PoP 220 | Bryan Teare Knows a Ton About Twentysomethings

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Bryan Teare chats to Twentysomethings

Today, Joe Sanok speaks with Bryan Teare who knows a ton about Twentysomethings.

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In This Podcast

“Everything we do is constantly evolving.”

When you have an idea to start a new venture, just do it! If it feels to big, break it down into smaller steps. Give yourself permission to quit if it doesn’t work.

One of the biggest questions Twentysomethings are asking is: “What is my purpose / passion?”

What they don’t realize is that their purpose / passion starts from within themselves.

Twentysomethings / Millenials are changing jobs a lot. Ways to prevent this include:

  • Mentorship on the job
  • Being aligned to the vision / aim of the company
  • Engaging environment where they can grow

Having the idea that when you’re working your ideal job, you’ll wake up everyday with a spring in your step is a big misconception.

Twentysomethings are more after lifestyle than money.

What Twentysomethings can bring to the company:

  • Up-to-date with culture / trends
  • Jack of all trades
  • Enthusiastic / driven to connect to a bigger vision

Twentysomethings aren’t afraid to change jobs and take the ‘risky’ route.

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Meet Bryan Teare

Bryan Teare is a coach and host of The Quarter Life Comeback where he empowers twenty-somethings to create their own path in life. Having started his career as an engineer, Bryan soon realized that there was more to life and he decided to leave his job to make a bigger impact in the world. After backpacking solo through South-East Asia, he returned home to South Africa where he began a journey of personal growth and experimentation with things that interested him. He now helps others do the same via his work as a coach and podcast host.

Connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram @bryanteare. Visit his Website at bryanteare.com.

Meet Joe Sanok

Joe Sanok helps counselors to create thriving practices that are the envy of other counselors. He has helped counselors to grow their businesses by 50-500% and is proud of all the private practice owners that are growing their income, influence, and impact on the world. Click here to explore consulting with Joe.




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Podcast Transcription

Pop 220 | Bryan Teare Knows A Ton About Twentysomethings

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No message gears for a second here when i was in my twenties i went to nepal and thailand with my friend todd.
And when we in bangkok we both decided that it was a really good idea that you have are here braided so that it would it wasn’t a brave sir crocheted so that we could have dread locks that we grow out.
And i had old with the woman about what price i wanted to pay and she was like crocheting my hair into dreadlocks.

[2:15] It was such a painful experience and i was done with that i said to todd that was so painful is that what we talking about is totally fine.
And i think she took it out of my hair that had on that i had.
And twenties i had a subaru outback had click on click off four wheel drive picture me with these like one of the dred locks and i painted the whole outside the car to have.
All sorts of different things i did a can of mosaic painting a starry night and it was just crazy there’s so much on there i loved that car.
And throw my twenties i drove it everywhere one time i was driving into the into canada.
And every time we can’t get search and like really searched they go and everything i beautiful can our.
And i’m just thinking of oscar smuggled drugs in canada i do in a minivan cool or something but.

[3:16] I don’t smoke drugs in canada or anywhere for that matter but you know when you’re in your twenties you makes munich positions and my guest today brian two year she’s made some awesome decisions and he is sort of an expert.
And people in their twenties and if this is just such a fun interview so without any further ado i give you brian tear.

[3:39] Music.

[3:46] Then the practice of the practice podcast we have brian tear his a coach and the host of the quarter life come back for him powers twenty-somethings to create their own path in life,
and he started his career as an engineer brain soon realize that there is more to life and he decided to leave his job to make a bigger impact in the world,
after backpacking solo through se asia oh i gotta ask you about that i’ve done that to he returned to south africa where he began a journey of personal growth and experimentation with things,
that interested him he now helps others do the same via his work as a coach and podcast host brian welcome to the show.
Thank you so much for having me and welcome to everyone disney yeah yet so tell me about backpacking through se asia yeah man with was really cool am,
i know when i was,
so don’t bring up and at school and even at varsity est yet people way you to ask them what they want to do one day and a lot of them would say i just wanna like,
i wanna take a year off and go traveling and i still think it was so please say it until i did it myself and how that came about is.
Am so i put my job in which such a hoe get into three years ago but two years before that i went backpacking with,
well with that was hardly backtracking the sense like i did when i went on my own but i bring with three friends and we spent two weeks and in thailand and that’s kinda in the travel bug bits and then i was like you know,
now i kinda get why these people are saying i wanna travel and then when i did quit my job three years ago my dad actually said to me will you gonna.

