PoP 232 | How To Use Pinterest With Daniel Fava

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How to use Pinterest

In this episode, Joe talks to Danial Fava about how to use Pinterest.

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Daniel’s website page views increased by 1000% in just six months after optimizing Pinterest. He takes us through his journey of coming across Pinterest and then using it to transform his business. He also provides valuable tips and advice around how to optimise your Pinterest for business!

Tips And Advice

  • Consistently share blog posts
  • Board focused solely on blogs
  • ‘Blog’ board placed in position number one
  • Pinterest is, essentially, a search engine
  • Optimise profile:
    • Use all characters available in title with keywords
    • Add description to boards and pins (include keywords)
      • 300 characters
  • Use a business Pinterest account
    • Gain access to analytics
      • Validates your website
  • Create boards that are related to your blog topics
    • Focus solely on business topics and remove personal boards – your Pinterest business account should be an extension of your website
  • Enable ‘rich pins’
    • Links back to your website
    • Place piece of code on your website
    • Pulls title / description when someone else pins it
  • Be consistent
    • Pin 5-30 times per day
    • Mix your content with other people’s content
  • Board booster
  • Make use of infographics alongside standard blog images

Why Use Pinterest

  • Pinterest is a huge referrer of traffic, second to Facebook
  • It’s easier than SEO optimization
  • Pinterest audience consists predominantly of females (moms)
  • Approximately 150 million people are using Pinterest
  • Your content lives on forever

*Please note that at the time of publishing this article Board booster was being used, it is now no longer in existence and we recommend that you use Tailwind.

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Meet Daniel Fava

Daniel Fava, founder of CreateMyTherapistWebsite.com, teaches therapists how to create websites and attract more clients online. After building a user-friendly website for his wife’s private practice and seeing the impact it had on her business, he became passionate about helping others achieve the same. Daniel offers web design services, consultations and online training to help therapists overcome tech-fears and grow their business through online marketing.


Meet Joe Sanok

Joe Sanok helps counselors to create thriving practices that are the envy of other counselors. He has helped counselors to grow their businesses by 50-500% and is proud of all the private practice owners that are growing their income, influence, and impact on the world. Click here to explore consulting with Joe.




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Podcast Transcription

Pop 232 | How To Use Pinterest With Daniel Fava

[0:00] Throughout july august and september i am going to be doing a ton of weapon is right now i have five webinars scheduled in just july alone.

[0:09] I met people like jane carter allison puryear the cupla brothers from chlamydia and i also have roy huggins from person center tack.
As well will you talking to practice solutions and alison pidgeon all of buying insurance to practice,
you can sign up for every single one of these free webinar is over at practiceofthepractice.com/practiceessentials,
this is for people that are making less than a hundred thousand dollars a year that need those practice essentials to start and grow your practice again that’s practiceofthepractice.com/practiceessentials.

[0:44] Music.

[0:52] This is a practice of the practice podcast with joe sam axe session number two hundred and thirty two.

[0:57] Music.

[1:07] The practice of the practice podcast i can go see an imac your posts and we are learning every week.
About how we can start grow and scale private practice it’s so much fun to join you on your journey.
And i’m here in the rear center two building we’re still in construction zone but the road is no longer dirt it is paved and painted it so i know they’re not doing anything more,
there is break along the sidewalks beautiful new trees and so the radius and three building that was a long way from being done so,
you can hear me this instruction some booms in the background but i recorded at home you hear a two almost three year old and a six year old.
Probably whining are jumping around acting silly in the background so this is the quieter of the two venue is in my life where i podcast.

[1:58] Well last october my sister invited us to go trick or treating she just moved into a new house in the neighborhood and we went to this neighborhood that we had never really been in before and.
As we walked around are such a sense of community her road goes up and then kinda circles around and then comes down to another road that they’ll okay dad and this mean streets was not a lot of through traffic.
And after that we started looking for a house and we want to keep our current house we’re gonna air b and b it.
And we hunted we check some houses in that neighborhood and in late april we put in an offer that was accepted and we got the keys just couple weeks ago.

