PoP 194 | How to Use Video to Grow a Practice with Cupla Media

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How to Use Video to Grow a Practice with Cupla Media

Today, Joe Sanok speaks with Cupla Media on how to use video to grow a practice.

In This Podcast

Examples of Cupla Media Videos

Visit www.practiceofthepractice.com/slowdownvideo to view:

  1. Slowing down to spark innovation
  2. How to plan achieve and outsource goals
  3. One big thing you can do this year to move the needle forward

Tips For Videos

  • Make sure you are in a silent place
  • Frame your video nicely with natural light
  • Connect emotionally with your viewer through your physical position
  • Have someone you trust watch you film so that they can provide feedback and answer the following:
    • What part really connected with you?
    • Where did I lose you?

Equipment Suggestions

Click on the images below to view the products Cupla suggests on Amazon, or visit cuplamedia.com/store:

Canon EOS 80D DSLR Camera Body + Canon EF-S 18-55mm IS STM & Canon EF-S 55-250mm IS STM Lens + 58mm 2x Lens + Wide Angle Lens + 32GB Memory Card + Auto Power Flash + UV Filter Kit + Accessory Bundle – $1399.95

Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM Standard Lens for Canon SLR Cameras – $349.00


Meet Brendan & Connor

We are Connor and Brendan McClenahan, identical twin brothers. We formed Cúpla Media because we recognized how difficult it is for therapists to connect with clients online with only a picture and a list of specialties. Video is the tool we use to help them overcome the initial barrier of reaching out to give you a phone call. This venture started when Connor, a psychologist at Sync Counseling Center, used his passion for videography to help his team grow their online presence. They began to wonder, what if instead of head shots everyone had a profile video? What if clients could get a sense of the warmth and care of each therapist? We soon decided to partner together to make the most creative and engaging videos we can… after all, we’ve always done our best work as a team. Since then, our goal is helping clinicians like you change lives by connecting you to your ideal clients.

Meet Joe Sanok

Joe Sanok helps counselors to create thriving practices that are the envy of other counselors. He has helped counselors to grow their businesses by 50-500% and is proud of all the private practice owners that are growing their income, influence, and impact on the world. Click here to explore consulting with Joe.



Podcast Transcription

Pop 194 | How To Use Video To Grow A Practice With Cupla Media

[0:00] Music.

[0:09] This is the practice and the practice podcast with joe sanok session number one ninety four.

[0:14] Music.

[0:24] I am joseph your host thank you so much for joining me today,
i am so excited to be in the show we’re gonna have the guys from the media talking all about exactly what you need to do around video,
i get to work with brandon and connor this fall and they came out to traverse city on the fluid from la and drove up from south southwestern michigan.
And help me film a series of videos teaching you all about how to slow down the spark innovation,
how do you set achieving outs are schools in the one big thing that you can do this year,
you can get access to all three of those videos over a practiceofthepractice.com/slowdownvideo,
again that’s for slash slow down video we’d love to have you join this gigantic movement only audio from the video that’s promoting this three part video series,
because that alone is just so awesome to hear you go inside his ideas,
but the dizziness life discovers and private practices that happen so often where.
We hustle this bread is kinds of things but it’s not sustainable at the at the chapter not block.

[1:34] And i found that was slow down its way back innovation those marks started flying forward to sharing.
Exactly how slow down to start the so let’s do this together.

[1:48] So again head on over to practice of the practice that count for slash slow down video and you can get immediate access to all three of those videos the first one is all about slowing down the spark innovation.
And you’re so good to see this great place that my wife and i hang out frequently to slow down look at lake michigan the second video is all about how i plan.
He of our sourcing goals and then the third video is not the one big thing that you can do this year to really move the needle forward.
So that any further ado i give you the twins from cool plum media talking all about videos and video marketing your private practice today and the practice of the practice pa,
yes i am so excited to have brandon and connor mcclanahan.
They’ve cofounder of couple media i’m start by introducing brandon he has a master’s degree in music from cal state university and also a masters of divinity from western theological seminary,
he was raised in southern california but now lives in grand haven michigan with his wife rachel and daughter jane brandon welcome to the practice.
Thanks joe is really awesome be here,
yeah and Connor you are a doctoral-level psychologist in Los Angeles he helped build cupola media after he saw the results of a really helping his practice in LA,
just take off she lives in la with sherry and has to be boys welcome to the practice of the practice podcast hey joe.

