PoP 224 | Laura Coe Is Really Authentic

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Laura Coe Is Really Authentic

Today, Joe Sanok speaks about Laura Coe.

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In This Podcast

What questions would your kids ask you, when they are grown up, about the decisions you made when they were younger regarding your business and personal decisions?

Tips For Starting a Private Practice

When starting a private practice, Laura did the following:

  • Created a mission statement for herself
  • Figured out how to brand herself and what message she wanted to portray, over social media, etc.
  • Leveraged skillsets of people around her
  • Make use of your references
  • Trust your intuition
  • Do your research around mentors
  • Realise that you will lose money, but you need to experiment

“Perfection is the enemy of progress.”

Tips For Practices Operating Under $100k

  • Psychology
  • Practical

Tips For Practices Operating Over $100k

  • Get the systems to work for you, i.e.: outsource

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Meet Laura Coe

Laura co-founded Litholink Corporation, a healthcare company serving over 350,000 patients per month nationally. When Litholink sold to a Fortune 500 company, she left corporate America to pursue lifelong passions.

Even while working in corporate healthcare, Laura always specialized in breaking down complex concepts for to make them easy to digest, understand, and apply. Now she channels that unique skill into “translating” philosophy and ancient wisdom – breaking down monumental, life-changing wisdom in a way that everyone can apply to their own lives.

Laura currently devotes her energy toward writing, coaching, helping others implement spiritual teachings in their everyday lives. Her first book, Emotional Obesity, is available for purchase. And now she is the host of the popular podcast, The Art of Authenticity.

Meet Joe Sanok

Joe Sanok helps counselors to create thriving practices that are the envy of other counselors. He has helped counselors to grow their businesses by 50-500% and is proud of all the private practice owners that are growing their income, influence, and impact on the world. Click here to explore consulting with Joe.



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Podcast Transcription

Pop 224 | Laura Coe Is Really Authentic

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[0:27] This is the practice of the practice podcast with joe sandbox session number two hundred twenty four.

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[0:45] Welcome to the practice of the practice podcast i go santa your host and i’m here live at the radio center to building as i’m watching radio center three get built up.
And its going to my totally steal my view of the water but that’s okay progress progress,
progress well i again when i think greater vision the our sponsors all this month and the amazing websites an amazing website do head over to brightervision.com/joe if you are interested,
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Is we talked all four of them signed up for slow down school,
i wanna be a cohort of people this june fifth challenge it’s totally free you can join other people that thriving practices and working a sketch out your big idea where gonna walk through the brainstorming phase.

[2:19] Investigation phase and the core planning phase and so i can head on over to practiceofthepractice.com/challenge to sign up for that challenge my goal is that i think to try a few times a year do some of these challenges around different things that we need to really can a sprint towards in community,
thanks would be awesome if we had five hundred thousand people that,
set for this week i’m gonna run towards that goal together to learn from joe and the other consultancy brings and.
It is gonna be awesome so again that’s practiceofthepractice.com/challenge to sign up as a hundred percent free reading facebook lives e-mails also to things to help you,
was catching up at big idea and making massive progress in one week so i would love to see you.
Well today on the show we have laura coe and laura is just amazing and so much fun interviewing her and is on her podcast,
so without any further ado i give you the one the only laura coe.

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[3:31] Today on the practice of the practice podcast we have laura coe she’s been featured in forbes huffington post new york observer,
and she launched a health care company that served over three hundred fifty thousand patients per month nationally.
We are currently devotes her energy towards writing coaching helping others implement spiritual teachings in their everyday lives as well her first book emotional abuse ev is available.
And she is most of the popular podcast the art of authenticity laura welcome to the practice of the practice podcast.
Very happy to be here thank you for having me.
Absolutely yeah so.
You know definitely going back there eyes twenty years ago but i was a classy undergrad and graduate students and how come everybody would say what we gonna do that and,
sadly retailer to my ladies wasn’t sure i was doing with it so i came home to chicago,
my father is a leading expert in the world i’m kidney stone prevention hit figured out once you have them how to prevent them from coming back she’s super cool except,
actors in the world were nt.
Taking advantage of the system he had created it was difficult and complicated and people positions unfortunately if there’s a barrier to get it done you know that other people so they,
they just weren’t adopting it so we took his systems we clean them up commercialize them put them into practice in a way that.