[2:41] And.
Already went to this block party if they do one once a year there’s this big park that are or how sexy butt up against an so we this gigantic public park that no one really uses of the neighborhood that’s in our backyards play the size of.
Maybe the length of a football field maybe half the width of it as like long and skinny and it’s just as big can i feel that the public.

[3:06] In this block party and we met probably twenty couples that have kids that are under the age of eight.
And killing the last four years this neighborhood has just totally flipped from being a baby boomers that raise their kids their two young couples and we’re just so excited about it.
But the house we got its kinda dated and.
We’ve been really bring some of your mouth architect of all the ideas that we have this house and need to watch the tv in the us can like flip a whole house for like thirty grand in you know it’s never gonna be that much.
It’s gonna win more in sympathy don’t pay people or something.

[3:47] But what we’ve been doing has he been on pinterest and we’ve had we have a car kitchen design ideas we have our bathroom design ideas or flooring ideas we’ve been painting.
All these different ideas for different things and it’s kept my wife and i are really organized.
To be able to say i am sorry i don’t really like that the panel okay and we can talk about it rather than just what fixture do you want me to have a blank slates has been really helpful.
Depends things that way.

[4:15] And that’s how a lot of people use pinterest they just use it for recipes they use it for an occasional couple things and then if they have a private practice.
They might you know i have a few things on there by anxiety or depression but today on the show we have daniel five.
Who’s gonna give us so many amazing techniques to use up interest in fact it’s so good that we actually start implementing a bunch of them with practice the practice i have sam are chief marketing officer that was just in the podcast last week.
Really going thru it implementing all the things that daniel taught us about just pay interest we we’re really,
there’s so much in this episode i didn’t even know that i know everything i learned a ton,
and so the show notes for this actually are gonna be practiceofthepractice.com/pinterest.
I’m just because it’s so focused on pinterest i wanna send people over there as much as i can so if you go to practiceofthepractice.com/pinterest,
you can listen to it but then he also has a checklist of everything we talked about so you can a lawn ticket hundred notes most of those notes you put together in his checklists iraq and have to worry about i missed that link i miss that idea our.
There’s all these different things that he really gives us so again practice of the practice. Come forward slash Pinterest to get that.
And without any further ado i give you daniel stop.

[5:40] Music.

[5:48] The price of the next podcast we have the annual fob she is the founder of create my therapist website.

[5:56] He just there cuz how to create websites attract more clients on-line,
have you got the user friendly website for his wife’s private practicing impact ahead of her business he became passionate about helping therapist do the same and today we’re talking a lot about interest daniel welcome to the practice the practice podcast.
Thanks so much for me really excited to be here and to use talk about interest he has yellowing start with when you’re building your wife’s website how did they go from just helping her build a website to than wanting to launch your own thing.
So it was it was a long story and it has been of been in the process.
And it was just really amazing exciting to see she got so many clients that first year that were just like i chose you because i really like your website and this was like back in two thousand ten this was before,
are people really using square space and wax which kinda gives you that leg up on the design aspect of building a website so,
she really made her stand out and she had a lot of her colleagues and other therapists that she knew get in touch with me ask me if i did web design freelance,
that’s everything but the time for the last five years prior to launching my own business,
in two thousand fifteen i was working full time for a non profit i just don’t really have the time but then after a while i was really doing this it’s to go out on my own,
and just kinda landed on this specific audience because it was just so cool how to help my wife and so many people are asking me if they did it so it’s like.

[7:27] Let’s give this a shot and sunday start sharing what i knew about user experience in website design and online marketing,
that’s awesome and then tell me up interest cuz i know that’s an area that when i look at,
how people find us on track for press the practice pictures is one of our leading acquisition sources and i’d love to know more about how you got into you can have growing if your,
japan tristen some maybe tips and tactics you can share this.

