PoP 193 | How To Get More Time With Jaime Jay

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How to get more time

Today, Joe Sanok speaks with Jaime Jay of the ‘Stop Riding The Pine’ podcast about how to get more time.

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Know the difference between WordPress.com versus WordPress.org. WordPress.com is free and hosted on WordPress. With WordPress.org, however, you need to purchase your domain and gain your own hosting provider. Visit www.practiceofthepractice.com/host to see our recommendation!

Basics plugins for a WordPress Website:

  • SEO by Yoast
  • Kismet (anti spam)
  • Updraft Plus
  • Disable ‘Helly Dolly’
  • Disable comments – people confuse it with a contact form

Three steps to launching a podcast:

  1. Do research / listen to podcasts
  2. Reach out to groups on Facebook
  3. Come up with a title

Invest in a virtual assistant to help you free up your time!


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Podcast Transcription

Pop 193 | How To Get More Time With Jaime Jay

[0:00] If you are ready to grow in two thousand seventeen i’m gonna be doing a monthly webinar are and a monthly q and a session that’s going to be completely free for customers of we counsel,
head on over to wecounsel.com/professional and you can sign up today for him to complain video,
business training with me and all sorts of other amazing things that will help you grow in two thousand seventeen again that’s wecounsel.com/professional.

[0:38] This is the practice and the practice podcast with joe sanok session number one ninety three.

[0:43] Music.

[0:54] I’m just saying actor host here in the radio center the building in beautiful downtown traverse city michigan i’m watching the radio center three building get.

[1:04] Right in front my eyes they are lifting,
it’s going up it’s taking my view amateur on the porch to see out of my at my office but still a great office until you quick story about time management because today we’re talking genie j all about,
utilizing time and making more of an impact with your time this morning i had coffee with a friend of mine.
And as we are waiting for coffee someone that he knew i start talking to him.
And started chatting for quite a period of time and I was totally fine I pulled out my phone and I initially was going to start checking my email and I remembered that yesterday I’m I brought on a new executive assistant.
Up to start working through some of my email and of course she’s following hip shoes you know a contractor that’s gonna be kind of working through on so my e-mails for me.
And i want to take you through that process real quick and how i did that’s how i found the person and then the training side of insecticide when you bring in some sort of assistant.
Almost everybody fails at you wanna be hyper specific on exactly what you want and so.
About a week ago i started creating a google document and keeping track of the types of e-mails i get.
And the actions they wanted her to take and so if i get an email from haro help a reporter out.
What I want her to do is to read through it look at certain sections and then if there’s a section that to me is really important or you no kind of connects with what.

[2:40] Types of things and try to get into the news for allow her to make it on red,
start and then for her to text me right away there’s a harley in your inbox on the unit reply to quickly.
It was great cuz yesterday as i was walking to my car and she text me so call real quick i have an email from the cuple media guys i said hey will you reply real quickly to them.
And then there’s another email that oh yeah i know what’s going on there just can’t keep me in the loop is really helping me utilize my time.
So instead of check email during that time i knew this was gonna be doing that a few times today.
So i just relaxed and i read the news and what’s going on in the world and it just was able to kinda decompress this morning and get ready for my time with my friend and you know when we start to find ways to brutally,
ask ourselves what what’s the best use of my time what are the things that only i can do.
And what are the things that really i should train somebody else to do.
That’s when the biggest mindset shifts and today with jamie jay we’re gonna talk about that shifted going from you’ve given yourself a career accounting job to,
you have a business you are as ceo even if you’re still up for new york state to bring a virtual assistant so that you can,
really leverage your time to keep moving up and not just have another hourly job and so excited about this interview today with jamie j,
without any further ado here’s jimmy j.

[4:04] Music.