[5:07] We took all the pain points out and simplify the process leading to a business that we are serving doctors and every state in america overtime and so,
my brother i built this from the ground up think dough vin it twenty four you know everything,
from setting up it networks to customer service and just made it up as i as i went along.
I love you see you made up as you went along with soft we picture these companies as everything together they know exactly what to do next and.
I often had this machine that only god yeah yeah absolute mess and we are you know i took apart a computer one day and have never taken it,
computer class i put all the parts to the side and put it back together cuz the mother board was broken and i didn’t buy it warranty for,
parts and we’re too broke to buy a computer so i can you know uses if your thinking about entrepreneurship are you wanted to add deftly a little that spirit.

[6:08] So then what happens as the company grows and you start have some can authenticity questions.

[6:16] Yeah so i mean my passion i was one of those kids who wasn’t interested in school just you know really not too many things,
really let me operate i love sports but i’m not gonna become a professional athlete but philosophy was just one of those things i read plato at sixteen i didn’t understand it but i had,
i had goosebumps like there something amazing here and so although i was building this business and i had all the markings of success,
i had the house and the chocolate labrador and the relationship and i have a young child everything that we aspire to have,
eventually selling the company having a big payout.
I just keep feeling like there’s something off here and i could put my finger on it but i just kept saying to myself i need something more authentic i don’t know what that word is clearly its still here so it’s a powerful one for me but.
The world i was building around me wasn’t matching.
To my sense of self right that identity of self that deeper sense of self the philosophy that i loved the ideas and i love that i was able to to play any of those and put them into practice,
and so do i think i am very entrepreneurial the topic in healthcare just wasn’t something that i had any passion so i see it.
I kinda had a freak out moment i just i have been to you know excepting that this was my life for quite a long time.

[7:47] Making up a bunch of rationalizations justifications why this made sense right because objectively this makes a ton of sense to have a big business that’s going well.

[7:58] But one at some point or another it just stopped making any sense to me in an in total honesty i had a young three year old and.
I have this special moment for a photo of us sitting in a cafe and he was like twenty.
And he said to me some um yeah you were at home and i was little but it wasn’t a passion point you had money.
Like why are you always missing.
And i couldn’t answer that question rate and i’m like no he only does and my mother making tons of money and it’s not even something i care that,
much about and so i started to think about what it really is all about is that you know what is it about success in just making,
earning your get into those next levels or is there something else and that’s where that journey started,
what a cool exercise to think about you see note you could the coffee shop or in their therapy session confronting you how he how you frame it all they what questions will your kids have for us why you make decisions as an adult,
with your business and your time and it that much different than how you spend your time right now vs picture my kid is a twenty year old confronting me and why wasn’t i around.
Yeah i don’t you know that he is.

[9:16] He definitely my mind is kind of like my spiritual teacher and so that is where that image really came from i sort of think of him as you know kids i believe are here and.
And special form they don’t have any of the knowledge of the world yet but there’s something much more honest and real about them and so,
yeah kinda dialing out with him stereo be in this moment of total honesty was ago but the splash of cold water i needed.
Wow so when you had that realization would you do next.

[9:48] Well i did what i did best at that point my life i analyzed to death rate is a book at that point in my life it was just all in my head and the pros and the cons and the,
primary listen and talking to people.
Talking to myself until i just throw myself literally crazy and an absolute meltdown moment sitting on an airplane with my brother.
I found myself in tears you know i think it just absolute exhaustion of.

