PoP 210 | How to Rank Higher in Google with Jeff Guenther

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How to Rank Higher in Google

Today, Joe Sanok speaks with Jeff Guenther on how to rank higher in Google.

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7 Steps To Approaching SEO

  1. Understanding SEO
  2. Keyword research
    • Visit moz.com
  3. Insert keywords into the content on your site
    • Make use of the Yoast plugin in WordPress for this
  4. Local SEO
  5. Site structure / design
  6. Create more content – NB!
  7. Get other sites to link your website

Meet Jeff Guenther

jeff-guenther-lpc-180x180Jeff Guenther, LPC, is a therapist in Portland, OR. He has been in private practice since 2005 and currently leads workshops on how health and wellness practitioners can build their digital brand and attract more clients online. Jeff is the creator and owner of two highly ranked healthcare directory sites, Portland Therapy Center and Wellpdx. Jeff recently launched a new project, the Practice Academy, to teach therapists and healthcare workers how to ethically and effectively build and grow their private practices or small businesses.

Meet Joe Sanok

Joe Sanok helps counselors to create thriving practices that are the envy of other counselors. He has helped counselors to grow their businesses by 50-500% and is proud of all the private practice owners that are growing their income, influence, and impact on the world. Click here to explore consulting with Joe.




Podcast Transcription

Pop 210 | How To Rank Higher In Google With Jeff Guenther

[0:00] You know that i love new tools and things to make your practice better i recently found a partnership with got an institute and if you head over to checkup.gottman.com they have this tool where you can send couples through.
There are two hour assessment where they go through and you get is great data you can choose to pay for the check ups or the couple can pay the twenty nine ninety nine.
It is a great way to level up your practice again that’s checkup.gottman.com and you don’t have to even be a gotten certified therapist use it.

[0:32] Music.

[0:38] This is the practice of the cracked podcast with joe sanok session number two hundred and ten.

[0:44] Music.

[0:56] Come to the practice of the practice podcast i’m joe sanok your host and i am so thrilled you’re here it is,
crazy to see how this podcast is growing we almost doubled our numbers that we more than doubled our numbers last month and.
We just continues to be the number one podcast or counselors in private practice and that’s because you’re sharing this you tell your friends is all the time from people saying how useful this is and.
Yeah it’s cuz of great gas the calm and you put in the time to listen so thank you so much for joining me.
And if you’re looking for extra resources we should put a magazine this winter and kelly higdon we have an exclusive interview with her,
actually i guess today jeff gunther wrote up some as ceo tips there’s as ceo checklist you can get that over a practiceofthepractice.com/magazine is just awesome working on our spring summer edition right now and it’s the magazine eventually i’d love to be a print magazine but you not print goes these days,
i’m so will see off the allies that the numbers for the amount of work that we put in to see if it would be worth it to bring out the magazine you can reset read any apple readers can go any things like that.
And yeah it’s super awesome and today,
we have just gone there on the show just got there isn’t as ceo expert he is amazing his podcast interview that was in here.
By far is one of the most common today and i get so many emails all the time from people that just loved the interview i had with jeff.
So without any further ado i give you the one the only the never replicated.

[2:27] Just got there well today in the practice of the practice podcast we have jeff gunther back jeff was definitely one of the most popular interviews from two thousand sixteen,
talk about as ceo and private practice he has the practiceacademy.com and just rocks it out and,
so many people of the interview to jeff welcome back to the practice of the practice podcast catholics have really bad excited to be here oh yeah i mean i got.
I it was just my email got flooded after your podcast was insane so many people resonated with the practicality of what you gave people in that podcast so.
It’s so cool and all you’ve developed around making higher in google and current practices what is it,
the person what you been up to since after about six months ago we had the podcast interview with been going on in your practice and with your website.
Yeah let’s practice is going well with the private practice of i’ve had can,
make it just sick lancer two days a week because i’m spending so much time on helping other counselors with search engine optimization and stuff like that,
seven spending a lot of time creating even more blocks giving out more free material and encouraging their pass another on this providers to optimize their website and see if they can rank higher than,
case load and whenever like one thing that’s really exciting is not like if you fill up and if you rank.

