PoP 225 | Bobby Albert On Values-Driven Culture

Values-driven culture

Today, Joe Sanok speaks with Bobby Albert on a values-driven culture.

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In This Podcast

3 Phases of Practice

  • Start-up phase:
    •  $0-50k
    • Boot-strapping
  • Growth phase
    • $50-100k
  • Scale phase
    • $100k & over
    • Outsource

Principle Profits

“Outward success is an inside job.”

  • Delight the customer – exceed their expectations
  • Increase operating profits
    • Increase revenue
    • Decrease expense
    • Increase productivity

Culture is NB – your organization should behave as a team. Culture is the fruit and not the goal.

Successful companies often have the following characteristics:

  • Core values
  • Purpose
  • Vision
  • Leadership

Goal-Setting Habits

  • Pause and reflect
  • Dreaming
  • Evaluate
  • Writing (simple goals)
  • Prioritise and focus

Useful Links:

Meet Bobby Albert

Bobby Albert, who led a small, local family business to a nationally recognized leader in its industry, explains how it happened in Principled Profit—Outward Success Is an Inside Job. In this inaugural book, an in-demand speaker/consultant pinpoints specific principles that, in practice, can supercharge any enterprise. The book hits the shelves in 2017, but Bobby is here today to explain how he went from a humble start to good to great in his business – and how any leader can leverage the same principles and practices in his or her own organization.




Meet Joe Sanok

Joe Sanok helps counselors to create thriving practices that are the envy of other counselors. He has helped counselors to grow their businesses by 50-500% and is proud of all the private practice owners that are growing their income, influence, and impact on the world. Click here to explore consulting with Joe.



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Podcast Transcription

Pop 225 | Bobby Albert On Values-Driven Culture

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[0:27] This is the practice of the practice podcast with joe sanok session number two hundred twenty five.

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[0:44] Welcome to the practice of the practice podcast i am so excited to.
Just to hang out with you are so many of you at all different kind of spots in your private practice urban.
Talking a lot about the three different phases of private practice the first one being from zero to fifty k a year.
That’s really the starting phase of practice and you want to put your efforts towards really that start up keeping those costs low,
do as much hustle and bootstrapping is you can the scale in a smart way willy outsourcing something so for example your website let you know brightervision.com/joe that’s fifty nine bucks a month their sponsor of today’s podcast.
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I’m definitely super helpful to help you at that fees to identify your ideal client and then can i draw them in.
And that second phase the growth phase from fifty thousand two hundred thousand were you really focusing on.
Feeling up the ideal practice starting to add some clinicians to the practice to scale your time a little bit.
Continuing to take things off of your plate and then over a hundred thousand dollars that’s where the things that get you two hundred k are not going to be the things to get you to two hundred or five hundred k.
Really we need to be doing is you need to be looking how do i scale this thing you need to be saying why am i doing this when i could pay someone fifteen or twenty bucks an hour thirty or fifty bucks if its like website type stuff.

[2:24] To work on these things that i shouldn’t be doing.
You should really be focusing in and looking yourself as ceo of your business and not just another worker at your business and that’s oftentimes when in that growth phase and its killing phase you start to have these really big ideas of.
Yeah i could be the next renee brown or i could be no prouder i could be the next kelly higdon where you’re like i get these ideas inside me like i need to do something bigger than just run this private cracked.

[2:55] Not that there’s anything wrong with running a private practice but often has the of these huge ideas inside of us and that’s why next week on june fifth.
I’m doing this challenge with all of you were gonna have over five hundred people that are doing this challenge together to launch our big ideas that are gonna change the world,
the world changers challenge to the seven day challenge where we’re gonna sketch under big ideas for you to look at him we’re gonna learn how to do this in a way,
that really genuinely is gonna make an impact on the world,
and we got some awesome consultants in there people from my favorite people alison pidgeon and allison puryear jane carter kelly higdon.
Just a ton of people gordon brewer these people are doing it with us and gonna be giving advice and really challenging each other it’s can be killer.
So if you want to sign up for that free challenge free were gonna be sprinting together for a week and then kelly higdon and i are gonna do a capstone weapon it and to really motivate you and kick your butt to take his ideas and change the world,
so you can go over the practiceofthepractice.com/challenge to sign up for that.
It’s going to be so much fun it can be so much work is gonna be great way to kick off your summer and start inspired to take things well be on your thriving private practice.

