PoP 218 | Why Jared Angaza Changed His Name

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Jared Angaza

Today, Joe Sanok speaks with Jared Angaza about why he changed his name.

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In This Podcast

Your name is like your individual brand.

When Jared got married, he decided to change his name along with his wife’s. He wanted to make it something inspirational. Angaza is a Swahili term meaning “to illuminate” or “bring light into the darkness”.

Jared is also involved in activism and philanthropy. As an entrepreneur, he searched for what was attractive in business. Branding was it. Branding involves storytelling, creativity, and strategy.

In order to be great at branding, you need to understand human behavior. For example, what’s the difference between the psychology of a crowd versus the psychology of an individual. Understanding human behavior, and perspective, and psychology, and strategy, creates a great brand.

When you are young, it is important to explore and to figure out why you are here and what you would like to do with your life.

When branding your private practice, think about what makes you unique. Tell that story. What impact do you want to make? What do you want people to feel and experience when interacting with your brand. Think of it as an experience that you are creating. Be sure to make it deliberate and strategic. This can also act as a filtering system to attract the type of clients you want to work with.

The people that you want to work with, and help. Think about their behaviours, their pshyci, etc. Look at what it is that you have to offer and who it’s going to benefit the most.

Crafting a brand consists of:

  1. What is your ultimate vision
  2. What is the phsyci of the people that stand to benefit most by what you’re offering them

COMMUNICATION is vital when working on the branding of your business. This involves personal phone calls with your clients, the content on your website, etc. It all needs to be consistent and of the highest quality.

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Meet Jared Angaza

First and foremost, I am a strategist. I have a long history of unearthing the essence of things, inspiring people to reimagine the possibilities and helping them create a remarkable identity and experience. My favorite opportunity is when I can reimagine the thinking and methodology at the root of a philanthropic venture. There are so many creative ways to make the world a more peaceful place. I’d love to do that with you! Read more here.












Meet Joe Sanok

Joe Sanok helps counselors to create thriving practices that are the envy of other counselors. He has helped counselors to grow their businesses by 50-500% and is proud of all the private practice owners that are growing their income, influence, and impact on the world. Click here to explore consulting with Joe.




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Podcast Transcription

Pop 218 | Why Jared Angaza Changed His Name

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[0:26] Music.

[0:54] What can i do to get married just over a year we were eating much.

[0:59] And we felt was time to move shit rd graduated from college and we knew we wanted to move either back to kalamazoo where we have friends or to traverse city where both my sets of parents were.
And we put out feelers and can the thing was if we can make it work financially then it will move wherever.

[1:21] And my wife got a job at a coffee shop as a manager so we moved and i didn’t have a job for a while a.
Reach out to the place that I’d done my internship with and they offered to pay me $25 per session and I reached out to some other folks and join the group practice where I didn’t get my first client for 6 months.
Can I have a period of probably 3 months where I was home most of the day I was trying to find work but I didn’t get full-time work until June.
And it was a really unique period of rebuilding and self-reflection.
My wife was working this coffee shop and they had all these awesome okay dishes and at the end of the night she can bring home any food she wants us living off of left overs from the coffee shop.
Her tip money often was cash to use to buy groceries and.
It was just a time of rebuilding and reconstructing in self-reflection.
And so excited about today’s guest jared in god’s because he’s going to share with us a bunch of things that happened in his life that are just.
Really interesting things lined up where he had some reflection time and was really able to think through a number of different things so without any further Ado I give you Jared on Gaza.

[2:46] Music.

[2:53] In the practice of practice podcast we have shared on god’s he is a strategist in full answer.
Twenty years his credits strategies brands campaigns events and teachings that help us re imagine philanthropy and transform perspectives,
jerry coaches in consults for individuals brands and governments across the globe is on a quest to contribute to a more harmonious world jared welcome to the practice of the practice podcast.
Thanks so much for having yellow start with,
i’m angaza isn’t your given last name and we just talking about the story behind that and i feel like it’s so that our names are so part of us and you changed it and i love your story let’s start there you change your last name.

