PoP 199 | Lewis Howes on Defining Goals

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Defining goals

Today, Joe Sanok speaks with Lewis Howes on defining goals.

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In This Podcast

Click below to listen to the fourth podcast in this series, How To Evaluate Goals With Kelly Higdon.

How to evaluate your goals

Lewis’ Process:

  • Fun
  • Impact
  • Profit

Do what you love and make enough money to be comfortable.

The bigger the dream, the greater adversity you will face.

Lewis schedules everything from when he need to work to when he needs to rest, etc. To get started with your scheduling, identify your perfect day and write it down. Then, slowly but surely, start incorporating that day into your current daily life.

Make sure you have a coach guiding you through life.

Meet Lewis Howes

LEWIS HOWES is a New York Times Bestselling author of the hit book, The School of Greatness. He is a lifestyle entrepreneur, high performance business coach and keynote speaker. A former professional football player and two-sport All-American, he is a current USA Men’s National Handball Team athlete. Lewis hosts a top Self Help podcast, The School of Greatness, which has received millions of downloads since it launched in 2013. He was recognized by The White House and President Obama as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs in the country under 30. Lewis is a contributing writer for Entrepreneur and Inc.com and has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Men’s Health, The Today Show, People, and other major media outlets. Learn more at LewisHowes.com.

Meet Joe Sanok

Joe Sanok helps counselors to create thriving practices that are the envy of other counselors. He has helped counselors to grow their businesses by 50-500% and is proud of all the private practice owners that are growing their income, influence, and impact on the world. Click here to explore consulting with Joe.




Podcast Transcription

Pop 199 | Lewis Howes On Defining Goals

[0:00] Music.

[0:25] Welcome to the practice and the practice podcast alison pidgeon you are here with us how you doing today.
Are you doing i am doing awesome this is such a fun series for me i feel like this id have been percolating for so long and i’ve been coming up with all these different ideas and have a happening now is like oh my gosh.
As of yet the video series that goes with this podcast series its a three-part video series all out how to slow down to spark innovation,
and the seven practices of the practice how to set the van howitzers goals as well as the one big thing you can do this year having over to practiceofthepractice.com/slowdownvideo,
and you get those three d is totally free so today we’re going to talk to at louis house about starting something new or amplifying something that are established as new got a couple of thoughts on this.

[1:12] Yeah you know what’s interesting is that just through talking some consulting clients i think they don’t always realize that they have the resources already in place tampa fly what they’re already doing.
You for example let’s say you have an office space and it’s only been used eight hours a day looking be really being used like twelve or thirteen hours a day for you now and so looking at like,
no can i put an extra part-time person in there to see some more clients and we can increase our capacity and it doesn’t involve me having to rent another office or.
Spend that much more money to see that many more clients yeah that’s such a good point yeah you figure out how many hours in a week could actually missing.
In accounting client there so many hours in the week and they don’t have all the you.
Great great that’s great point so today we’re tired luis house and accusing me helping us to find out whether we’re starting something new or growing something establishing.

[2:09] Music.

[2:16] Adjust the practice podcast we have luis house he is the new york times best-selling author of his book the school greatness is a lifestyle entrepreneur,
high performance business coaching keynote speaker he’s a former professional football player into sport all american,
he’s a current us men’s national handball team athlete and luis jose top self-help podcast the school of greatness,
we just received millions of dollars in fit launch in two thousand thirteen,
he was recognized the white house and president obama is one of the top one hundred entrepreneurs in the country under thirty,
list is contributing writer for entrepreneur and inc.com,
has been featured in the new york times forbes men’s-health the today show people and other major media outlets lewis welcome to the practice of the practice podcast,
thanks you to turn to us for the practice of the practice right it is it is well i gotta tell you a story this morning i was st. my white i’m so excited i’m gonna be interviewing louis today and,
i said today is loose house day and five yr old daughter goes were losing our house and i don’t know who is in-house of blues house this awesome podcast your business guy is funny story in our family.
So little you done all these amazing things in this is part of our series on slowing down to speed up innovation and i want to start with,
when you look at goals when you look at amplifying something established for starting something new what process do you go through to carry determine where you gonna put your energies.

