PoP 191 | Raccoons In The Ceiling And Guy From South Korea

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Raccoons in the ceiling

Today, Joe Sanok speaks about raccoons in the ceiling and guy from South Korea.

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In This Podcast:

There are habits we instill around money and hardwork that are very important. It’s really important to look at your personal finances when you’re putting in the work. How do you find the balance between the raccoon in your ceiling and the abundance mindset?

  • Personal Budget: what are your core needs?
  • Time Budget: where are you wasting time?
  • Sprinting Versus a Marathon (hare versus tortoise): sometimes it’s better to sprint and rest
  • Slow Down To Spark Innovation: how to keep track of your ideas and get into a habit of sparking innovation 

Meet Joe Sanok

Joe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is one of the world’s leading private practice consultants. He is the owner of the Traverse City counseling practice, Mental Wellness Counseling. Joe helps counselors to start private practices and grow them.




Podcast Transcription

Pop 191 | Raccoons In The Ceiling And Guy From South Korea

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[0:38] This is the practice of practice podcast with joe sanok expression number one ninety one.

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[0:53] Welcome to the practice of the practice podcast i’m joe sanok your host and i hope you are doing really awesome today i’m going to tell you about a guy from south korea and raccoons.
In an apartment i lived in and we talk about all sorts of really fun and interesting things have been awesome in your world well.
It was probably two thousand in ss seven or cell was working a community mental health in kalamazoo michigan,
and my wife and i live in this big old house and we had the main floor.
And on one side of our street was a slot one way street this can’t talk the way,
alright was all students and there’s these girls next door that literally every night with practice beer pong so that on the weekend they were awesome at it and they would.
Do you like a robotics in the middle of the night and it was just crazy and then on the other side of our house was all like single family homes where they owned the houses.
We are right in this middle section and we were on a first name basis with what we call the party police because he’s parties be like.
Non stop middle of night i don’t know how we ended up in this neighborhood,
so to cnn money a friend of ours he had been for a long time he would host international students and they would pay some money per month this was through the university in town.

[2:26] Newt stay with him they had to provide lunch or breakfast and dinner,
and they help teach them english and the host always really amazing people that were either students or they could just be a business people that want to spend a semester or two in the united states learning english better,
so we hosted this guy name young guy in our house who’s from south korea.
And within the first couple weeks we were all just like sick of the parties that we had been there probably for ios six months.

[2:56] So we move over to this retirement complex and it’s mostly people that are retired.
They have like swing dancing once a month for the big bang and the this community that aqua aerobics with all these like the real people going to aqua aerobics to move into this apartment to two bedroom apartment and it’s probably,
to know we’re still unpacking our boxes so maybe a week in and christina is like.
Oh my gosh there’s a squirrel in our docked for our heat.
And i go over and look at it and there is literally this like squirrel looking at me on the other side of our are heating duct.

[3:40] So call the management and they are like there’s no way that they can get into the docs you must everything i might literally i see a squirrel running it through the doctor.

[3:51] So the come up on the yep that’s a squirrel in no kidding height what you think i made that up that’s ridiculous.
So they can take squirrel out so then at ninety we sir to hear these scratches.
In the ceiling above our bed we’re on the top floor.

[4:11] And so he’s like that like he is special about of above our bed and we realize that there’s something up there.

[4:22] And i am,
gotta get up in the morning to go to work every single day and i have the small private practice that i have going where am to ninety nine contractor at a larger practice and,
she’s in graduate school and young he has to go to his classes to and worked teaching him,
english every night and we wake up to the smell of ramen that he makes and put in a again and so it’s like beef bullion every morning and.

[4:52] He watches top gun and charlie’s angels every night to learn english and it’s so much going on and so i call the management and like there’s something in our ceiling.
So they come and they go as big natural they like remove like a one foot by one foot square out and they find that there’s like all these like.
Nice set other stuff that up there in so they clean out as much as they can.
And scrape it out and then they put some different like traps up there.
Catch the animals after thirty we live traps your daughter can in the forest and so the but they were they were not.
So they cover the whole back up i drill up there so they can pull down so will be laying in bed at night.

