PoP 213 | Attracting Ideal Clients 1 of 5 Vent and Spokes

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Attracting ideal client

Today, Joe Sanok speaks attracting your ideal clients, part 1 of 5, vent and spokes.

In This Podcast

NOTE: This podcast is for people who are currently growing their practice.

We always move from specialist to generalist, but we never move from generalist to specialist.


  • Think about your ideal client
  • Pick a person and give them a name
  • Give them an age
  • Where does this person hang out?
  • How can you match social media platforms to their profile? For example:
    • Pinterest is for moms
    • Facebook is for everyone
    • Instagram is for teens
  • What is their pain?
  • Who do they vent to about their pain?
  • How are you going to network with these people?

Useful Links:

Ideal client webinar: https://practiceofthepractice.com/idealclient

Meet Joe Sanok

Joe Sanok helps counselors to create thriving practices that are the envy of other counselors. He has helped counselors to grow their businesses by 50-500% and is proud of all the private practice owners that are growing their income, influence, and impact on the world. Click here to explore consulting with Joe.

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Podcast Transcription

Pop 213 | Attracting Ideal Clients 1 Of 5 Vent And Spokes

[0:00] Attracting your ideal client to fill up your ideal practice is the essential component to growing a successful practice,
if you are ready to grow your practice more on should head over and download my free webinar are it’s over at www.practiceofthepractice.com/idealclient,
we’re gonna get is gonna get the exact methods on how to grow your ideal pe.

[0:26] Through attracting your ideal clients so they can be full and that you can grow exactly how you want to again that’s practice of the practice dot com for slash ideal client,
we would love to have you connect with us through that weather.

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[0:45] This is the practice of the practice podcast with joe sanok session two hundred and thirteen.

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[1:02] Jose and i’m your host welcome to the practice of practice podcast in here live in the radius and the building in beautiful downtown traverse city i hope your spring is off to a great start.
We’re going to have five part series over the next five days so every day they can make it more quick hit someone to the twelve days of practice that i did or the blogging course they did,
i’d give you some religious quick hit podcast that are all about attracting your ideal client,
checking i decline for me is such an important thing because when you have clients that just are a good fit for you that doesn’t serve you and that doesn’t serve the client,
i really want to look at how do we get your ideal clients your practice had retract them,
and we got five days are over gonna be kicking it off so today we’re talking about vent and spokes vent and spokes just you know where we’re headed.

[1:57] So it was the summer of two thousand thirteen and the year before as many of you know two thousand twelve was just a terrible year for my family the quick version.
Is that my mom in two thousand eleven had cancer and she was kinda coming out of that she she’s still around she’s with us.
She’s better.
But two thousand twelve my daughter had heart surgery i had thyroid cancer my wife had a miscarriage one of our best friends got breast cancer it was just one of those really terrible years.
And we got some really bad habits as a couple.
And just have changes flow just to get by i probably was drinking a little bit too much and was working a little too much a lot too much and we were just in our own worlds and how can i drifted.
And in the search thousand thirteen it was like we can i could come up for air cuz our daughter was healthy i was healthy we’re done a little bit of travel together.
And my wife says to me i think i wanna go live with my parents for a little bit and i’m like wait why.
She needed a break and it made me stop and think about where we were at.
So i listened to this book the screen for a marriage that my brother had recommended on talk honestly with him about kind of my flaws.
Talk to my best friend strobe in about kind of my marriage and what’s going on and just vented to cancel my closest friends.

[3:28] And you know that so typical were going through something to vent to our friends and as we talk about.
Attracting your ideal client we want to look at your own behavior of how you make decisions because these clients are just.
Clients not just kind of dollar signs they are actual people that are going through things and if we can understand our own behavior when we’re dealing with tough situations that conforms on how we can better serve our potential ideal clients.
The first i wanna take you through in ideal client exercise know this isn’t exercise that i take all of my consulting clients through so if you become a consultant claim you’ll be have the game and we can like can kick it even faster.
So what i do is first i want you to plushy paper if your driving me brainstorming having a leader pull out a sheet of paper.
So on a sheet of paper i want you to think about your ideal client some of the kinds of giving you the most energy that helps you feel okay most connected to counseling with your great outcomes.