[4:10] Day on the show have jamie jay he is an entrepreneur and podcast or jamie currently operates for companies that do website development,
we’re press maintenance,
podcast training and Production Services and he has a virtual assistant company and he’s the host of the stop writing,
find podcast by the pleasure of being on his podcast in a few weeks ago you guys heard that reverse interview here on the practice of the pro,
cast change a welcome to the practice of the practice podcast thank you so much for having me joseph super excited appreciate it yeah yeah this is so awesome to have you here.
Susan get over a little cold here is what start with toes a little bit about your different things the work on some of your origin story of how you got into that.

[4:55] Well thank you for all appreciate that and yeah so it kind of a long drawn out cycle went through.
Part of the charges and take it where i am today that’s for sure but the original i’ve always kind of been,
attracted to technology I remember I’ll of the Atari 2600,
commodore sixty four you know back in the day i remember i think i was i was living in colorado at the time and it’s probably,
probably twelve or thirteen years old maybe thirteen years old maybe thirteen fourteen actually and my dad brought home a word processor with a big,
me tricks printer and they had to put the cover over the dot matrix printer cuz it was so loud you so fascinated i could play something it into this little,
screen and return on piece paper that my i remember the christmas we got the calendar one twenty eight,
and so the next version of it and those dot matrix printers with the little like,
things to pull off on the side so would scroll through yeah any children of the eighties you remember all that so they catch in the technology.
It did yeah i just really i was really fascinated by it so i would have to the army got out of the army and it,
it was probably i don’t know six months or so i good friend of mine had a take me to work for a corp give me an interview at corporate one hundred company in technology and so was.

[6:31] About it in connectivity and all that stuff and things were you know they were still kinda new no not really not really tackle as we know it nowadays but i stayed with them and i went on for the next probably twelve years or so,
maybe thirteen years working in.
I just wasn’t,
feeling rewarded there’s a lot of red tape size that you know it i’m gonna go.

[7:14] And started my own agency and with a partner.
And that’s it that’s why i really got into building websites and working on plans and logos and stuff like that my think so that’s kind of the genesis of how,
how it all started for me,
that’s so cool so and you also do some stuff from wordpress for people are have established websites like how did used transition from just like building websites to can helping other people optimize their time.

[7:43] That’s a great question um so one of the,
one of the biggest things everybody likes to save money i am sure you can agree where,
i agree that’s at some level i’ve always been a saver my mom,
actually of humor the show family ties bring cash alex p keaton my grandma used to call me alex instead of go just cuz you like you would you like to save money like alex,
six hundred eighty died when i was like thirty some years old she got alex blah blah blah i’m into saving money that is fisher.
Hope well that’s kind of where all this came about and it’s funny that you say that because,
everybody can remember you know maybe a certain incident in their life where they really like to save money and what I found is a lot of times and this is what the mean clouded when I first started until I really understood that the business is that,
are people,
not only do they miss out because they’re not doing it everyday that’s not their trade they may not really like it or enjoy it they may not have the design capabilities or,
used to wear with all to what you know what tools to use so they go through that learning curve where they hatch that,
i have to actually take extra time to you know research and learn and study in order to come up with a product that,
i may or may not be as good as it could be you know hiring it out somebody that knows what they’re doing.

[9:18] Will she have them a ton of time in doing so they just they say hey can you do this for me it’s time and they can worry about doing whatever it is that they really enjoy doing developing business seeing patients do we doing whatever it is yeah,
so for the people that are bootstrapping they’ve got like five clients a week the literally don’t have any money to outsource of water maybe a couple,
plug-in things word press the like even if you don’t work with jamie jail like these are the things you have to have on your website in wordpress website.