[3:46] Flip flip step is my process there’s.

[3:54] Fun impact on profit if it’s not.
Fun i’m not gonna do it started park for two other human beings and she usually the maximum number that i can do with something that i’m not gonna do it and it’s not probable than i’m not going to either,
if it’s his only fun but it’s not hot,
contact for probable than you can survive in the world you need to make money somehow so for me that’s only,
impossible but it’s exhausting it’s not fun then that’s constantly there if it’s only something like all i can make a lot of money with this.
But it’s not phone or just a business and i don’t care about and is not making people just making a lot of money that again i’m gonna burn out pretty quickly from that mindset so i look at that equation of it is this phone says probable.

[4:46] Impossible.
Also how do you decide that would come impact you so decide you wanna make on the world how do you break each of those three things down it depends on but i personally wanna make the biggest impact that i can so i have a vision of,
reaching hundred million people before i die showing them how to make a full-time living while chasing their dreams the thing i love the most because i believe,
when we work on the things that we love some work on the thing that lights up the most our dreams,
and we can earn in karma does of the millions or billions recorded income that sustains us our lifestyle that we treat ourselves with more respect me feel worthy your we take care of our health,
our mental emotional physical health we are nicer to the people around us and one more inspiring to the people around us,
so why do anything else but live your dreams and make income around that use the language is so from the.

[5:46] I in a few years ago i decided to reach a hundred million people and why that number because,
everyone always says i wanna change the world and it’s very vague enough people say billions and everyone on site that’s not.
Clear enough and sausage i’ve already you know.
In a sense reach millions through podcast number is views downloads driver’s people i spoken to book sales all these things have reached that,
level already small millions as like well ten million to happen some point so let’s go for her man so that just kind of my.
Gage of what i want to do some my vision is to impact mass number of people possible with what i do so it’s not.

[6:32] If i’m not able to impact that many people something that i probably won’t do it unless there’s a way to create a ripple effect through that yeah,
well i think wanting a really appreciate about your work is you’re really for kinda pushing people to level up but to do in a way that they enjoy this stain that.
Make their life better in some way,
what was that thing that you discovered along the way was that something that you can always had deep inside you um i think i’ve always wanted to do things that inspire and make,
people’s lives better and improve your life but it wasn’t until a few years ago and i realize that a lot of the things i was doing in my teens twenties was to prove people wrong and to,
to be the best so that i can prove people wrong and it was driven by that kind of frustration or anger from childhood of getting bullied and picked on and,
and being sexually abused and not be able to read and being made fun of all the time and being in the bottom of my class just showing what i was never smart enough.
So i just said i’m going to prove them wrong to everything i do and become so valuable that they have to,
now be around that have to like me that have to annoys me as the best type of feeling so i was driven to.
Create grateful working to be a great athlete and it impacts but i think.
The the why behind it that deep why behind it was this suffering this frustration resentment anger.

[8:02] And so i was able to achieve all those things but it left me feeling on and off of fb feeling like this isn’t good enough i need to get more and it was never filling it was never satisfying so.
Are sin shift a few years ago towards letting go all out because i realize it wasn’t supporting me in anyway and it was just her and me and hold me back,
and so now i come from my pure vision a spiritual vision of,
being a beautiful human being someone who comes from love promise i’m not perfect i make a mistakes and start a lot to grow but.

[8:39] I am very aware of my energy and my actions and my emotions and unable to shift a lot quicker get back to my special vision yeah so during that time and it was kind of being fueled more by.

[8:53] When i push back against those people from your past when you can i transitioned out of that to this help your pro ch did you run into any kind of mental barriers as you are doing that.
Is bitch i think mental powers on thinks i’m in this is always,
adversity the bigger the dream the bigger the goal here you’re going to face adversity so you don’t look for it i think it’s just for me and michelle managing my energy and managing my emotions and.
I’m really not on myself to get better shape if expectations are met in my life for things on go the way i wanted to go but really.
Living with grace through all the adversity as opposed to,
going back to be the angry person in the world for one be if i want to go back to that place and can’t leave from my place but it doesn’t support me so whenever i feel any of those tendencies.