[3:58] Higher in search engine results and then of course you gonna get more clients player also gonna get just sort of like more authority in your community it’s kinda crazy because of somebody does a search for your new land up on the first page,
then all of a sudden it was like well first page of google,
you know you must know you’re doing right to hold not only to get more clients but you got you more trust in the community and more therapist tomorrow this providers reach out to you such kind of like the school,
thing i’ve been saying happens with folks that.
I’m texting my advice yeah it’s like a snowball effect where it then kind of fuel that sell for you have that authority that then gets more referrals the bill the thirty and.
And i think i like the use of the year seeing fewer clients i think that often times when counselor start something new and the side it says to take off.
There’s this time of year to set making decisions of how many clients we gonna see a week.
So he started talking about how did you make that decision because i think that can be hard when for counselors that have a side gig of consulting work.

[5:03] Yeah i’m sure well there’s really hard to make that decision because like my first love is talking to clients and just being in the room with them and connecting with,
i have a daughter feels like some really good quality work goes on and now it’s my plans to do private practice,
and then it starts to another projects you know i do it couple other things like run some mental health directories and stuff like that.
Can i just started taking up a whole bunch of time and gives me this is other sort of satisfaction where i am i can help,
people in this other way to technology there sort of like this automatic satisfaction right help them and they tell me like oh this is fantastic and i feel really good about that while it may,
this with clients and still get a good amount of satisfaction but maybe not for like a year and a half after saying that right in the middle of it we look,
two years ago i call that when she tried far you’ve come yeah and i think there’s some kind,
can a built in get sometimes when you’re home like to is this about me or not and it’s interesting when you try new things and they take off its not a silly counseling,
it brings up all sorts of issues you have to work through and think through and money mines all that stuff so a for it so cool cuz i think it’s one of those things where.

[6:25] It just makes you have to keep improving your life and evaluating and it’s just a better person.

[6:30] It does not the potter practicing economic fill that up and even after working like forty hours a week saying forty clients which would be crazy,
there’s a limit to that you know you can only see so many clients per week and it’s very satisfying but then your mom you pick your ceiling yet make and,
where me after a bad me feel like what else can i do it’s owner do that sometimes you have to scale back on the clients in order to like start your projects,
and you know what you’re saying that it is a really difficult decision to make a little early just got off a phone call with a lady who she is starting her pro,
actors aren’t used to burned out and she also wants to add consulting can write from beginning and it was really exciting cuz she already has that mindset of.
I can only grow so much i just a solo practice i need something else that’s more scale of all and so is planning to come to slow down school this summer to really can.
Clean out the business side of it and all that so,
the flower here so you have has seven steps are kind of seven different things that people can do so that they can really optimize their website create more content rank higher in google those things that we know,
if you could better is gonna bring in more clients make more money have more of an impact so where should people start with the first of the you have for people,
the first step is really just,
understanding how search engines work like understanding how google works like understanding and just like the history of google and when everything started back in mid to late nineties because back then it was.

[8:04] It was really easy to rank high in oh so if you’re there past the starter website nineteen ninety seven.

[8:11] All you had to do the rate i drink in portland where i live is just put the words therapist in portland hundred times,
on your website and there are two hundred to rank higher than that person then you put a hundred and twenty times on your website to just,
you know as many times as you can the words therapist important than your website and then you’ll rank the highest and search and search results when i first launched my website haven’t thought about this in years i don’t think i’ve ever told anybody this.
I made the background of my website be taxed that was that was white on white that said,
therapists counselors ever together discover shame she is already trying to highlight you can see it all but looking like she did that like it just looked white and so yeah,
with all the world terrible but when rachel was really well exactly and that’s all you had to do than cool came along google’s like planet,
i don’t know the system feel really fair and their the ones that kind of came up with like okay you do have to have the content on your web page they also have to have people looking to.
The more weeks you got them or serve like votes of confidence you god and the higher in rank and now their algorithm is.
Has like,
hundreds if not thousands maybe not really knows but like hundreds of factors that go into the algorithm in order to rank high in search results and all of this kind of like.