[3:20] Dinner so glad you guys are here well it was is so fun to meet you guys in person you came up to traverse city to help me with some videos for the slow down school is coming up and the summer of two thousand seventeen and,
and one of my favorite moments was talking about just weird twin thing you guys are identical twins and i was like you know i’ve heard,
twins like by the same code or the like married people that look really similar like and we got in this really fun discussion i’d love to just start with like,
what are some crazy twin stories.

[3:52] Yeah haha said it flashes again or going starter brandon good randomly going to go and start again so there’s i mean there’s a bunch of them and you know i don’t have miss a catalog mind but,
one of sticks out to me was wondering when where we went to the same college and i’m,
we were at we both in the cafeteria but we don’t know what so i was sitting down with the with the friend.
And my friend goes oh did you did try to go cheese and.
I was like no i didn’t try to go cheese accent a class on time trying to i walk away and then goes to me and my brother connor walks in,
and then he goes in the cafeteria and get a grilled cheese and sit down in the same exact thing that is your place.

[4:47] And and the from goes see try to go cheese and is like what you talking about us therefore looking cute.
Oh my gosh and i’m sure you guys have hundreds of those kind of stories and that was actually for me something that was so fun to work with you guys is that your,
you track of the same working a wavelength and really bounce off each other well before we get into couple media video,
i’d love to hear connor a little bit about your story in private practice cuz we have so many people there listening that are starting planning and growing private,
practices tell us a little bit about where you were at and what you did to start to boost the number of referrals you’re getting.

[5:27] Sure yeah so and so i graduate about a year and a half ago.
And the rugrats was like okay i gotta get as many clients they can i don’t really push this really hard and i was blogging as a great man website and that was a really really intensive process.
I’m in a really help me but there is there’s a point.
I was like a you know you’re kind of talking about you a lot we gotta get your video done we gotta get you doing a video on and now is think i was kind of.
Reluctant to kind of put on myself to that kind of me anxious thinking about getting from the camera myself and.
And i intend doing out and i was like all just gonna postpone it but i’m but i finally just set a date and i got a friend to help me shoot it.
And did a couple takes a video together on-line in use really helpful for me that once i got like ten you kinda froze what is up from like maybe two or three months before then sounds really help me,
hopefully a five hundred percent return just by adding that video yeah yeah yeah okay so what it so when you were first doing that video,
me i imagine it wasn’t,
like super high quality ending for you guys interest quality but like did you put a ton of time into script writing and look where did you spend your time and where did you just say yeah i’m just gonna get a video out there.

[6:48] Yeah i think the majority of my time was a conversation you know like i would talk with brandon about it and have a bounce it off of him then talk to my other friend was still need on top of him.
And and i never been one to like memorize something your to kind of,
make sure my words are right but i was like okay if i feel with the clear if i know who my the person is when trying to talk to them really clear picture my head and i know that i can really deliver this better.
I’m in so that was kind of in a conversation now as you know maybe i’ll sixty seventy percent the work was just.
Get me down on my head talking to me what i wanna say to them we can you tell me any just not to speak for you but you tell me like about you on shooting day,
to soon can i jumbled the first couple of takes and yeah i remember you saying something like.
You have this moment of clarity where you realize you’re talking to a real person out there somewhere who needs help and you started imagine a person.
And i’m kind of in that was really with the real work happened i think for us for you are you able to clear the clutter.
And really focus on your ideal client yes indulge of the app and.
We will think that’s one thing that as we work together to really clarify a how do i talk about slow down school how do i talk about,
the seven practices of the practice and hot but just,
what i want counselors worldwide to think about you guys really helped me clarify kind of the story and the ark the story and who i wanted to really speak.

[8:23] Two maybe brandan can’t talk as a little bit about when you work with clients on their video,
or are even if not you hook line with what should be considered in regards to the story the prop the message and leaking into some of the technical stuff but i’d love to hear that you can appreciate roll before we ever even like fire up a camera,
yeah how deeply and for that yeah so i think a lot of their has come when they come to shoot a video,
there kinda scattered little bit in the heads i mean you get this way i can like put of camera from your face or even just talk about the camera in front of yourself and,
it can be really anxiety-provoking and so it kind of scatters your brain a little bit,
well i try to do when talking with a therapist is to ask really clear questions that all revolves around to the surf kinds like,
what i was talking with connor was,
like to buy your clients and what were they were they struggling with before the coming to why they coming to talk to you and as a woman talk to us questions like they.
And the start of it,
i’m sorry like there so much clear about what they’re saying and i’m unable to really articulated and i’ve had people go where it,
what did you say have fun regarding that is exactly like wooing you and i literally just read back over my notes and actually have some noticing for any of a woman i just talked to,
who wasn’t sure about water video should be about so he said it will we tell me what your clients like what kinds do you serve as you mean to talk about it.

