to be completely free for customers of we council,
head on over to wecounsel.com/professional and you can sign up today for him to complain video,
business training with me and all sorts of other amazing things that will help you grow in two thousand seventeen again that’s wecounsel.com/professional.

[0:30] Music.

[0:54] Welcome to two thousand seventeen i’m your host go.
Tune the radio sent to building in beautiful downtown traverse city and i’m slowly watching a building go in next door.
That as a look at it i think its gonna kill my view of the bay kinda sad transition there said my,
my youngest daughter who’s to just started teaching at the crib dishes now and at the lower bunk bed and i have five year old moved up to the top bunk bed and so we kinda less and.
Parenting is just a series of painful to spy kids moving away from your,
but it’s good and it’s healthy and hope your two thousand seventeen is off to a great start i have no doubt it’s going to be a year of change for you,
and i’m so excited about so many things coming up this year with slow down school in late july early aug with,
happy knowing practice right after that we partnerships with groups like we council and operator vision.
Simple practice all these really awesome groups it and it’s just so much fun it to do this work.
And to see all of you thriving i just had a consulting client post in our private facebook.

[2:08] Date in two thousand and fifteen smith forty thousand dollars in two thousand sixteen’s made a hundred and forty three thousand dollars.
It’s just so cool to watch you become rock stars and to see your practices become the envy in your community it’s itself.

[2:26] Dollar and was worried there it’s so fun well to have a really interesting reverse podcast so reverse park as is where i was interviewed and stopped writing the pine,
podcast jamie jay and jimmy j has is really interesting podcast his a huge hockey fan.
What is also really in to business,
entrepreneurship is for businesses he’s just a really cool guy and we had all these really like tax snafu issues when we were gonna do our podcast and,
his skype wasn’t working right and we ended up just chatting on the phone for forty five minutes just talking better businesses.
And we became fast friends and i can really see us partnering the future on a whole different like a whole bunch of different ways but.
For now without any further ado here is the reverse interview where jimmy j interviews me joseph.

[3:21] Music.

[3:29] My empires it’s your friendly house jimmy j with another episode of stop riding the pine and today we have joe senate as you heard in the introduction counselor consultant and.
Speaker on the line with us today this is gonna be fun,
cool with heads and tactical challenges to overcome but joe’s been nothing but nice since she i takashi can we for you to meet him before i introduce you gonna go ahead and read off a little bit about who joe is.
Suggestion as a speaker mental health counselor business consultant and part caster,
love that joe has the number one podcast for counselors the practice of the practice podcast with interviews.
Play these are big names pat flynn john lee dumas chris dr rob bell glennon doyle melton and lewis house the meeting joe’s a rising star in the speaking world joe’s also writer for psych central,
he’s been featured on huffington post fossil and yahoo news he is a keynote speaker author of,
five bucks and is a top consultant picking up the podcast topics of in the dna of the human brain however claim follow specific minerals slow down three phase of slowing down the spark innovation,
seven practice of the practice which were really gonna get into a little bit here in just a little bit how to set and achieve and outsource ideas and custom talks available have an idea,
it’s in joe’s expertise helped create a unique top for you and your event that just approach incorporate story here research and practical.

[5:06] Application without any further ado let me please introduce,
joe send how are you sir i’m awesome jamie what introduction their thank you sir photos cool i’m i normally don’t do to me by lil intro xp but.
You’re amazing I really appreciate that you just keep plugging along you can do some pretty cool stuff.
Yeah that is cool i’m wondering if before we get started in todays in a couple of things are gonna be talking about your three-part model slowing down to innovate seven practices of the practice i wonder if maybe you can kind,
talk to me pal partners my listeners and download app about who you are what you doing,
what you up to yeah so i am the father of two daughters there to in five years old i have a wonderful wife christina and really i was trained as a counselor and for a long time and a full-time job and,
was doing a side gig doing counseling on the side to pay off student loan debt and as i learn more about business and marketing which i never learned in grad school i just got addicted to it and is it just telling people about when i was learning.
And as i became more and more of a guide to people i just the next step made more and more sense and,
about a year and a half ago and early two thousand fifteen i left my full-time job and the first month out and made more money than i had in any other month and it was just mind-blowing in,
so yeah i do to help counselors in private practice to play and start and grow private practices i hope and a few other kinds of small businesses well but that’s my main focus and i still do a handful of counseling sessions each week and my group practice.

