PoP 223 What To Do With An Idea Part 3 | Core Planning

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What to do with an idea

Today, Joe Sanok speaks about what to do with an idea, part 3 – core planning.

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In This Podcast

A big misconception around ideas is that you need to plan out the whole thing from the get go. This, however, is untrue. You should focus on the first step / certain KPIs to see if it is even feasible.

Core Planning

Don’t sketch out too much. Plan for the next month – as opposed to the next year / 5 years. Start with the basics.

For example, if your idea is to start a podcast:

  • Get a mic (link below)
  • Get featured on your local radio
  • Have a podcast bio
  • Reach out to people you want to interview
  • Have the right equipment
  • What is the pain you are solving through this podcast?
  • What is the structure of your podcast?

For example, if your idea is to write a book:

  • 7 questions you plan on answering in your book
  • 3-5 blog posts that tell stories around these topics
  • Ask for feedback on the posts

For example, if your idea is to run a course:

  • Webinar on Facebook live to chat about your idea

For example, if your idea is to do a keynote speech:

  • Listen to Grand Baldwin’s podcast on speaking
  • One-page bio
  • Get videos of you speaking at various gigs – post on YouTube

Amazon links for books on speaking:

Useful Links:

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Podcast Transcription

Pop 223 What To Do With An Idea Part 3 | Core Planning

[0:00] Music.

[0:07] The practice of the presence podcast with joe sandbox ocean number two hundred.

[0:12] Music.

[0:25] Acts of the practice podcast we have been talking for the last two days and today the third day of what to do with an idea,
when you have those big ideas inside of you that go well beyond your private practice it could be a podcast could be e-book a course aquino maybe,
if something its like a website now was done before like what do i do with this idea,
we have been talking about first in day one how do you brainstorm how do you come up with ideas that are just a product that is part of a movement something is genuinely gonna be a world changer,
and then left yesterday i’m so last week yesterday object investigating how do you dive into some analytics other people doing this work already passing that side and then today we’re diving into.
Poor planning so how do you structure out.
This big idea now that you are okay i mean i want to do a podcast on the book i want to do a course or keynote,
so i need to walk you through some of the first steps the you can do for this and i think one of the biggest dangers,
the people have is that they feel like they have to plan out the entire thing before the launch and that’s actually a huge waste of time.
I would rather we talk about the very first steps the very first core items the very first kp eyes are key performance indicators to see if this thing is worth putting more of your time and.
If you spend three hours a week and your big idea until you up inside and you may not make money and that’s fine but.
If you could do a counseling session for a hundred bucks a session or two hundred bucks a session in your turning people away because you’re working your big idea.

[2:02] We need to figure out how to make sure this thing is gonna really can help you out financially in the future also changing the world,
so a lot of people as they been listening to seven opting into the seven day world changers challenge that we’re gonna be doing over on facebook.
It’s gonna be seven days from june fifth to june twelfth.
We are gonna have over five hundred counselors that have thriving practices that have the ideas that want to work together to go after the big ideas on something to be doing some daily facebook lives there was in the email support,
i am not doing a big wedding rd and with kelly higdon about what you do with this idea and now how do we structure it out and we have some legs to it when we launch this big idea for you.
And what are the next thing that you can do in a ton of the people are coming to slow down school are gonna be a part of this and also my favorite consultants of rd joined the facebook group,
it’s really and saying we’ve got a bunch of prizes also that were gonna be giving away so to sign up for the free seven day challenge head on over to practiceofthepractice.com/challenge,
and if you listen to this after that challenge heading over there anyway because we’re probably gonna be doing more challenges,
future around a few different other ideas that i have and i’d love to have you join whatever the current challenges are gonna be doing.

[3:22] So let’s talk about some core planning the big principal first answer with is,
don’t scheduled to much don’t do a five year plan don’t even know when your plan what you do the next month we need to get done in the next month to search to see if this fills you up on the inside of this idea,
it’s being birthday is actually something you want to birth or is it something do it when off i really need to launch this.
So the starter just some of the basic things so let’s start with a podcast.
Have you got idea inside of you and you wanna launch a podcast i would say before you even launch a podcast.
Purchased the audio technically twenty twenty so head of the practiceofthepractice.com/mic that’s the microphone that i using hundred box.
Get them like and get on some podcast interviews to see if you like it i’ll get on the local radio,
before you commit to doing a weekly podcast middle child out a little bit so that would be swell the first steps of sketchy know is how do you get on your podcast will you get into a podcast you wanna have a one page summary of who you are,
can a bio about you use something i can deduct time or if you need to designer let me know sam my designer she shows him freelance work also.
So has one page pdf have your quality head shot on that pdf have the specifics about who you are.
What your passions are what you can speak about on that and then that’s your name that you’re name podcast bio.

[4:54] I need to reach out podcasts that are in the new and noteworthy section that you’ve heard of the light that match your specific specialty and reach out to those people.

[5:04] And then.
Seems like it you have skype id wanna have a decent microphone headphones big easy on that podcast interviewer and then tweet about it tell people about it be the biggest advocate for that podcast.