[4:12] What is going on there so much going on and you are a part of this movement really change the face of private practice and.
I’m just so thrilled it was today i shall we bobby albert and his girl talking values driven leadership and a bunch of other things without any further ado i give you bobby albert.

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[4:41] Adjust the practice pub but concert over there usually at out with extra mayonnaise.

[4:48] Today on the practice of the practice podcast we have bobby albert he is currently the president of value driven leadership llc,
and has a personal business has been devalue people seek wisdom embrace humility and never stop learning which enables the ceo and his team to grow revenues and profits by five hundred percent between two thousand five and two thousand eleven,
buddy welcome to practice the practice podcast well thank you very much and very excited to be with you,
today yeah well we’ve got a whole bunch of counselors listening and want to learn about business marketing growing kind of the whole,
business empire i’d love to start and hear how you get into can a value driven leadership camp principle profits toast little bit your backstory.
Well you know my father started our.
Our business and not team thirty eight at that time it was a furniture post street refinishing company in the late fifties yo this is kind of a for retail,
furniture stores is what people would ask us to.
Re a poster and re finish all in almost a complete home.
They would ask us cuz they were you know to move help them move because they were afraid moving companies made terrifying so we found herself in the moving business and.
I’m really kind of gravitated toward that side of the business and growing up as a little boy i always hung out with my dad my dad had.

[6:22] A great relationship on me on you is bikers insurance company that the people that.
You know repair the trucks be back in the head full service gas stations and i even you the people that put the gas in the trucks in those kind of things also is a little boy you know hung out a lot around the warehouse.

[6:44] Of our moving company and i was just always in the way of always helping but they finally gave me a job in may and went to heaven and,
what was the fact that used to call me the automatic pad fold,
and what i’m talking about the moving van pay or that some people call a moving van blankets and at what.
I didn’t realize that nobody wanted to do that job but i thought it was a great cuz a day me something to do but.

[7:22] The.
You were members to the they were absolutely filthy dirty and i may i would be just up my ass when i get through,
add fold notepad but one of the things that happen as a young boy i was in our member my dad finally let me go out on a moving job,
and i was in junior high school some areas a call middle schools and i don’t know what.

[7:52] I don’t know how well i knew what my dad was saying when he said bobby when you go out there i don’t want you to act like the boss the boss is and.
I don’t know how to explain it but understood what he meant by that.
Will i need and also i didn’t realize how important that was later on and i worked on the moving trucks at the warehouse.
In helping even in our furniture post river finishing business doing pick up and deliveries and things like it all the way through college and i went to the university local university here,
am on saturdays i even you know winnie and,
that’s a lot of my dad’s paperwork form for the up coming week and did some of the book keeping as well as during the summer months out i worked you know pretty will full time,
except for days that were little slower and i got to go to the swimming pool but one of the things that happen is.
In nineteen seventy three my diet my dad died of a heart attack now.

[9:04] I just graduated from college was fortunate to graduate in three years at age twenty and.
When do the things i didn’t realize at that time is it’s a lot of money today.

[9:22] But in nineteen seventy three we were seventy thousand dollars in debt.
And are gross income was less than ninety thousand and we can we had five employees.
So you can probably imagine most of.