[9:47] No i do a daily meditation practice formal wear and i just.
Realize okay that’s not where i wanna be and i reconnect my vision that ford up that’s awesome so i wanted to talk a little bit more see you then have this fine in fact profit.
When you have an idea of something new or you have an idea i’ll amplify so that’s rd working hot what decision-making process to go through to figure out where you’re gonna,
use that energy cuz you know we are but limited energy how do you go through and decide where gonna spend that time and energy.
He’s your lobby right now is.

[10:26] Based on the different products i have each year so i have set projects for next year of god and annual dance that i’m doing it just started this year’s,
so il take a certain amount of time and energy and there’s a process in place where to place to run that event i’ve got a book launch coming out next year so i know i have a number of cities i need to go out so i have a horrible launching to do so out of.
Allocated time my schedule really schedule everything so that i’m not confused are running around aimlessly,
everyone every day is scheduled every month schedule with a large with a project with a speaking gig whatever i’m doing so i just a parent and know what’s happening in the future i plan,
my vision for the future as opposed to just what i wanna do this week,
i know what to do ever so we all next year and i think that allows me it sets me up to when it says my team up to win and allows me to be prepared.
To tell the energy that i need to do and the take time off that i needed to arrest i need to work out i need to everything is.
Schedule as opposed to.
I’m planning and executing to achieve my vision as opposed to just hoping that it happens by showing up everyday.
Yes so that the scheduling piece of it,
i think that’s an area that a lot of at least newer business owners that i see really struggle with their any things that you see in people that you work with that help some kind of sword that process of figuring out how to schedule and set those goals.

[11:59] The first very clear on what.

[12:02] What you want your life and i iris is called a perfect day exercise where we love you just don’t know what they want.
I have them visualize if they could have anything they could.
Be with anyone live anywhere travel anywhere feel anything every single day is work on different things every single day without look like,
i have people write down their storage from the moment they wake up tomorrow to go to bed what does that perfect day look like.
And right down charlot express it in an express of detail feel those feelings and then the second part of exercises okay.
Let’s get that experience of your perfect day in the calendar.
And let’s get practical so from the moment you wake up seven am eight am whatever every thirty to sixty minutes you’re gonna schedule something new role,
or it could be for our window whatever it is that’s gonna fit this perfect ideal day into your daily life,
and just start living it and maybe you can only had one hour of your perfect day to what you have right now you start building in two hours three hours a day of the way you wanna live in the world.
I think that’s a great approach to getting started most people are clear on what they want,
they feel like they just have to do certain things to get by and pay the bills and to because that’s what they’re supposed to do or possess pick up a degree in or whatever.
Don’t take the time set what is it that i want on a for why no i have one life so hot when.

[13:34] And that’s approach to take yeah kelly head and she’s consulting and i feel she took me to that perfect exercise that and i did that in may we are out of the most awesome conference together,
and that’s when i realized i needed to take more time off hosting fridays off in the summer i work three days a week hung out with my two year old and five year old and my wife and,
with more stand up paddle boarding than i ever thought i could do it in school and i got more dynamite more money is just fine and,
so i love the start the perfect day exercise cuz i totally echo that.
So women that has that vision with what they do next how to make sure that happens cuz i know that the email the social media all the things in life can just,
co op your time honey set boundaries around that time mean what you schedule it that way you have your calendar in your,
look around you execute those things and now you don’t have the willpower to follow a schedule,
then i recommend getting a coach or being a part of an accountability group or the mastermind or something we have someone that you’re accountable to and you invest in that.
That coach and the more you spend the more comfortable your big.
So in my opinion we shouldn’t be going through life business relationships health,
without a coach the greatest athlete in the world when they reach the top of their athleticism,
when the world championships they don’t say okay coach you don’t need to be here next year i got this they hire better coaches.