[7:56] Yeah absolutely so for me getting started on my own blog it was really side thing for about eight years during two thousand fifteen,
amen i was really offering much as far as services guess i really just want to build out my traffic and get more people,
to my blog and you’ll see if there are people out there that i can help so i really just started sharing a lot of tips on my blog mostly about just web design and wordpress,
and then is really struggling with the ass and like really getting them.
You just discover things it trying to figure out as ceo and there’s just so much information out there about ceo and i always been,
in the interest for my own personal use a lot for just finding recipes that my wife or my wife and i want to try out and also,
projects on the house which is why most famous people we just are we just bought a house and we have we’re doing some renovations so we have like our living room ideas our kitchen ideas like,
yeah i’m with you there yup that’s exactly how i always used interest,
then just being on area to do so so many blog posts or sharing people sharing but similarly to that information i’m sharing so,
yeah i thought when i just start using pinterest share every blog post that i write in korean image for sharing on pinterest but not only that.
Trying to figure out how to optimize but that just profile how do i make sure people can find me how can my ideal audience find me and it’s and just do the course of the years really.

[9:34] Figured out just like what to do what not to do and i actually recently and i’m in the process of putting together a new course that teaches about how to drive traffic with interest sides looking back to my google analytics.
And i found out that after six months of when i really first started using pinterest to drive traffic.
My page is increased over a thousand percent in just six months while.
And pinterest is now my number one traffic source about ninety three percent each month ninety percent of traffic come from interest.
Wow so when you said i can jump.

[10:14] Do you know your working the compressor did you just kind of post images of what were some of the things when you first started that you didn’t maybe what are things that i def don’t recommend doing that interest me more.

[10:25] Yeah when i first started using it,
it really just start with consistently sharing my blog posts i created i created a board on pinterest that was just for my blog content but that board is number one on my profile so when you click on my profile the first thing you see.
Is that board and you can click into my contact with and i did some something just to optimize my profile to make its.
Really stand out in interest search.
Which is really what picture says it is really search engine it’s not really like people lumping into social media just because it kinda has that,
a little bit of that aspect and that you got your profile and that sort of stuff but really at the heart of interests is it’s a search engine.
So i make sure that optimize my profile and like for instance in the business name you have a lot of space to write so you can instead of just putting daniel five.

[11:25] I had all these key words that really describe to what is i do to help that sort of thing.

[11:31] And then taking that idea and falling all the way down you got your bio where you can also put key words.
And then down into the picture sports that you create you can keep the really simple as far as the title goes but each board you can add a description to so you can add a number of key words in there.
Describe the board and the type of content that people find within that board and then.
On the level you know you add the images that interest you have for the description so just being really description descriptive in there with each biscotti new post.
And again includes keywords and all those places were evacuated just.
Just really helpful for to help people find you in there when they’re searching for information to rather than just have a few blog posts is like five tips to help things id they what would be a way to optimize keywords for pin like that.
Yes it’s really helpful if you were descriptive you can even.
A lot of times i like to do is i’ve got intro paragraph for two that’s on the actual blog post written and i’ll just copy that and put that into the description sometimes i’ll tweak it a little bit.
Just be really descriptive about what people are going to find what they should expect when they click on that,
can and go to your blog post like what are they gonna get out of reading your blog post so yeah deftly don’t just put the title don’t just.

[13:02] Repeat the title because it should hopefully be within your image already yeah so you just kind be really descriptive.
And i’ve heard study shows like three hundred characters plans word sorry is ideal.
Wow three with three hundred words in no i’m sorry oh characters okay i was like that’s the all blog post yet about the three hundred characters okay i think there’s a limit that that’s kind of,
or you can shoot for so it’s a little more than three and three exactly okay cool well before we go into more about optimizing pinterest maybe we should talk a little bit about.
Why people should care about interest to give us some of the stats and research behind why people should put their time into this versus you know instagram or other social media platforms.
Yes sure soon as you mention before you have.
Pinterest is a huge refer social traffic it’s actually number two behind facebook.
So as far as the of the stats that which website is referring web traffic.
There’s facebook was number one cuz just everybody is on facebook everyone sharing things go viral on facebook that’s everything but the interest is number two so it’s a great way to get traffic to your website and it’s also.
A lot easier than just worry about ceo and trying to beat people in as ceo game i found interest using just some simple tactics you can really make your content shine and rise above the rest.