[6:41] That’s fantastic will thank you for giving back so much to ride i think i told you twenty seventeen is my year to give back that’s my theme this year-end up just.

[6:53] You did everything you say just really resonates with me and i’m sure the empires listeners are gonna enjoy hearing from you today,
yeah okay i say to my audience is that we want to make an impact on the world we want to have influence on the world you wanna make an income in the world and so,
those three things to me really important yeah i’ve lots of stories about why but you know a little bit i went to haiti when i was in my early twenties and,
i was just shocked that people are living in such poverty a few hundred miles from the united states and so,
for me deep down to my core is this idea that we have so much that we’ve been given just by living in the first world that,
we have we have a responsibility really help out and just helping a bottom lines i love that is music to my ears,
i’m before itouch on a couple of things that i brought up right after by right after the rate for introduction on the,
what’s good bro painters comprised of one to nursing on turn over send a lot of very excited to get started and some of them are finding challenges along the way they just don’t really know you know baby there,
they’re really facing some big barriers right now in before i touch on the topics that are discussed earlier mentioned earlier i wonder if you can tell me a little bit about you overcome some pretty tremendous things to be where you are right now one of my,
you may be able to next i think a lot of people be able to relate yeah i think it,
when your first starting a business it easy to try to give everything to it and it may be a side hustle or maybe what you know whatever your working on.
Hi for me two thousand twelve i’d launch this can aside counseling private practice i just launched this blog practice of the practice.

[8:29] It was kind of getting a little bit attraction and my wife and i found out that our baby search you is four months old at the time,
that shit a heart condition that we were pretty new we probably would be dealing with ex my brother and mom and several relatives have had some sort of heart condition.
But we found the shoes gonna need to have open heart surgery so in early two thousand twelve without you’re gonna be done with this without the could do with a catheter.
Going to sue surgery my whole family’s there takes way longer than it should the doctor comes out with bad news and says to us that,
no we can’t fit with the catheter we have to do open heart surgery and she can’t get in for a couple of months for that.

[9:09] And so will the day without all this was over we find out that is just the beginning and so a couple of months later she has open heart surgery it goes perfect she a couple of months later than is told so some mid two thousand twelve.
Which hold everything’s great it looks like we’re gonna be using words like here pretty soon in two weeks later i find out that i’m diagnosed with thyroid cancer.
It’s only with your done,
and then we have i thyroid cancer and so we go down to md anderson down in houston while i’m down there for the prix check up this is like a month before i’m due to have surgery,
my mom has a heart attack while we’re down there she has to have heart surgery room and then when i finally november of two thousand twelve,
you know my family that were pregnant what right with the day before i’m going in for the surgery and then my wife has a miss carriage are best friend get breast cancer and it’s just like,
you had or may have the two thousand twelve and just literally like just like i cannot handle anything more here and,
i would never wish that on anybody but what i had to justify to myself was.
So i got a full-time job that’s paying the bills but it got the side hustle that i’m doing in my house in private practice and i’m starting this blog.
Why am i spending time working on a blog post if my daughter is about to have her surgery.
Why am i dreaming about pie.
And so i did justify every single hour that i spent on my business and really get a fishing with it.

[10:45] And i think that’s something i continue to carry through where even right now and i’m not going to cancer been ya cancer free like i’ve been given lights blue jean bill of health so it’s amazing,
my daughter’s health even though my second order to have heart surgery also like we’re at a point by.

[11:04] I still have the efficiency mindset because every moment of time is given to us and so for me that’s something i’ve heard through from that terrible two thousand twelve year is i still need to justify to myself why am i.
Set on facebook for example trying to grow my business if i could be home playing with my daughters why am i staying time i email when i could be going on a date with my wife,
and so the efficiency mind saying,
getting the most of every moment that i’m working and really sprinting vs just like taking a marathon approach up to me is at the core of everything i do to try to level up.