[9:41] Stems out of making it so that people can game the system,
and do it with dad back in the late nineties are sort of like but hitting tax on their website so i suggest the,
people sort of like i understand you know the whole history of understanding how the people you stay game the system and now you can’t really do that you have to google now.

[10:04] What are aiming for is making it so that in there where should be to hot like staff thousands or hundreds of thousands of p,
people that just look,
every single website reflect blue moon that’s a quality website or just not quality website and then they would break it based on like human factors but obviously they can’t,
do that they created these robots and algorithms and web crawlers the crawl all the web sites and they,
read every single content and let’s have a website is made a mc i know how many leagues are pointing to them keywords on them and got it out so if you make a website that’s.
That’s really good for like your visitors then chances are google’s going to like it as well so that’s the main thing we should focus of someone just really understand how google works like the history of it what will step to.

[10:59] Set two is think you need to start doing keyword research,
i’m so keywords are the same things like search terms of people are typing into the search engines like google and you have to figure out,
what are your clients typing in there and there are lots of different ways to try to figure that out one really easy way which is like,
totally not tacky at all is to ask your friends and family is what are they typing into google searching for a counselor,
i’m taking that information and also when you have your clients coming in to talk to listen to the language that they’re using wonder describing their problem,
because when we are typing in the search the things that we type in the search engines,
really it’s okay it’s pretty informal kind of like in the way that we talk about our problems so somebody says that you know they come and for a therapy because are suffering from the winter blues,
they’re typing in winter blues and took over not paypal typing and seasonal affective disorder right.

[12:04] So how to cure the winter blues they would be maybe a good blog post at the perfect and now it be in fantastic.
Still use that on your seal affective disorder of specialty page or whatever so think about,
the ways that people actually talking about the issues and take this key words and put them in another light really easy tacky way to figure out,
what’s the word for happy and is just go ahead and go to do a google search and type and,
you know what every specialize and therapy for co-dependency and then scroll all the way down to the bottom of the google search results and it says,
i have something like it share similar search terms and they give like you know,
eight to ten t similar search terms and they’re all the,
different ways that people are searching for that same sort of thing so take all those keywords in search terms and put them into your website,
aw that’s a cute hat and i love it it’s anybody can do that we all know how to use google so just let.
Wow so keyword research and the other keyword research tips in regards to step number two,
oh well there are lots of different,
keyword research tools out there some of them are free and some of them are paid for but even the paid for ones give you like a free now trial like.
Yeah i’m sure he can search for key word five times for free or something one of the places i like to go which,
you can be pretty powerful but sometimes when tenant and i go to mamas.com and music.com and go to like mas pro tools real fine on their website you can you know type and.

[13:48] Keyword like co-dependency therapy and say here’s a whole bunch of other keywords that people are typing and.
Any takers keywords you can enter doesn’t care upset summer as well while re so know how good google works keyword research what’s number three.
Lydia to figure out where to put this keywords on your website so let’s say you’ve done all your keyword research and you have some like fantastic search terms of people are tapping into google.
Than you need to take those words and put them in the exact right places that google is gonna be looking for them so.
Well usually.
Crawls your website index is a website not very specific way sell the first place that they go when they go to your website.

[14:35] Is well one thing i should mention is that each individual page on your website ranks,
it’s not just like you now the whole website or just the home page drinks and search results each individual page so you should be treating each individual page like it’s a tsp,
special and beautiful website that deserves all the attention they can get bad so.
The first place that google does as they go to your page title.
And page titles displayed at the top of the browser and also displayed in the search engine result page like the big blue,
there is usually about sixty characters long so you should do is take the key words from that page that you are optimizing and put those keywords in your page title,
set and will go to the page sound like no this page is about,
they are canvas that treats co-dependency and sees clients and part and those things should be on your page title and then you take those key words and also put that in any year,
headings and are subtitles cuz that’s the next place the google does and then you take keywords input only sprinkle them or can i claim actually throughout the content and you also think about all the synonyms so,
she’s not fill up,
to disorder winter blues winter depression summertime craziness i don’t know whatever you just take all the synonyms and put them naturally in again for your content.