[10:21] Analyzing our sister paralysis,
and i’m like my brother was my business partner my best friend and he told me he’s like other route to take place have to,
yeah that’s silliness silly little comment but there was something where it was like permission in that comment for me and i just sat back and this airplane and i said you know what.
This isn’t working i’m gonna let go to surrender i’m allow,
the world to unfold in front of me i know i’m going to leave and i’m just gonna let this happen and that was for the day shift,
in the beginning of a whole new way for me to function where I started to surrender into what I can’t control I started to like focus on what I could which is my perspective my take on things that narrative in my head and,
not try to wait knuckle that stuff for me that right like i don’t have influence over while,
so so then like to fast forward a little bit you lunches podcast you start getting more consulting clients but you’re weaving together a bunch of these interests me tickets through,
that start up fees and you as you start to do that what were some of the practical things that you have to get done and the you help you along the way.
Yeah so that the company i like i spend.
A while trying to figure out what to do and i was doing everything upside down i was essentially looking out into the world thinking about okay if i am basically this person with the skill sets where do i fit best into the world.

[12:03] And.
Whatever it was is that the model was upside down i needed to think about what is that i do best at that you know my core for the people listening if you’re a massage therapist you might know that but if your.
You know.
Maybe think about what type of message or if you’re psychologists what specifically do you like to talk about you know you don’t want to speak to everyone so learning.
What was the core message that i was interested in ny instead of thinking about myself in the state of bride here’s all of the things i have a meter them against the wall and see what sticks.
Was really the first app and.
Yeah great mission statement for our businesses but i created a mission statement for myself like this is who i am this is what i do best.
And this is what i want to focus on and that’s where the authenticity emotionally city is the stuff the weight the layering on of thoughts that get in the way of your.
Authentic life so everything became centered around this core concept and you know to be honest on the business side i see.
How was really naive i thought having run a brick and mortar business that this world was gonna be like nothing right like i’ll just get out there and.

[13:24] You know i don’t work done but i didn’t think there’s really business elements but you know for and i know you know joanne and i know your id and so is.
Branding yourself and positioning yourself into this market is a whole world that i had to learn so i learn how to create a website had a power surge in blog posts i engage somebody to teach me,
how to position my message twitter facebook which one are you gonna use why rate and i actually.
Spend quite a lot of time and money educating myself on this business model because it’s really is a small business and her yet so.
He said you have someone to help you figure out more of your message earlier talk about that a little bit something a lot of people in there in the start up phase think i just i’m gonna bootstrap everything.
Why did you put money into that rather than other things yeah you know one thing i learned quickly is a.
And clear but i am good at and what i’m not and as much for her like that was a very important lesson to learn to leverage the skill sets of the people around you don’t recreate wheels great and so.

[14:38] It costs me money if i am taking it.
The problem and not solving it which is keeping me from making more money and getting clients in me and a movie on the podcast or whatever my goals are,
if somebody has the answers say costs a couple thousand dollars to pay somebody a this guide him crawlies amazing heater business,
and he walked me through this is a blog post of thank you guys what evergreen blog looks like this is how often you understand it mail chimp and how email lists works and all these different things,
he was able to teach me that in a matter of weeks if i have tried to research of my own it would be months and i don’t know if i would’ve understood the nuances if i would have,
have the objectivity to get right cuz i think this is so low printer it’s very difficult to see yourself clearly,
i was a business partner to bounce things off of my dad’s reputation headset a lot of what we’re doing so.

[15:40] I think it was it is so important i’ve done it several times if somebody out there has the system set up they’re doing it well.
And you can afford to pay that money it’s really really worth it you know be careful cuz there’s i think a bunch people on the internet.
Say they don’t take money but pay with a delivered yet yeah i didn’t fall for one of those and it made and i was really pissed but yeah just do your research make sure you have,
you know people who have used her got me outcomes cuz live out there like all show you how to make,
six figures and you know that the only reason they make six figures as cuz they told you that.
Data right in the six figures off of these be able to make six since i make six figures now they don’t have anything practically share,
what are just what are some of those bullet points as you’re looking for somebody to work with to hired.
You said you’d do your research credit for me i for a long time was just like i’m just you free stuff and i probably years ago should hire coach way earlier than i did.
But that’s a fear of just throwing money away was a part of it we’re just a couple quick bullet points of what that quote doing the research would look like.