[11:39] Holy moly what do.
I’m now sticking that’s it’s just amazing that you went through that came out on such a positive note on the other side and if wow what a what a character,
what a character yeah it’s me and it’s one of those times for anyone that has a partner that they love my wife and i think there were many nights that,
we have very honest prayers that had the f word in it and tears and like there is no more that we can take,
and at the time it really tourist out of the next year we had to get to some marriage counseling because we got some bad habits and.
You know we came out stronger on the other side we never i would never wish that on somebody but only i can cut.
Do my own teaching in my own just with i live my life inspire people to learn those lessons without having to go through their own two thousand twelve.
Sure in a lot of people are experiencing challenges but when they look at something like that holy and the did maybe put things into a little bit of perspective for them saying.
Wow this is what my challenges and i know there’s so i is for me as a therapist i mean everybody’s pain is their pain and so it’s like we all have.
Things going on in life that are terrible but then what are we gonna do to help solve that who are the people were gonna invite into this,
and what can i do to look for two change what we have power to change and then you know this things are totally out of our control that.

[13:05] If you worry about that it’s just a waste of energy because they’re completely out of your control.

[13:10] I love that i love that perspective everybody’s pain is their pain think about it that way now we think yeah um it’s but i wanted to talk maybe and this might be nice segway into getting into me that three-part model.
That we spoke about briefly in and maybe talk about that little bit yeah so i imagine most of your listeners can relate to the best ideas in our life com,
you’re when you’re in the shower or when your on a long drive we’ve turned off the radio or you’ve listen through all of james podcasts and like there’s no more and use turn off everything in your these amazing ideas or,
you stuck in traffic and you just kinda day dreaming you have these amazing moments of ideas.
And it doesn’t usually happen when your stressed out and burned out it’s usually when in someway you’ve slowed down,
and so for me the first step of creating an amazing business not just,
is slowing down to spark innovation and so the three part process is really slow down the sparks naturally come and then you start to innovate.
And we talked about the process once you have the idea but when you look at slowing down there’s usually three stages people go through in the first stage is,
italian examples every weekend i’ve been in this habit i don’t do any work i don’t do work email dr social media i try not listen to podcasts are read twenty business books i genuinely try to slow down,
to be present with my girls and my wife my friends and.
It’s really hard though cuz i’m in this habit of i pull out my phone you know when i’m just you in the grocery store or waiting in line somewhere.

[14:47] You naturally just go i should check my email,
and so you go through this we mcculloch a purging phase we just gotta get those bad habits from the week out like when you’re in work mode that’s good to have that habit we got a can of purge of the weekend or pause it.
And then after you get through that the practices that you set up for yourself canister to take over and so for me that’s very clear boundaries,
it may be that you choose to go on a hike with your family or might be that you set a certain alerts so that you are gonna get hit with social media and there’s a lot of ways you can have practices that build that mindfulness in,
still every week and i can be a challenge for me it’s not like ios and get this i do really status and it’s all easy maybe other people do but i don’t.
And then when actually happens usually by saturday afternoon for my weekends is i’m just fully present you know i’m playing games of my friends were having a good meal together we’re having some glasses of wine,
it’s like i’m not thinking about my next podcast i do not think you how to optimize the business and so we go through this purging or pausing phase we then move into that practice phase and we finally move into that presence.

[15:54] I like that purging practice.
That’s great i love that so went once you go through this any kind of it and it may take a little while to actually identify.

[16:08] The different phases i would assume.

[16:10] Yeah i think and i don’t even need to be aware of it as much as to just start somewhere so there’s a friend of ours who.
Her daughter’s in school with us and she talk to how busy everyone of their weekends is and we’re chatting over pizza lunch with john every friday,
and my daughter school like the parents come in the alley pizza together with the kids and it is really cool community building thing bitches idaho busier weekends are and i think.