[3:38] Well as part of your brain right here i want one of the you know delivered about i’ve been very deliberate about naming our children and then realizing that that’s kind of a brand that they’re taking for for the rest of their lives.
When my when my wife and i got married i’m not one to just follow tradition just,
because everyone else does i typically am say okay well that’s something that were about to do let’s analyze it let’s look at it and see why people do that and.
Without getting into all that my resolution on that was like a it’s that are mature this point and that’s let’s do,
we’re gonna change our names if you’re gonna change your name i’ll change mine with you and if we’re gonna change it let’s do something that is.
Aspiration of something that you know that we have to live up to so we went through that process and.
I have a friend that is a roast and his mother is a cultural proponent of the that swahili culture and he.
Has a po meeting with her and she said hey let’s talk about who you are what you want to be and what you want to you know move towards and.
And live for and so we did and ultimately what she did is what she came up with a name on Gaza which is a Swahili name meaning Swahili word the term meaning to illuminate light into the darkness and I thought you know what.
That’s perfect that’s we want to be at we want our kids to us but you know what we want our kids to inspire to its or starting a new.

[5:12] Family legacy in addition there.
And in for those wondering how my father felt about that was very very supportive and pick side i think you tell the story more often than it also,
well i think the army we always on your podcast and to be on again and you’re gonna be on my mind like we have,
Von so many things we have in common and this idea.
Challenging norms and challenging human consciousness and also being interested in business and branding.

[5:41] There are a ton of people that think that way but we both have so many of those can core values around that.

[5:47] Is the idea of consciousness and branding and for helping the world that was so it was kind of into it if you were there.
Stories of thing to happen in your life that brought that light more.

[5:59] Yes i think that anyone looking from the outside can look at this and say that you do a bunch of things here i’m not sure where all the lines connect fair enough.
I have been.
Very ardent activist is from day one or i got involved with american indian movement and so on when i was around sixty or so.
And still am involved with them and was ever been involved with you know human rights and economic equality racial equality and someone threw out my.
You’re my whole life and in that journey.
Of being an entrepreneur or incoming from an entrepreneurial family and having this pull and.
Towards activism and philanthropy.
Combining that being a creative person and being you know enjoying the Art of Storytelling in the power of Storytelling and understanding the.

[6:57] If i’m going to be involved with business what is it that i’m attracted to in business i’m not much of a capitalist in the traditional sense and that and obviously being active so i can understand some of the.
You know that has it cost the problem across our planet.
In certain forms of capitalism so I said okay capitalism in and of itself isn’t bad what are the areas of it that I really want to be connected with you know if I’m going to engage in that do I want to be involved.
I thought you know branding.
That’s something very important in business in telling a story about who you are as a business and what people can expect a few and what they are going to experience from your.
It involves story telling and creativity it also involves strategy and i’m a big stratus i love you know eastern philosophy on strategy and sons you in.
All these other icons i follow throughout the years and for me branding have is.
In order to be a great at branding i must understand,
humans i must understand how they operate must understand,
the psychology of you know an individual vs the psychology of crowds,
add which is very different obviously I need to understand human behavior too wide what motivates us what it what is someone’s greatest fears in there in the Raiders motivation.
And what are their behaviour and where do those behaviors come from and then we get to the perspective level of things so to tie all that up.

[8:30] I on my personal journey very you know interested in consciousness and waking up to who we really created to be and to understand and i can’t understand from all those studies of consciousness and strategy and human behavior and psychology and all that.

[8:45] That everything we do is governed by a perspective it’s our worldview it’s it is kind of our motherboard it says this is how this is the lens that I view the world through.
And that perspective is fueled by are you know experiences and influences from outside and so on as well as genetics and up and all that but we.
We don’t have you know that has an area where perspective is going to inform our values and our priorities and that those priorities form social systems and so on.
So in all this i realize that understanding human behavior and consciousness in psychology and story telling and strategy,
all of that is what creates a great brand and all of that is what creates a great campaign for civil society or for.
You know some philanthropic endeavor that i may be out so there’s,
for me there’s this middle ground between philanthropy and strategy and brand development,
that’s really beautiful in and it allows me to kind of easily flow back and forth between all these different practices and i really appreciate.
Can you mentioned that you were raised in entrepreneurial family like I’m totally the opposite both my parents work for the school system and you’re kind of said you work hard enough in college and then someone will hire you.
So my experience is completely opposite of yours,
what you get from them and i know your dad’s been really successful in the number of areas did you ever feel like you’re in his shadow and if so how do you break out that find your own rolls.