[5:20] Take the time off to go traveling now we,
what’s the prize and because these really old school i didn’t expect that from him but i did i took a couple of months and the summer went on my own and i did the whole so the southeast asian roots,
it was brady transformational i didn’t go there with the idea of like i’m gonna have some major personal breakthrough.
Which may be held in the end because that is kinda what happened with dad was amazing i went to thailand lao vietnam and cambodia.
Oh wow so when you’re doing that traveling you cuz this winter looking does can kinda see this area but it eventually come to transform you in some way.

[5:57] Yeah i when i left school i didn’t really know what i wanted to to study order one day and then i i ended up studying engineering civil engineering and i realize that doesn’t that like i don’t think this is the thing and.
I didn’t really know what that thing was answer i when traveling kind of,
just to take a little time off the way that i kinda think of it now is almost like a gap yeah but.
But just a couple of months and not a whole yeah i just like i guess in hindsight if i look back it was not really putting too much pressure on myself to know what was coming next.
Ab it’s just kinda taking some time off and enjoying myself and i guess putting myself in a new environment to kind of get some new insights.
Yeah i love those moments when you’re at like a youth hostel or your just hanging it up over something you me all these people from all over the world that are just.
Can traveling and seeing different things and get the steps in all of you been here been here all you gotta go he’s really it’s there something about that travel culture that is just so addictive.

[7:04] So early and i am so great example that is in the book my first nights accommodation which would stay that’s.
Yeah i took three years prior when i went with my friends so i booked my tickets and my first night is accommodation and other than that i kinda knew where i wanted to go but i didn’t book anything.
As a gave me the flexibility and when i got the cambodia i was just gonna go to the number ten and same reap.
And so many people i met along the way but now you gotta go to cover on you gotta go to call wrong which was.
Really off the pot of what i was planning to go through but i went and it was this tiny little island is no development on the island the roads of cause or anything.
It’s just a few of sort of family run guest house and bars on the main strip of beach and everything else is untouched and i was.
Really a big highlights of my trip was the fuck will cup at that time and said he was playing there was like a whole hour today and fans in the b to the main.
It’s over it’s over after my freshman year of cut were not gonna talk about we’re playing taco this time.
Some of my freshman year of college i was gonna go to europe with one of my friends but he got in trouble and couldn’t leave the state using,
application so i decide to go to europe anyway and bought a ticket rifling to dublin and was flying out of cologne germany.
Can i get a euro pass and all i had was a general itinerary of where i was gonna go and just get off the train and find a youth hostel.
And i found myself in amsterdam the night of the european cup finals being in amsterdam like i got of the train didn’t even realize it was going on and it was like all of europe had come to amsterdam for this huge event and.

[8:41] I place to stay at this hospital and yeah i am with you travel does something to your soul is pretty cool.
Yeah i think that i think like a lot of people ask me what’s it like traveling alone and i i think i kind of tie that into not making sort of.
One hundred percent fix plans before you leave because the to me the joy of traveling is that forces you to get a little uncomfortable and put in a new environment and if you if you plan everything before you leave your not really opening yourself up to.
Today’s the spontaneous moments and that kind of thing in.
Like traveling on my own you know you you’re either gonna your either gonna be forced to make friends and.
Get out of your comfort zone are you gonna have a boring holiday in the other is yeah i really enjoy driving on my own and even now that i have a girlfriend and she understands the like i’ve said to.
So no traveling is still kind of in the important things to me so this chance that i’m gonna do that and it’s not like,
it’s not me things that i don’t want you to come with me and get in my space but it’s just like sometimes i wanted to spend time with and sometimes on their mind thing.
And she’s really supportive about and it was the other way round to.
Yeah i remember this moment up in the internet region of nepal i was tracking through there with a friend.
And we were gonna be and can i do for think three nights of the and to just can see it more,
and someone that you have to go down to the church one jungle and we went down there we had planned and.

[10:14] It was on real i did a whole podcast while back about getting chased by wild rhinoceros i’ll have to put them on earth as that which one that was but i knew that i could out run the peace corps volunteer cuz she and her.
Non boyfriend travel across the world and he thought he is gonna become boyfriend they were deathly slower than me sounds like if i just run them and i’m good to worry about there and i suggest that makes us just yet just out run the slowest of,
what brain so see you go on this adventure and you have some realizations and you quit your job as a civil engineer,
and then you end up doing this podcast in this website takes through just some of the origins of wanting to explore,
can a quarter left come back what would that idea come from what you been discovering from doing this project.