[16:37] For her slowing down is gonna look different than for me i’ve got this habit of what my weekends look,
like we intentionally try not to schedule to much and if we do it’s usually later in the day so we can just wake up and have pancakes and bacon and just like play legos in the morning.
We don’t have kids into a ton of different activities cuz we don’t mean our whole life is gonna be full of activities like let’s have the scan a special slow down time but for her it might just be,
literally like we’re gonna turn off our phones and put it on airplane mode for our on saturday.
As ever each person i think you that slowing down is gonna look different and it’s more party like but a step in the right direction we can take.
That’s gonna continue to be sustainable rather than i have to wipe everything out and have this perfect calendar for the weekend hi love that is so awesome,
it’s a really neat way of putting life into perspective.
And set your priorities me just like a quick version of it like a couple of years ago my wife and i decided that we need to floss markov justin floss enough.
And so,
for us is the dentist with lily the minimum amount of laughing i can do like to actually get some return on my flashing time and use it if you could just floss every other day,
that would be awesome so we set up this charger fifteen dots and.
Every time you floss and a month you check off a dot and if you got to the bottom and this is only on this like super tight budget.
If you flush fifteen times in the month you can get super expensive coffee and for us for that time looking for a six dollar coffee was a really big deal cuz using grad school.

[18:07] And so there is it was just what can we do on a regular basis when i can floss every day,
like if i can just lost fifteen days in a row and they take fifteen days off my gums me nasty but it was a step in the right direction and,
there was like two thousand eight and i still floss because i took a small step to a sustainable instead of saying i’m flossy every day and then just giving up.

[18:27] And i love that i love it i wonder if we can talk a little bit about the seven practices of the practice yet so it’s these three steps we talked about everything about,
drilling into that slow down we’ve got that purge,
practice and presents and so that we can zoom out from their roof so we have slow down that sparks of ideas and then that spark innovation we have that in now what do we do with it,
also resumed in and that innovation and taking the idea from an idea to actually action,
i think of it as like a mountain the first three practices are asking going up to the goal,
the middle three are gonna be us achieving that goal and then the last part of is going to be how to remove away from that goal,
so the very first step is re-evaluate where you’re at and see if you don’t know where you’re at if you don’t know your numbers if you don’t know what’s working already it’s really hard to expand their amplifiers start something new and so we went to look at,
where you at what’s working was an honest assessment of your business of your idea.
So value it number one number two is defining it for doing something new or for amplifying something established.
So often when i see entrepreneur’s do is they take on five or six goals at a time that was talking with j pappas and who’s one of the authors of the one thing,
and it’s a great book about just focusing in on that one thing that’s gonna give you the biggest bang for your buck what’s the one thing that’s gonna make everything else easier so for me right now,
that idea is finding a virtual assistant like it’s a small goal but i need to find an extra va.

[20:02] That’s gonna free up hours and hours and hours of my time and also outsource that person to other consulting clients is gonna bring in passive income for me that’s gonna be one small step at something new but it’s gonna make everything else easier.
So defining weather starting or growing.
So we have a value define and then we went to plan out the score item so we want to look at what is it look like to achieve this goal in a year or to take maybe a bigger girl some of them all to your goal,
what backward from there and say well what would be one twelfth of that goal this month and then break down by the week and even by the day.
So what i’m doing that i’m really planning out if i can have micro moments to work on this goal then that’s what i’m gonna do so for example.
I have this blog course that is that i did a lot of course for earlier in the year,
and right before our interview i knew i had about ten minutes and so for me i wanted to hammer out two extra e-mails in the series that i’m eventually gonna sell.
So you’ll find you have five minutes here and there that someone may be shows up late for a coffee date or your one of your consulting clients showing up late or the cancel,
if you’ve broken down your day going to really like micro moments you can then hammer out the small little steps that just will away,
cool rather than saying i guess i’ll just go for a walk or i’m just gonna going to facebook without any purpose behind going at it.
Evaluate define plans were kinda going up that hill i’m on the top now we’re gonna start looking at creating content.