[10:12] Well my father is and he’s been an entrepreneur for since day one you can’t have even is raised on a farm in Ohio and a place that wasn’t even on the map until recent years.
And he.

[10:26] Left there went to ohio state got his masters in psychology and that has gone on to doctorate in theology from oxford so when he.

[10:37] Has this always paid his own path.
And he picked on a bike fifty different things that he did as jobs careers whatever as i was growing up and before he became more successful author and life coach and so on.
Yes that would be easy for me to be in his shadow however he did certainly did not create that kind of environment he always said hey man do what you wanna do it from a business perspective.
Pave your own path and so on and so on and i have a couple do with my mother being creative and being an artist and so on and very.
Loving and empathetic and so much she was always saying you know be who you wanna be wave your freak flag high if you need to do whatever you got to ourselves.
So I had both sides of the team they’re saying you know kind of pushing me to not pushing me but allowing me to be who I want to be to explore that I think part of that is.
At that age and younger and you have to explore what is out look like who am i to wire hear what do i wanna be doing what is all about.
So they facilitated my journey.
Dad was never one to kind of overshadow in and be that the king of the hill and you have to like.
Do what i am doing are you have to follow my footsteps or be equal to be in summer it was never like that we’ve we went very quickly from being,
just kind of the typical hierarchical fire father-and-son scenario to being great friends and we’re still great friends we what a book together not too long ago and.

[12:09] So it’s yeah i’m very very aware of how blessed i am to have that kind of dynamic leader it’s so beautiful to see how.
Both of your parents really contributed to like at all the work that i know that you’ve done it seems like a great blend between what both your parents have offered you.
See you spend a lot of time outside of the united states maybe walk us through some of those experiences and how they informed kind of.
Branding consciousness thinking be i’m just gonna profit bottom line yeah i would’ve from the time.
I guess up until I was about twenty-seven or so.
The only time i been outside the united states was tripped month are to england all over england,
with my family when i was twenty to twenty three or so it was great it really expanded my perspective is all the old architecture you know in oxford area we are their kind of in.
Because of my father’s going to oxford and i.

[13:11] At that point i only got we don’t have the united states past that’s older than two hundred years old to effects of it never never dawned on me before her fit so i had a similar experience i was in munich,
and this lady like I was just traveling alone through Europe after my freshman year of college and just ladies like let’s go over to the new city hall like they transform the basement of it into this like.
Party like bar kinda area.
And i was like always a bill and she’s like all like seven hundred years ago and i’m like that’s the new city hall you still refer to as the new city all played yeah exactly.
Yeah so i can you know i love architecture and you know just the creative elements and.

[13:53] It’s such rich culture there and i so that was the first common install is an expanding my thoughts been on that on that level.
And then i did travel all over the united states first and that literally lived in a van for about a year and travel all over the place and in just soaked it all in and really got a better appreciation for the united states but then i had.
Desire from a philanthropic standpoint to be involved in some of the projects that i have been facilitating from here over in africa so in two thousand.
About the early or as late two thousand five i guess i just done a bunch of relief work for an in new orleans during hurricane katrina earlier that summer is.
Atom interesting experiences that’s another discussion but I at that point.
A lot of things and all things considered a where was that at that point is that a private equity firm as a partner.
And i thought you know what i’m teaching all the business stuff here we had a partnership with vanderbilt university was teaching some there i thought you know i wanted to do this in africa on the ground.
So i had some opportunities that came up through some other people at work within the past time ritchie’s gonna the creator mountain biking as we know it and rick warren who let’s people know it purpose of life i’m.

[15:11] Had that the two of them have been together and the one that doing upright and wanted to do a project there and a lot for sure hire me to come do that so that was kind of my ticket to africa and i thought well go for six months and their project so on.
You have lived there for a decade a decade that high and was in a kind of all over the area there in in one i lived in kigali in the capital but then it was all over the countryside.
And austin and gomorrah kongo just over the border there.
And then uganda quite a bit i’m at my wife during all of that she was there she’s in san diego and she was working on box office projects sheet set up bob golfs projects in uganda.
I really got that started with restore international restore academy she built that academy with bob and then that’s become love does by the way which is an amazing or,
station i would recommend met bob couple years ago and he was here in traverse city and just this morning i was listening to donald miller story brand podcast and bob came up on that juice think bob goff day for me.
Nice excellent what in incidently univ donalds last book kind of cover his journey between his experience in uganda with bob,
and has experience and wonder what time richie was which is interesting because i read the book on my way to the first story bran conference with by my father got my brother myself and in his brother my uncle,
all of us together we went to the store the first story bring called i got it was it in portland or and seattle yeah i’m.