[5:41] And like i’ll be almost asleep like i have to get up early.
And here’s snap and then this poor animal will light limp away.
And then like the next night will hear like another trap go off and what color management,
and this goes on for months where they can not figure out why there are raccoons and possums and squirrels and who knows what else was up their reindeer probably.

[6:14] And it was just so much.

[6:19] But I start with that story because recently I’ve had some well-intended people.
Say to me if things like will it must be nice to work three and a half days will it must be nice to have a thriving private practice.
But in two thousand six i didn’t have a practice that was a sub contractor at child and family psychological services in kalamazoo michigan.
But there are habits that we instilled around money and hard work i think a really important to talk about that are gonna help your bottom line.
So are very first month of marriage we look at our spending habits we didn’t live together before we got married,
so coming together was quite an issue we got a huge fight over manny is our first week of marriage i wanted home and she wanted or i wanted generic she wanted home inns,
and it just represents so much to us and so we each had very different mindset so we,
look at how much i spent if we didn’t have a budget so we just kept track of it that month and we set our budget from there in that first year of marriage going to this is two thousand four on so bit ago i made thirty thousand dollars a year.

[7:39] She was in school,
we lived off of ten grand so we lived in this super small apartment we had a hundred dollar budget for food for the month we paid off ten grand in student loan debt of mine and we paid fully for her school.
So we started there and then every year we just paying down as much or student loan debt is much of our debt as we could.
And so by the time we left kalamazoo after having young guy and the recommends and when you was amazing was so fun to have him there he deftly was not one of the stressors but you never have an extra person in the house obviously that’s,
yeah different it.
It was like all we have left in that was think we had like five thousand dollars in debt and meets we payed off sixty or seventy thousand dollars.
Off of a thirty to forty thousand dollar income.
Over of the two thousand fourteen two thousand nine so over five years since we are putting ten to fifteen thousand dollars and now i see it now as of a bragging thing at all because.
It’s really important to look at your personal finances when you’re putting in the work.
Today i’m share with you for different kind of ways of thinking about just quitting in the work.
Because yeah practice the practice is going well i used to a lot of things i never thought i’d be able to do to make you more than i expected but.
It didn’t just happen i didn’t just write the lottery i hustled for a while and i’m gonna talk about how you find that balance today.

[9:15] Between that raccoon in your ceiling bootstrapping side of things and the like.
Abundance mindset that i think is out there too and good but you gotta put in the work to.
So the first thing is look at your personal budget look at your family budget.
What’s like the worst case scenario we could get by this much per year maybe have a mortgage maybe you have an apartment may be renting i don’t know your situation but what are the core needs that you have so housing food,
health insurance those are the things in your family what would it actually take if things got really bad like how much could you cut.
So when i was leaving my full-time job at the community college we did this with the budget what can we actually live on here in traverse city michigan if we are to cut back on going out to eat at all these extra things.
And then like what would a reasonable budget be right now if we are to look at paying down some debt if we look at really improving the financial structure of our household.

[10:25] The first look at your personal budget.
Next i want you to look at your time budget we’re looking at putting in the work where are you wasting time where can we squeeze a little bit more orange juice out of this orange because.
Often times we don’t really think about the ten or fifteen minutes that we jump on facebook or on the wasted time and how we do things even something as simple i found is,
when we load the dishwasher put all the knives together put all the forks together so that when you’re on loading the dishwasher,
you can really quickly put it away finding those ways to be more efficient in your time but looking at your time budget.
So couple things i found that have helped with this is i have all sorts of things,
okay in my head that i can do if i have an extra five or ten minutes,
no i’m not looking at how do you become the most productive person in the world it’s more how do we get a lot done in a short period of time so that in other areas we can slow down i’ll talk a little bit about the idea of sprinting vs by marathon,
when you do a time assessment of where your spending your time oftentimes you can think through ways that you can improve things.
So next thing we’re gonna talk about is its printing vs a marathon check about this a little bit on the podcast,
warren buffett talked about really how much he values the tortoise over the hare and the story of the tortoise and the hare so quick version of you have heard this fable.

[11:57] Is there a tortoise and the hare somehow they decide they’re gonna race which is a ridiculous promise to start with,
and the hair run super fast it always does the finish line takes a nap under a tree and the whole time the tortoise just keeps on plugging along and the winning the race.