[15:07] To continue to evolve them and get them and keep them out to top why go through life thinking that we just got this figured out even for at the top,
why go through it without having someone to support us account some keeps calling someone we respect and admire some has been there.
Someone who understands the game of life just like ashley or hire a coach who understands the game of their sport so my opinion is,
if you want to grow anything become better any of your life find someone who euro inspired by who’s been there to guide you name and i have all the answers they’re not gonna know how to run your life the way you wanna live it,
but they can help with checks and balances and keep you accountable that’s awesome i think that when.
You talk with me about your background as a professional athlete and how that probably shape that worldview to help you move forward faster and yes there was a time when you like after being a pro athlete and a part of your story.
Is things kinda fell apart for a bit do i share little about that they can how you rebounded using someones principles.
I mean for a couple of years after some play football i got injured and was on me money i don’t have a back up plan and have colors degree.
June two thousand seven two thousand eight when the us economy is going down of people who have masters can get jobs,
so for me i was kind of in a rut i was just a little depressed that hey my dreams over and this is my identity and i don’t have anything else i was thinking about life.

[16:39] And i after a while for many months of general moping around osaka okay well i’ve got.

[16:46] Lol i flashes and now it’s time to figure out what i’m going to do the rest of my life so i started to connect with mentors early on and just,
against found people that was inspired by the things i created in your life i said i wanna learn are learned how you got where you are about your success or learn how you did it all so i started richard mentors early on and just taking action on it.
And i said okay all i know is sports how can i apply my life to look at sports so i started creating a schedule for myself.

[17:17] No people don’t schedule anything are.
Are really setting themselves up to fail in my opinion or you’re setting yourself up to not the results that you can get it in sports especially football you know we read of water in la from,
and that would be a print off schedule,
every fifteen minutes what we’re doing for the next three hours of practice so wasn’t like we just go out randomly on the field with the pads on and then the coach was whistle income just says okay list let’s go around and do some things,
i knew before one of the field exactly what we’re focusing on wed and so there’s a very regiment time frame,
fourth one thing next about two min water breaks in between two to stretching to special teams offense defense to like a mindset training that we are doing everything.
For seven i can’t sit here my sister’s couch all day doing nothing let me schedule out what i wanna do,
towards the goal that we have not the beginning of the season we would have a ball written up on,
the chalk board that the team would come to of our team goal water that’s how many wins reaching the championship whatever may be.
So each day was scheduled out to get us closer to the goal each week was scheduled out and then as the season progressed.
We can track okay are we on track with your goals are not what’s working what’s not working when we need to adjust in todays schedule and that’s how i look at life is.
Scheduling out.

[18:47] Getting clear on my vision why won’t oxygen why i want this thing to happen at the end of the six months of the end of the year at the end of the season why and being very clear and then tracking the goal along the way.
If we don’t have something specific to go after we don’t have a bowl then there’s no way to score.

[19:06] I love you applied everything you learned in football to the business world and i think it matches so perfectly with next week’s interview j pappas and who is the co author of the one thing is gonna be on talking about planning those core item so,
he’s like set him up for the perfect home run there’s pay think they is,
so i wanted to switch gears a little bit you’d mentioned preserving energy knowing when it’s time to rest when it’s time to you step back for a bit,
i think so often we just think the high achievers in the world are they just must have something different about them or they just hustle so hard in my,
they stay up all night you mentioned rest i’d love to hear some of your practices you mentioned medication,
what are the practices do you have to slow down so that you have the energy to spark this can innovation and you are,
last year with your girl was a year ago.
About all this for ten months ago i went to why for four days and i left my phone at home no phone no computer that i even travel with is probably the scariest trip i ever went on because,
i realize before that strip that have my phone,
buy my side every single day since i got myself or cell phone fifteen years ago and this.
And is it sixty years or something now i don’t know is twenty years old what am i think it was day is stuck in six to sixteen right.
Yes yeah i got my phone in two thousand sixteen years ago i guess was fifteen years ago last year and.

[20:43] I realize wow this phone device on me obviously the phone is change over time but had it next to my side of touch it every single day for fifteen years something is wrong with me and.
Is it okay to leave this behind will be my computer by my i pad no electronics.
Old school like nineteen ninety nine on you know finding a rental car having to go to gas station get directions like calling people from the,
the phone at the hotel with my writing down numbers in the state that it was just it was old school and i felt like such a piece.