[16:46] And i on the way there i was listening to the audio of the book on the plane those like oh my gosh about my life and my wife is so funny as in just met bob and then re met bob,
golf for the first time really at story brand about twenty four hours have it of.
So the interesting connections all over the world and in we had yeah i’d that my wife and i came together through scott harrison who’s the guy that found the dirty water one of them is a.
Organizations out there in terms of security.
Sorry there are lots of interesting connections there but we met my wife and i met through all that and then i constantly was in uganda more with some of her former projects.
And then we got married we ended up then in mombasa because it was a place i wanted to go since i was a kid,
as of yet you know of course when are,
i’m not entirely sure all that came from honestly but i think it started with michael jackson’s we are the world it just sort of went out in expanded out from there was a nineteen eighty,
or i think a little kid when i saw that but it really rocked me i’ve when i’m done speeches in the past i’ve talked about that moment.
But it did make a big all jokes aside made a pretty big impact on me as big michael jackson fan of the time anyway.
I am and then i ended up you know in africa for that decade exploring around exploring different sides of philanthropy and activism worked on policy stuff i worked with lawyers without borders.

[18:19] What on gender equality a lot of your special in one and then.
Coming out to kenya i had kind of ventured more into the branding realm more officially because i recognize the story telling elements in the strategy elements and all the things i was attracted to you as i discussed before.
And i we had started an ethical fashion label comp case and that’s was kind of design to tell a different story about or want even more so than just selling products.
But we also employ people want and all that and it was really cool experience and it taught me the power of story and branding and that was about eight years ago now is when i really made that big shift into being a brand strategist.
I to continue that sense i did some work in mombasa with a coffee company building coffee shop and really cool come experience to bring community together and so on is really attractive that and i have a lot of coffee so.
Learned a lot about that brought us then into nairobi and it was there and i started a creative agency with another couple of brazilians are awfully that were there and we start this very creative agency it’s still going on today.
And after that it again kind of cutting some of the so he starts stories are there we.
We wanted after being and human rights and stuff like that we can i wanted a little bit of a break so.
We operate and we have a two kids at the time and said you know what were gonna go somewhere else and we went to costa rica and we spent about a year and a half.

[19:52] Doing a lot of yoga on the beach and a lot of meditation and healing +,
getting our minds right side of where we wanted to go next and now we’re kind of on the next leg of that journey but it’s taking us all over the world and now honestly we’re back your nashville tennessee for a little spell.
How about a year with family and all that that’s been really important and where are the kind of putting plans together for the next destination drivers ed, will contemplate that next this summer,
yeah we are we are definitely tropical warm weather beach people actually that has a summary and cherry cities before you leave probably late august that’s on the snow starts flying.
There will do i will do a short visit me also this me what an amazing story of.
Just how things lined up for you and your influence on the world and helping improve it.
No we started doing more branding i think most people’s minds especially if causes and private practice they just think okay i need to have a pretty logo i need a clean website clear call to action to schedule an intake.
We talk about story telling about branding about consciousness.
Maybe give us some of the core elements first of story telling how maybe a therapist could use that in the work they do because i think counselor sometimes under-estimate.

[21:12] The impact on the world are making through counseling psychologist or counselor doesn’t know you are genuinely changing people’s lives in,
two minutes into and take their pouring out things that they’ve never told anybody how would you work with a counselor in regards to.
Their branding and story telling i think it’s very important in that space and i agree with you i think it’s an area that gets neglected sometimes.
As a you know as a counselor and i’m pretty familiar with a space of my parents both being counselors that there is a story that can be told or not and i think.
It’s important to understand the power of that story and how i take it and how it can affect.
First of all your successes business obviously an integral how can it impact your you know your potential clients so.