[12:14] Now what are you but yeah the idea of yoga sustaining a life time i don’t just look for the quick wins don’t you know kind of just jump here and there i get that but.
In our lives i think it makes way more sense to have sprints versus just non stop going towards that finish line that we sprint.
We rest we spent and then we rest we.
Do something that gonna be a big win for us so last summer i horses and make a blog sprint where a group of about forty of us.
We wrote ten blog posts in about a week and a half as we just sprinted towards that goal and then we rested.
And so when you do that your brain gets rejuvenated your brain can’t bounce back you have room for those ideas that’s what the whole slow down school thing is that i’m working on right now.
Is that we get out there and we really sprint and then we slow down.
I think the hair should you set an alarm on his phone or finish the race and then took a nap rather than this whole like sprint arrest thing in the middle of the race.

[13:26] Fourth i want to think through what are some essential tips tools steps that you can use.
To look at your personal budget to look at your time budget and to think about that’s printing so the first thing i really think would be helpful for two thousand seventeen.
Is that you put in your calendar blocked out periods of time to work in your business so.
For me that every thursday morning i make sure that i have a space of time blocked out for me to work on my podcast,
because it comes on tuesday because if i have on thursday morning that’s if i don’t get it done during the week i know for sure i’m gonna get on that.
Set aside time for blogging set aside time have just repeat your calendar so that every single week you’re getting those things done.
Also i said this before i still use it i just use the notes section on my iphone to have a today list.
In the someday list what are the things that today are gonna move the needle forward i need to work on first.
So for example before i even to this podcast i reviewed the videos that came from couple of media that are helping to get the slow down school launched.
The first video is all about why we should slow down some cool stories and is a beautiful video the second one,
walks through the exact steps that i do just said he even outsourced goals,
i talk a little bit about why that’s important to me than the third one i go deep into the slot on school and how it’s gonna be amazing,
so for me that’s gonna be my big thing in two thousand seventeen.

[14:58] I wanna help commissions to be able to slow down spark innovation because i know that deep down there’s all these ideas inside of you there covered by stress and over work and if i can help people,
figure how to make more money and slow down,
to me that is a level up for me that’s moving the needle forward for myself but also for always clinicians their company to come out to slow down school,
and said that was my priority today to watch those videos to give coup le media some clear feedback.
And then to the things i know they also need to get on such as this podcast such as returning e-mails such as all the other things on my to do list i probably should i eat lunch in forty five minutes ago.
But i want to get this stuff done before my next meeting that happens in nineteen minutes so really figuring out how you use your time most efficiently.
How you keep track of your ideas so that when you have slow time that you can work on those ideas of how you can get into those habits and i’m going basis.
You guys are awesome so if you have recommends in your ceiling right now,
or you have gas in south korea living with you keep up the hustle there is a time for you to put in that work to build a foundation where your paying off a personal that you’re rocking it out.
But that is the sprint that’s section that is not the life style and so it said some very clear and achievable goals as to when you’re gonna slow down is that when you finish paying off your student loan debt.

[16:30] Is it going to be when i pay off your car you guys gonna relax for little bit your taking month off from the hustle and then what’s and explain that can move that needle for with that next spring,
to two thousand seventeen is going to be an amazing year for you it’s gonna be an amazing year for practice the practice is gonna be amazing year for the field of counseling i’m so inspired by the number of consultants of podcasters of people,
in the private practices that are doing amazing work and we together are literally changing the entire face of our field,
and listen to this podcast you are joining me and thousands of other people that are doing this to literally reshape counselor.
And i cannot wait to see and hear what you’re doing to rock it out in two thousand seventeen and to just do so much more.

[17:18] Lastly i would be latest podcast without our sponsors brighter vision has ben one of our if not our longest term sponsor this january.
They have the biggest sale of the year if you are looking for a new and updated an amazing website head on over to brightervision.com/joe and you get the deepest discount you can gain all of two thousand seventeen thanks so much for letting me into your years and into your brain that you rock you are amazing keep it up and let’s keep moving forward.

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or the publisher gas are renting legal accounting clerical or other professional production professional information.
Can a professional to forward but thanks man sounds to sexy for your intro music.

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