[21:22] After the second day there i just able to relax and connect to the world is supposed to be connected to my phone and that was except refresh my set every year i need to do this for at least a week because,
and allow me to slow down and reconnect my vision reconnect my body to the world and the universe and,
there was a roll tonight in the fairway and this year i went to india just about india a few days ago for a two week meditation,
retreat and was some more thing i was like in this retreat center right on the bay of bengal,
the sea and it was a horrible experience like eight hours a day of meditation reach the.
Why did my body our thoughts i let go of all stress about anything and develop new tools and practices to stay connected and stay president yeah.
But you said it in hawaii that by day to you feel peace talk about that day one and i know you stressful because i just know so your so dictating,
use to connecting and check your phone and getting an email every other ten minutes whatever and so for me it was like one select all that i just said okay,
it’s not here i’m like i would surrender that i was just like floating the ocean looking at this incredible view.
And just so grateful that i was free of anything hold me back or any thing i need to focus on just could.
Connect with a few friends who are locals there and just like eating good food healthy food hiking the mountain and the sea climbing and caves swimming with dolphins you know just like connecting tool.

[23:03] The most important thing in the world which is myself other people and the world of you as opposed to my phone.
Yeah and you not thinking oh i should take a picture put this on instagram because your phone is back home gonna do it and.
My friends i took a couple of photos and use those later but it was like i wasn’t even worried about asking about you know this is a great opportunity to promote and show my lifestyle whatever but am i can i do this so much that,
let me just do it myself yeah,
yeah see what you can purging phase and then you’re learning some practices it sounds like it year you’re doing things other things to do places to toys are twice a year i’m also.

[23:45] Purging stuff so i get sent a lot of like,
thing is i guess and products for people of my podcast and it just starts to power up so i purge as much as i cannot go through my closet shoes everything stuff in closets twice a year,
no dice about stuff to get rid of the shop so i was like where most of come from but i try to minimize as much as i can to keep my place is simple.
Clean clear and not cluttered yeah this summer my wife and i started trying to do that time re thing we didn’t do all that were,
you know you pick things up as it is a spring driver just doing out my clothes i got rid of having two thirds of it and to not have those old t-shirts it’s like i feel guilty for not wearing to the,
terrible just to get rid of um it’s amazing how many d clutter your life just freeze up other parts your brain.

[24:39] Exactly does so so do you have any weekly practices that you do you are monthly c d clutter you leave for a bit anythings like the weekend or throughout the week to have a keeper something that natural rhythm the been describing.

[24:54] I might my vision my goal is every morning to wake up and meditate sort of a fifteen minute meditation that colt’s all sink so true just,
clear my mind letting go of any frustration before i do anything setting my attention for one out what my vision is of what i’m cream that day i wanna shop the world,
and they don’t work out and do some to movement depending on the season of my life and then the weekends i try to.

[25:23] I try to shut down is missing can connect to friends and relax and not be working as much but you’re so passionate about what i do that doesn’t really feel like horror works for me it’s like,
i’m not doing what i’m passionate about like is forced myself like just,
chill out or go play games or do something for always thinking about,
my vision and i can’t get it to stop i think that’s the shift that a lot of people have is for so much of our lives people will,
to work and they were really think about and i really passionate about this and the weekend comes and they’re like alright let’s really have fun because i gotta go back to monday but then,
when it’s like you are ia when we find that passion we get to live out and actually make an income doing it.
It doesn’t feel like working so for me i’ve had to have boundaries around things that i never would have had to because of course i want to hang out with friends and not think about work where is this lake.
I think that works i love a and so i think it all more important to have passion job also have some clear boundaries as well yeah directly.
That’s cool we can’t answer one question i can ask you and that was like what are some your slowdown habits devil hit that bit of every youngster in the world where losing right now what would you want them to know.

[26:41] Do you have an extremely important role the world’s.
To serve individuals who are going through a lot of pain and suffering confusion heartache.
Stress and overwhelm and of like they can get out of it and avoid have the answers you’ll feel like there’s a way out they feel trapped in a paralyzed.

[27:05] And,
compare energy affects everyone around them there boyfriend girlfriend or husband wife their kids their family the people they walked on the street by their energy affects more people than you know to just them,
i hate to say this but it’s your responsibility.
Taking a mars a client in my opinion it’s your duty if this is the work that you wanna do it and it’s your duty.