[11:00] Yes i guess where the idea came from is i’ve always been interested in and health and development and so the personal growth i’d,
study to become a doctor and then decided not to at the last min so i’m always interested in helping other people and that kind of thing and when i was traveling i,
kinda realize that they think this is what’s.
This is like what voice telling me i need to focus on helping other people whatever that look like and when i came back it started looking like,
personal training so i became a certified personal trainer and that but i kinda realized fitness is any sort of part of being healthy.
And then that kind of evolved into well-being healthy is only a part of living sort of successful and fulfilling life and then it just kinda merge them also life coaching type stuff that i do now and i’m.
United started previous blog and decided to re brand lost to my personal the main brian said come and when i was doing that re branding i was thinking introduce the everyone and this might be a valuable is of people listening like.
Everyone says if you try to speak to everyone you speaking to no one like you gotta know who you speaking to new business in order to get some traction and also to improve your marketing message and all that kind of stuff so i was thinking that.
Personal development and self-help is a very broad topic.
That’s how can i so channel that into speaking to someone who i feel really passionate about helping and to me that was like the bride and a couple of years before he filed lost and who felt like.

[12:40] There was something bigger like he was meant for bigger things but it made to know exactly what that was about how to get the and so i was actually on a must the michael with a friend of mine.

[12:52] And i can’t remember how it was but it i just suddenly had this the first name like the court of come back and play on the court of crisis that we are.
And like you know it’s really catchy and i’ve got this kind of an official rule to myself when i come up.
With a name for a blog or brand or business you know the main must be available to the social media handles be available.
Maybe even past your possible it should be a nice of abbreviations collect comic like that you’ll see al those things i kinda look the domain name was open and the social media handles when taking and,
i could abbreviated.
And it’s on the cat and was like maybe that’s the thing and i was really inspired by christina has and jenny blake who had life of the college and that kind of stuff and jacob circle.

[13:42] And just felt like all these sort of hints culminated and resulted in this name popping up in my head knows that this is this is the direction at least for the next while.
Because i think of everything we do is constantly evolving but this felt like.
The thing right now and allowed me to speak about these different topics that i was passionate about but in a way that i can channel it to a specific audience member and then the podcast itself.
I’m in i don’t trying to double din a debate with my previous blog,
but i decided to focus on that with this new direction fourth for three primary reasons the first was i could grow my network and sodas connect with people like you joe who was on my part us yeah i like it,
yeah i could connect with people doing really cool things and grow my network the second was that i didn’t have to be to pretend to be the experts and know it on all these topics which i would never want to do.
I like to get people on who knew more about this stuff than i did and the third was like i wanted to ask these questions to,
and in the process i help other people going through the same thing so you know if you just reach out to someone by cold email and said love to speak to you for twenty minutes they gonna look at this email be like math delete.
But it’s annoying say it’s gonna cost this much money you have yet but if you only fremont from the camera part cost and helping twenty-somethings.
Overcome this stage of life and.

[15:13] I’d love to share your message and your expertise with the audience suddenly that’s a lot more appealing and people want to you know i believe that human beings are kind of hard wired to want to help and contributes.
And i think just those three things.
I am going to give maybe decide like you know i think about causes a good a good thing to do and since doing it i’ve made amazing connections and.

[15:40] Yeah i’ve had my dads eyes directly from the plug doesn’t send the sponsorship but it’s led to other opportunities that have brought an income it’s led to myself and guests bring in clients.
So it’s been really rewarding of the lost fifty i think it’s sixty weeks now actually.
What’s i think one thing that happens to counselors there listening a private practice owners that are listening is often times.
Though there the private practice is going well the past the start up phase are starting to grow.
It may be that scaling phase weather over a hundred thousand dollars a year,
and they have this idea that someone how you had this quarter life come back idea and then the idea just kinda sits with them and sits with them and just kind of dies a slow death.
What advice do you have people that have an idea of a podcast or in the course are someway that they want to contribute in helping the world.
I it’s funny because i asked them the questions a lot of my guests and.