[9:49] Great question what first off yes though if you’re not familiar with wordpress,
and completely free.
And it sits on wordpress server so you don’t have to get hosting or anything like that,
but if you go to wordpress.com you can see how to do this but you do not have the flexibility of customizing your site.
Very well with things like plugins and if you don’t know what plans are plug-ins or like pieces of software that a third party has written to make your life better or make your visitors experience better on your website,
the sound like an app for your website it exactly that’s great way of saying it and so if he if you could wordpress.org.
I’m saying wordpress but we’re past or that’s where you actually have to purchase hosting and what’s nice about this is if you purchase your on hosting you own that asset whereas if you were on wordpress.com it would be something like you know.
Just send talk dot wordpress.com yeah it,
and i’m just joseph and talk dot com right from that’s really important a lot of,
they don’t understand in the beginning that when you create a website you should create that website as an asset for you,
and therefore,
i highly recommend people going to wordpress.org and getting a hosting provider as well there’s many of them yeah there are tons out there to see a current recommendation can just go to practiceofthepractice.com/host.

[11:24] I’m always evaluating can who were using so you always have are most up to date host that will redirect you to see sen hosting you then import.
Wordpress be able to be on there you set up your theme and all them were press and then once it gets going they have can some pages built like other specific plug-ins that,
i feel like a pretty good for the most websites for concerts and private practice yeah there’s there’s always gonna be,
specialty plugins that you can go and research and homework is to coming out all the time there’s that’s why is wordpress is so i,
awesome because they’re so many different opportunities out there but there’s a couple of plug-ins that i would recommend that you look into that will really help,
natalie you building,
and you’re your wordpress site but it’ll help people find you and it’ll make the experience that much better when the first one is s ceo.
Buy your cost and as ceo stands for search engine optimization and basically that means is depending on the content that you have on your website and people will find you.
In a google search for certain keywords that the enter so if they wanted to enter joseph and talk and up pops first justice in top that’s really good friday on,
so that that’s the first will that i highly recommend it makes search engine optimization very easy there’s no coding there’s nothing.
Fancy about it yeah it just helps you not think if you like red light yellow light green light scores on how well your pages are optimized it is really nice it’s like if i write an article about.

[13:03] Depression and i want to rank for depression counseling or depression therapist,
i can enter that into a co yo state and then it tells me how well i’m doing and so for me,
it’s in great because it gives you a like the fletcher score which is how readable your and what can be grade level your rating at,
now all these things and it tells you exactly what you need to change like are you having to longer sentences and,
all the things that they keep up on the google likes i love to stay use that with press the practice with every single post what is one of the plug-ins do you like.

[13:36] What’s really important is making sure it that you wanna keep spam down so it’s always good to activate a plug and that comes on every,
every fresh.
Install of wordpress and that plug-in is to help minimize my gosh i just trying to blake it’s a plug-in that is it’s freshly installed in every single one kismet is what i call,
and that helps keep the spam down and so you have to go and it’s free,
but you have to go in there and get a little code and activation code in and just say yes and you go through that process takes about thirty seconds you wanna make sure that that’s,
activated the couple and their like how little dolly in things like this those i would recommend you to leaving,
and those are there to hello dolly is in is like for blocking and stuff like that they come with wordpress standard those you can get rid of,
but nothing that i’d recommend to that’s really important r is a is a backup keeping a backup of your system so that,
in case something were to happen or your site went down or something strange happen you always have a backup of all of your data and there’s a premium plug-in called,
backup plus.
And that is it’s a really are up draft plus i’m sorry updrafts plus and that is a really cool plug and it’s very light weight mean that it doesn’t.
It’s not gonna take no slow page your page low speeds time.

[15:10] Times down or anything like that it’s just really easy and it runs in the background you can set it to download every day,
are backed up your contact every day or every week or every two weeks whatever you want it is a one time fee i think about seventy nine dollars,
but it’s well worth it because it protects all of your contact me all the information that i have,
what an in that such a good use of your money because of your site goes down after rebuild it’s gonna take so much time,
and also like we have a dedicated server and i think it’s eighty nine bucks a month or something like that he they automatically back it up and all of that,
but you know i’m paying eighty bucks a month for this really like fast speed and you don’t have to be dedicated and when you get a certain point with traffic you wanna probably upgrade to that.
But it would be great use of seventy bucks if he your say goes down to just know that you can have somebody help get it back up quickly.