[21:34] In content is one of those core things and looks really different opinion your industry could be video could be blogs that could be of some sort of giveaway really hot cast podcast exactly and,
when you creating content it just some really amazing things that sets you up as the expert or at least a coke and a learner i don’t think you have to be the expert but.
I mean jenny i’m sure you did your first episode you probably know now more quite a bit more than you did in your first positive interviewed all these people is,
is he go into creating content as a kohler especially when you’re first starting out that’s so approachable,
so you’re not the answer you’re not the guru on how you’re just saying hey read this book and let me blog about it,
hey m an interview all these people and i’m gonna be just like my listeners and ask those quote stupid question so that you can learn,
so you are creating the content it’s great because it’s really setting you up to learn alot but then it also showing how you learned in that process.

[22:30] Set you create content contact number five is really looking at attracting partners that can help you get your ideal client.
And so looking ass in my industry of counseling that might be doctors pastors local a massage therapist chiropractor says more like a traditional industry say your podcasting about business it’s going to be where people,
there are connected people that should be listening to me and the understanding that so it might be people that have a business podcast this into the traditional workplace and maybe people are hosting webinar irs and maybe all sorts of different things,
so like jamie and i were talking before this we’re talking all the different businesses you have.
And how that would really support a lot of my consulting clients and so it makes sense for jamie and i to form some sort of partnership,
because i can help him get his business and he can help me grow my finals win-win situation.

[23:23] So then after that practice number six is then serving your clients really really well.
And I was just interviewing Brian Canlis who owns Canlis Restaurant in Seattle.
And they have this incredible i’m just approach to customer service where they go just above and beyond.
First with their staff on learning from other industries so that when their customers come in is the safest place where that person is given a gift of their time to them for this restaurant,
and really thinking through how do i make sure that my customers feel like,
every dollar and every minute the given me i have treated as a guest and they say to themselves that was completely worth it to give up that minute or those hours and that money.

[24:10] And then practice at seven as you can coming down from in this is the one that is a most entrepreneurs mass is outsourcing that when your setting and achieving these goals,
that’s what happens in your brain from a psychological standpoint is all these really just happy juices are flowing in your brain you achieve this goal oh my gosh i hit this many downloads are i finally launch this product and made my income goal.
And then you’re like i wanna do that again will that’s awesome except if your plate is full right now and you then go on to another new goal,
it’s gonna just be following you’re gonna get more stressed and you’re making be able to slow down,
I said move back to that slow down to spark new Innovations you really got to look at how do I in a productive way use my time most efficiently to be able to move on to that next cool.

[24:58] Oh my gosh that’s beautiful thanks Jamie I feel so good about me,
it’s so it when you see it tho and i’m sure my gosh how long did it take you to come up with that you know.
I was injured and rabble and to with oprah and he’s done some really amazing things usually someone i look up to.
And we are talking after podcasts and who can i email back and forth and i just knew that there was like a next level for me.

[25:31] And he said think through what you’re doing on a regular basis that just comes natural for you and set up about six months throughout this past summer to really slow down to let kind of the methods come out because i feel like.
I am in time of need like i don’t really like the seven steps in the three steps because it feels like you’re gonna just put me in a box me unique individual,
did they really thought about it i do go through the steps and i believe anyone can insert was actually this summer of stand up paddle boarding with my kids and,
i took every monday and friday off and just work three days a week which i continue to do since then,
to really slow down and say what is it that i do and at first i thought it was just the seven practices that i really realize that,
slowing down part in the lifestyle side of the business was actually the bigger message not just the goal setting and outsourcing.
Well i think incredible and in i’d like i said your pretty in this box on my own person but at the same time so many people.
I need help and direction and guidance,
that have been necessarily been there or failed to get to that level that they want to get to and so they need structure maybe they didn’t have structure before and i love that you built this out is just,
do you carry cap if the step one evaluate step to define step three plan step four create step five attract partners,
step six answering clanton step seven is outsourcing i just think it’s if you can go through that and,
it’s just clear it just takes the worry out of wondering what you have to do next yeah and i think when you have these kind of systems where does.

[27:08] It allows your brain is energy and the things that should be using energy sparking innovation coming up with those new ideas.
Where is if you’re so what should i do next what’s the next step and goal setting.
Is that why spend your energy on that there so many people that have it figured out i don’t spend that’s just me on the new ideas.