[16:07] And that’s a really good start on key replacement so for the now and techies that are listening right now that are like,
where would i find the title where would i find them and a description how the craft you do that jeff what would you advise them either quick ways that they can do that and word press or and other platforms.

[16:25] Yeah seven wordpress you can download lots of different like as ceo plug and some are very popular one is a ghost i’m self to,
search for the ios plug-in for wordpress you can install that,
and then if you go to a page or post in wordpress when you’re creating a page or post just scroll like right underneath the content like where you put your content and i’ll ask,
you know what’s a page had on the page description to see sleep happening there using square space.

[16:57] It’s just as easy but you have the you know,
go to the page that you created and square space and click the little gear icon on the side of the name of the page,
i have the settings icon and then a window pops up and asks for your patience at all and your page description and if you can’t figure out exactly what it is just search for like,
how to add to my page total square space and like is away hello how to all pop up and show you sound will be able to find that if you search for it.
Awesome and i love the point about looking at each page as its own beautiful website i had some recently i was consulting with.
Answers to get people to scroll down here and click here to get the information i’m like no the more clicks they need to get someplace the worse off like,
your phone number need to be in your heart or your call to action needs to be on every blog post that you don’t want to trust people to.
Click or scroll and everything should be self-contained in regards to live and is i know as soon as she does that she’s gonna see her conversion rate just go through the roof.

[18:01] Oh yeah for sure so after you know where to put the key words with stop for.

[18:06] Four is what people to focus on local as ceo which means like how can you make your website,
even more appealing to people that are doing it on such as in your city and that’s pretty much,
what were doing lately want clients in our town to search for therapy services and find so all of our seos pretty much,
local of them but the first thing we need to do if you haven’t already is create a google business listing ass,
search for google business listing create that it’s really easy to do pick the categories you know their pastor psychotherapist or psychologist or counselor whatever,
so that you can have a chance to show up on the local,
a local listings when somebody does a search through google and that’s like the map now shows up in search of the result page and so first go ahead and create.

[19:04] Hello call a google business listing and then go ahead and create,
even more business listings maybe like a facebook business mustang yellow pages business mustang maybe or like local newspaper has business listings that probably dale go ahead and fill out a set me free or,
i paid for me and let’s see how you stare that therapy or whatever go ahead and treat does business to stand so that people can be like i’ll let.
All these different listings for,
just enter lpc at a lebanese porn side and they take all the surf like citations what they call them and they’re like well this person must be really,
a local business person that has their own practices clients in the city after that’s.
Step one you can also create like a yelp listing p want to although maybe don’t if you don’t want to there’s a text in out.
Conflict around like review some way if you don’t want to which i totally got at their own little business with you want to do one for your practice name and also for jeff gunther.

[20:07] Um i do i do one google business listing just for jeff can they are licensed professional counselor.
Is that your question was like a mental wellness counseling so when i go to google business for.
Mental wellness company and also joseph sanok ma lpc all that and then each of my clinicians have their own google business.
For this in addition to mental illness counseling or do you just have the one mental illness counseling,
if your just a solo practice for the and you have a brand like mental illness counseling then just do mental illness counseling but fair group,
practice mental illness can sleep with a bunch of other clinicians all those other clinicians should go ahead and create their own google business listing,
with the address you know that you’re all practicing at i like that i haven’t thought of eleven i get new nuggets and have thought a.
Yes and then another way to kind of spice up your local ceo is sold you know you’ll be linking to your website for your google business listing and was gonna be like okay this website goes with this,
lock all your business to stand and they look at your website and they’re like well how local is this website really sell for me,
i’m eleven point lan and if i have a page on seasonal affective disorder and be like oh man it’s cloudy for nine months out of the air that’s really hard on port landers or i’m talking about you now ins id on one of my specialty pages of say like.

[21:42] You know here’s a tip for trying to lower your anxiety don’t drink so much of our tasty stump town coffee roasters and i am going having like,
you know talking about actual local things are like naming local coffee shops are or can help to fight the depression,
go rent a bike from this bike shop in portland take it down to the limit river and take a ride on the east esplanade,
for two miles until you head this way at like really like the feeling google like i swear to god i live here,
and i love it like local sent to my website that i think about local sent to the website.
Then you’ll rate higher for local searches now could you invite a google map there that like even shows the bike route without not help at all.