[14:43] Oh cool and there’s i remember hearing that there is it forty percent of people unconscious or women eighteen to fifty four yes it back.
Yeah last time i checked that was yeah i know during your checkbook i’m jab jab jab right hook has a lot of the stats on it but i.

[15:01] He gets half of those women are moms and see think about just your typical practice on a lot of that has changed over the past couple years ago used to be eighty percent where we’re female and so that’s right mr equal.
But you are who typically will call a practice and for far practice it has to be either the mom or the female in the relationship that initiates counseling and so.
Knowing that back demographic of age and gender oftentimes will initiate county makes sense that people will be.
Yo on interests as one of their primary platforms be on facebook.
Exactly and there’s also i think the last time so stop there’s like a hundred and fifty million people are using pen so so chances are your clients are out,
they are they’re using contrast it’s a great way to get in front of them most people do you use it as a search engine,
as i mentioned so being there with helpful content that you write on your blog is just a great way to drive traffic,
build an audience and hopefully gain some clients in one thing for me is a.
I’ve noticed some of my pins will like get some traction and then get repaint a whole bunch and then we’re kinda slow down and just kinda keeps coming back where doesn’t disappear,
or as if you tweet something on a post on facebook and smelly people go back to three years ago and like who joe had some really good content that you know where’s or is it seems like,
some of these older pans can get new life and then you’ll people repent a few times and when i don’t see them any other social media platforms.

[16:34] Yeah exactly your content really lives on forever and you never know when someone’s going to search and find one of your blog posts and they might repent and that person could have a following thousands of people,
right and suddenly your pain is getting in front of thousands more people,
out of nowhere and then you see that spike in your google analytics and it’s pretty cool it’s pretty exciting yeah,
so we can start back from optimizing pinches to talk about why no will host me up to my is up interest profile.

[17:06] So very basic step one is to use up interest business account.
And what this does is allows you to have analytics that have to do with your website and your conscious profile so you can see.
On the profile level which pins are getting the most three pens which pins are driving the most traffic the most clicks.
And just like which boards people are interacting with so this gives you a good idea like if you have a board,
you’re not really sure how to performing you can check the analytics and see people really aren’t interacting with the sport miguel remove it and put some of my most popular boards like in the front of my,
profile and it also the best part about that and just analytics is that.
You can validate your website and so interest will gather information on how content from your website is performing.
And if you can see exactly which pins are driving the most traffic to your website and that just helps you to make decisions later on whether.
A type of he’s doing well,
that is in the description you kinda analyze your parents and see what’s working so that’s kinda step number one to start that interest business account okay so matthew thing going and you update your bio and all that what’s next.

[18:29] So the next thing to do is to create interest words that are related to your blog topics and you really wanna be.
Yeah specific unit here and i see a lot of people on a lot of therapists that i found on pinterest click into their profile.
Order number one is like make up and the next one is fashion and hairstyles and they’ve got maybe one or two boards that are,
they have to do it therapy resources or anxiety help with anxiety and stuff like that so if you’re going to use pictures as a strategy to drive traffic and build an audience and attract your ideal client.
You’re gonna wanna get rid of all those boards that have nothing to do with the topics that you discuss you really trying to make it abundantly clear who you’re trying to reach which you can just profile so you can or remove those ones if you have them.
Or you can keep your personal account just start a business account separate.
And that really be specific concrete those boards that are related to your block topics and then you can hear a pin content that’s relevant to your unit within the sports.

[19:40] I guess some people push back and say will that makes me more approachable to know that i like makeup or i like the carribean or whatever you know i like garlic bread.
Why would you say that it’s important to you remove the makeup board.
Because it just creates some confusion about your there’s really there’s really only a couple of seconds the same thing with your website there’s a couple of seconds to get your message across and make it clear.
Who you help and people wanna know what are they going to get from following you and your interests profile.
Can and should be an extension of your website a place where you can send your clients to your check out content that’s going to help them so it’s just a little confusing as far as like messaging goes about who you are who you help.
When you put all those things in there especially when you land on a profile and always hear all these different types of things it just makes you think yo why would i want to follow this person for makeup and.
Maybe makeup tips but maybe they have a lot of really great information about how to have a healthy marriage so i know exactly what i’m going to expect from following this person.