[27:34] To be so clear with your energy and your vision.
Can come from such a beautiful state of being.
Can every time you interact with people you may not be able to shift people every time.

[27:51] But you got to set the example of what a beautiful wife looks like,
and if you’re suffering or you’re frustrated you are angry or resentful about something in your life you get to be so clear shifting out of that before you connect with anyone and not bring any baggage into these.
Meetings with your practice in my opinion because your energy will literally affect the rest of their day,
for a lot of people i don’t know how to shift out of it and you may be the only source of inspiration have to shift them.

[28:22] So make sure that your for constantly working on improving your heart and your mind and your energy,
cuz energy does not line care how much you wanna act like you’re good whatever your fine but energy doesn’t lie and especially with the people or.

[28:43] Meeting support the most you could show up the most.

[28:48] Dang luis house is one of the best answers to that question i think i’ve had on the entire podcast thank you so much for being on the practice of the practice podcast,
my pleasure thank you that interview with louis house on my gosh i reach out to luis and i was so thrilled when he said yes to talking,
the big thing i love how he incorporated fine as being part of the equation of what he decides to spend time on whether he’s starting or growing something new,
ii with us amplify something established already us assessment something brand new alison any thoughts on the interview about starting and growing a new goal.

[29:31] I thought it was great i think it’s great motivation and very inspiring.
Yeah in you know were gonna be talking to another one of my past consulting clients you and introduce were gonna be talking to.

[29:42] Sure so i spoke to melissa levy has a psychologist and she’s not quite a year and our private practice and she had some really great things to say about.
Consulting with you and realizing she need to give yourself permission to delegate some tasks so she wasn’t doing absolutely everything her business,
can we do it she says i think that’s one of the big mindset shifts for people to go from giving themselves,
a job maybe a high paying job too really switching to be a ceo of your business so that you are the essential component to keep the money coming in so let’s hear about out what melissa’s been working on,
so today i have with me melissa levy she’s a psychologist based in oklahoma and,
melissa has just started doing some consulting with joe about a month and a half ago and i’m really looking forward to talking with her and hearing some more.
So melissa can you tell us a little bit in a few sentences about your practice.
What happens is pretty new i’ve been in business about eleven months right now,
i have a solo practice and i focus on helping people with depression and anxiety,
and it just seems to act chronic illnesses and injury and i also have a specialty training in chronic pain insomnia so i do that work and i’m working on earning my on-line,
there he side of my business as well as a face-to-face business round from.

[31:12] So tell us a little bit about your consulting with joe so before you started consulting with him having how are you feeling about your practice.

[31:23] Miss you when he was pretty stagnant here at united bottled they all over the place in terms of my mindset and what tasks i needed to do and i never been a business owner before,
so you know i try did to do it on my own for the last.
Getting mad because i can consult with him for about two months now but i’m trying to get my own and i just i really fell,
stock and fell like i was floundering around and i needed some directions so that’s why i decided to hire joe and i have worked with him on some other things.
In a group in terms of learning about logging things like that so after some of them as experiences.
And follow him on his podcast for long time i decided to take the plunge into individual consulting.
Great so how has no you’ve only been working with them for about two months now but how has your feelings about your practice changed since working with joe.

[32:26] What you a lot more directions like i know where i’m going i feel like i am.

[32:33] Get no ideas i have more confidence than i did,
a couple of months ago am i deathly hot fearful than or less fearful and i was,
send me something i really like it you know about working with joe and me he really helped me understand and mr smith mindset blocks that i had love the fact that when he is.
Get working with you record your sessions size frequently will go back and listen to those,
so that i can say okay this is what i’m supposed to do by the recording because you don’t have to you don’t have to be taking out just gets a kind of talking.
And you get explorer can about where your stuff to where you want to go and he takes his meds and try loans and there’s a lot of ways you can go back.
And just can’t wait this is.
What did i forgot we talked about to go back and do so i just a lot more organized and confident.

[33:34] That’s great yeah i find that having those things to go back and refer to almost like there’s something in there you didn’t hear the first time but yeah it’s time.

