PoP 221 What To Do With An Idea Part 1 | Trains And Actors

What to do with an idea

Today, Joe Sanok speaks about what to do with an idea, part 1 – trains and actors.

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In This Podcast

3 Phases of Private Practice

  • Start Up
    • Ideal client
    • Up to $50 000 p/a
  • Growth Phase
    • Adding clinicians / assistants
    • $50 000 – $100 000 p/a
  • Scaling Phase
    • Outsource
    • Above $100 000 p/a

What To Do With An Idea

Ask yourself:

  • What’s the movement I want to create?
  • What’s the pain I want to help solve?
  • What’s the audience I want to resonate with?

Challenge your idea by coming up with an additional 5-10.

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Podcast Transcription

Pop 221 What To Do With An Idea Part 1 | Trains And Actors

[0:00] Music.

[0:07] This is the practice to practice podcast with joe sanok session number two hundred twenty one.

[0:13] Music.

[0:24] Welcome to practice of the practice podcast i am in the fall construction zone you might hear some saw was an drills and hammering in the background and i could’ve taken my microphone home.
But sometimes you just want to get it done.
And you know what i want to get stuff done and i’m here in the office and so i thought i would record part one.
Of this series of this week or that can be a three part series of what to do with an idea part one that’s today it’s cold trains and actors trains and actors.

[1:01] It does this came out of surgery to notice a trend about a year and a half ago where a lot of my consulting clients people that were.
In the growth phase so this cast three phase of private practices the start up phase when your bootstrapping it might be a side gig you just get me going you just trying to attract ideal clients usually like zero to fifty k.
And then that second phase of growth phase the fifty k two hundred k that’s gonna be where you’re kinda focusing and i’m feeling up that practice as much as possible maybe adding some clinicians adding some at distance.
And then that scaling stays above a hundred thousand dollars where you really asking yourself why am i spending time in this when i could outsources to some deals.
So my consulting clients were in that growth and scaling phases over fifty thousand dollars a year this started having really similar things happen where satisfied with their.
Just say where happy practices going a lot of it was starting to get more automated but something was stirring inside of them that it was like.
They’re really excited about some idea had nothing to do with private practice.
And what happen was there’s a lot of guilt happen all this time into my private practice and now all of a sudden i think i may not want to do that as much of a commitment to work on something bigger and i want to create something.
And they would have ideas of podcast or a book that they wanted to write works you know if they wanted to share or of course the one to creator website that they want to launch.

[2:39] That was well beyond the scope of accounts in private practice.
And his ideas with inside of them and they’d feel this anxiety.
And i certainly think about what do you do with an idea and there’s a kids book that has cursed my title.

[2:56] I started thinking about what was happening here and i was looking zoom out a little bit and a certain think about.

[3:05] How you know we had in one direction for a long time.
And we’re gonna talk about a few different things to see no where had we talked about what do you do with these ideas some alternative ideas.
And some experiences that you felt that have got you to this point and so.
When is it said come up oftentimes counselors in private practice that are successful on the side feels guilt but they also feel this excitement almost like when they first wanted to launch their practice.
The the kind of people that launch and grow and thrive in private practice are those people that like starting new things they see things different they want to genuinely change the world.
And what happens is as ideas are to take root.

[3:56] It was all those can original feelings and fear so when i was a kid of high five or six years old.
My parents they lived right next to some railroad tracks and every night.
Right around bedtime at rain would go by so in my mind trains only worked at night.
And i had this idea as a kid that i really wanted to be a railroad conductor i just thought it would be super cool.
And i also though as a kid we want to be an actor when it to be in the spotlight and want to be on tv once you all these different things.
And my idea was it would be an actor during the day and at night i would drive trains and i would never sleep because you know when you’re a kid you never want to sleep.

[4:49] And.
I think what was part of both of those dreams was a sense of adventure the sense of doing some,
citing and you know whether you under fire fighter or an astronaut or teacher a psychologist whatever it is when your kid the you wanna be.