[16:40] My advice is just starts like just do it and that might sound really so vague but the way that i’d suggest is find.
Yeah i think whenever we facing a decision and it feels intimidating like we don’t know where to start it’s confusing i think it’s because the next step that re thinking of taking is too big and we need to just,
break that down to make it a smaller were achievable steps so maybe that’s like i don’t starting with.
Sending out more instagram stories so that you get used to speaking in front of a camera or interacting with people all maybe it’s creating a soundcloud account where you can upload so the audio files but think of like.
What you want to achieve and then just think of a really small step that’s gonna be a barrier to you committing and taking action and then the other useful thing i’d suggest is.
Give yourself permission to quit if it’s not working out.
And treated like a project for example like i’ve done my part cuz for the last sixteen weeks but if you’re getting started.
Say something i’m gonna give this three months and if after three months it’s getting traction off i’m not enjoying its.
Mozart me rephrase of the three months if it’s getting traction and i’m really enjoying it and it’s helping people it’s achieving the goal of what i intended when i created this thing,
then cool carry on but if not and it’s not getting traction and you’re not enjoying it then like it’s okay to just quits and move on to the next thing.

[18:13] And i think it’s important to know when to quits because then it could be other opportunities that might have benefited you and your audience small.
That you missing out on because you got the stubbornness of like i will not with this thing right right i think that’s interesting i’m really glad you bring that up,
cuz probably one of the biggest mindset shifts for my consulting clients and also people and i’m in my mastermind group.
Is that idea experimenting in grad school so often were tied to write a paper due the research polish it polish it and then turn in perfect.
Which is totally different then let’s experiment with change let’s switch things around and just can i tried different and challenge the status cwo,
and something what you’re saying is find some small steps so even just is the website domain available is there a hashtag available is the twitter handle available,
take the small steps give yourself a timeline to see if you’re giving me results attraction and then give yourself permission to cry.
To me that’s the way i would some of the is experiment and give yourself permission to just see it as i’m just testing it out.

[19:19] Yet what are the biggest questions that with the twenty somethings austin is like what how do i find my post my purpose of my passion and,
i interviewed a guy named tom a sec and he said i should give a talk couple weeks three weeks ago and i mentioned this in the talk he said to many people are trying to set and.
Think about what that passing is that your passions not out there it’s in here for example like.
It’s inside of you you’re not gonna find it by thinking about it’s gonna find by exploring and experimenting with things that interest you and then working out from the inside like this feels really good let me go with this thing.
And from there you kind of figure it out and learn more about just so you know this sort of,
imagine if you had center on south africans wonder if i have a passion for traveling solo around the world verse his like,
traveling solo around the world like you never would’ve discovered it unless you just went out and tried it maybe you would’ve hated it but you and it really liking it.

[20:18] Charlie and yeah like i could have sat and.

[20:22] Blocked and research like where am i gonna go on this day and then like what can i do in this that someone just have to dive in and.
Opportunities will emerge that you could never of imagined before and relationships and all kinds of stuff like that you contact think about when you getting started.
So you at some point you just have to commit and take those small actions and then new doors will open as you go.

[20:46] So pray new interview tons of people there doing things in their twenties also people that help that can at age demographic.
Tell something the discovered about twenty something how to work with twenty somethings what twenty-somethings you are looking for anything so often.
I hear they’re so entitled or they’re still on the parents couch in this kind of these just stereo types of twenty something that i know are accurate but.
In your interviews and on your podcast what have you discovered yeah i think the big one that comes of comes up straight away is.

[21:22] Him twenty-somethings ch changing jobs a lot and millennial some of the nails isn’t just twenty-somethings but its twenties and thirties at the moment.
Set the changing jobs a lot and i think to keep millennial or twenty something engaged it’s more about.

[21:41] So your personal growth in side of them so things like mentorship on the job.
Being connected to the purpose of the company and not just no throwing a salary at them it’s funny to think twenty-somethings today all.

[21:57] Driven more by getting a sort of sense of meaning out of the work that during than just by starring big numbers them.
I’m so i think if if you can create a sort of engaging environments where they able to grow and works with something big and something that they.
Feel align with that’s gonna help a lot the mentorship capacity like i mentioned is the big one.
Which i think what else am.

[22:30] What is that has the same things i am just wrapping up the line must biography right now,
and it’s really interesting to think about how he has motivated you know twenty somethings that are fresh out of college to work he’s like ninety hour weeks for lower wages make you get at.
In mass or for bowling and the ideas that they’re genuinely trying to save the human race that they want to have a multi planetary race and mars is the backup plan and we’re gonna create a low cost spay ship.
That is going to be able to get supplies to mars and eventually people to mars like.
For i like geeky engineer that’s rad psi phi and is interested in like helping the world like that’s we more compelling than you know you can make three times more.
And you can hate your job can hate your life but you make three times more.
Yeah i think it’s all a cycle like just throwing money at people to try and entice them i think that’s what leads to this,
this thing we call the corner of prices people like while i’m making the money i’m after a good title but i don’t feel for full i don’t feel.
Excited when i wake up to go to work and i’m not saying that has to be the case every day this the old days i wake up and i’m like.