[16:01] You know me and speaking with a lot of people he if you talk about constructing their business they may not have to you know thousands of dollars it takes to hire a professional you know development company but,
if they’re bootstrapping this and then they don’t have that eighty three dollar month hosting package maybe they’re using your hosting recommendations and in other paying what ten dollars a month or whatever it is it’s like five bucks a month right now,
yeah we’d better yeah five bucks a month then.
It it by all means it’s even more important to do this and i think about it a one time deal that’s your not paying it and you wear anything with.
Line one thing for counselors if you haven’t done the hell are recommending is if you are blogging to disable comments on there in that kind of counterintuitive to what most people recommend but sometimes a potential clients think that that’s a contact,
form and that’s really not protecting the confidentiality sophie jump on there and say.
Hey so and so like i really wanna schedule an appointment i love this depression article how to get started,
of that can be a really big liability for us i just disabled the comments which cuts down on the spam,
but it’s not as interactive but really a point for counseling websites to get people in the counseling that in a silly create a community right there,
around talking about counseling issues so that that’s one things that’s unique to counselors that isn’t to other fields.

[17:21] I like to play yeah six engine you have a few other businesses i’d love to hear how you.

[17:28] Focus because i know that as we add more to our plates a lot of times we can of we aren’t working out as much stuff for each business you of your one thing your working and they can hundred percent,
how did you say you’re gonna launch other businesses on top of like this wordpress and in website building company.

[17:48] That’s great question i’m headed it’s very easy to get that,
so at that shiny object syndrome by that sounds like fun let’s do that,
wait a second taking way too much of my time exactly but the way that i did this was about a year and a half ago,
i have to start getting people asking me to me what the heck you do i know your kind of on-line you make the web site yourself but what do you do and i realize that because of the offerings.
That we had i was confusing people and i didn’t have a consistent single message as to what it was that we did so,
what i wanna be able to do is not only build a website for somebody but i’d like to continue that relationship for if someone has a website already how can i help them,
and and we have the services in-house to do a lot of this but,
the message was getting confused or tweet and we didn’t have we weren’t able to easily tell somebody what we did so if i said hey this is jamie work for such a studio.
It would be about five min elevator pitch on to let somebody know world down elevator pitch exactly so,
basically what i did is i kind of,
in summation i made it like four pairs to online success that i can bring all of the four different companies together but at the same time,
be able to market them and explain what they are so that they can stand on their own two legs so that if someone already had a website.

[19:24] They can also be your benefit from using one of these other three services if that’s where they were in the process of all out so then,
not start websites and then naturally it’s how do you keep the website going see removing the kind of wordpress maintenance and then what after that.
So what we had after that was in you and i are big fans of podcasting on and so i have an editor on staff,
anyways now we have a couple and we start getting people saying hey jeannie i like the way that your writing shown up can you do that for me.
And i said well i think i could sure so we started a company called podcast pilot where we do show note,
writing and the podcast you know editing for the show so we do anything insurance and we also help people launch their pod cast through the park is by that much program and so that was,
the third thing we can we found that both this is great because now we’re helping people build party inches and they’re growing their business because if they have they have podcasting as a marketing arm.
And so the next logical step to help them out with him as many entrepreneurs as you said in our printer view it really hard to know.
You know to see somebody doing very well but then answering their calls or you know riding up there you know e-mails or managing their emails are doing mundane tasks that really take a lot of energy out of out of business owners or,
you know i’m spinner so we came up with bottleneck dopamine which is a va business so that you can.

[20:58] No scale your business without a super high in cost in all the liabilities that are associated with you know growing do the traditional employees.