[10:00] I was taking notes and she’s like will it when i say i literally just read my nose battery she’s like that’s amazing so i think the biggest work that we try to do is just have a conversation about the people that they serve,
and when actually happened there but the start show and that’s most attractive thing to see video because i can put a camp from someone and just having this talk.
You know in circles around what they do and how long you been practicing weather specialties are but i’m.
The button dad the video is not gonna be compelling unless they’re able to talk right to the needs of their clients not so we try to help them do that,
will you help and if so when i’m wondering like a couple of bullet points under,
defining who you’re trying to attract like what are some questions you act ask yourselves or you ask your clients that are some ways that we can clarify that you even more of who they want to attract share this video.

[10:57] So what we try to do is on trying to get really really,
real invites so we like when we do our script to work she that we put together what we have people focus on.
Isn’t there you know where like that the qualities of with the demographics we haven’t visualizing had a specific client so like.
Picture like me how many clans have picture like the three or four in front of you.
That you feel you do your best work with that you feel really clear about that you love and you,
you sometimes can’t wait to see that person cuz that’s such a vibrant work it’s like so we ask people near it down and we have near it don’t like one person,
so really feel like you’re talking to one person i need,
so because i think that’s the that’s where the work is its like its really been getting a clear picture in your head of who that person is in july and.

[11:49] So sorry the two questions we can ask after that once you have that one person you’re down you ask yourself two questions would the first one is what do they want.

[11:59] And then to get that kind of in your mind kinda fall and throughout the day ask yourself where they live,
what do you do for work because of family what’s your life like and go after some like what are they wanting in your life like what is good news for them.
Where the seeking after the second thing that you ask is what are the obstacles standing in the way.
So like what is preventing them from getting what they want.
And if you can’t focus on those two things what they want and what are the obstacles they’re facing that really helps identify how to talk to that person and then you can’t even let that be the first half of your video is just talking about,
in joining that the ideal client and their desires and their obstacles,
yeah i love that would be one oftentimes with my consulting clients all frame it as if you’re claims to vent to someone they trust,
what do you wanna first thing they vent to i’m getting all these calls from the principal and so sick of seeing the schools number come i just want my kid to not get kicked out of school once i get a call from the school yeah in so,
one thing about venting that seems to be where the people of therapists have connected with when they’re thing about what’s the pain going through what they want so yeah the you guys talk about that,
so one thing i did identify their ideal client and you guys are kinda going through this worksheet would you guys do next to help them plan out their video.

[13:29] What’s even for the client we have on fill out a scripture what she in so we don’t we don’t can rely heavily on scripts but we actually do actually want and have at least some sentences down to help them track in can organize their thoughts.
We have kind of delay their ideal client,
we have them spend some time meditating on that and asking a question about the desire and we have a right down a couple of things are gonna do you have a script alert for the shit i do actually we have it easy like brakes on a three sections.
That that each person position available us goes through and the first one is what we are talked about identifying your ideal clients desires and obstacles.
Is he talking about first that’s the first section,
and it started section is giving them the first steps towards healing like what does it look like for your client will what do you do in you’re in your sessions with them what usually pretty where the steps you have to take,
that leaves them towards healing and hope so you can outline that like we need for you know this my timers like we start talking about this or we,
we know this is how we form a relationship i don’t know whatever it is for you that you in a characterizes your plan for them for healing and in the third section is,
it’s called the pot describing a positive outcome for them like.
So that statement you know so that you can little more freedom or so that you can be happier with your life things that we are looking for is that.

[15:05] Another way for is a b at the end of their time with you what do you hope for them you know as a clinician at the end of your third time with you when you were doing you hope to be.
In the final the final section that we have is extremely important which is a call to action,
damn therapists has to do anything we can we have a little formula that will that we can start with that helps people that we should video was basically you start off by saying either you,
by saying you the kinds desire or need about come such as if you don’t wanna be stuck in or if you want this.

