PoP 231 | Sam Carvalho Knows Marketing

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Private practice marketing

In this episode, Joe talks to Samantha Carvalho about marketing.

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In This Podcast


Samantha Carvalho, Chief Marketing Officer at Practice of the Practice speaks about her journey getting involved in working with Joe as a Virtual Assistant. She also shares some valuable tips and advice around marketing your brand and creating strategic designs. Also, find out more about how you can outsource Sam for your Private Practice’s marketing / design needs.

Content Lead-Generation Strategy

  • Educational content
  • Including call-to-action that match the topic of the content in the form of banners / buttons, etc.
  • These will take the user through to your product page

Tips For Working With a Virtual Assistant

  • Trello board
    • Various columns, i.e.: ‘ideas’, ‘under review’, ‘ongoing’, ‘completed’, etc.
  • Deadlines
  • Detailed brief
  • Understand the vision of the brand
  • Develop processes / structures as you go
  • Timesheet (Google Doc)
  • Basic trust
  • Pay on time
  • Find someone that is more role-specific that can grow in other areas as well

Marketing / Design Tips & Advice

  • Be detail orientated
  • Keep it simple, i.e.: try not fit too much info on the social post / banner
  • Make CTA stand out, i.e.: use orange / red
  • Make use of inciting questions
  • Have users click-through to landing page with more info
  • Best practice: 70% ‘blank space’ / image and 30% text

Outsourcing Marketing / Design

  • Basic Package = $49 p/m
  • Comprehensive Package = $79 p/m
  • Credit system for:
    • Blog images
    • Social posts
    • Infographics
    • Presentations
    • Print material (business cards / flyers, etc.)

Find out more here.

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Meet Samantha Carvalho

Samantha Carvalho is the Chief Marketing Officer of Practice of the Practice. She lives in Cape Town, South Africa, with her husband and kitten. Over and above Practice of the Practice, she is passionate about women empowerment, fashion, and animals.

Click here to outsource your marketing or contact Sam at sam@practiceofthepractice.com.





Meet Joe Sanok

Joe Sanok helps counselors to create thriving practices that are the envy of other counselors. He has helped counselors to grow their businesses by 50-500% and is proud of all the private practice owners that are growing their income, influence, and impact on the world. Click here to explore consulting with Joe.



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Podcast Transcription

Pop 231 | Sam Carvalho Knows Marketing

[0:00] Throughout july august and september i am going to be doing a ton of weapon is right now i have five weather scheduled in just july alone.
I met people like jane carter allison puryear the cupla brothers from chlamydia and i also have roy huggins from person centered tack.
As well will you talking to practice solutions and alison pidgeon all of buying insurance to practice,
you can sign up for every single one of these free webinar is over at practiceofthepractice.com/practiceessentials,
this is for people that are making less than a hundred thousand dollars a year that need those practice essentials to start and grow your practice again that’s practiceofthepractice.com/practiceessentials.

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[0:51] This is the practice of practice podcast with joe sanok session number two hundred thirty one.

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[1:10] Cast your are the new and learning with you start throwing scale private practice.
I’m just stand back and i’m here in the radius center to building and it’s summer in traverse city it’s a couple of weeks from slowdown school.
Took a week off vacation and i’m back i’m so excited to have you guys here with me again i hope your summer is going just fabulous.
Summer is an awesome time here in northern michigan stand up paddle boarding going down to the beach playing and it’s just awesome i love it.
I got some things come up this fall and die in here in july so this week you probably already signed up for but if you aren’t,
make sure they’re signed up for all the web and ours that are coming up this month and next month and the month after,
i’m giving away a ton of free content directly connecting with young living there’s.
You can head over to practiceofthepractice.com/practiceessentials to sign up for those,
also a few things and doing this fall and you make you note for the michigan home based family services association dollar franken with michigan this coming in late september,
in october to be down in asheville north carolina at brew your practice you can find a more brewyourpractice.com and then in november i’m gonna be down in alabama.
Doing the alabama concert association keynote and so you can check out the alabama counseling association conference page.
Do you know how to travel it’s gonna be awesome three so find me all of you that have been listening that are in se michigan and it.