[21:08] I love it so wanna go back to podcasting so for me it with my consulting clients in particular and some of the people in my mastermind group podcasting has been one of the things that helped them level up.
Faster than almost anything else on tv speak to the power of podcasting and some of the unofficial start a podcast would you say to them if they’re interested in it but there is this a good use of my time.

[21:32] Great i’m so glad you went back to that a,
so short answer yes awesome use of your time i will tell you probably sixty five to seventy percent of the business generated at snapshot,
is in some way she perform related to the podcast that were doing the reason why thing podcasting is so powerful,
is not only the downloads that you get or the listeners that get to listen to your show but no gas style format if you,
guess that you get to me it’s the other people that you get to interact with it’s a wonderful way of introducing yourself for meeting other people that you would like to meet,
and give them an opportunity to either come on your show or to listen to your show and it has,
credibility offers a lot of credibility because you can see my show was on itunes it’s in my heart radio there’s all these other places that we send kate the show to that your message is gonna be heard on.
And then you also have the educational aspect of it to wear for your listeners on you can be really creative and have a lot of fun with it come up with a name for your listeners and get them really involved and it’s a lot of fun and,
definitely one of the best ways i think moving forward in the future to market your business because if you see every vehicle from twenty sixteen on an,
and like the gym sees all the of this chevy is all that they all have the little pod cast icon that you can get you know that the music package with no which is really exciting can.

[23:06] Top right there in less talk step pretty soon grandma’s gonna have a favor podcast that you bring that thanksgiving dinner,
exactly you know and it’s and when you an iron example of this i don’t even remember who first entered introduced us it was a david shriner.

[23:25] A navy look back in the emails yeah so so you and i reset this podcast swap.
And then you have these tech issues and we ended up just talking on the phone for forty five minutes while you are about to take your mom to the airport.
Yes and if so when people are tech issues like i never make a big deal out of it but from your perspective you really do your so nice and generous and that to me in middle of night i mean it’s like you did on purpose.
So then when i was on your show that we are has built-in reporter.
After that show you connect me with your mentor aaron walker who is in a mastermind group with dave ramsey and dan miller,
and so now everyones gonna be on my podcast and he’s having me on to do one of this expert interviews this like the ability the ability to level up,
through podcast and the people you meet could never happen if you just like the muscles like hail and connect with you vs the one pm showing can promote what you’re doing and tell us about but how you can help people more in.
It’s just me so amazing that we live in a world where it’s like the more you give and the more good content you create like the more successful you are which but how cool is that it is that you can just be yourself and make.
A living off of it and the you just nailed it,
i wish it back up with that is the epitome of what podcast can do in what’s real and what’s so cool is no matter what industry mitch no matter what you.

[24:55] I was gonna be able to align yourselves with other like-minded people are other people that share the same beliefs or you know that have the same habits or if that’s what’s so cool about,
parking of course i’m up go political and see opposition and stuff like that but,
but that’s what people in those industries that’s what they thrive on and it gets so need to be able to just.
Come in to see what you wanna say i worked in radio for a while that was one of the fortune one hundred companies i work with and each year so much red tape,
no it’s if oh my gosh if you want to do an event all lord almighty insurance writers and okay is it okay to say this and how do we do this and can you approve this document before that can you prove this poster and oh yeah.
Park st you can say what you want it’s your show it doesn’t matter i love it so it says somebody’s listen right now and they’re like what are my first,
three steps to consider a launching a podcast what do i need to consider than what actions should i take to get things moving towards launching a podcast.