[22:01] If you have a princess you’re getting anybody that’s doing counseling or therapy of any kind there.
Often coming into that because something has happened in their own lives that jerk you know drew them towards that particular type of therapy.
They or they have someone and you know someone they’ve been touched by something that affected them and thought,
well i want to be involved with this kind of there because i wanna help people that kind of situation so you know all the reasons people get involved in thirty.
But usually them story involved with that outside of just you know kind of the but the basic you know mechanics of things there’s a story behind.
Not telling that story can help you create sort of your niece and and a particular market you know that in that there are lots of therapists out there.
It would say to some degree there’s gonna wave of therapists out there more than what there has been in the past.

[22:56] With that in mind makes more sense even to differentiate yourself to tell a different story.
So from a storytelling standpoint that’s where you start up you say what is unique about you what is unique about how you got into this position as a therapist or started this particular practice in this particular city or whatever.
So the story is there that can you can start everything you have to kind of start saying okay with this story it’s not just a story that’s floating around the air without purpose.
The story has facilitated me getting into this position as a therapist and i have a desire to make a specific kind of impact i want to affect people’s lives in this way whatever that is.
And no working with a client will start to talk about and what is the impact that you wanna have on someone’s life i don’t care if you start a coffee shop.
I knew there practice or a cheese company or you want to create a civil society campaign it doesn’t really matter at the end of the day we need to understand what is it that you really want to accomplish it what it.

[23:52] And i just from accomplishments template but like the impact you want to make we want people to feel.
When they have experienced your brand your business your therapy or whatever it is what is it that you want them to feel and experience from that.
And when i’m building a brand you know i’m always talking to people about that this is a this is an experience that your crafting here,
you can be delivered about it or not but either way someone that’s going to happen experience with you that’s let’s make it deliberate let’s make it meaningful.
Cannot make a strategic it also i think.
All these areas can lead certainly into you no more successful business from some of the did general kind of perspective.
But it can also lead into a much just kind of sweet or deeper experience with their clients as well and i think it acts as sort of a filtering system for helping you get the type of clients that want attracting the type of flies that won’t work with.

[24:48] Man.
It was awesome taking notes like crazy so that’s why there is little pas there and make sure i can capture all that so so when someone releases understand.
Why they chose to the practice here what’s the impact help people’s lives will be changed how they feel after the brand.
How do you walk them through how they tell that story cuz I can say.
I was raised in traverse city i love the area i like helping kids are angry achieve stories of why that matters to me.
How do i translate those ideas and feelings inside of me and put that into a copy in a website or an email campaign what i do and social media.

[25:26] Question in it and i’m gonna maybe not go exactly there that’s fine but it is a.
Really from that point four but after that point you establish to say okay i got into therapy because,
you know my mom went to this particular thing and it really touched my life and i thought you know i really wanna help people in that regard that is so that’s kind of an easy scenario to discuss so let’s take that.

[25:50] What i would then say it is you know why you wanna do this you understand kind of the impact that you want to make.

[25:58] And how you want to influence people’s lives because that’s ultimately what we’re doing in therapy were influencing the way people see the world their perspective is being altered to some degree because it,
of their experience with us as their fists and step into your shoes a big role play piece of.
Then the next thing to do is say okay now that i have a sample some of that the people that i want to help.

[26:24] Let’s let’s describe them let’s get into their shoes that’s role play there and then think what is it that they fear the most.
What is it that they are motivated by the most what other behaviors in terms of you know where they go where they hang out do they hangout are they anti social they social why.
Let’s get into the psyche of your target audience to this is a group of people out there that you can kind of.
Create as the an ideal sort of customer or client audience persona and you say okay this is the type of person that i really wanna work with i think by the way a lot of people.
Never even go there and the discuss this like i have a therapy visit our have any kind of business and i want people to come to it right well.
What kind of people you want to come to there are other people that may come to that are a bit of a time waster and it’s not really the kind of person,
that you’re looking to work with me that in a derogatory since i just mean like maybe they have problems that you’re not so great at solving and they need to go somewhere else.
Anything you want them to go where they are best served so let’s look at what it is that you have to offer,
what is you know that’s going to provide the most benefit for the audience that your speaking to and then let’s get inside their heads and think about what do they really want.
When i’m crafting a brand for someone it’s not it’s getting around really two things it’s what is your ultimate vision.

[27:48] And what is the psyche of the,
people that stand to benefit most from what you’re offering them.