[2:48] Are down in asheville in that area and down alabama i can’t wait to meet you in person hang out and chat about private practice in chat about life.
So today on the show is the mc him with my virtual assistant for design for a while and she is now the chief marketing officer with practice the practice and she is just incredible gives us so much.
So if you’re confused about marketing if your confused about.
Where to spend your time how do some design with east blog images this podcast is gonna give you so much value.
And sam is gonna just walk us through her story but also some of the best practices in regards to design so that any further do i give you sand the chief marketing officer for practice of the practice.

[3:33] Music.

[3:39] Price of the practice podcast we have sam carvalho she is the chief marketing officer practice of the practice she’s been helping me do amazing design for a couple of years now.
And is also the design and brains behind the practice of the practice magazine which is just now releasing you can get that over practiceofthepractice.com/magazine it is our second issue sam welcome to the practice of the practice podcast.
Hey thanks very much yeah well let’s go back to the first met up work i throughout this thing i wanted to have some twitter images,
and i’m so glad you replied to that maybe take me through.
Where were you at that time in your life what were you doing in will talk to can how you join the practice the practice team.

[4:26] Yeah okay cool and so basically at that stage,
i was just looking into financing effects and information on the side specific heat to be able to do you design and more in the design area cuz i wasn’t doing that much is that in mind,
and zero working full time and i just signed up to work just the two of you x two jobs during the evenings and on the weekends.
Angela so you job is really excited cuz it’s a great opportunity to you and.

[5:00] Okay around with design and ss those.
Inspiring people is also being able see recessions fireplace and put them together in a pretty design with something else excited about your soul and people ask me so how do you find your first virtual system and i think.

[5:18] At work or five are places like that are great ways and when i done is that okay i need.
Fifty quote cards here’s fifty quotes any them optimize for twitter and i need them up to my thing for with that maybe facebook.
And as part of the application process with sam did she had to do five of those and if she got higher than those counted towards it so really you get to see someone’s work.
And she went to the website she stole my logo she made it look beautiful in match the branding even match the fountain and turned around and a couple of days and so.
We’re off and running at that point so what were you doing at that time for your job your full-time job.

[5:56] Say i’m awesome job basically managing the confidence i have things i had a team of writers and wait for a.
On line insurance comparison websites say he basically just friends at the contents and he was the generation one say you rates contents focus on car insurance,
and finance and take any ideas to get people to come through and then apply for insurance ones that read the articles.
And also just did a project on the sidewalk ranging competitions and campaigns and stuff like that.
So for people that are listing the don’t know what the generation is content strategy take us through a couple of those terms.

[6:38] Send me that there is a position where a part i got insurance lot of people,
are you can it say and then open it they won’t unlock french and they just think that’s if they have insurance policy and that’s where is that we want to eighty k in ways they could save all,
yeah what is questions when you came from your ensure that.
Yeah baby come after interesting articles about insurance and including,
bad news about things are difficult actions within the confines ever been taken three to the product page on the side where they would fill in the information uniform and,
the plan is to apply for insurance so for counselors in private practice home porn you think having a call to action is most of their blog post of the blocking.

[7:29] It is very important for us for the country of company oh what was bay city back.
The best strategy we came across and i think contents like a sacred content is king i think.
Getting people through it out that is yeah i mean it’s.
I don’t think any other marks in the carpet matches that’s a difficult one to crack but i think.
What is the correct by including bananas and lands in your content in its very traumatic education way to get,
all to sign up for whatever your offerings and it is important to make it’s as again as possible like a lot of the time.
We will try rights article in the evening she is twenty seven that comes across the is on is the cool actions within like the structure of the content in.
Yeah very high quality response yeah yeah and just got there we did two packets of him and he talked all about.
Using content to build a co during hiring google and web links to that show note that sample put the showing us for her on the second so so when you dip your toes into design have you done much design before you,
started going up work.

[8:45] Am so is it to study design originally and that didn’t work out then i studied in writing one mechanism lol but am i was is,
incorporated science new job where i can think and in a previous job houses handling too much too kind of.
Taking design as well when i get time leads united infographic for articles on the dignity and not saying terms of.
Looking for website it shows the with the design is it’s always something happening justin i’m and ya like.
Going into work and applying for jobs i just realized that i really do enjoy it’s something on see expand on mon,
and you’re good at it yeah some people enjoy and terrible yeah it’s all people around me to be honest with me and give me honest feedback and ya feedback about and is in great so far as to say yeah.
So then we started working together a little bit more wins a full time at that time it was probably five to ten hours a month.
And we can talk through what was helpful for you as a virtual assistant cuz your located in south africa i’m here in traverse city michigan.
We have a time difference maybe talk through it as research and develop more than just kind of little tiny projects.
What was helpful for you in regards to how i did things are possible things that were confusing things that people can learn from maybe my mistakes and not doing it right.