[26:01] Well that’s great first thing is on do some research,
i could find out what a podcast is in and maybe find maybe one of your favorite shows or start listening to copper show couple shows just to get an idea of a podcasting is all about,
the second is maybe reach out to a couple of groups on facebook,
that’s really cold interact and get non biased opinions from some other people that are either just starting out in park casting and groups are everywhere i have to type it take and,
but is in a facebook group and then it’s pretty cool you can reach out to that so that would be the second thing and then the third thing would be to,
compass come with a title i think a lot of people would probably say why come up with the title but in my opinion if you start coming up with the title,
it starts start getting in your mind in your mindset is when i have a title for the show this could be real this could be real and i think,
getting a title and the process of going through that title and figuring out that creative is kind of fun,
and it especially when it’s about yourself and your show and i think you tube get that extra little level of excitement so,
i love you and the idea of hankering that thought in your brain of all i have a title for an hour and now i have to make this happen like that so it’s so great how important is it for people that are considering a podcast to think about.
That’s what they want to get out of a thing about counselors that they just want to grow their causing private practice but then if they go national like me get national people that want to see them.

[27:37] That wasn’t like what they’re trying to do and how important is determining here’s what i hope to get out of the podcast that that’s a really good question so.

[27:47] I am a huge proponent of getting into podcasting because i love the nips that i’m in and i love talking and sharing with others and learning,
i did not get in the podcast to generate income i didn’t go into it looking for sponsors i actually have a couple of opportunities which is,
pulls me away for people that want to sponsor my show and it actually said no because i didn’t wanna.

[28:11] Who and but but at the same time some people wanna get into it to make money but is just like.
Alright i’m establishing yourself online using an essy okay being a search engine optimization campaign and i don’t know if this is very good analogy but,
it takes a while for people to find you online much in the same way that it takes a while for people to find your show or Dig Two,
build that audience i’m depending on it but obviously who you are and what your status is that will definitely help how much liberty having a specific niche industry but it does take some time,
and that so there is an investment on,
be on behalf of the host you gotta invest that time because people love to see consistency as soon as i took my should one day week at a certain time my earnings,
started growing it meets you every tuesday morning cuz live in like when i did that,
through the roof no even if you’re not monetize your podcast sponsors any you said earlier they quaid large percentage of your business comes directly because of your work with your podcast id is that correct.
That is totally correct and i call it in direct monetization okay and i would that’s the part like that’s you and me,
we were talking and i’ve introduce you to someone else and you’ve introduced me to someone else and we were all kind of into interlaced at this time and what happens to will there be potential for generating income.

[29:43] I need to get a part for my mark my part because of that introduction of the pot casting,
well yes i think there will be how will that happen well it if you eat it you who knows it maybe it’s that you introduce me to someone that needs a website maybe i find someone that you know or packet at your one of your events.
Right that’s exactly i could put sponsoring of it so so yeah so there’s a lot of opportunities for that and i think that right there that is the gold in podcasting yeah,
yeah i think so many people just think how can i make money officer to get a couple more clients and that,
but when you think about what if you were known as being like the top person about anxiety in your state or in the country,
are you are interviewing the top people in that field and now you know the top five researchers and you’ve interviewed the top five,
college professors they are teaching your specific mitch like that those connections are gonna be with continues to level up your career so i can go that enough.
So you then talked about the after party so the virtual assistant tell me a bit about people that struggle with outsourcing aspects of their time like why.
What’s the push traffic in regards to getting a virtual assistant.

[31:01] So what’s the push back on i’m having a virtual sister what’s the person push back on people that i’m thinking about getting one yes i guess i think about like the average so open yours so they had their counseling private practice.
On the bootstrap for a while.
And then there like you know nobody can do it is good as i can kinda mentality says one push back that i’ve heard from people,
in regards to hiring an assistant other examples like that of mindset shifts maybe that business leaders need to make to.
Can a move towards a how to use my time better.

[31:40] I love that you just said that the first part where nobody can do this better than i can and.