[20:55] So really it’s with your pay interest business one make sure that you have the boards focused on your personal line you can do whatever you want.
Yeah personal just go crazy that can away is after you do all that were other stuffs other.

[21:12] So one thing you can do is enable what’s called a rich pens and rich fans are way for contrast you provide some action information about your website along with the pens that link back to.
Your website to into the blog posts the posts its kinda like when you put the link on facebook and it pulls an image and it pulls in a title and description it works in a very similar way.
And so basically requires you just put a piece of code on your website and then you go to pay interest and it got validator.
Link those to op and once you have that set up your good to go in anytime,
weather you or someone else pins a blog post from your website it will pull a title little pulling your profile image and gives you a lot a lot more options for the user to,
to click to go over to either your profile,
the most importantly your blog post if you need my to do list is getting longer and longer other ashes a samsung us to the prize handed off to her.
So what is that like when it enable the.
Enriched or rich kansas so it pulls in the information it doesn’t help those pins like rank higher in search or anything or anyone else’s to do.
It really it helps drive traffic studies have shown that it really helps to drive more traffic with those and it really makes them stand out of looked at the difference between you know exactly what.

[22:43] Happens when the rich been versus when someone doesn’t have that set up and if you don’t have richmond enabled it’s basically just to show the pictures image,
and then how the description you where as a using the rich and above the image you can have a nice bowl title it’s clear exactly what the blog post title is,
you got the image.
You got your profile you can just profile image and there’s also this button on the bottom right that says rita,
the people can click on that and go straight to the articles in hopes it helps to drive traffic and help you stand out a little bit more in the printer speed.

[23:15] I like it i like it so what’s next let’s see here.

[23:22] Really if the next part i mean if those are really the basics but really you wanna have a consistent,
strategy with interest it doesn’t really work to just post a couple,
call a couple pins on saturday you know you don’t do anything for the next couple weeks it really comes down to consistency so for myself and what i do i like to,
having as part of my work flow were already blog post called created interest image for the blog post.

[23:52] I’ll put that image with in the blog post so if somebody wants to use his own reads of our personal decide they want to save it for later they can.
Can it right from the blog post right there and i’m using wordpress plugin that when someone hovers over that image it gives me the option to pin your rate from,
brighten the image right there and so i published a blog post and then i will share that blog post you my pinterest board,
that’s just on my blog post content and then you wanted in about five to thirty times each day,
you wanna be consistent with that and you pan other people’s content that she relevant to your ideal clients mixing in your own blog post within their,
and yo in in facebook it’s really not you don’t really ricky content very much.
It’s not like twitter or pinterest where you can really you can can the same thing multiple times throughout the month and that’ll really help.
Get your pain in front of more people as people look at different times throughout the days and weeks.

[24:57] So what five to thirty times so they just go and you just can’t find a bunch of stuff that’s related and they how long is five to thirty times take you.
Here’s a little secret there’s something called board booster which is a third party application website that you can use and what that does is it gives you these different schools where you can set up campaigns.

[25:24] And so basically this is getting down really into the weeds here but it’s actually pretty cool you can you can.
We’ll board mr will do is create secret boards for each of the boards you have on your pages profile and then.
Let’s have a board that says that’s all about anxiety tips.
So i will go in and for twenty minutes while taking a bunch of pens to this secret bored all about anxiety to text.
And then import booster will do it is you set how often you want to pin and it’ll pull from that secret board and then publish them to your life support so.
You can.
Be really really affectionate with how you fill up the secret boards and just focus on a specific topic get all full and then import booster will take care of the rest so for me.
Like i said ninety three percent of my traffic comes from pinterest and i spent about half an hour on pinterest every week because they used for booster that to carry out some of these repetitive tasks such a horses producer cost.