[9:40] Earnings from in on revenue went to paying for these five employee affect my wife she still reminds me that i used to give her twenty dollars a week to go by groceries.
And and we had two cars at one time when we moved at the time of day and that i had to sell one help.
Draw down some of the day at and one of the employees.
Everyday for about two years would pick me up early in the morning and then take me home in the evening so it was an enormous.
For this twenty year old kid and even the bankers every three bankers at that time.
They really wanted us to shut down and they thought the reason why i was interested in pursuit you know keeping the business going we just at a sentimental reasons and but fortunately one of the three care.
Thanking let’s give him a chance let’s give him a chance and i’m thankful eight they gave me that chance and.
Eventually when our solar company in two thousand eleven you know what you already have mention about.

[10:50] Some of the success that we have but we had over a hundred and fifty employees when a solar company to a public traded company,
and it was a strategic by for our company i wasn’t,
seeking anybody to borrow company in fact i was plant making plans take the company to another level so.
Change for those early days really.
Had a big impact on my life yet you know it’s interesting when you’ve been through trials like that i think back to when christina and i,
just got married he said twenty dollars a week we did had a hundred dollars a month food budget when we first got married.
And you know that was in two thousand four.
And so we’re living super simple but that we really wanted to pay for her college out of just pay for it as we went wide passed in loan debt from my side from grad school and so.
Year i made thirty grand and ten of it went and student loan debt ten of that went for her college and we lived off of ten it’s like when you have that really simple lifestyle and used.
He still like survived and thrived think those are some of the happiest years of our lives it really puts things in perspective answer to that later financial success.
Well with as it does with it can you know would huge which brings back those memories of have to be honest we it was power rangers there’s nothing easy about it.

[12:21] But i think it had a lot to do with who i am today and what i owe this is one of the other things i’d like to mention you know i was talking about.
Be working with those cruise not acting is the boss’s son one of the things i had to do early on his ass so five employees to take a pay cut.

[12:43] And it was amazing to me you know here’s a twenty year old having have this beers conversation.
With the people that i work next to you know for several years at tommy really on the trucks and.

[13:00] Is that a hundred percent of um accepted a pay cut and i think a lot had to do with.
Their respect and admiration for my birthday and and i think.
Because when i went out there on those moving jobs i would take you no one break to there to would run between the truck and the house and the house and the truck and i would do the jobs that nobody really wanted to do.
And i think because of that not acting like the boss’s son they had respect for me and trusted.
That i didn’t mean any harm in they want to help us is much as possible at five to one of the things that when.
When we are talking about you being on the podcast really stood out is how.
You helped company’s focus on what you call principal profits and you say how business owners and leaders can build organizations or people driving profits or.
I’d love to drill into that specifically around how counselors in private practice could implement some of the principal,
it’s in how you teach people like you take us through can a principal profits and how we can help people thrive and also have a profits go up.
Will it led to and the subtitle to my upcoming book you know principle profits is outward success.
Is an inside job so.

[14:31] Then they can take to a lot of places but let’s take just a moment here and talk about the outward success.
In in my company i really begin to learn what that mean in that it really boiled down to.
What we call in our organization are super objectives and what it said is.
In this came from the.
I tell you what i was trying to think how to communicate with their people something that was sample at the end of the day what did we want to accomplish any day it was what did we wanna come and i do a lot of bicycling.
Hey and back to have bicycle about a hundred thousand miles and what is it a good bike i’m assuming yeah yeah hundred but you have.
Well i have a what’s called a trick my data don’t and.
The last one i wrote for twenty three years fit with yeah it was still,
but at the bike shop the guy that was helping me he said you know the way you’ve done this first,
use sound one this and probably be your last back your ride that sell but i’d be interested in very good bike it’s one that,
you know,
that’s was written man in on the tour de france and so anyway but i have you.