[31:48] They’re probably right but with regards to the next portion of that the mind shift your mindset,
that’s where people that are gonna have to have that one to explore the opportunity of getting a virtual assistant to assist them in their business and need to change the number one reason arrived say ninety five percent of the reason that,
a va does not work out and ends up you know the relationship this is halter stopped is because of people like you and me that don’t spend the time the owners the business owners i’m saying,
don’t spend the time to properly train from the va xp and show them exactly was expected they automatically assume that well i know everything why don’t they,
right so we are very i guess you can say bullish are big proponents of this,
of letting all of our clients know that they that first two weeks if you don’t have the bandwidth to take a minimum of an hour to a day to spend with that person fight over the next two weeks then,
then it is probably not gonna be in your best interest to move forward with this.
And they say why i’m so busy that’s why i need to be a well if that the problem is that if you don’t take that time up front.
Then it gonna hurt you down the road not necessarily next week or in a couple of weeks but may be three or four months down the road it just not gonna work out and you and then it that point you invested part-time and money.

[33:21] Turn to no end right well i think that’s one thing that when people are exploring it in my consulting with them,
it is a start documenting what you doing so when you’re in the intake phone call when someone pushes back and says why don’t you take insurance how do you answer that so capture the google dr capture this summer that you can train someone,
if somebody asks you why do you charge more than the going rate how do you respond to that so that somebody can answer as if they were you.
It it going to this process right now i have a va who’s gonna help with some of my e-mails and yeah i’m saying here’s the can email that i want to return personally,
i need you to start them make them on red and put in at the top of the user can email that you can just respond on my behalf here’s the kind you can archive and here’s how watch archive on.
And so is starting to secures the different types of females and capturing how i replied those e-mails is really important to me,
i’m so that she sounds as much like me and then obviously says no family joe’s system.

[34:22] But i think that what you’re saying is making sure you know you wanna get out of your virtual assistant is one of the most important things.

[34:29] Yes so there’s a two-week holiday inn in scott tv says this but he says every time you do something do it as if that was the last time you ever need to do it,
basically what he means as every time you’re doing something right down the steps so that it so that you can delegated,
and we come up with the told call the delegation tool and what that does is it helps you identify every single thing that you do and then what do you like to do what do you,
kinda like to do but you could you could delegate out and in what are the things that don’t give you any energy those of the task that you really want to give up,
you know delegate out and in and in addition to that we have a job role and as soon as that delegation tools as is finalized it really helps you to identify and understand,
what tasks you can delegate successfully so that when you complete the job role you know exactly,
what to show your va on what is it you want to delegate to them and then threw that you can say okay this is what i’m gonna be,
i am getting you to do and this is how you should be doing because at this point when your taking that role in every time you do something make sure the last time you do it.
You’re cute you’re establishing your work clothes and work clothes i think are critical when you’re sharing stuff with a va because it’s gonna help that learning process so much better so that they can be as much like you as possible love it,
i think it’s really the mindset shift is have you given yourself a career where you just know you’re a counselor in private practice already given yourself a business.

[36:05] And to shift into that ceo mindset yo what’s ceo of the answering the phones of any company,
what’s the meaning every single email that comes in what CEO would be doing his or her own website design,
they wouldn’t end even if you it’s just you right now and maybe bring on one virtual assistant shifting into that ceo mindset.
I think is one of the hardest things for people to do but once you do,
it’s freezing up to go on vacation and not worry about the whole thing falling apart or to you take the weekend off and not return tax all that it’s just my time before i started i have to admit,
i was afraid of getting my own administrative assistant i was dealing with that exact thing and when.

[36:48] It happened i can tell you how much weight has been lifted which there’s.
It has been amazing and i’ve been able to be so much more productive.

[37:00] And alot of the stress of the,
tasks that didn’t give me energy that i just cringed if i had to do that now i don’t do you can’t just i’m gonna smile all the time.
What that’s so true i love the idea of productivity and how having assistance help with that,
an example is last fall i had this idea what if we had a practice of the practice magazine inst launch as the magazine and,
took our best blog post and then had some unique interviews that were special and let all of our podcast sponsors have some free advertising in it,
and it lets them my virtual assistant now here’s my idea,
go for it and literally she acquired can all of the everything she did all the design,
all i get is you final proofs and at practiceofthepractice.com/magazine we in the first day i think had two hundred dollar loads of it.
Which is incredible to me that just as i do now is something that has come to fruition and people are saying his,
genuinely cannot change the way people view the counseling field and that wouldn’t have been able to happen,
if i was just kinda stressed every day if i was just kind of my time was exchange for money in so.
Thank you so much jamie for for pushing us to think differently about this i can’t agree with you more than what you’re talking about.