[27:24] Is it totally new look like the top performers of the world like steve jobs he would have his most important meetings you do walking meetings with them and winston churchill had a non negotiable afternoon nap.
It’s like you’re in the middle of world war two and you gonna take a nap like if anyone had an excuse to skip an appointment with him,
but yeah my brain will not work as well if i go at this pace,
so we look at the top performers and instead of saying what more can i do they actually are saying no more and more and more and really refining where they’re spending their time instead of doing everywhere.

[28:00] Yeah i love that one of the things i do with our staff is we have a we read that,
troll we can i don’t know if you read that it’s i love that but on it was actually integrated for the care and we have one of the blocks we have is just,
to relax but this block has to happen during work hours something only happens once a week.
But you pick that two or three hours out and you and what i found and where it in a ninety three now of this and,
people are loving it they love it they have more energy I just think you have to pick and choose room thing but as far as slowing down doing something that’s going to occupy your brain,
other than work related things during the time when normally weigh.
You want me to have wondering where they i just love that i love the slowing down aspect of it yeah and for me i think it’s one of those things that.
I really had to think through like.

[29:01] Why is this so important and my best ideas come when i slow down and my worst ideas and most stress come when i’m burning the candle at both ends and.
So if that’s the case if I can work less and make more money and have better ideas like why the heck wouldn’t I yah,
it’s hard for some people that i can understand yeah i think the fear comes in like what if it all with the bottom falls out and i don’t have enough money and all these things and,
that’s true and that can happen i mean that’s where think planning and risk analysis and,
no i am a certain amount i always keep my bank account just so that if everything falls apart for a few months but i’m not backed up against the wall and make poor decisions that are based.
But when you start to work out some of those things and be able to manage crisis a little better and yeah okay i got this much in the bank account of got,
however many months of renting in my personal and our mortgage is set for however long.
Then it’s a lot easier to ceramic take some extra days off because i know it’s gonna give me some extra time to think through what it really takes to be successful in this industry.

[30:03] Okay sage advice a ride on an and i know were coming up on time but i would really like to talk about your break away moment real quick to go into it so.

[30:16] I know that you were just talking how yeah you know some in a jeweler’s in and you’re somewhat familiar with but are you a fan of the nhl.

[30:25] You know i have tried so hard to like sports for my whole life.
I have just i enjoy the big game to like it’s when i’m around people that love it i love it,
so i have a friend aaron who just like loves the yankees and so,
if I watch a baseball game with Aaron like it is thrilling I love it cuz he’s like he’s going to do this in this and I don’t know with most sports enough of the strategy and I don’t keep up with the players to really enjoy it boy,
there’s a big game people know what’s going to be like on watch so as gonna do this i love it lights up for me for the human side of that i really get into but sure like for me i,
i haven’t seen again sportsman just a i like the human side of it you even more now i totally get that totally get that,
i’m i am a big fan of hockey sunday is and but one of my favorite places in hockey is called the break way and as my,
frequent of fighters will hear me say this some of the new investors may not actually know what a break williams and break ways,
my favorite player one player gets the puck passes all the other players on the on the ice in it,
just stop player in the golden one of two things are gonna happen the players gonna shoot and score goal the goal is gonna make save and that in of itself is my favorite,
part of the game i just let it’s exciting yeah but something happened in that players like for the gold’s life that will lead them to the very,
to be able to execute that play,
then little boys going at such a high rate of speed at such a high level of play something happened it could of been there were younger.

[32:01] It was on the parents said couldn’t some professional that they were something just clicked they have an aha moment said.
That’s what i wanna do that’s what i’m gonna be i’m so my question to you in his what was your ah ha moment what was your,
break we moment lead you to where you are today yeah i was sir that i think that i had lots of can leveling ups where i those breakaway moments one that really stands out,
for my child whose i remember saying to my dad and he has a school psychologist and i said you know with so many people that are so,
I think I was playing high school maybe Middle School I don’t remember exactly needs ex spot I don’t remember my age I said I don’t even know if there’s going to be jobs out there for you know this saturated field and he said.
When you’re the best you never have to worry about having a job and so that really instilled in me the sense.