[23:46] Gotta get up now and was not but all men often seen in just cancel life today with the first half of my day is always like dragging those people that the bed and like how you spring out of bed i always like every morning its like again as.

[24:01] That i do think that is so the misconception that living your passion or following your purpose.
Looks like waking up super excited everyday and i think that’s kinda like the fifth.

[24:14] It’s probably more so than when you just working in a normal day job.
But it doesn’t mean every day is gonna be sunshine and roses see i think coming back question that the sort of the mentor ship and the.
Connecting to a bigger vision.
And then just things like that you know of twenty somethings way more lifestyle driving there and then just money so.

[24:40] Benefits like having a really find collaborative working environment things like that getting out and active within the.
We’re close an interacting with the colleagues and back i think i think creating a more engaging environment for people to work in.
So when it comes to mentorship so what comes to mind like with practice of the practice is so for example of sam who’s one of my virtual assistant but she is so much more than that she does tons of marketing stuff she helps with a lot of,
of this kind of direction amount of practice the practice.
I i’ve noticed the in teaching her more about wordpress more about as ceo more engagement with people that are writing for the web site.
Deferred that’s like a whole new skill set that whether she stays with me are i’m sure that someday she’ll leave i hope not soon and they,
should really think that with their that she’ll be able to say i know as ceo i know were press i can you work with you know people across countries and time zones that i would guess is kind of the type of thing you’re talking us to mentor ship and a,
am i on the right track.

[25:48] Yeah i think so just giving people responsibility and opportunities to learn and grow and not just sort of sitting crunch numbers.
And and yeah guidance from someone older that’s you know maybe they aspire to be like and ss and.
Can a pardon them with people like that i’m so that it’s small it’s not just the skills they learn on the job but also.
To life goals in general as well.
Yeah that’s awesome so when it comes to what maybe we as business leaders can do to continue to mentor twenty-somethings and to you let me be learn from them water maybe skills that twenty-somethings bring,
into our businesses that we wouldn’t expect that they would bring in.

[26:38] And everything about one for one thing that you mention do more instagram stories.
What’s that i know it is i know i’m the grand video is but what instagram story as the stories is.

[26:57] Video content as well but it only lasts for twenty four hours and it’s a lot more informal into the behind the scenes.
I am your motives and your instagram is like little circles at the top people people’s accounts and it’s just sort of ten not ten pre-content but i’m.

[27:14] What’s the weather looking for a disappears within twenty four hours that’s like cuz snap chat stuff that’s pretty much that’s pretty much snap chat but in instagram and facebook have the same thing now and i think,
that’s something by twenty somethings can bring is that got they seem to have a pulse on so the.
Am culture and what people are doing and consuming and looking at these days i think they have a lot more.

[27:42] Peripherals am skills and then they don’t just they’re not as good of one thing but the kind of like.
So the jacks of all trade in away as well and they can they can work on a lot of different things and i think.
Twenty somethings like i said earlier the team and excited and driven to connect to a bigger vision.
So i think if you can tap into like what’s the employees oz of motivated by and then.
Show them that they can work towards that they will be working towards that in the business i think that’ll be a big motivating factor.

[28:18] That’s awesome i think this so often you know that each generation has had their own nuances and instead of drilling into it and trying to figure out how each generation can.
Help one another but also guide one another we create the stereotypes oftentimes it’s so helpful to have a podcast for years that’s really drilling in saying okay what is it during your corner of come back.
Twenty somethings need to learn but also looking the offer the world to become successful entrepreneurs before they’re in their thirties or forties or fifties and he and i think the other thing that comes to mind is twenty somethings are really driven.
Two to make an impact now and it’s not just about like following a part of their asking questions like is this something i wanna be doing.
I am and i think business is also have to be very aware of that if you concrete environment that you employees really wanna be and like regardless of the salary.
They’re probably gonna move on i think i spoke to pulls in a couple of weeks ago and he is from remove the fee figured he said i think you said like a millennials will change jobs like that man it was like.

[29:26] Alright i’m trying to remember the figures that’s crazy amount of times like more than a handful of times they’ll change careers.
Am and so i think i think that’s something to be aware of this.