[38:22] Yeah it’s it really is as you said mine shaft and i think i should it is it okay to talk counts and we do have.
I think it’s called the seven reasons like wind you know it’s kinda hard va so he go to bottleneck on on-line copy and i did a video on that very question is we get that a lot.
And what’s a url bottleneck on-line.
Awesome so if people wanna do any of the differ if they wanted to websites they wanted outs are some of their wordpress podcast va work what’s the website for each of those different things based on what people might wanna do the work with you.

[39:04] Oh well thank you it’s slapshots to do I’m big hockey fan is for the websites.
I’m done for you double up is a wordpress support and maintenance site monthly maintenance.

[39:20] And then that’s if you’d.

[39:24] If you don’t wanna do that updates and all that kind of stuff to protect you from you know getting now where and infected with viruses and things like that the third is podcastpilot.com that’s for podcast editing and writing services,
and then the fourth is bottleneck dopamine that’s or virtual assistant solution,
i love it jimmy j every counselor in the world were listening right now what would you want to know,
i would say a friend course and coming from attacked,
talk in here since i’m about accounts or myself probably could use some counseling but i would,
i would save from a tech point of view starting out in the business or you know even if you’ve been working in that business to not worry and not,
spend a lot of money or a lot of time dealing with shiny objects what’s the latest marketing software i can use what’s the latest you know,
bells and whistles whatever that may be tech wise so i should be blocking i should be on social media instagram of this and that i would say just.

[40:32] Kind of focus on one social media account maybe that’s facebook,
or maybe it’s instagram don’t worry about being every where to everything and don’t buy into all the hype of what’s happening i’ll give you a,
great example of a site that came out it was called blab everybody was loving black and they were on this and it was the biggest hype will blab is no longer,
and a lot of people that invested a lot of time in positioning on that for the six months to year was out all the sudden need to find a new home,
so i’m in and plus they were so worried about facebook and twitter in this and that and buying this marketing software and getting infusion soft and getting this so that that’s gonna make my practice book that much better.
So i would say just focus on your phone asset your website and maybe.
And spend time marketing on one social media site and of you know is schedule out the times may be that,
your one supporter where you can look at new opportunities or experiences because if you get into the habit of always looking for the latest and greatest you can be missing out on time you could be spending on business development,
or time with patients or time improving your existing assets,
change a this is been an amazing interview if you like we can go on for a while i think you so much for me and the practice of the practice podcast thank you so much for having me.
I really appreciate it.

[41:54] Music.

[42:05] I just love how jamie thought about his ideal client.
People that use are attracting and work backward and side pockets and now think it a website where the need and if they get a website that’s driving the mini do a podcast and then once that’s are striving to create a virtual assistant company.
And the same thing is true and a constant private practices that.
What are the tools that people need before they come counseling when they are in counseling when they’re leaving counseling,
so that could be the courses that could be books secondhand books on that could be a variety of things that hope that their peak experience the better.
So i really want you think about that and also hit your head on over to wecounsel.com/professional so that you can sign up to do that monthly webinar are in q and a with me thanks so much for letting me in three years and into your,
rain i appreciate it so much ranking with us on itunes and you guys rock keep it up talk to next tuesday.

[43:03] This podcast is designed record thirty two information regarding the subject matter covered is good with the understanding that new the host,
for the publisher is surrendering legal a county clinic or other fresh fruit of professional information.
Can a professional two hundred thanks man sounds sexy for your intro music to.