[16:08] What if you figure out how much you spend per pound of the you know the weight of the bike it’s enormous are probably be cheaper if i just lost more weight you know so but,
when i go bicycle and i actually used to run but.
Now go on long walks and also do swimming and.
In fact workout this to be something to pass on to work at six days week and have for since nineteen eighty two so except you know when you’re traveling sometimes it’s hard to do those kind of things but.
The thing i was making about bicycle cuz that’s my better sport.
Is why i’m bicycle i’m doing it because i need to for stress release.
Because you know running a business no matter what size their stress and i need something to release that also i need for weight control but one of the things i have learned over the years is that.
When i’m out bicycle in an.
Because i normally ride early in the mornings nobody wants to get up early you know to go on a bicycle ride but i have for many years she is i’m ryan mom a sale so.
It’s a time for it to thinking time for me it’s and it backed in ark.
Wake you know they would start laughing if i said something like beers is that will this morning when i was.

[17:45] I am bicycle ride about thought of that.
The air buddy we just all other jerk is because it’s people would say okay here’s common bobby just he’s got another idea but.
This is the super objectives here is that in its two things are finally came to this conclusion it’s too the light the customers.

[18:12] An increase operating profits aunt does the lighting the customer you know most people talk about customer satisfaction.
We’ll to us you just met the customers expectations when you just had customer service traction but as the lining the customer.
Is mean that we exceeded their expectation of fact in our company we created this but not call we call it giving a customer a triple e experience in that what that means.

[18:46] Is an expert that exceeds their expectations and so that means for us that’s what,
the light in the customer is all about and course you know increasing operating profits accountable down to three simple things and that is to increase revenue decrease expanse,
an increase productivity so.
In our company we use those super objectives they were kind of the high level measuring.

[19:21] Performance goes that we looked at on a monthly basis is how will we dividing the customer and how will we were increasing operating profit.

[19:32] So for a counselor to increase profits or productivity that might be that they’re gonna have their staff were commission seeing where people are looking at how well.
No each therapy office might be being utilized so freaking out of sixty percent of the time it’s being utilized trying to bump that up to eighty percent of the time and have more billable hours while reducing your costs is that kind of what,
can anyone that would be yeah it would and as well as to look at your systems.
You know are you know where do the top of system you have allow you and your people to be a productive and not only that.
Is the culture you develop within your organization has a big factor in the do they behave in a way as a team rather than just.
Individuals separately of each other they say they’re on the team but they all operate individually of each other.
Yeah i think even know if we have ten ninety-nine contractors here so officially we are like our own little businesses within the business but,
we still have a team meeting next week we’re getting together and saying will where we headed as clinicians what are we gonna do to do some joint marketing some.
Ideas like the speaker engagement so that mental illness counseling my counseling practice really can be this practice that’s making an impact on the community.
Yes and you know so those of you know what i just.

[21:06] Suggested there were dealing with the first part of that out where success is inside job it were talking about outward success but only inside is the foundation of what allows,
any organization,
regardless of size to have this an outward success and it has to do with the culture of the organization and i know often people ask me about what it you know what is what is culture,
well it’s pretty hard and only way i can describe it is you know it’s kinda if i start with a question here is.
Has anybody seen the wind and no one’s ever seen million.
Now when i look at the window in my office see the leaves in the tree moving sc this road’s moving because of the wind.
But what i’m seeing are the specs of the win but i can’t see the wind and that’s what a lot has to do with culture is.
In i the city i explain it this way as well is that culture is the fruit and not go.
And many organizations.
Hey made the culture of the go rather than doing all the right things on the inside.

[22:34] Is that sets the foundation so that the fruit.
Generates it’s the fact that generates the kind of success you’re looking for a used condom illustration is calico former when a farmer plants a tree.
You know they water the tree they call today did they prune you know pray in the tree but the.
Free that tree is come about because of the hard labor of the farmers.

[23:08] And so culture is a lot like that any size of organization and i kinda using examples whale is in this is for,
you know some of the biggest public traded companies out there they started out with just a founder one founder or maybe to,
two people that were founders in.

[23:34] Which you’ll find the most some of the most successful over the long term have been ones that.
They understood their core values in other words who they are.
They understood the purpose of their organization other words why they exist and they also do you.

[23:55] Eventually they got to this point but not always right all is the new.
Their vision words were there gonna be going and so.
And and if you think of you not going back to a tree the roots are really you know your core values your purpose your vision and the truck in the branches of the tree are really kind of the leadership stall.