[33:44] Yeah i have experienced you so before consulting what was your average day lake and now that you’ve,
starting consulting job how is that changed when they were who is,
not very well planned and now i have it isn’t there the client lives and in between there the clients i would be taking some phone calls,
i’m calling you no place to reschedule them or when i am in and trying to get a little bit of logging in here and there but it was is very.
Kind of willy-nilly and it just.
Poorly organized and that’s one of the things that go and i have been talking a lot about how to organize my time how to.
In a blackout is sometime specifically for tasks that for me there hard for me to switch,
you know over i can’t do there before a couple of hours and then have a thirty minute break and work on a blog,
and then take from wall between them you have to have some specific blocks of time so we really talked about that in terms of.
How how i work best behind the best in and you dummies giving myself permission to schedule.
My week in a way that actually works best for me is that i feel like i have to do it all the time and not every single task is,
of the highest importance does really help me,
think about what’s the most important thing that i have to do for a long-term project or even just for that you know that specific day.

[35:23] Set up id really nice kind of mindset shifts has changed for me.
And i also really thinking about giving myself permission that i do not have to do everything.
In my business and nor should i be doing everything and that’s something that i struggle with the last will eleven months ever since i open my doors,
because i can really careful about money and i haven’t wanted to outsource tasks or projects for in return things this tv.
So enough in that been really freeing for me to think about outsourcing.
Things that i’m working on hiring a personal assistant and joe is really great because i realize i have been procrastinating on that cuz we talked about that early on,
in my consulting do it and i realize i do it because i know how to do it and when i told that he does walk me through.
You know almost every single step in and his work for me but yeah i really have a road map and.
There’s a thought were supporters of the email asthma quick question him at right back up so i feel.

[36:40] I feel like what i know and we know how to.
Interview people in a higher and what steps in order to train them so that it huge mindset shift for me also is just.
Realized i have to outsource some things cuz it’s just not sustainable for me to read my practices way,
yes cuz i think so many people struggle with giving away those pieces that for example like a virtual assistant could be doing cuz,
i know for me my business feels like my baby and you wanna be guess incomplete control of me like we i would let someone else do that when you mean right now it’s if it really hard for me let go of those raise but,
yeah i’m working on aggregate a couple of people and just even talking to people who,
i have had this experience especially in the middle health industry irt feel lighter just knowing that i’m going to be making this decision to hire somebody refill lighter.
In everything so i’m revealing yeah you can see the light at the end of the tunnel like i have to be the person answering the phone in my right yeah.
Well i know from the facebook group that joe has put together for the folks who do consulting with them that you are.
Re thinking of a lot of big plans for your practice and your asking a lot of good questions to the group so can you tell us a little bit about,
how consulting is kinda shapes in your future plans for where you’d like to business to go.

[38:12] Yeah so am you know i have always wanted to have a larger practice immediately realized the insulin practices that,
working alone is not a good fit for me and so i,
yeah true work with joe we’ve talked about some different strains of income like that these in my space versus hiring contractors and things like that and so,
you during our last session there was just you know something that we talked about really getting it the confidence to move forward with,
really investigating how do i hire contractors and who am i looking for and when what is a benefit that i can offer them you know if they decided to,
hi on that mean that type of role said exciting for me i am.
Because they only it was celebrex for me is not sustainable for a number of reasons am but it doesn’t fit my personality and realized so you not really talking with joe about those things and thinking about am.
And the.

[39:18] The growth in your income is actually one thing but your also helping somebody else be successful in their practice that feels really excited to be and just bring it now,
from a business perspective just being a business person and learning about all the ins and outs of hiring people it’s really exciting and i am.
The girls been really great help me think about it in between my consulting sessions with joe the group has been really great helping me.
Is there some of those questions that i have in the back other people are doing an outside i e-mailed you about a couple different things and so is also great to have contacts.
In the group of people who are maybe ahead of you in some ways.
Weather right with there were you are it’s great to have a lot of diversification and where people are at in growing their businesses.
Yeah it’s amazing when you have a group like that not only do you get the wine rack experiences but you also get people who like answer you back right away that’s and yeah.
Yeah it is so one final question what are some practical things that you think you learned as a result of consulting that you could.