[15:44] And then you gonna call action call me at this number,
or sign up for an appointment on my website whatever your called action have a really specific action items that can take and then do another so that statement.
So that we can get you moving in the right direction so that you can experience joy,
i’m not gonna how we formulate from lies the call action so that’s can the final piece of the screen door she.
House up in is it’s great,
to go through that process with someone but even if someone is like bootstrapping a practice what you just give away to them for free is just sit down take notes on what these guys are saying,
and use this in your videos using a blog post because i think it’s such gold is so then someone decided.
I have done all the steps that the couple of guys who recommended and they’re ready to shoot water something some technical things around like,
lighting background explain the science of b roll and music for your allowed to use and all that sort of stuff that like nuts and bolts type of stuff and maybe,
gosh that’s so much i know i know but the bootstrapping just when user iphone are there any chance you can give them and people that may be wanna invest you a little bit of money into some quality equipment,
talk about all that in like ten minutes was like yeah we talk about like sound in training.

[17:11] Church so many for so you can do a lot with equipment i already have and we again we come back to the cord video which is your script in your empathy with their client if you can make a great skip your butt is gonna be great,
what is a couple of things in the technical pieces can get in the way of somebody continue to watch the video and the biggest thing isn’t video it sound on.
So what do anything about appointed you talking about a video that was really clear and nice and crisp but actually people rate,
the quantity the sound better than the quality of the video in terms of determining how gonna do it is,
i’m sorry for seniors gets get great sound so we want to use you when i have if you have your ipod headphones or in ear headphones has a microphone on it.
You can figure that in kind of but the microphone part in your shirt or in a scarf in a place that is about six inches below your carbon.
I’m in use it regularly the headphones and take headphones how don’t you can be evicted for not and just take it away somewhere but we denmark from part about six inches below your collar bone on and play your rent your i phone of using iphone.
I’m in the good sound when a lot and get noise so you make sure that you’re doing at the time of day and a place where is making me want air conditioning or cars driving by,
when you really need hand is not so we’re laughing because those gunners situation when we are arriving when i cast,
yeah i live ten minutes it’s terrible background noise going on like we cannot have that yeah it’s magically help please if dunaway here but this point but.

[18:48] I’m saying that really crystal clear on ios that people can staying gauge is anything though if you wanna frame shop really well.
Say what you wanna do we really believe in natural lighting x it’s great we don’t have a lot of like dark lamps are shadows,
i’m in c in very good time day next to a window we can get a lot of natural light flooding your face.
Um that indirect and that will the hardest driving pockets and you that the basically you wanna face.
If you facing directly toward the window you want to turn your head so that your about to clock to that window so you not coming directly in the window but it still kinda facing,
i like a forty five degree angle that window am little bit in black shadow in texture more than likely yeah i washed out okay gives the plunger is that.

[19:34] Yeah there’s a little bit of that there,
and they wanna set up your tripod set your camera is facing your face when you’re in that position it is an iphone by the way of using iphone there’s a doctors that you can get that can’t set your check is on top of the tripod really helps.

[19:51] Anyone set addison’s way for a few going to be so fit the closer it is the more your face kinda look fish i’d be wanna set a good distance away so that,
are you tired or so and maybe about a foot above your head is in french and one other thing that we see a lot insult me videos that really actually bugs me is when the video is the camera is down below the person’s head,
it’s looking up you can see the ceiling.
That’s kind of awkward place as a viewer to be watching a video from,
because it but if you if you use your computer or your phone you wanna make sure it’s raised up some out using a bookshelf use books whatever you need to do or tripod,
to get up right eye level which communicates neutrality and connection rather than um kind of maybe authority your,
negligence being temple and it’s,
wow icloud loan yeah that’s in it and when it comes to actually filming to think about your posture like.
Oh my back and singing in imposters huge for four and just projection but also just the way you communicate your presence on video unit,
look like cotton and you look like you know you’re talking about and windows raising your chest,
it is going to communicate that on that until.

[21:22] We also before taking in before you speak english pies and take a deep breath and relax,
because what under senior commander trying everything together and then you go to can you get you always pent up anxiety just take a deep breath and relax yourself before you speak and kind of like instead of like an archer,
i’m where you pull back the air the bow and a new payment near your target right so your target is your ideal client.
So why you’re speaking it’s like your pulling that you have all the things you wanna say.
And that’s important but the most important thing is that your eyes and your ideal client so just take a second to visualize your ideal client you’ve already done all the work.
You have all your preparation behind you i’m and dis trust that in yourself and make sure you’re really connecting with emotionally with your ideal client so when.
That’s the stars your time and in cover for before the that knitted that we have is have someone who you really,
trust or even hot in the past the two to stand there with you something i done in past been trying to do a video i’m either gonna alone or dinner with this one person who help me where i was,
i was saying i did it take and i did my whole message that the and i didn’t know how it sound and i was like okay well we think you like we can do another take and i said what was a good.
I know what’s going on,
a couple that don’t give me some feedback here would change in us that somehow someone with you there who can give me some feedback with the end,
can i ask you something questions and that you some questions that we really like are on to say what really connected for you.

