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Welcome to the Practice of the Practice resource hub. I’m Joe, and just like you, work isn’t the only reason I work. I want you to be able to have a great life with friends and family. I want you to have influence and income. I also want you to grow much faster with my help, than if you did it alone. Welcome!

I only recommended resources that I use and like. If you don’t like them, tell me, I want to know.

A few years ago, I really started intentionally growing my business and marketing skills. Since then:

We’re building a community of practitioners that want to grow, I’m glad you are here!

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Private Practice Consulting

I take on a few private practice owners per month that want to do more in-depth consulting. Read more on the Private Practice Consulting page.

How to start a private practice in one day for $200

Paperwork for Private Practice

Not knowing what to include in private practice paperwork is both frustrating and time consuming. When I first launched my private practice, I asked friends, colleagues, and lawyers to review my paperwork. Now to save you time, I’m offering these to you!

        • All forms are for immediate download and in .doc format so you can change them.
        • Intake, progress notes, doctor update form, receipts, and more!
        • Contractor forms for clinicians and non-clinicians so you can add 1099s to your practice and start increasing your private practice income.
        • Supervision form for supervision groups and individuals.

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Member’s Newsletter 


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The Member’s Newsletter is, a weekly email taking you step-by-step through how to launch, grow, and expand a counseling private practice. The Member’s Newsletter covers:

          • How to file with the IRS
          • How to get cheap and discounted rental space
          • How to get your HIPAA forms completed
          • Marketing a private practice and growing private pay clients
          • Branding a private practice on a show-string budget
          • Client engagement that leads to a growing influence and income
          • How to collect money

It used to be $195, now it’s only $17!

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Joseph Sanok’s e-book!

My book, Practice of the Practice | A Start-up Guide to Launching a Counseling Private Practice is a  straight-forward guide to making private practice awesome. Through the book I give step-by-step instructions on how to grow a private practice and what we can learn from the sushi industry!

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 Resources I Recommend

I’ve used these and think they are awesome. They have helped me grow much quicker. By having the correct tools, it really helps!

Filing for a LLC

Legal Zoom has been called “One of the 10 best digital tools for entrepreneurs in 2012” by Forbes Magazine. The Wall Street Journal has said that their customer service is their “best feature.” The Huffington Post says, “Get top quality legal documents without paying top dollar.” Filing your LLC is something you can do on your own, but if you want to speed up the process, click on one of the links below:     

Marketing Books I Recommend

Check out my podcast episode: 15 Books to read in 2015. Even if it is past 2015, these are still essential reads!

business books

15 Business Books to Read in 2015


Launching an e-newsletter is a great way to provide clients added value. Also, it’s great to be able to automate some of the information you’re distributing.  I use Aweber, it integrates really well into payment platforms and they are really great to work with! Here’s a great way to test it out first:

Business Cards

I really like the designers MOO, they have quality card stock which makes the card feel more professional.

Building a Website

Buying a domain: Places to buy website domains for around $10. Name Cheap (What I use) GoDaddy (what other folks use, and good). Each one offers deals, sign up for their mailing lists and they often offer a deal. When you do decide to buy, it’d be awesome if you went through my affiliate link.

Hosting: The website hosting that I use, it’s around $7 per month and is very intuitive. I have used Blue Host and I absolutely love it. It integrates so easily with WordPress, it’s secure, and it is cheap.

Design The FREE website design/publishing I use, thousands of themes and styles. Word Press I use code to put valuable products on my counseling private practice website. It makes it look a little bit better.