[22:32] A lookout help go ahead but i crap on there talk about all the wonderful land marks by writing on your by it helps do it.
Wow like i’ve of you blow my mind jeff,
yeah give me a bunch of work for my private practice legs of no that’s awesome holy cow like that is such a good idea.

[22:54] And would you like to those people s websites or does that hurt you to likely to that coffee shop into that local park or do you wanna be leaking out or does that not really matters much.

[23:04] Got no go ahead without there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that actually now it again sends a signal to google that you’re really local in the town.

[23:15] Any kind of like tells google in after leaking tall these local shops or places whatever it tells google that you should be showing up in the neighborhood for these sorts of search terms now search terms for your set a so yeah,
totally leak out that’s fine in not gonna wanna link out more than like a hundred fifty times but you’re probably not gonna have to worry about that you okay.
Yeah okay so we got how who works number one keyword research number two you where to pick you up summer three fourth was focus on local as ceo where you just blew my mind number five we do.

[23:54] Number five is kind of like your site structure or state designed so there’s this thing called pogo stick and which maybe you’ve heard of where your going if you’re on track google search and you type and,
no they are best in portland and they go to justenter.com that’s one of the results if they go to my website and there was like,
well if this website its design is so funky i’m not sure if this is really a therapist how do i even navigate where’s the like.

[24:26] What do i click on where the what’s the navigation bar i don’t understand this and the quickly click back to the search results that’s pogo stick and they go to they do a search they look their website and quickly,
click back to search results at the clinic bouncing back and forth every time somebody pogo sticks on your website google things like i’ll,
i guess that wasn’t the right result,
there for that search term i’m so then you’re gonna start slowly rank lower and lower and lower so we’re looking for is the long black to somebody doesn’t search chipset outside,
hangs out there click even more throughout your website is there for a long time,
two of them are long trick to getting hired and rank and all that sort of depends on what your website looks like and how it’s design and the user experience some people get there so don’t get too funky don’t get too crazy,
i am in your design people,
to see a specific thing a kind of and natural therapists website to be built a certain way or to nice home page.

[25:32] Okay land on can quickly see that your of their past and that you’re treating these sorts of specialties wholly easy to navigate and get all the other,
pages so,
there something like crazy flash animation was there should be anything but are going on you should have enough content on each page cycle could really understand what the page is about,
home page doesn’t have to have tons of content but all the other papers should have a good amount of content and the other reason you should design your site.
Well and predictably as because google says there are spiders to crawl your website that if they crawl your website and they don’t know where to go when they’re all confused and they’re not gonna like and that’s all of your pages in cell.
Pay attention to set structure website design so that post taking our bounce rate when you look at your google analytics and it’s like,
eighty percent on three does that mean that eighty percent of people are staying at eighty percent of people are bouncing.
It means that eighty percent of the people are landing on one of your pages of your website and then,
going some and leaving a website for everything they’ve only visited one page and then they have left you alone bounce rate site.
You wanna logout and website that you should know you make that you might look at your account right now like only got fifty five percent that sounds like a lot,
that’s not really good okay so what actually what’s about three that you would freak out over if you sign your website i would freak out.

[27:06] If you was over the.

[27:09] Seventy five percent like a big i don’t like the eighties i feel really worried that people are not getting but they wanted to my website but it’s closer to fifty percent.

[27:20] I’m gonna feel right about it okay so any quick tips and if people have a high bounce rate what they can do to change that.

[27:28] Yeah they need to be there is usually there is to be like more calls to action,
so that people can see and read your content or get what they need from that.
Web page are looking out on your website and they can continue on sort of like after your final that’s what you wanna call at so they can reach out making a,
appointment so it sometimes this happens with,
blog post for the like lanolin your blog post salina bounce off plant okay maybe that’s gonna have an eighty percent,
bounce rate but if you have more calls to action and this and let them know that like there’s even more blonde articles are more information that they could read on your website,
then the blower bounce rate okay so i gotta start here click here to schedule an intake read more of those kind of things would help to just get them off of that first page.
Exactly technical after site design what step six,
step six might be the most important step maybe i should be the first up now but nothing god and you know the pinnacle exact,
what step six is eighty to create,
more content and i feel like this is where i kind of like lose people because they’re like oh that sucks like i just want to sort of like to sing research plug and play and watch myself like up the ranks,
it doesn’t really work like that so google even says content is king that’s like their model mc create working then what i mean by that.