[22:59] And where did you feel lost.
Where would you still like so the person is watching it can say he not to protect me was when you said this piece about the pain about,
i drop the kids off you know whatever god and in what i need is they keep ice not there’s another part right felt like you’re just rambling on.
And how to reset or is that we take your next day can i just doing the same you’re not just you know doing the same tape but you’re rehashing it in your,
i’m going to find that spot you wanna be in it with your idea what it,
well i love your say that because i experience that we’re doing the video one for slow school where up on this huge sand dune and like wind and sand blowing and it’s so cold,
and where up there in like i’m asking the first time and then to hear you guys say i really connected with this and i would like to hear more about that and then you take another taking,
you can do it a little different and then you take the best of all of this final take and the final video is amazing because,
what you getting that feedback and i really easy to just be like i’m just on my office i’m going to make this video but it’s really hard to get the best video when you don’t have another human that say i really resonated with the,
but it is part of a kind of confused and just not take it personal and just so you trying to get the best quality i do to get you to your ideal clients i love you guys,
you have that as per the process now we talk about.
Editing posting rumbling when hear about if someone wants to amp up their equipment a little bit what would a few quick tips on things that you like of ways that.

[24:36] They don’t wanna just use the iphone if they want to get a nice like i have a canon camera and a few different kinds of mikes up burst of the essentials if people are gonna come up the game a little bit.

[24:46] Yeah um we recommend if you can use your iphone we are gonna spending about fifteen hundred dollars in a red burning about that yeah camera.

[24:55] Yeah is that comes over and models for can are worth it yeah you me the iphone has a pretty or any other smartphone has a pretty good camera in to get a good,
difference your money you want it you wanna spend a good amount in the cool thing is like for example that the camera body that we really love.
That is really great and the att,
not add that a no is zero is never gonna focusing at the end of it so that the family to be in all over the place,
but it is what it.

[25:34] Yeah so it but add as a really cool feature where has auto face tracking so you can be in front of camera um just by yourself and you don’t have to try to focus i mean if you’ve ever tried in try focusing cameron your face.
You not using for a while your.
Sitting down in a place you wanna be at you can’t really focus the camera right so it’s nice to have a nice auto walking on your face focus feature which is on the att,
dance on the seventy and eighty is only a bit more expensive and his little nicer to so that’s what we like love and in on if you’re gonna buy it fresh we recommend not buying a kit lens,
can one is the one i usually comes with it has like what’s it like a twenty four to one of five zoom on it,
i’m we love like the prime ones that has a really crisp and so that the one that.
Now i really phone with is the fifteen year one point four is about three or fifty dollars on,
and getting really crisp really chris picture in have a nice boca which is like the blur that you see in the background and the reason that’s good as it removes all the distraction back on it if you really nice and creamy and people can focus run your face.
The thing that we can brush over this the sound we talked about using an iphone headphones but,
buying allows mike that plugs into your either your phone if using iphone or into the camera with the wireless lee or plugged in is going to be huge for your sounds.
So the news can be as little as like a box.

[27:04] Yeah so it’s very cheap it is you step forward in your video quality stuff can sound and what does all the stuff in the shop for sure so if you,
running if your out doing something that will have the channels have a free giveaway for you guys all of the and that’s gonna bring all this together also but,
how so it’s on your website to go to cuplemedia.com/store.
Has like a winter shopping cart ready for you if you like all the stuff and.
For lighting by really cheap like on up there by like china ball lanterns and insulin with like that like a light bulb inside of the naturally nice soft lighting like it get a day light.

[27:51] Both orders blanket that you can buy for like eighty bucks and not that if you don’t have to open windows,
so that’s an option too i got one of those letting kids and i have a green screen and i don’t know what to do with that like i would love to do some green screen work but i don’t know what to,
and I’m in peril,
so so one question i have before i move and editing wanting to punch my consulting clients are doing and a lot of our listeners is there so,
leaking on a regular basis so they might speak and university classroom or at rotary club things like that,
we’re just a couple quick tips about capturing part of that speech so they can use it for speaker real or for something on their website.

[28:39] Yeah.