[29:39] Tomorrow is that they’re not scared to move on and try to take the dangerous uncomfortable unpredictable earths.
Yeah like i even when i use to work at the community college here in our town,
the amount of people that have worked there forty years and they’re retiring you know with the previous generation,
there’s a ton of people that they just work their whole careers,
but when i get my generation and i fall right on that can cost between jan x and millennials as i’m one of the youngest jenna actors and my wife is one of the oldest millennials so is your wife loves being called old,
but when you look at it so many people in my age demographic the be at the college for a couple of years and then they move on because,
most places in traditional he higher education international business’s.
If they can’t keep up with the cost of say healthcare inflation to be able to give you a raise and so for me every year i worked there i was losing money because our healthcare costs went up faster than you know what are reasons went up.
And so what happens is this whole freelance economy has started in a really positive way where it’s like you’re having movers of the world air b and b c everywhere.
All of this on me and take things that cut out the middle man has made it that people can really.
Can a job and lifestyle they want but does taking that know how high is really kinda cool but i think it’s such a different model than what people are used to,
that takes guys like yourself to walk them through how to do that well yeah and i think what’s exciting is that people want really bothered about.

[31:14] How old people and now it’s more about like can they deliver that the result that they are looking for and things like.
With things like you tube and that kind of thing you don’t even have to get a formal qualification to learn how to do something that people are looking for which is exciting both for.
For the twenty somethings themselves but also for employees i think because they don’t need to go on.
But you don’t need to go and hire someone who studied for four years if you’re looking for specific results you can find someone on a freelancing side like up work.
Something like that someone who can deliver the skills and will probably work for less than someone with a formal qualification and.
There’s so much knowledge the required weeks of your podcast and i look for to have you back in the podcast brain of every pp.
His owner was listening right now worldwide what would you want to know.

[32:11] I think i’m gonna come back to what we said it is as if there is something that you’re thinking of trying in your business just experiment with and.
Do it like just give it a starts.
And commit to doing it for a certain period like i’m gonna do this for the next three months or ten weeks or whatever it is and just try it and if it doesn’t work then cool at least you know you’ve tried but if it does work then you know you might have.
Hey this is broken there is something you developments in your industry.

[32:44] And so yeah that’s the advice i’d offer is if there’s something that you are thinking of doing just implemented and see where does don’t be afraid to do things differently.
Such good advice there’s actually i have a video series of it’s a video training about how to stop being paralyzed by perfection so if you’re listening now you wanna check that out,
sober practiceofthepractcie.com/perfection you can actually see how terrible my website was when i first line to make you feel really good about automation website is now,
what’s the brain if people wanna get in touch with you wanna connect with you what’s the best way for them to connect with you yeah i’m lucky enough that i have,
kind of a normal man but also unique enough to have my name in all the handles pretty much everyone social media i’m at bryant that’s b r y a and c a r d s what especially,
i’d like to hang out a little so facebook and instagram can find me there and then my website is bryant.com and,
feel free to email me a sprite and a fanta com and then i have put together a little giveaway for people listening as a way to say thanks for having me on the and i also can’t find yeah that people can find at bryant.com/joe.
And what the fine they go there is a little book that i put together with five exercises for creating a bit more self-awareness you know we mentioned self-awareness early and knowing what interests you and a what things are good at.
And this guy will kind of help you on to some questions to shed some light on that and again that’s bryant.com/joe.

[34:17] Awesome will brian thanks so much for being on the practice of the practice podcast.

[34:21] It’s been a pleasure thank you so much thanks so much for letting me in two years and into your brain hair for not friends on facebook with become friends,
i’m doing a ton of facebook lives there talking all sorts of things private practice.
It’s just heading over to facebook/com/josephsanok and let’s was buddy up over that sounds weird but when i can apply to.
Oh we’ll be friends on facebook and my wife will know that we’re friends on facebook.

[34:54] What is so awkward sometimes hey if you wanna was i’m totally in because i am just going to.
It’s the end of day but a healthy two year old five year old and i can’t wait not that i don’t love him with you.
Anyway if you want website greater visions amazing head over to brightervision.com/joe enter promo code go and check it get three months and then they know that their podcast sponsorship is working and it really helps us,
find my time to do this podcast every single week or more and pay you know it’s a great way to have some fun too alright talk soon bye.
This podcast is designed right after the thirty of information in regard to the subject matter covered resume with the understanding that needs a host or the publisher or get surrendering legal accounting clinic for clinical information,
if you never need a professional you should find one and special thanks to be in silence the sexy for the intro music you guys rock.

[35:53] Music.