[29:02] Is it that you’re like a couples counselor anyone specialize in couples well you should create a page,
talks about couples counseling obviously and what you do for it and treatments are gotta got up but then you should also have another page or south page or blog post or something that talks about how you treat,
all the other is going through a divorce or how he couples another page about how to work on communication issues or another page about a,
open relationships and couples counseling or poly relationships or infidelity or how do spice up your.
Ger poker relationship or parenting in a relationship with me on and on and on and google wants to know that you’re not just have a one page and couples counseling you have multiple pages about.
Everything but not everything but a lot of different things about couples counseling and you’ll see it be like to.

[30:00] Search for couples counseling system is at help the,
couples counselor in san francisco but if you see couples concert in san francisco to do the searching you click on those like,
pages that on the first page of results you’ll see that they have lots of different articles blog posts specialty pages on all the different types of couples counseling they do sell number six is create content and i would say,
pages that are really important like your service is pages specialty page has a blog post stuff like that in for at least five hundred words,
on each page and if you’re like a rock star go for like eight hundred to a thousand words i’m not every patient speed hundred thousand words just a really going for some pictures can.

[30:49] And when people say you know jeff i don’t really have time to create content when you see back to.

[30:54] If you do have holes and i’ll make the case for why they should make time for it i know how i would answer that but i’d love to hear what you would say.

[31:03] I have a couple different ways of answering he,
one of the ways that i go ahead and create content is i just take you now a few hours out of my day maybe like friday or something and i devote that like i’m only gonna be doing only gonna be creating content during this,
during this time and i’ll think about the clients ac in the issues that are struggling with no imagine what i’m gonna be,
what i would say to them of the type of feedback ever hot processes it with them and go ahead and start typing it down and once i do that i can start,
what kind of bike crater mold it into a blog post if i want to,
me and it actually helps you become looking even better if their past because usually in the same for a fact it might have your like writing up notes on one of your clients you get this like,
even better understanding and i am so that’s one way to look at that another way is if you really don’t want to create content and have a blog post rod work on their website i get that i think that you should.
Invest and paying somebody a ghost writer to create some content for el and work with them really close lane.
That’s still your language and still your style and add that content your website because it’s really important for search engine optimization purposes that there’s a,
there’s a decent amount of content and even like fresh content is being added every so often,
yeah i recently sir outsourcing my own virtual assistant other therapists that are in that situation and it’s amazing to see them rank one mindset that i often use with my consulting clients is after eating looking for you trying to attract.

[32:44] Thinking about them venting to a friend of theirs about something like what would the vent about and then doing blog posts to address that venting this that were venting that.
Oh yeah the vent about how they’re fighting about money and going on vacation okay well then what would a blog post be could help that couple out how to talk about.
Going on vacation spending money and you know what would you say to them you know even if was just a friend.

[33:07] On the other side of it to the i do that seems to resonate with people and say you spend our week writing a blog post and do that for half a year for twenty six weeks and.
Maybe charges for the simplicity of math hundred bucks a session is twenty six hundred dollars in lost potential income.
If you think that twenty six hundred dollars and think how many times does your average new client comes to me they come six times.
It’s a vw is the via at twenty six hundred dollars by six hundred dollars per new client you we need to get four point three new clients from twenty six blog posts to make it worth your time.
What posts for ever helping you rank higher and so that when people realize oh,
any tips for clients to make this worth my time that actually that twenty six hours sounds like it might actually worth my time.