[26:25] The first year i believe is five dollars for five hundred pins per month and i think that’s what i’ve had.
Show over yet just been using that’s been well it’s been five c my.
My following an increase in my traffic increase and it just makes it so much so much easier when you figure if you lan one new website per year you’ve paid yourself back for that promotion.
And that’s where people like logical money into it but it’s like this is an investment where if you get one new client becomes one of once that’s paid for board booster.
Alright interesting and if have seen look into that you are was giving her to do list like filling it up.
So what are info graphics versus just like blog post graphics is there any research behind whether you should put time and having infographics created or have just blog images for each blog.
I think its good to have both,
info graphics i think to they do really really well and yeah i know i don’t recall the numbers but i know i’ve seen plenty of studies that show infographics are you really a great way to drive traffic because they’re so informative.
And so if things get a good idea to have both for me i haven’t done a ton of info graphics i just kinda kept things pretty simple,
and some that really just has to do with time and resources because you need somebody to talk to create those info graphics but sometimes you take if i have a.

[27:58] That’s a blog post its got,
ten points to it you can easily create a graphic that has those ten points right there and then on the bottom it says you click to learn more than they could drive to your blog post yeah i think infographics are great idea to just,
to change it up and you get a lot of information you’re right there for free,
it really encourages people to click over to block to learn more you have and a couple of weeks ago i interviewed sam a virtual system is now the chief marketing officer and she actually has some plans that we talked about where for fifty bucks a month.
You can get blog images infographics made and so she’s taking on some new clients there so practiceofthepractice.com/blog-images.
Does you they’re missing and don’t want to do all the design yourself otherwise i use canva.com i did that for a long time.
When i was can do all the design myself before i took that off my plate yeah well it’s so.

[28:55] How would you summarize the importance of pinterest and maybe the return on investment of people putting their time into it and or maybe even paying somebody to make infographics are blog images for.

[29:08] I’d say that it’s definitely a worthwhile investment and you for me.
I struggle for that first year creating a blog and like really trying to drive traffic as ceo is completely overwhelming but there’s something up interest and i don’t know if it’s just me and my personality but.
It’s pretty straightforward late you get your profile optimized,
you put in your keywords and then you just gonna make a part of your workflow and even without paying money for port boost or something like that i think it’s still worthwhile investment to get traffic to your website and it’s something you can always.
Started do it for three months and then check your google analytics and you make sure that it’s actually working in young pretty certain that you’ll see an uptick in your traffic from using it,
awesome in daniel of every practice on your listening right now what would you want to know,
will i have new courses coming out in the next couple weeks of keep your eye out for school the blog traffic accelerator,
it’s all about how to consistently create blog post had to come up with topics and then also taking those topics and bring it over to pay interest optimize your profile and just get a little deeper into everything that we’ve discussed here.
Awesome and unwilling to the show notes daniel put together a great can a bullet point checklist for you guys interest huddling for you at the end of the show daniel think so much for being a practice and practice podcast.
Thanks so much for having to.

[30:39] Music.

[30:45] So again head on over to practiceofthepractice.com/pinterest that’s where you can download daniels checklist and get all the information from the show today,
also makes you sign up for the practice essentials weather series that’s over at practiceofthepractice.com/practiceessentials all these three women are going to be in july were doing and five or six of them in different topics,
you got people roy huggins talking about digital security allison puryear and jane carter talking about how to fill up.

[31:20] We got alison pidgeon and practice solutions talking about having insurance cheer practice it would get cooler brothers were gonna be going in death and what to do how to do video to grow your practice.
For anyone that is throwing a practice starting practice this practice essential series is for you sign up over at practice of the fact that come ford slash.
Just essentials thanks for letting me into yours and to bring auto.

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[31:51] Special thanks in advance ounces sexy for your intro music in this podcast is designed right accurate thirty information to,
subject matter cover is given to understand me the host the publisher already got surrounding legal accounting for clinical information,
you’re a professional you should buy one.

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