[40:35] Share with us anything some other people can learn from the queen of my most favorite things is.
Focusing on just one thing and it had joe is talked about the book in his podcast.
The one thing that would call or is it just one thing i think something on my mind if yes anyway something along those lines but,
yeah i heard you talk about can i decided to get it and i know that’s how he focuses a lot of his you know consulting and it in the whole conversation is your around towards nearing down all these.
Big task these things that you think are an ultimate importance like right now and narrowed it down it’s you what is the one thing that you can focus on right now that will,
and how you towards your goals and have it domino effects,
on the other things that you wanna do and that’s the thing that i really really struggled with before i was consult the end,
um it really brings out in the end of every session you know it’s very clear paid the one thing for this discussion one thing that you want to work on,
you’re the last weeks or this month is this and i am is a been really nice for hours to have someone help you.
Organize your thinking and remind you,
that actually have to do that right now but this thing you did this be the domino acting ceo focus your time on this.

[42:06] Will the four with some things and i also like the fact that you know what i’m joe we had an air downloading and after consulting i did some soul searching on certain topic of expecting some insurance and,
and i’ll send you talked about that you individually.
But i realized my one thing that go ahead and agreed upon actually needed to change that and so we talked about it in our next consulting session you know he was.
It is really urgent for me to have a box of my old about pay in between our sessions what does feel right for me so,
i also appreciate the fact he’s kind of helping me train my own mind to focus on just one thing and not just what he’s telling me,
i said you from his experience he wants me to grow practices individual as i am for what i need right yeah i think the focusing on thing is so important because they’re so many resources,
you know even just.
Getting breakfast or listen to podcasts are so many different ways you could be doing after a while it just feels so overwhelming like i don’t even know where to start or what to pick or.

[43:20] And i think that’s like you said that’s were joking you really helpful like what’s.
Because i know he said that same thing to me like okay what’s the low hanging fruit that you can focus on right now that’s can accomplish this goal and like him training and that wages.

[43:35] Yeah yeah and i got a notice in the beginning of those the ones in between a consultant session so.
Yeah it’s been really isn’t really helpful to me yeah great well i’m really glad that you took the time to talk to me today melissa and i’m really excited to see you practice continue to grow.

[43:55] Oh thank you yeah yeah.

[43:58] Music.

[44:05] Allison what awesome interview take to have with melissa and you just hear her voice again she’s just such a wonderful person i love that she talked about her she’s continue to expand and the idea of the one thing,
yeah listen when i do consulting i give people just one thing to work on in between sessions rather than a whole bunch of things how have you can have implemented some of that in your own just practice.
Yeah it’s amazing is so many people mentioned that but you know just focus on that one thing and i know that in my consulting with you there was definitely something that came up in.
It just makes it so much less pressure like okay i don’t have to do five things at once i can just do this one thing and obviously your just focusing on one thing your probably doing a better job than if you are trying to do five things at once.
Yeah when i first consulting and you know we always grow as we do things more is to give people these big to do list of like to these five things are these three things.
And people come with all of them half done and then when i started just doing one thing at a time people get so much more done.
And the next in our next interview is going to be with shape happens and who is one of the authors of the book in one my favorite books the one thing and he’s gonna be talking all about how to sketch out core items,
and the exact methods that he uses to plan out his goals what you wrote about in the one thing which is by far my favorite part.
So alison thanks so much for joining me today and interviewing melissa thank you son,
yeah absolutely so head over to practice of the practice that come ford slash slow down video and you can download the.

[45:42] Part video series that couple media helps me put together is fine when i first start with my wife the final version she like almost a crisis like this is so awesome it just,
represents the whole style that you have a such good quality video,
it’s a hundred practice of the practice that come ford slash slow down video and you can download all three of those videos totally.
My gifts to you and i love you guys are so awesome thanks let me into your years in into your brain,
keep up the hard work you do and i’ll talk to.

[46:12] Music.

[46:20] Special thanks to the band sounds sexy thank you for your music and this podcast is designed back in thirty.

[46:29] This can work with jensen you host gets what publisher.

[46:33] Brother professional kitchen if you need a professional ship island and heading over to slow down school that have to find out more about this conference for doing.

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