[33:51] Yeah like that’s hard argue with that yeah twenty four point three clients like its nothing.
No that’s nothing and it’s not only for like in hour ranking well and search results but also for like creating,
like a digital reporter with the clients on their website a lot of the clients that are going care website,
i don’t read your blog post so that they can understand who you are really big decision that they’re making going to therapy and often times they visit your website,
eight times before but reaching out to during those times there gonna read.
Almost or all of your content that you have on your website so they can really try to connect to if you don’t have blog posts up there and,
guy or girl that has those blog post that really connect with yet reach out to be a totally random example that,
kind of by more information than you need joseph and also more than the audience like christina and i decided that we’re not gonna have kids anymore,
seven happy searching certain medical procedures on my side how to make that happen.
Right so i’ve been googling elvis act me and all the things i found this really interesting post about a scalpel free,
the sec to me and it was like oh okay like the sound the really effective treatment so then i reach out to this place and milk we don’t do this procedure and i’m like,
i link to their page and like why you providing all this information about this than like you optimize your page you are making number one like,
me i was so mad to the ranking of a wonderful they didn’t even do it so that the flip side.

[35:27] With more information anyone chanel but if you follow me on facebook i’ve been.
Not at whitley on that node job with seven k seven by post up with the interstate transition government not entertaining people keep listening to right,
what get people excited talking of affect me i guess that’s okay step number seven minus nine of that.

[35:57] You need to do your best to get as many links as we possibly can to your websites up another website is leaking to,
and the next has a blank and the more weeks you got this sort of actors boats and at the morgue thinks info to get the higher in rank so,
one thing to remember here is that a lot of their past,
never work unless aspect of search engine optimization so even if you only get like fifteen or twenty links that’s a lot of links for of their past so i’d say aim for like,
forty to fifty and you’ll be,
good girl but the links are in a can like ask your bodies a therapist but he’s like hey will you link me when to and that’s guide you can get links that way or like contact other wellness providers in your area it,
kinda works better after local links but it doesn’t matter too much but it will help trouble cl forget like local links and another thing that,
keep in mind that there’s like really good powerful links and then there’s really bad stinky links at,
that really google like has a lot of area now with pd so if you can get a link from wikipedia african the link from like cnn and the house selects and a lot of them that really works three oh really well i’m,
but if you get a link from like a really shady bedside that is just like,
the website that has like a million link or website that has like weird explicit content of the second we would it be.

[37:33] Explicit content okay especially if they’re treating clients that are going to the pirates i think it’s more that actually really good link.
But if you get a link from like weird link farm like.
Bad content on and then google might actually penalize you for that go down in the rankings so i try to get links like authority websites or the,
or any websites like local newspapers and magazines and the link is going one way and it’s a little bit stronger,
and you know what that means that somebody links to,
just one way you don’t want to them that’s a one-way went and that works well but if you like ask if there is panhandling to me not want to that’s a two-way link is going back and forth and google’s like,
what you that’s the sort of like you know the deal that you made in the back room which is,
fine whatever nothing like penalize you for it but it’s not like this natural not as helpful.
It’s not is the one that one example of as i write for local newspaper once a month i have an article about counseling and mental health and i noticed that,
there’s like a new person was uploading it to their website and they weren’t linking back to mental on the account six every month i had to send an email like hey make sure you link that back to our website using the anchor taxpayer and then they do it but,
sometimes it takes circling back with small local papers to say hey would you mind linking that back.
One other area is helper reporter out in a few seen as an effective way to get links it’s talk a little bit about that and how to get links from that.

[39:09] I don’t know too much about it but i have i just recently heard about that so maybe talk about so help recorder you sign up to be a source for different,
what kind of places that are reporting and different things can be small little newspapers it can be.
Time magazine also it’s how i got into reader’s digest the galley from them,
how things and post articles yahoo news that got leaks from ss but sold me so.
It’s really cold get three emails a day i’m a virtual assistant look through and then send me an email or text and he look at number twenty one cuz there’s a lot like me that’s a lot to look through every day.
But then just respond in seeing the question you don’t go back and forth the reporter you just go here’s my three parenting tips on how to improve things so mine was,
reader’s digest was what are things that parents should never say to their kids i secures like three things parents never should safe you need more let me know when i try to give a full answer.
And then usually the reporters don’t really even response to you they just use the quote and then you got google yourself and get in to readers that that’s perfect yes past i always think yeah always include my cell phone and i also,
just saying you need any extras if you’re in a pinch me his people in the next couple years me level up and right for really big papers and if i’m like there,
person that bail them out last minute when they need a quote from a counselor that can really can help you grow over time as well.