[16:57] Yeah so i meant before you know the old me would have just pros and cons and talked all of so i still think that’s important so figuring out.

[17:07] You’re looking for then it is seeing if you can get references from friends i try to leverage my internal network and,
in this case my cousin works for new york times and he was reading a book and he said this guy was extremely helpful and am like okay that’s a huge data points so that is really,
really helpful and then the next part which i was terrible at but now i’ve.
Done a much better job is trusting your intuition cuz it’s not just finding somebody who has the information of the quality but it’s a.
The good fit part really to me is meaningful i pay underestimated after a long time but you know i could be a great coach for one person and for somebody,
else is just a total like miss fire we’re just not connecting so guess phone talk to the person and.

[18:00] Check out how you feel are you jesus feel like you’re having the conversation is this person on the same page right to feel like your connecting to them and trust that intuition because of that there is a one time when i.
I feel like i spent money i shouldn’t of in every step of the way it felt wrong to me and i ignored yeah so so that and.
The finances you know people say it’s a waste of money and i don’t know you gotta think about it more experiments eat you will lose some money.
Here and there.

[18:36] Overall i just wanna be shooting for like an eighty percent eighty five percent on average that right where you want to go and so forgiving yourself for those few mistakes in the big piece as well.

[18:47] That’s a great point i love that were experiment use that all the time and i feel like you don’t really know what works oftentimes to something that might work in one market often won’t work and another and so,
even just your testing like the probably a month ago i tested you to vs twitter versus facebook ads,
just for the slowdowns go to the conference i’m hosting next summer and.
It’s great to at least have some idea and then i can turn into a blog post say to people hey this is what work this is why didn’t in my market and might where,
you might not but at least how i did it you can often turn those experiments into a blog post the other people can learn from as well.
Absolutely and you know that your brothers are because this idea of what works is a really.
Passion point for me because even within the same sector even with the same message sometimes things work and they don’t work.
And there’s almost no difference between two people there is a small amount of serendipity to all of this,
if you know enough entrepreneur’s they will all tell you their story if you could ask them their story,
for us we will build this company we had first clients out of the gate cuz my dad reputation harvard stanford nyu me name top university we are there we still are getting great traction.
Proven product still angry traction right so everything’s in place,
that was one doctor in north carolina or somewhere that i did not want to sign up you was small he wanted everything he was such a pain it was like drop iv me crazy i did it anyways and this guy six months later calls me and says.

[20:26] I’m changing practices and i’m like no you know you gotta be kidding me.
He switches me joins a patches of six hundred doctors and growing and he brought our services we have,
so this one dude became,
a six hundred percent increase year over year over year over year for us or four hundred percent i’m sorry i mean it their company was growing at all they were doing was buying up practices and they are selling as through their business so.

[20:55] You know if there’s just some of this lake.
I know people don’t podcast for a while and ask them how have you found succession they said just keep making podcasts lately i.
Just keep going and you learn so much in the process like i even think about that i will don’t wanna go back and listen to my first podcasts and i’m sure that you’ve been you know now i’m gonna be learning things as i go in,
you just kinda learn as you go and your audience oftentimes you if they know that you’re taking a humble approach the you’re not.
Say i am grew on high you need to like worship down in front of,
there with you on that journey to where they see as a self-improvement process and that you tried different things as you go and i think that the whole idea that we have to be perfect the first time is just not helpful.
Oh my god perfectionism is like the enemy of progress rated is awful so one hundred percent.
You gotta think about your life is like nothing but it or asians and tests and you know re p try again try again try again in the winter in my book idea,
because of emotional weight and i have an emotional scale my side if you like it gonna be on oprah and i was like stop saying that because most people don’t come out of the gate and just you know swing for the fences and got on oprah,
mostly takes a couple of years to really get your feet and and find your stride so yeah patients integration experiment.