[28:40] Hey there ten percent is at a conference or something and giving a talk yeah like everything but yeah so the one thing i think of is you know trying to have a laugh mike but you can have me like lisa boom mike top of it you know,
trying to have certain lighting but you know in some hotel in a basement for your speaking i have to have that so how do you,
where is the couple of things that huge you recommend for people who are speaking out semi regular basis and want to capture part of that talk.

[29:09] Sure that there might be a way to get the sound out of the soundboard from that conference in plug it into your video invented you know,
anytime yeah yeah we do you can get on salary cable,
that fine until the cable that is on one side it’s a quarter inch.
I love your headphone jack right quadrant yellow yeah yeah cornflake like engine cable kind of size,
and it’s not why and then on the other side it’s in a package that two point five millimeter for playing into your camera and if the cameras in the back of the room and you on that and there should be,
you can play the cartridge into an output of the sound board and i can be really easy way to get a nice clear sound otherwise hookah secondary mike like to wireless.
Like back on like a last week on your car and send under the camera on,
is so that i can stay directly on singing control that that’s probably best way for sound,
as far as lighting sometimes there’s not much you can do because you’re kinda big room and you know in depending on what the camera looks like it may be the lights in the shop,
but it’s great to have a room with windows on the sides so that you get nice flooded light on,
it’s and or sometimes there’s not much i can do about lighting so they should we.

[30:30] If you have a nice guy like that you need the your you can bring up the shadows on that and when you when you go to edit you can bring up the exposure the shadow so that,
alright so this limited under the under shadows can on your cheek and your eyes are taken away and we’ll get to if you have the add would you wanna film and rock so that you can do as much of that afterward.

[30:52] Yeah well it you get you’re in our spot outside is.
Time without original majestic are we clear rise is for taking pictures you gonna record in the maximum.
Resolution you can for video,
so i know you all the listeners the super technical but these guys are masters so that’s why i want to pick the brains not not only for you but you know i can only get some more tips as well so it’s a little less editing like,
she receives a movie you can just resigned movie if you wanna,
especially for a beginner it can be in it can remove a lot of those obstacles that stand between you and getting your video out so i think the most important thing,
like we really tried to keep our adding pretty simple we use premiere pro adobe premiere pro what you can subscribe to it like twenty dollars a month it’s awesome ground,
but we usually keep our videos pretty simple we like to do most of the work on front and so that we actually have great footage to use in a not doing so much editing even with titles we like to keep it really simple to so we usually open up.
And probably put a logo at the beginning of the persons practice.
And and then we would like to try to stay interface as much as possible like we don’t do a whole lot of b roll footage even when,
you know we can the most important thing is that you’re getting face time with this person so we focus on that you do a lower third title at the very beginning for about.

[32:23] Ten seconds or so maybe less in another name when you open your tag line on their,
which is really important to get that you know if you don’t have a tag line should i spent some time writing one if she is about seven words anyway but your name your tag line and we like to toggle back and forth for shots about like.

[32:45] Eight to twelve seconds each cut which it feels pretty natural oncoming rather than like cuts all the time,
yeah our videos we try to keep them to about a minute and a half for last night because we can go longer but because that really your attention span the shorter the video is the more likely people are to watch the whole thing which sounds really.
Obvious but it’s really,
important to keep your message releases st and then at the end he wanna make sure to put you’re a title for the call to action like it’s a phone number or website renewal adjust your comparable to do when she put that up there.
Any word on music if you wanna use music for your video go on your jungle.net or musicben.com,
because you don’t wanna just use music off your itunes you haven’t purchased a license for that yet.
Is your not supposed to use that for broadcasting on videos.
So dude artist a favor and i’m in support them by going buying a license from a website like that,
and they have all kinds of music you can sort through that doesn’t have.
In that sense you moved in last search by mood and feelings mutation and anything you can even take that music and cut and paste it in match to what your what you wanted for your video so i can record the,
and you so often reject your video if you can be in the you have like that coldplay song or whatever the license will.
Which i keep our music volume down to like negative twenty decibels or something around there so that your boys can really shine through a lot i’m stupid music on it super distracting sell it you just need a little bit of it so.

[34:29] Yeah that’s as far as editing kinda can see more about posting basher yes you have you got a gun like what do you do with that.