[40:37] Yeah good idea hearts of those seven were know how google works do you keep keyword research,
put keywords in their focus on local SEO look at site design create more content &,
get as many links to your site as possible holy cow jeff given us a lot to work on if you guys.
Just took action and all the jeff said you guys i know you’ll rank higher in google,
the jeff you have a brand new e course coming out and i this is like what the counseling world has needed tell me a little about the seven module course.
In what people are gonna be doing kind of want to join this course.
Sorry guys i have a new course called and how to build your digital healthcare brand.

[41:23] And goes to these exact seven things and i created seven modules for all these topics and there is a video twenty to thirty thirty minute video starring,
yours truly think if we can get for jeff exactly saying it to watch me and see me in all my glory and you i kinda like,
guide you through all the different steps that you need to go through like the first one is just about the history of search engines which is,
like to be the most popular module because it’s really really interested in all the history that’s gone on and it gives you such a good understanding that takes you through all the other six modules for actually making,
add eggs and optimizing.

[42:08] After my singer about site so there’s all these there’s a video for each module and there’s a workbook for each module that you download and a lot of them are like fill in the blanks so we don’t like how to,
how to research keywords not put your keywords in here and now take those key words and put them here in your website really great step by step process and then along with the work,
thank god for each module there’s bonus town so if you wanna like really focus in on some of the really interesting powerful topics,
or something astounding post content they can do and not only out of seven modules and all the great stuff that comes with that,
but i will personally.

[42:52] Look at your website and give to about a ten minute video website or here so i’ll look at your website all record at all,
talk you through what i think they should focus on things even change things that you can and that and i’ll send that to so it’s kind of like this three bonus i also have a facebook,
group to get exclusive private facebook group they get to join if you take the course,
jeff that sounds awesome i’ve given to have my virtual assistant go through that and have her walk through my whole website so that.
I can optimize my time and have her do all the is to work this is such.
That sounds like such an awesome course on so if you guys go to practiceofthepractice.com/jeff,
you also give me fifty dollars off if you put in promo code joe so the regular price is two hundred ninety seven dollars which jeff,
like you’ve got a raise your prices that’s just ridiculous friends like you guys just there so you can get for two forty seven on the their website review all seven modules you can go through to have your virtual assistant go through it.
And just think you so much for being on the practice for the practice podcast if all the counselors the world were listening right now what would you want them to know,
i want to know that they can do that so that it’s not as daunting as scary as you might think i’m in cools even on your side cool doesn’t want us to be complicated they want the average every person and to be able to,
optimize their website they don’t want anything to be like crazy or head and their rooting for you i’m waiting for you to.

[44:26] Take the course or don’t take the course just do research and find free materials on-line i guarantee can do this it will change your private practice by to line up your client load is really nice and yeah i mean it,
the amount of people just from your previous podcast took action saw results and then i’ve had consulting clients that have gone through some of your pay products they just killed so quickly,
so i have no doubt that if you guys head over head over to practiceofthepractice.com/jeff of this is gonna be a great investment for you guys you guys have that step by step course.
To optimize your website create more content and rank higher in Google Jeff thanks for being on the practice of the practice podcast thanks for having me.
Thanks again for listening to the tracks of the practice podcast we just so appreciate your time.
And go take some action have yoga practiceofthepractice.com/jeff if you jump into his course and really booster as ceo.
And also if you’re looking for technical two of them got an institute go over to checkup.gottman.com in to get signed up for their,
you can sign up and have your clients pay so it’s twenty nine ninety nine ninety pints with your and it’s giving me so much information,
it has been such a value add for them to save us time and counseling so head on over there inside of four and thanks for letting me into yours and you bring,
have a great week,
special placement sounds a sexy for the intro music in this podcast is designed right after thirty of information in the.

[46:01] Subject matter covered is given to understand that needed to host the gas or the publisher rendering legal accounting or clinical information,
need a professional did you find one.

[46:10] Music.