[5:06] You don’t think about the financial consequences and.
As i grew into my adult life a wasn’t always conscious of those original feelings.
And so what after happened was i move close to adventure are far from adventure close to adventure and far from adventure.
And these ideas we can come in and out of my soul.
Now i want to talk a little bit about how we can capture that feeling as a child as but kind of with mature adult size.
Anyone also talk about how i launched an idea in college we learned from that and then how we can take your big idea is your e books your.
Podcast courses and what you can do with those.
So is going to a church in college and i was frustrated because i download international travel re for my freshman year of college or to europe and i don’t always international travel.
And this time i was in grad school.
And i talked to the church leadership and it said i really want to put together.
A project that helps college students are people in the church travel.
Begin to serve their but not with the purpose of like conversion but of genuine your service of people so that our eyes were opened but then hopefully we better the world in a certain way.
So the church was totally into this idea we named it naga project and a ga.

[6:40] And now the is hebrew for to touch and i thought that was really cool word and we made these cool stickers a set of part of the naga project and.
How many inches can fun little hike now thing like a secret club or something.

[6:55] My unifying thought was that if people can experience people in poverty if people can experience people with aids that.
Joe also wants to help those people that also has will be changed soon record things we have an idea.
It’s not start with the product or the methods like were gonna create a course for kids in foster care of just start with what is this movement about.
So for me it was about educating and serving and that would be in a variety of forms and then from there.
The opportunities became very clear so what we did is we went to honduras for three weeks and we did this play,
that there’s a local group that would do this where we learned to be actors there’s a canary cinnamon over top of it in spanish cuz we didn’t speaker of spanish,
and that was not their method,
there was a play about this couple on that got aids and can what they went through and it was really cool because we got to be apart of this education in the schools but they also personally got to,
learn a lot about what was happening in the world.
And then we went we worked also at a shelter for people with a it’s called project lazarus that’s down in new orleans to help them in the last stages of aids and hospice.
So when we are launching idea you want to start with what’s the movement i want to create an i wanna be a part of.

[8:30] Can you wanna move in ten what’s the pain that i’m helping to solve or with the pain,
or feeling and i wanna move toward and then who’s the audience that resonates with that,
see if we get too focused in our idea and the fact that i specifically want to make a podcast specifically when making the course i only.
We end up putting too much effort into the idea rather than the movement that’s behind the idea cuz methods are gonna change podcasts are gonna change e books but if the movements there then you can shift into something differ.
So what do you do so you got your movement you got your big ideas get some kind of hypothetical ways you do it in the book decisive the author talks about how.
You wanna challenge your ideas you don’t get tunnel vision so i imagine that you just got rid of your big idea what would you do instead come up with five or ten different ideas the off to be able to cut cherry picks.
And then your search to look at.
What other experiences that helped me feel this way maybe it’s when you’re a kid when you want to be a train conductor and an actor so as you go after your big idea.
Go back to your feelings of a child go back to the movement that you want to start the revolution that you want to start the big ideas and then tomorrow we’re gonna talk about how do you investigate.
Weather or not you think your idea will be able to be successful and then on day three we’re gonna look a little bit into planning on launching your big idea.

[10:06] So i’m june fifth.
I am launching the world changers challenge at the seven day free challenge we’re going to try to get at least five hundred counselors there are thriving private practice,
but they want to go after big idea and sketch it out and get coached route throughout the week and i’m gonna be in there kelly higgins gonna be in there some other coaches are gonna be in there,
a to help you really in seven days go from idea,
jessie taking some movement gives me to idea success sign up for a challenge over at practiceofthepractice.com/challenge gonna start on june fifth and go for the whole week.
I’m not doing facebook lives in training z e-mails to help you launch that big i guess again had a number practiceofthepractice.com/challenge to sign up for that things to me in two years into your brain i’ll talk to you tomorrow i.

[10:56] Music.

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