[10:16] Yeah something and as soon as you set up a charitable it’s like that holds a lot of the sea,
i think giving deadlines on what’s in that helps me know what to park especially when i was working on the side of the head yes time of intervals say knowing like what and it’s far eyes and when i was the host lots,
i’m and then just comes down to three so i think.
Am i think from the get go i was just a young coming from and understand their look and feel that you use once in subs that helps a lot of the kind of the same way again but i think.
Anything is not making ice cat in the tree so that the is a lot of back and fourths you know once the design is being done and.
Yeah i think it’s important for design of the nation assistant she have an understanding of the bride and.
What you trying to achieve and triangle great that’s as much as you can see the design and marketing material yeah i know there is a time when,
i realize that had ideas that i didn’t want you to take action on so he created a column within cello just called.
Joe’s idea sam you don’t have to do anything with this yet or open to talk or something like that and so yeah i think it’s the actual process where you just.
Yesterday i added a column that was things for me to review the year you’ve completed but you need that my sign off on cuz we i was fine it was hard to find but when you make comments in shallow that were was that and so.

[11:46] The over time is coming get better at the communication is not that either one of us didn’t do it right it’s just getting rid with one of us realize we need that column.

[11:56] Yeah i didn’t think you as you go and even the time she that i keep now something didn’t and he say.
What can you get on and then it just became a super long list her,
set an example dot which is the thing with fishing so yeah thank you just trying to get that as you go in the schools are out there that people can pay for that do all the tracking but.
I think is really simple ways is within google docs and if you have that basic trust with someone like i trust your neck and just be,
having hours in there and so overtime you work with someone you develop that trust when we see if there are genuinely a member of your team.
They just happen to live in south africa.

[12:38] Yeah definitely i think trusses was sitting when it comes to the assistance on the see they request will he need to know that you can trust and am,
one thing that i have from the very beginning i took this from chris doctors book virtual freedom.
And chris tucker has a hole in it and see a virtual assistance in the philippines and one thing he stressed was always making sure you’re paying on time you virtual assistant doesn’t have to wait to get paid,
and so on the first of the month as soon as i see that email from you come in or out actually was stuck in the email with your hours because it was in the google doc.
So i was would go in and look at your hours and sunday and if there’s anything that didn’t line up right of our seemed weird then i think you quick email so that you can get paid and have to wait me for the time you are done,
do you think that’s something that people and they work with a social system should really make sure as a priority pan time yeah i think.
It was like plays in the uk trust me like you say that i am not just any houses in that and of the produce in my best way possible and i have a chance you get you’re gonna pay me for when the and if he thinks.

[13:51] A lot of times spacious fiance’s that will face financial decisions on the money that we assume is coming in.
That means i receive it doesn’t come in it is as often was problems and i didn’t think its importance.
Yeah i think especially like when i had hector in the philippines during transcriptions like.
He and i got the head did skype calls and would connect with each other and hearing more about his family with this money was helping him send his kids to a better school than they would’ve and its like if he misses a payment that screws up his family.
Inside the one thing that you know in this now global society is like.
At the room you’re all people i just regular people not like you just some that’s on the other end of the computer and so you want to be paid on time and some paper va some time to.
So when taking through them at the decision to leave your full-time job i mean that’s a big decision i left my community college job in the security.
Security of a job like there was a huge decision for me.
When you decide to leave maybe take us through that decision making process those in the midst of you getting married and yeah how did that process and decision go.

[15:05] Yes let’s change never show current time that i am basically i’ve been.
Looking for been thinking about leaving my job for quite a while i didn’t expect this happens it’s saying that is.
And i was getting some point within so i was the challenge anymore and anywhere in for.
Almost is and yes why is something you a change of environment that i was waiting to get married for some kind of.