[24:22] That you have and what i’ve discovered is a secret sauce and our company was a participated of leadership style that we call in gauge to lead and then.
Those four elements produce the fruit of the success that you’re hoping to gain.
That’s awesome i know you do a lot wrong goal setting and we just wrapped up the series all about the seven practices of the practice i’d love to hear how do you set and achieve goals i know that you say that,
effective goal setting becomes a gps to turn some daydreams into this year’s destination tell us a little bit more about your goal setting habits.
Well to keep it simple is i’m really have to two different types you know personal goals is what we call the,
you know they go planning success program that we,
it’s some tools that has started using in the early nineteen nineties that’s how long i’ve been using it and.
Other seven areas of each one of our personal lives that.
I fail that by setting goals in those areas but it usually starts with just to pause and reflect.
You know it’s usually for me.
Because i’ve been doing it so long now is that i start maybe as early as november i just or pozzi and reflecting over the that your.

[26:00] And in part you know part of the process of dreaming of what could be better or whatever the case might be and then it’s getting to the point of.
I have to pay you wait you know it’s kinda part of the evaluation process how did i do.
Let’s say recently you know in two thousand sixteen hundred do the seven areas and then began to start riding is not to get real average.
But to put some simple goals and part of this to the process if.
It is to prioritize and focus that i have discovered that.
Years ago you know i have a bunch of goals and i’ve come out of the shoot man i’m or i’m blazing you know but then burn out.
And because i tried to do too much too fast you know just it just to match and so i have learned from sale of.
Is that a focus critically on one go that i really wanna get focus on and.
Even though those are the ones recording is that at some point throughout the year i’m gonna get focus on some of those other goes and no power.

[27:29] The fun thing about it is once you complete that goal is to celebrate and your success in achieving it.
Awesome so badly over the last question i have for you is it every counselor in the world were listening right now what would you want to now will.
Boy that’s a good question you know what i would suggest.

[27:55] Is that it’s not so much of what you do but who are you becoming.

[28:03] Who how do people figure that out well.
I think the best way is just declaring that you are going to be alive long learner.

[28:17] Have i have found over the years that many people when they get out of high school or when they get out of college.
They get out of the atmosphere the having the discipline.
You know to prepare for a test or to read a book you know book or to write a paper.
And seems like once we get out of that.
We will get away from the discipline to keep learning keep learning keep learning and of one of my core values is to prove pursue personal growth.
And i think that’s one of the things that his help me it’s so much over the years i didn’t realize how important it was echo until you know more recently so.
Wonderful will bobbyalbert.com is where you guys can go and get a free goal setting worksheet the body has for you buy everything you so much for being on the practice of the practice podcast.
Alright well i truly enjoyed it have a great day thank you.

[29:23] Music.

[29:29] What you need a website head on over to brightervision.com/joe in the are making amazing websites their hip,
refresh the attracting your ideal client and it’s only fifty nine bucks a month.
So again that’s brightervision.com/joe ann perry their owner has been in the show bunch of times is just such a giver and constantly looking at ways to improve the business it’s just such an incredible business.
And if you wanted to the world changers challenge it’s a seven day challenge starting on june fifth.
We’re going to be a group of people taking his big ideas that we got a thriving private practice but now what do we do to impact the world bigger maybe the podcast or e-book or maybe it’s a course are t know something that’s even outside all those.
Is a world changing idea join us over practice and the practice that come ford slash challenge and we’re gonna be having live.
Facebook lives in group williamson email support a webinar with kelly higdon it’s gonna be incredible,
singing this practice of the practice that come ford slash challenge in thanks for letting me into yours into your brain have a great special thanks to the band silences sexy in this podcast is designed right after,
information we get to submit a cover as you move the understanding of the house or the publisher of your surrounding the upcoming clinical other information professional information he professionally shop i went.

[30:58] Music.

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