[27:56] And can i what we talk about target demographic people often or that you know i don’t want to.
You know a million eight other people whatever i’d like a look think about it if three people are standing together solar shoulder and i have a bucket of water and i threw out the one in the middle that’s when targeting,
weather to your project gets last his well right.
But that’s cater this brand experience to that the desires and motivations and in perspective,
of the ideal person that you really want to serve because there are tons of those kinds of people out there i don’t care how nice you get.
You rock that that’s a big seven billion people world.
I believe mr that idea if you throw water the person in the middle of the two on the outside are gonna get splashed to,
that’s one of the biggest hang ups I hear from therapist about specializing,
weather like I want to serve everybody at like that’s great that’s good that you do,
but people will often assume if you’re s,
nationalist they’re also a general list but if you are a general list and they need a specialist and assume that to their daughter has an eating disorder.
And you serve people in disorders of course the come to you for that but if your daughter’s cutting if their son has an eating disorder if they have anxiety as you know middle-aged woman,
like they’re gonna assume that you also do that as well and so,
I love that analogy of throwing water at the middle person that splashing other people I just wanted to go back and underline that Circle it and highlight.

[29:25] Thanks inadvertently said that in the middle of a client meeting what time and i’ve said it a lot since yeah but it’s important that is a typical hangout it’s like well i don’t want to specialize too much because.
Then i’m gonna risk not getting enough business to make my business successful in songs on and i would say that probably the opposite is true.
But scarier fair enough it is it is a little bit scary like wow i’m really dialing you know i’m doubling down here and on this particular persona.
And it came vehicle a bit scary especially when your just starting off so fair enough that’s understandable but.
Historically speaking if you look at businesses across the world the ones i have gotten much more specific i mean you can even use an example like apple mean they’re pretty.
Specific about the type of person that they’re catering to and all along the way people told Steve Jobs it’s not going to work it won’t work can’t work and look at it now talking to you.
And it does hit lots of people that aren’t in that Target demographic either part of it just because it’s popular people want,
you can become a popular therapist and people want to talk to you even if,
they’re not necessarily looking for your specific special specialty.
So there be coming back to you know what the next steps after we understand your vision.
It is really to then understand the people that you want to serve into really really go deep into understanding how they view the word,
when we can then connect those two that’s when we start to develop,
zip brand experience that you will then be offering on an ongoing basis.

[30:59] And then there are lots of things that we can put in play,
because those of the engine that that’s the engine that fuels your brand and if that’s off.
The brand experience not going to be consistent and that’s going but that’s not gonna translate well to your to your audience of consistency is very important as we know and branding.
So all that say that we want to look at your vision look at your target audience.
I understand there slightly and then,
you we will start with the story we went into these exercise and on the other side were gonna come out what kind of enhanced story,
about how that really connects with your audience.
So you got your personal story and then some of these other elements in the middle and then we come out with your brand story,
it incorporates all of that and that’s really where we start the cycle over the brain starts to really come together.

[31:50] I love it.
So when francis come together like you get can your basic website branding social media this kind of targeted it’s telling a story.

[32:01] Where things fall off for people once they get set up and think some times will get a website set up and then get full with their constant practice and then we don’t go back and look at it what.
What are some traps people get into after it’s set up.

[32:15] It’s a good question and it happens off tonight I think the brandings about relationships first of all it’s about fostering and ongoing relationship with your audience.
And yet i can say you know branding is about and there’s about five or six terms i would put in there you know it’s not nuances about these little details that people overlook.
Sometimes and that comes down even to communication and how do you communicate with and with a client and this is where.
Question specifically this is a falling off point often like how do I.
I have a specific nish mark.
They have a specific world you in that world you there is going to also be sort of a desired Dynamic Inn communication,
so i like to be communicated with in this particular way maybe it’s true of well constructed email that doesn’t have.
You know eighteen sentences all in one paragraph and it’s like i can’t read that i have it it’s intimidating and if you break them into different you know little to words in the air to sentence paragraphs like we see in blog posts these days and so on,
then maybe you have a better communication with your client it could be something like that maybe it’s.
Don’t email them the.

[33:48] How your demographic how your audience wants to be communicated,
the light in what medium they want they want in terms of communication that’s one area that support,
I love you bring that up just recently probably in the last month or so.
I really started thinking about how do people make decisions in regards to Consulting coming to slow down school this summer or a mastermind group.
And in working with my coach,
she really helped me think differently about just getting on the phone with people doing fifteen minute strategy sessions and saying all this is what i think would be the best use of your time and money this would be a good use of your time money.
Sense doing that quick 15-minute phone calls with people it’s been amazing to see how the conversions have gone up because there’s that personal connection and people,
you feel like okay go listens to me he understand this and now i can ask some questions and know that this is the best fit for my phase of practice.