[15:36] Make it is still from back then look at the menu and going into full time financing in place something have had on the rise in and within a couple of years will say,
may your joy of a cd maybe are you refuse yeah it’s you and it is,
yeah i could use it and see the pros way outweigh the cons and i just what is really exciting opportunity and able to d,
and would enjoy lots and see what from whom have fixed how is your happy he wasn’t in pain and,
so when i got back from hanging pretty much put in my resignation and that was that and now you are full to the first full time,
per se next the practice other than me and actually probably put in more hours than i do now so the really you are the top dog impacts the practice,
i miss,
yeah let’s code can i talk with the different chunks or early pillars of your role because they think one thing that often times i hear from people is i wanna just take things off my plate are given to a virtual assistant.
Where is i think it’s better to find someone that can fill a specific role and then grow within that role and so for example you learned wordpress really well you learn how to.
Can i put you put the podcast on there once you learn that there had you oversee the writers for tracks the practice and.
So one piece of advice i would have for people that are looking for virtual assistant is that they find someone that’s more role posts role specific but they can also grow into.

[17:14] Can i add more than just what they are and so sam started with doing you start withdrawing design,
okay just more social media take cards and then moved into monitoring and uploading the podcast and then now but your blog posts are magazine.
So how was how would you describe the big portions of what you do with practice of.

[17:36] And yes i’m saying the magazines of the projects,
and which is a enjoys the kind of my thing that whole process and putting together the contents that allows of see following up with all the computers to get hunting in.
Getting frances.
And that’s not something that’s takes a lot of time in everything that’s managing the social media like you said and the rights is.
And recently it’s been.
Courtesy of e books and that he presentations for jerry eleven oz and images that show next to the pot costs and in this any additional little things like.
The right is page that we just put up and.

[18:29] What’s trending material is the and also things any fives that works this.
Need is in that message you got for them yeah.
Yeah i think so like especially the magazine it’s so fun to see this idea develop that we didn’t like it was just an idea and i love having the time difference between us because.
I can go in and ideas i’m going to sleep put in the troll and usually done by the morning he didn’t that yeah.
So when.
When you think about could come in sales that people have around design business tell us some of your failure stories.
In regards to design business marketing of that.

[19:19] Well as looking at my fb is empty now i was sitting at the mall thinking pain and.
No six program and they think you needed suit set up is up and which is christ in christian or cbc just because detect.
And i by mistake minutes tinder and see the cd cuz the cake as a snack ten seconds cpa.
I have a ge campaign went live and it up costing us.
That was in ten hours something in a costing us stranded thousand radius of c thirty thousand and something that’s blackie the guy who working with on its pick up on mistaking kindness and email and see.
I think you meant to say cd am as opposed to cc her home celebrity yeah i can’t let the drain from my face and i realized what happened to my bosses sitting right next time and i am the.
You know i’m kind of new guy isn’t the end he was happy to colorado.
And the job could have this evening major things yeah i was just one of the mistakes that i’ve made in my history of,
being detail oriented is so important that kind of double checking things before you can either stay she on my and everything so quick and just check about and you can end up spending a lot of money i’m busy working with many.

[20:50] I say it’s from a diet designed state and i’m still learning that say.
Hey this is your social media a lot of people try and fix us information.
In social class we even got as i think the courts actions of importance of making sure that the highlighted and.
Like some of the best practices are using orange buttons for age just that the sacrifice that is in.
Seven was making sure that’s vehicles actions and out and that this is more than a.
What engine is running sentence about place or landing page that explains more about what you’re offering your system is putting in.
Of the so counselors lot of counselors who speaking engagement of the way to get new clients so that they say someone’s doing a speaking engagement of things i.
Locally that can be promoting at facebook that can be promoting it doctors attorneys no schools.
What would you serve your to walk them through their social media walking through the design for maybe a brochure or rack cards their landing page what kind of advice would you have for that in regards to how that.
Should block what are some of the best practices around that type of situation.

[22:12] Set up your one c and maybe i ask a question say to get people to come to talk like that may be.
You are you anxious so.
Yeah okay yeah struggling to get through the day of the exam grabbing question that gets them interested in and out pretty much.
That like the date and venue and some black more information click here for more information are all.
Book a seat have some if that’s today and get into the streets landing page that they may be told that more about what’s gonna be about to see is that something.

[22:55] Yeah yeah i think that whole less is more thing whether using canned to design your social media or using a virtual assistant that you’re proving it.
That the idea of using blank space is really important.
Is there a formula for the amount of blank space you want like i want two thirds of it to be blank space or non words are.
Are there any kind of rule f of summer on that or is it just sorta when you know you now.