[5:20] So then say you really like podcast where you wanna do next well there’s a number of different things that you’re gonna do but cannot at the beginning us catch out.
What is the pain in the yourself into this podcast and are other people doing this so you would’ve already investigated this based on yesterday’s podcast.
So you have an idea of okay i think i may want to sketch out this idea and i’m gonna contribute to this topic area differently than other people.
You wanna look at what are things with in that podcast that you like from other podcast human include selected structure liquid when would you.
Who is sponsoring would you have something else you want to interview people that you want to do it more journalism base with that structure going to be.
And then what would be something that you could do to really start moving towards so might be coming to reach out to three people that i really respect in this field.
I’m going to see if i can interview one researcher.
One clinician and one person on that’s dealt with this particular topic so if you’re helping kids in foster care.
Who is doing great research and foster care who are some clinicians that are doing some great work in regards to foster care are there foster care advocates.
And try to get three or four interviews don’t even have to have all the adding all that stuff set up just take those first and national steps.

[6:42] That’s what i was saying there’s plenty of the core items then after that.
You’re gonna be looking at hosting all the other side but that were the first month right there that’s what you do if this idea right now between now and when we launch that challenge.
Say you wanna watch a book.
Let’s look at with it you wanna again start with let sketch out what may be the seven big questions are that you’re gonna answer within that book to give us an example of foster care and you may say okay so for kids transitioning.
Out of foster care and into adulthood what are the big things well housing,
it’s healthcare it’s getting a job be employable maybe getting an education accessing grants so what are those things that are core items that you would like to talk about and then started just break those down a little bit more.
So under housing for example.
What is the kid need to know that is going to you know leave foster care even then you might say well this is applicable to kids beds foster hasn’t any twenty something area eighteen year olds do this so you may pit why you have your idea going.
So yeah scratch that and that i would actually do three to five blog posts that kinda start.
Telling stories using stories from your own life about housing for example put on your website.
Feedback from people ask people you trust what they think and what they would have as question.

[8:03] That would be your first month of launching a book of really sorry to scratch it out get some feedback from people you trust and see how people respond to it.
Nothing but a course.
So course i would say at the beginning i would actually do super low hanging fruit i would actually start with the facebook live that i would reach out to people sent a specific date the you’re gonna be doing a specific topic.
Maybe do a forty five minute webinar on space book live.
So that you’re talking about your specific area that you wanna talk about me was half hour ceiling people come to that reach out if you have an email list already.
Reset your email list if you don’t have an email list maybe you search develop that as well.
Be your goal really at this phase of your idea is to test it see if you like and see if people resonate with them server of course i would say.
Before the launch of course like do a facebook live if you can get thirty or forty people to show up for that that’s a decent amount because then those.
They’re really gonna probably out into one of your next thing is and maybe a handful of them but opted sure course.

[9:09] What your key notes fun to do a keynote where would you start a lot of start by listing to grant baldwin’s speaker lab podcast it’s awesome i was on that recently greeted us to speaking,
but very similar to podcasting you wanna have that one page can’t a bio but in addition to that,
you wanna start getting video of you speaking of sin your first month of your idea if you want more keynote i would say get as many speaking gigs as possible.
Just to get footage of your speaking in a classroom of your speaking of the chamber of commerce if you’re speaking in front of four people.
Get a decent camera that has decent audio even if you don’t accept i four have somebody record that that’s better than not having a footage of all.
And then start to put those on you tube in either their full clips like a full thirty minute clip or like a five minute.
You can also the speaker real eventually were you kind of put them together but really right now it would be about getting your name out there really low hanging fruit regards sue having some speaker clips and then once you have those,
it’s easier to reach out to conferences it easier to do some breakout sessions and to really start to build around that,
it’s gonna multifaceted were aquino you may wanna have a book that goes with that you may want to be getting the spotlight put on you through help reporter out at all can work together we’re.
If you been featured like i have been in forbes or in reader’s digest or yahoo health news or good magazine.

[10:40] All those things then hope you in multiple areas because it’s not just about launching a podcast it’s not just about watching the book or lunch in the course of the keynote.
It’s about what’s pushing this idea why behind it all.
So the method doesn’t really matter for you and if i do what does your audience resonate with what do people resonate with and would it take action,
and do they like you do they understand you there’s a million different books out there that are awesome couple i’d recommend are the story tellers secret it’s a great book.
Also what’s the other coming to book.
Oh talk like ted that’s what is on the other two great books about speaking in about to start crafting your message.
As well michael ports book of sugar with that book standing ovation knows the.

[11:35] Oh shoot a hole in it so my bookshelf i’m over here if he was here.

[11:46] No

[11:49] Show steal the show still the show sorry about that so the book steal the show.
So that those are great books that can really help you with a number of these things to but we’re going to be covering in-depth study jam fest over at that seven day.
World changers challenge just head over to practiceofthepractice.com/challenge stimulus huge community of people,
myself kelly higdon allison puryear alison pidgeon and i think laycock girls gonna be in there who else we missing gordon brewer,
we’re gonna giving away prizes it’s gonna be incredible,
i’m so excited about it and also in july of this great group of people are getting together here,
in traverse city slowdownschool.com you can read more about that were gonna be having a campfire go wine tasting talking about big ideas be on your practice scaling up your practice growing your practice.
And really doing these things that just fill up our souls that’s over at slowdownschool.com so i can we to hang out with you guys over in that challenge contracts of the practice that conference challenge.
You rock i can’t wait to hear about your big idea as i know there are things inside you that are just ready to change the world let’s do that together and i can’t wait to see if the facebook.
Thanks for letting me into yours and into your brain have an awesome day and i will be back at you next tuesday.

[13:16] Music.