[34:43] Absolutely it’s they there’s to many communication.
Your brand is a communication it is a form of communication.
And it is that you have to then say okay that can’t be it.
For instance i increase the great brand with a client and say okay here’s your brand profile here’s your visual identity here’s your brand book encapsulates all the.
And then send them on their way.
Now they have to then create you know a website,
or whatever i’m not involved with the website process and i am more now than i used to be but.
If if i’m not all that i know that they could take that and go put up a website that’s not anywhere remotely representative of the brand we just put together that is not consistent doesn’t it’s not you know.
People are different.
Audiences prefer different types of websites is the psychology behind that as well maybe they want the scrolling long you know type of homepage maybe they hate that.
And then you can you can kind of you can get into that psychology or from the website standpoint as well and.

[35:51] I’m partnering now with our mutual friend Jamie yeah,
and we’re coming together to create a more robust studio that involves my brand work and they’re amazing web development and putting all that together and for me that’s very inc,
I know that the team at slap-shot is going to then create a website experience.
That is it can grow without that supports that the integrity of that brand.
So so that’s one area you know of falling out as well communication just in terms of how you communicate you know directly with the client whether be,
phone or email or what types of email or how frequent the email is and so on I’ve had clients that are really regiment on there.

[36:37] Task management things like that would appreciate and so maybe i bring them into red boots are task management process and i say look you’re part of this now as a guest.
And you can see everything working here and see how things are coming together so there’s all kinds of different things listen.
Like really missing and i and i think i read a blog post years ago that was one of the got more attention than some of the others and i called the caring lens.
Brands like that that’s just.
When you really care it shows when you care about your communication with someone it shows when you care about you know how you put together report it shows and when you don’t.
It shows right.
Customer your client wants to feel cared for and they want to feel safe.
They want to they wanna kill safe in your hands and they want to feel that you have there well-being you know up most in your.
In your perspective in your mind and they.
There were things that you can do that are going to tell them little nuanced stories about whether or not you actually care or not or if it’s just the thing that you say because it makes sense to say it.
And it falls apart when there’s supposed to be a communication that fails so there a lots of areas of break down here for sure but I think it really comes down to authenticity and caring and just being attentive.
It’s like we can go on forever and i know you’re gonna be back in the pocket there’s no doubt in my mind.

[38:12] Jared if every counselor private practice on a world were listening right now what would be the one thing you’d want them to know.

[38:22] I would want them to let me let me throw this in here i podcast as well and i.
Sign off my podcast with an old quaker saying and that the saying is let your life speak and i think that.
Really articulates what I do and branding and philanthropy all across the board because it’s says if I create something.
Four like brand for my business.

[38:51] I can create this thing and say all these wonderful things but if i don’t play that out every day in every single instance with my clients if i don’t.
If i if i’m not as genuine and authentic or has good communication and if i’m not listening as much and so on then all these things are just to show.
I want my life to speak and when i you know in my branding my own website it it really holds me to a higher level like i at a hold me to who i really want to be that authentic self the higher self that i want to be.
I think that when you are going through life you no kind of attaching yourself to that idea of letting your life speak,
it echoes out and everything else that you do in terms of being deliberate about being a loving human being and i think that’s what i desire and i think,
anybody in therapy that’s trying to help others I think that that’s probably a very congruent Desire with him is,
how awesome Jarrod people want to connect with you your work they want to keep learning from you what’s the best way for them to connect with you.

[39:54] My website is mynamejaredangaza.com i suspect you have in the show notes of you getting bigger and it still it had my podcast in which is on indigenous wisdom and consciousness and.
Even politics and things like that it’s called you need the radio in it i and it’s in up radio.com i hope you’ll join the conversation there to.
Awesome Jared and Gazza thanks so much for being on the practice of the practice podcast I really enjoyed it and I am grateful to be here man thanks talk to you.

[40:25] Music.

[40:34] Letting your life speak out what great advice from Jared’s so glad that goes on the practice of the practice podcast today.
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