[23:23] And yeah inquisition and you saying and apple social posts on facebook.
I know this city seventy ratios on the saints that’s the texans any distance an angel blank space as you say something kind of his holdings that’s making sure that’s.
Yeah but it is just image for color will last face and i think that’s where people connect more with the image and the motion of the image than the silly what you’re saying clarifies what your.
Can promoting but you don’t have to tell every detail of in that so i wanna tell me a little bit about.
The virtual assistant work even doing for some of my consulting clients this is something that we’ve not really announced publicly other with just a handful of my consulting clients need to talk about those packages and.
Maybe that’s fine about doing that the thing you gotta now talk to a whole bunch of counselors worldwide and help them grow with images.

[24:27] Yeah that’s really exciting initiative that we set up.

[24:32] And so we basically said that the basic package which includes four god images per month for forty nine dollars,
and the comprehensive package increase forgot images for to prison for facebook christmas seventy nine dollars and then it evolved a lot more than just that and what i’ve found is that people looking for,
its serial kind of whole branding package for one time in the.
Business card in signature am notepad cat hates.
Right cuz why is the whole and back into the odyssey and it just.
With out as she how long it would take you that this is how the comprehensive package case in any kind of just smash that.
Yeah things i say supposed blog images presentations infographics of having another thing and.
Yes indeedy wasn’t cs different way every time and.
And yeah from that is not good so i didn’t enjoy that as well i love it.
Practice of the price of the brand is doing things i don’t even know i can’t even though you may know pads for that my i knew your order that private they this is so fun for me that.
It’s gone be on just what i can do in that it now is way you can do allison can do you and lee can do we have this whole team of people now that’s doing,
you’re just expand this whole idea that we’re gonna change the whole field of private practice.

[26:04] So so you can we switch to canada credit system so if someone wanted for a blog post images in a month that’s four credits one credit for each and then so how many infographics a month for the forty nine dollars to that yet.

[26:18] Yes that is it depends on the detail them on information that needs to be included in the infographics always say basic infographic you can get to know when it is if it’s.
Quite detail and is quite a lot of information and involved in how it’s a white nigger.
And so business cards rack cards all that you just gonna say i think that’s gonna take me.
Two credits worth and so people can sign up for a monthly design get that social media can have salmon call.

[26:51] Yeah he cool and i think especially when people are getting to that scaling phase when there there’s really starting to grow.
The big question that i ask myself and encouragement consulting clients of themselves is why am i doing this so for me giving up the podcast you sam.
On to just record the part that i do give that up was extremely hard because when i was in high school i was always got most artistic i’ve always really enjoyed our and design and,
i was in a band we had cool tea we made more money off of our teachers and we get out of our gigs because there’s a school teachers and,
and so do the things i think any practice that you love doing and.
I had to realize that it wasn’t it wasn’t a good use of my time to spend three hours after recording a podcast uploading it making the design doing all that.
I need to be working on this bigger picture things which was probably the hardest thing i’ve had big guy i don’t have to give it up and then decided to give up and hand off to someone else and so.
Thing whether someone’s at that.
Where are there starving scale or do they may have a part time practice as they worked a full time job and it’s like i wanna look really awesome.
I should probably hire sam for that i’m sam what’s the best way for people to explore more about that connect with you and hear about that package that your offering.

[28:17] So nice you www.practiceofthepractice.com/blog-images and the package information is there or you can just email me at sam@practiceofthepractice.com pretty cool,
sam of every private practice on are in the world were listening right now what would you want them to know.

[28:37] Yeah i think it states nothing is out of reach that’s.
If you could minds he can do anything he wants at this equation means to achieve what humanity and yeah i discovered.
That’s awesome will see sam carvalho the newly married and newly chief marketing officer of cracks the practice thing so much for being on the practice of the practice podcast.

[29:03] Great thanks to.

[29:05] Music.

[29:14] If you are ready to take the design for your blocks are website your business cards you record your infographics to the next level.
I highly suggest that you hire stamps you just hope you make it awesome,
headed over www.practiceofthepractice.com/blog-images to sign up for one of the plans to forty nine bucks a month and you get a meeting to sign.
I would love to help you out with during your practice again it’s www.practiceofthepractice.com/blog-images and thanks for letting us in two years and into your brain you all rock have an awesome week talk to.

[29:50] Music.

[29:56] Thanks in advance ounces sexy for the intro music in this podcast is designed right after the thirty two information regardless of,
cover the skin with the understanding that host the publisher or the guest surrendering legal accounting clinical other professional information,
can you professional you should find one of the.

[30:13] Music.