[32:56] Like just do your very best do good work just hustle harder.
Which has a lot negative that can come with that you can you can always get a kick out to be the best that can be second and i think i’ve had to deal with that side of like that the other side of the coin where am i good enough am i good enough,
the for me they really instilled in me just a hard work ethic.

[33:19] And then do you just looking at my father we always went on vacation a couple of times a year we always slow down we always separate the pool he was always present when he said he be present,
i’m in so for me i think that example with the hard work but also the hard play me help me have multiple break we moments of my life.

[33:37] I love that that’s really good wow i can’t,
and just think this is then wow i go on for a while oh my gosh until we could we could do part three four five seven eighths of any fun,
well howdy people get in touch with you how to get ahold of you yet so my websites practiceofthepractice.com it’s in the counselors in private practice but there universal business principles that anybody can,
can get out of that and also in the summer of two thousand seventeen i’m hosting a conference in northern michigan,
we’re gonna slow down and spark innovation together so i am renting all these cabins in the woods right on lake michigan,
we’re gonna slow down were gonna color in coloring books and go for hikes and play with play dough and then we’re gonna do some creative,
can energy building exercises never gonna start planning people’s businesses after we’ve been refraction,
it’s an amazing time of just growth and can a personal reflection as well so slowdownschool.com is where you can find out more about that again that slowdownschool.com.

[34:38] Awesome and totally post those links in the in the notes there for people to check it out i.
Highly recommend looking into this and learning more about just he’s got some amazing,
things that he’s doing and just an incredible incredible human being and i hope tires if you know me at all you know,
my character and what i like to do and and it i just love giving back and if i would be remiss without saying joseph,
saying it is.

[35:14] That to tv it just over impressive and just the whole while think you think you see me this is very honored to be on your show and your listeners thanks for giving your time to jamie and myself this has been amazing.

[35:28] Yes thank you so much i hold on one quick second unless you have anything else you’d like to say before or after.

[35:34] Yeah i think just the big thing is there’s different times in your life that you’re gonna have to sprint so when i was at the community college working full-time and doing a side hustle,
i had a sprite for that chapter and allow people to greet you work three days a week,
yeah it took a lot of work to get here and see if you look at it as sprints then slow down sprints and slowdowns i think that’s.
Probably more sustainable than this idea just hustling all the time and that would just encourage people.
Find that reminds printing and slowing down and you’ll continue to level up more than thank you so much just think.
Thank you thank cancel or consultant and speaker of fighters i,
i really hope you enjoy this up so i certainly did i know when a little bit longer than we normally did but i there’s just no way i was cutting this off early and thank you to fix this that that extra time there i will def,
go check it out it’s stopperinthepine.com/joseph.
Dash sonic that is eight in two k and you’ll be able to see here was the up so there and get all the links that were put there it’s my time we’re done for today,
thank you so much remember the park stops here have a fan fantastic day.

[36:56] Music.

[37:11] Thanks so much for tuning in today you are just amazing it’s so cool to see all of you creating change in your community is keep it up,
again if you want that wedding are in q and a it’s totally free if you are we council professional subscriber head over to wecounsel.com/professional and you can sign up there get all the details and set me up for him to complain it.
Video chats and billing is part of that plan you will get to hang out with me for free so if you can grow head on over there.
Also thanks so much for subscribing to this and commenting so many of you have been doing that recently,
and it really helps us continue to be the number one podcast for counselors if you haven’t subscribed i don’t want to miss a single episode going to itunes subscribe make sure that you get those up.

[38:01] It’s super important that you keep on track in two thousand seventeen so that you can really make that change in your influence your income impact on the world,
thanks for letting me into yours and your brain i’ll talk to you on tuesday.

[38:14] Music.

[38:21] This podcast is designed right after the thirty two information in regard to the subject matter covered it is good with the understanding that host the publisher or the gas rendering legal accounting clerical or other professional information,
if you need a professional you should find one also things to be in santa sacks of the intro music it rocks.

[38:39] Music.

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