[22:30] Are such good advice laura if you are not working or talking with people that are more in the start up and growth phase practices there are under a hundred thousand what are some things that you would recommend for them.
In regards to continue to grow and what about the people that are more that scaling phase that are above a hundred thousand what would you recommend for them.
Yeah i mean in my experience you know i.
Mentor and talk to entrepreneur’s all the time not specifically people building practices but you know businesses in general.

[23:03] The under hundred thousand dollar mark rate in by the way this is hundred thousand of your business not what you’re earning cuz people confuse,
when i bring in my business and when i put in my pocket for a while your business can be making one hundred,
if you are under the at your reinvesting into the business a lot so if you’re not taking home those numbers and i don’t feel bad about it it takes a long time watcher think they talk about that all the time but.
But it under one hundred thousand i think it’s this psychology is a huge piece of it of you know.

[23:40] What’s going on your way is fear on your way are you,
feeling inadequate are you comparing yourself to others why are you making the choices that your making is it because you think somebody else did it that way and that’s gonna be successful have you figured out you know,
what you think is the right way to do it and are you getting the to help around you,
i like we talked about getting a coach or hiring in somebody to help you with that on the psychology of it can really take you out i’m not good enough i’ll never be cut in the great lakes,
all of that stuff can really be a problem and then it just a very practical i just don’t know how to launch a website,
i just don’t know how to do the books it’s so important to get those things done so if you don’t again get help with that and don’t give up just keep grinding if you’re not making it could just not be your time yet.
Or get some advice talk to people see about how to integrate and have it once you hit the stride once things start to move.
It’s about getting the systems to work for you and you know we are chatting about this a little bit before you know john i but.
If you don’t get the systems to work for you and you start to pull out which is a scary because.
You know most oscars are bit control freakish they want to do it all themselves and they don’t want any.

[25:11] Buddy else to do it and think any bills will do it as well here’s the thing.
If you’re in that mindset and you feel that way maybe it’s true maybe you are the best at everything,
you can only do so many things and so it some point you’re gonna get a diminishing return and you will get behind and you’ll have a horrible lifestyle as well you feel stressed all the time,
so you’ve gotta get past this idea of letting go letting other people.
I delegated to them learning how to set up system so that you can follow up track what’s going on and.
Recognizing that although they might do it differently me it doesn’t mean it’s better or worse people bring their own take or no stamped of things and sometimes it can be your something you didn’t plan hundred that way but.
Wow that really work so judge people by the outcomes not you trying to be like me use.
Can yeah it’s a hard process i know you help people with this it delegation is definitely it was the thing that almost took me out in growing my company.

[26:11] Well i think that mindset shift is probably just in general one of the toughest things because.
So much is upstairs in your brain and so it’s like a hot whatever teach someone this is what works for you in regards to starting to delegate more to get things out of your brain and cannot get other people to do it.
Yeah to be totally honest with you that mean practical i’ll answer that but.
How is this an mri system in which we.

[26:42] Can help become self centered i’m so important i mean what we really saying great.
I am so important i do it better nobody in the world will live without me it’s crazy even when i left the business that i started i built every single system in that business everybody reported to me.
It still moved on without me for a general you know i think there’s the,
big last piece of my mind is kinda get over yourself rate it’s hard at lake you’re not that important the system is plenty good other people are getting it done.
Really well actually just take it down a notch so that to me is really what’s playing underneath it.