[34:38] Yeah so um weed you’re gonna have some can i file right in you’re gonna to the question for going to post it says sure so i’ll.
These files are huge so,
i’m thinking like what’s your process in regards to where you store all of these files like just leaving your regular computer give external box talk real quick about that because that’s something i’m running up against i have all this video that,
it’s like taking up all the room in my car from computer.
Here yet you can connect your harder for really cheap now and it for the people who are wanting user iphones it’s really not gonna be a lot of space is not gonna be a big file if you are gonna get a nice dslr.
It’s good it’s gonna be pretty big boobs like a normal projects sizes pipe fourteen gigabytes on,
add me how long is a shortage right to put a three minute video about forty gigabytes so you can get like a nice,
you for about a hundred bucks and get a nice external hard drive that you plug-in your computer and you should have one anyway right to backup your computer to make sure that your hard drive crashes you have.
I like a time capsule ER you have some kind of backup for your all your stuff but yeah I wouldn’t store on your normal hard drive it.

[35:52] Yeah i get an external hard drive may be like what a terabyte or something like that,
can i give you plenty of room it’s not expensive lesson hundred bucks and then and then just plug it in on your usb in and work off of your hard extra hard drive you need to put on your computer,
what about your computer down that’s how we do it so,
alright i need an external hard drive to make this little but yeah i can hear over there yeah i really dislike downloading it from the camera file i feel like a idiot but that’s okay we’re all learning isn’t that where you post a video.

[36:27] Okay so you have your file in you want to push in two places we have a little skin and reebok we have asking that shows you where exactly to post it so seeing kind of nature hitting on your streams that you can be the first one when do you wanna put you to.
She is going on with your google account and used a fabulous simple but not the top of the two that says upload.
And you put it your to be on the new address you use for your accounting practice on and it’s now letting you tube you’re gonna need to put a title on there that has keywords in joe you know about that you read about.
Bob please read keywords in there so that when people search on the topic that you’re talking about when i do clans online there are,
i mean what i do with my indicator we know what everything you wanna make sure those key words that they’re gonna be searching for in your title,
and in the description um and then you tube has an option leaking creating what’s called as our t five which is basically cool closed captions its gonna be at the bottom of the video.
I’m twenty that you can add those in that’s it again his finger with a heart rate for a podcast but,
but basically you wanna make sure you’re is up and you tube because not only will people be able to watch on you tube,
but then you take that link for the video and you can you talk your web developer working knows how to build a website yourself you ended up on your home page of your,
but your website and so that when people come to your website and this is how i have it set up on my.
My website on my the website for re for two for my thirty practice at the very first thing i seen full screen across the top of my website is my video.

[38:08] It’s embedded you tube video on that day i need talking about is it and how is it something you can listen to rather than push away,
so i’m telling you tube to have a dedicated channel for your practice vs it’s random joe sanok.

[38:27] What should you have done to channel yeah yeah yeah yes you could trigger on channel so that it’s all your videos all together on,
and so seven it’s it put on your website that when people come it be actually stats show that you get about thirty to eighty percent more conversions we have a video on your website meaning,
that the browsers you can your website three thirty to eighty percent more than one of clicking to say,
i want a phone call from this person if you video on website because a huge easy win huge,
hey it because they get a sense of who you are so i can write on my tax from my website as a cash and destroy him when he to do something that really connect with a person that really.
What was another real person who cares popping and so a video does that right it get yours when you are.
I’m in so so that that translates into someone you know i’m a couple give me a call.
I’m driving to bring me your profile picture and some words about your specialty is so,
on this we really want you to do it and then on the second place you’re gonna that second thing you can do that is sending out and in a list what you have an email list of clients you built up for,
i’m for just people who are your colleagues or friends of family whatever it is you wanna send out a video,
the video embedded in your email you can get your email jim if you want or we can just go to lincoln there are not using.
What in the camera talk about facebook because he did to upload.

[40:03] Sure so that’s the first ring is that is new to you have those different avenues on mobile you can also look into like good therapy in lincoln your video from you tube.
I did the second we’re gonna upload your vidoes to facebook and you don’t wanna link your you tube video to facebook.
For important reason which is that when you upload directly to facebook um that video play automatically so when someone scrolling through their news feed.
I’m right as they’re strong they’re gonna see you already delivering your message,
and communicating clearly inappropriately to them as its going up and is beginning to what’s this person saying.
If it has another way of doing your ass dirty files on in a few really great job of translating the audio into a closed caption at the bottom so that even if a person don’t click on your video to hear it they can still,
i see the word that you’re saying on the bottom of the screen,
i see wanna put directly to facebook and again could title and description there in person on your facebook page are facebook groups.
I’m and in what i would do if i were you is i would,
text a couple of people who really believe in your practice really believe in what you’re doing and say hey would you mind sharing this i just process and really excited about it,
but my shyness and wall if it if that is comparable to your that i sue and because back have sharing that kind of the,
nine advertising baptizing sharing is something huge are people really getting a sense of what you do when you are not.