[4:34] And i want you to pick a type of person don’t just use one of your clients and have them be your ideal client a deathly sick and a mixed people together and want to give that person the names of the name james it gm as it was signed is it.
Chris what with their name and give that idea client actual name emma pause right here cuz this is almost always where i get pushed back.
From the counselors that say we already i wanna see a whole lot of different people.
That’s fine specializing though and having an idea of who you want to attract is really important.
We think that specialists can become general us that we know the general’s can become specials get a brain surgeon and your rash on your elbow.
You said she get this checked out if he or she said yeah you definitely get that checked out you trust their judgement.
Where as if you were talking your primary care doctor and you said he can you do bring surgery that’s a no absolutely not what’s wrong with you.
We we always move from specials to general as we never moved from general us to specialist so if you say i help angry kids i’m really good at helping teenagers that just pissed off.
Well people are gonna assume the also help teachers there anxious they’re gonna also assume that you help parents that are angry or the oranges are frustrated people assume that get so actually exercise.

[6:03] Next time you to give your ideal client an actual age not thirty to fifty not twenty seven to ninety one give them an actual age of their actual person as you build up this business avatar this i do client,
we really wanna have a great idea of who we are wanting to attract.
That doesn’t mean it’s the only person but when you’re writing blogs when you’re talking on the radio when you’re ready for local newspaper when you’re pitching yourself to dr if you can have this person in your head.
They’re speaking to a personalizes the conversation.
And you’re micro gestures definitely will come across more in you’re in the way you look and the way you respond in the way that you talk and your nonverbal if you have this idea claim head.

[6:48] Okay so next do i think about where does this person hangout to the other kids in private school in public school to have kids and be married it unmarried are they remarried are they never gonna get married.
What are some of the things that you sketch out in regards to their profile but then also where they hang out.
On sundays to go to church to go to yoga do is sit home and drink coffee in social media if so which ones are the on so if you’re trying to attract females.
Pinterest is for sure social media you’re gonna want to have on there is eighty percent of users are female and half of those users are moms and so if you’re attracting moms or females pictures is one of the top social media sites.
If you’re looking for people under the age of forty instagram and twitter are ones that you should consider being on facebook is pretty much universal for everybody ups us catch those things out.

[7:39] And then next we want to think about if something comes up if a pain if an issue comes up what is that going to be.
So they can be the kid got kicked out of school they’re gonna be that they feel can a dead man marriage is it that.
The young professional that doesn’t have a networking it’s super socially anxious.
So what is it that there pain and then what the vent to about that if anybody so it might be that.
You have people that are really isolated so how are you gonna network with people that are connected and will get a sec and to think about.
Who the vent to that’s sort of like spokes off of the wheel where the ideal clients in the middle and then there’s all these little lasers that go off base is a pastor to do yoga teacher is it.
The teacher at school are things really rough between her dad nine things are just we’re going through a lot right now or maybe to hospice worker that talks about grief and it helps with families.

[8:42] Sin knowingly had the spokes off of that idea client then informs us to where you’re going to be putting some time into your marketing,
sometime into your blocking your content creation your connection,
with pastors with yoga teachers with people doing massage is gonna help you then focus in on where to put your time.

[9:05] And then when i think about how do we then capture that into either tagline for your practice or maybe it’s just how you frame and how.
Especially doesn’t have to be that i just help girls doing the anxiety disorders can be broader than that like i help people get on stock.
And i could be the people that are post divorce they can be people in a marriage it can be people that are dating and you really just are of focus and then people who are stuck.
You can look for general things but,
and largest cities new york la chicago hong kong any of those larger cities the more the specialize the easier it is to get a higher rate.
In to attract your ideal client in mid size towns like grand rapids traverse city towns they’re you know two hundred thousand and smaller.
Yeah you me on a little bit more general and then in more rural communities.
You wanna still hasn’t specialty items we also and make it clear that you do serve a lot of different areas be on just those specialties because in rural areas oftentimes only have a handful of counselors that you can work with,
the other side is if you are just starting a practice and you don’t have everything up and running.
You probably should a said this is beginning price pas this on before you go to the rest of the series is good to know all the things for sure,
but you don’t have that checklist of the twenty steps that you need to take to start a private practice you can get that over practiceofthepractice.com/start in this practiceofthepractice.com/start the twenty step checklist and how to start a private practice all the little details that you need to have on your check list that can help you grow a lot faster.

On to this series really is and people and artie got a practice going of course people that are before that you can learn a ton but listen to this,
but its people they’re probably at the twenty thousand or so all the two hundred thousand people over hundred thousand usually focus in on their ideal clients are looking more the issues of scaling,
of adding ten ninety-nine their twos of any multiple streams of income,
as of this year is going to be specifically around attracting your ideal client probably more when you’re in that growth phase than the start up phase of the scaling phase.
So tomorrow we’re gonna dive into how the network and how to use the media to grow your practice without spending hardly.

[11:31] Thanks so much for letting me into yours and into your brain have an awesome day out.

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