[27:26] But what i did specifically project tracking software.
Specifically i’m thinking of your everything is written down now others these awesome tools i love the sun is my favorite one but get a.
All of your projects written down somewhere and then all of my time became communicating what the goals of the projects are tracking and being available instead of doing.
Fred so I just stopped doing I had no projects of my own which was just absolutely nuts for after I got over myself and realize you know.
I think of myself as like your parents they have those turnabout with like twelve twenty break our cars that come in to get as like i’m basically the person the center like steering traffic.
Yeah yeah well it’s i just finished killing mosques biography and you know if if there’s a person that probably should’ve.
He’s so smart they looking at how much you can keep in his brain with space x and tesla in like looking from the origin story of that.
Play all the way through he would just pop in give feedback and then pop over the next thing,
and yeah for me to just like hear how he did that he did people lot can upstairs in his brain but he just having assistance that he just had a verbal lease area this message this and this and be able to move quickly and change quick.

[28:58] I just took so much out of that book it so.

[29:02] I think that we top performers are the ones that they’re able to have the vision and then get people around them they can be to implement there’s.

[29:12] Absolutely and so that i mean,
i know it i must but it was the same thing i had in my head floor is not even in the same stratosphere but you know the same approach they approach is the approach is the approach and i think it and you know,
it just works it’s like make yourself totally available keep people motivated inspired me and i didn’t mention that but that’s up just,
missed out on my part i spend all of my time making myself available and tell you go like,
that’s amazing that’s perfect but we change those two things either keeping people feeling excited reminding them of the bigger picture so they remember that their part,
you know leads to despair hall so they care more when your solar project.
Practitioner it is a little harder because you’re dealing with a lot of really answers and i will say that and owning a company is different in that everybody works you know together toward a singer cause the freelance world.
You’re one of like fifty things on that persons list that day.
Right so i do think that someone hurdle you is la when they don’t get back to you when you know the ball gets dropped a little bit.
You know when your task stuff out to ten different virtual assistance for whatever it is that you’re doing and they have you know you’re just a few hours of work per week to them you do need to be a little more flexible cuz you’re just.

[30:43] It’s unfortunate your just not that important to them yeah yeah.
What law read the final question i have for you in something ask everybody is if every private practice owner listening right now in the world what would you want them to know.

[30:57] That’s a good question.

[31:01] I want them to know first and foremost that they’re doing something that they feel deeply passionate about and that the.
Saying that they are bringing out into the world all that comes from a place from within them that is like soulful like a soul level,
desire to bring forth because if you can start there this is just a deeply meaningful,
topic that i feel the world is a better place and i feel specifically driven to talk to it the rest of it,
the world has figured out right there are accounts your,
there are delegation systems there are people you can pay to help me figure everything out so you know start there just make sure that your message is really aligned with the messenger in your you’re really passionate about what you’re doing.

[31:53] Awesome and laura people wanna get in touch with you with the base best way for them to connect with you sometime lauracoe.com.
And i answered my e-mails there’s a contact form there and the podcast is the art of authenticity on itunes.
Awesome learning so much for being on the practice and the practice podcast thankyou so much is great chatting with you.

[32:16] Music.

[32:24] What a fun interview with laura and again if you need a website head on over to brightervision.com/joe even if you have a website.
The will probably be able to offer you a ton more than what you’re getting from any other service provider that has a monthly fee like that the amount of just stopped.
To think give the teams they have the updates you got a heading over to brightervision.com/joe.
And if you wanna do that challenge in june please head over to practiceofthepractice.com/challenge and in the future we’re gonna be launching other challenges of you listen to this after june fifth.
Please go over to force is challenge anyway to see what our next challenge is i’d love to have more challenges in the future,
thanks for letting me in two years and into your brain you all rock your so inspiring to see what you’re doing to change the world,
it’s just really really awesome to see keep it up this podcast is designed,
right after thirty two information in regards to the subject matter covered it’s given with the understanding that you are the host the publisher or gas surrendering legal accounting,
clinical or other professional information if you need a professional you should find one.

[33:38] Music.