[41:37] May i could go on for days and days,
so one thing that i’m so impressed with that the two of you guys have guns you’ve put together this amazing you booked your selling on amazon but you’re giving away to the audience today’s usually it’s nine ninety nine on amazon.
And it’s so cool is that.
It’s like most giveaways the people i have are like here’s this quick checklist or hears like a couple of things and it’s like this teaser that that’s great how do i do it but,
a little east of the races walk-through is in this year but it’s beautiful it’s like forty some pages line height for in your ideal client lets how to post yeah i have all these different things.

[42:18] I’m just as i said i’m so impressed actually you’ve raised the bar in regards to like,
yea book and give away for the whole field of counseling or something so way to go guys how can it be how can people get that they give away that you guys the guys are gonna give to the audience.

[42:34] Yeah i go to new couplemedia.com/ebook and you can just enter your name and email and will send you an email with the e-book,

i live on it so that’s how you do it and its we would like to give with you guys so we’re really just excited to see more therapists.
Reaching out to people that’s kind of what we hope for so if we can party and guys with whatever tools we can.
Cuz but we wanna see conditions make that shift from the i name right from going from this place settings it like all guys how are we to claim the door you know mediation make a video i or shouldn’t so complicated to this place of empathy of like,
this is part of my clinical work reaching out to my clients of,
i need to connect them in the first one to reach out and show the plans that think they feel safe and comfortable coming to see me in getting help and yes we own this.
It’s me that in but in the book we think you’ll why hasn’t had already answered this but if cut every counselor in the world were listening right now what would you guys want to know.

[43:40] Okay and that’s a really really good question i think me as i been thinking about that i mean.

[43:48] I think what i would like to say is what kind of wood was just saying which is um it’s really hard for new people to come and see if their best.
I’m they have a lot of,
fear and insecurity often times and a lot of barriers are standing in the way to la times there is gonna like sit back and wait for people to come to them and you don’t have to be that kind of therapist you can make the first move.
And that requires them to see it require some technical ability on you don’t have to worry about that now you have the book and we’re available to help you guys,
so whatever you do just reach out your community and the first step that’s gonna totally change the game not just for you and your brackets like your paxil grow,
because of that but the bigger point is that your communities will change because you see more people killed and free and not feeling more confident and hold your life so that’s what we’re hoping for another one she now.
Yeah and i would like that when your when just for any therapists thinking about marketing.
Two instead of Leaning into the fear leaning to your empathy of to connect with your clients and I think that’s a huge thing.
Will connor and brandan from coup le midi you guys are so awesome thanks for all you’re doing for the field of counseling and for counselors,
i can’t recommend them highly enough head on over to cool blood that’s cuplemedia.com/ebook to get that you work.

[45:19] They make amazing videos they came and worked with me and they’re just really nice guys and so fun to work with that thanks so much for being on the paxil practice podcast guys,
who is joe is fun alright taxes in.

[45:33] Music.

[45:42] I just absolutely love when people have an idea of the goal after it and the improving get it back i remember when connor e-mailed me and wanted some feedback on their videos and i basically sketched out,
this is what i would love to see you guys do to take this really innovative approach that artistic and unique and just makes their first videos just.
Can it be blown out of the blue everybody else out of the water and they’re doing that and their price point is incredible so head on over to cuple that’s cuple media.
I have put the media is by far the best video company for their that’s the doing an incredible job.
And also if you want that three part video series all about slowing down the spark innovation once we have the innovation the exact steps that i take every single time.
Play and pr achieve and outsourced my goals.
Head on over to practice and the practice that count for slash slow down video you’re gonna love it i know you are gonna help you with this very clear steps that you think so much for letting me in two years into your brain you all.

[46:51] Special thanks to the band silences sexy for intro music in this podcast is designed.

[47:02] Pretty difficult patient.
Get me the number to his game with the understanding that the host publisher forecasts are entering the building healthy clinical information you need a professional you should find one have a great day hi.

[47:14] Music.

[47:21] He lives in grand haven michigan even though he was raised in southern california with his wife and start that totally over my summer except for the usually don’t start over but i got a notice of you guys both.

[47:37] Girls.

[47:38] Music.