PoP 112 | 16 Tips for 2016 in 16 minutes to grow your practice

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In this podcast session, I do a rapid fire explosion of tips in less than 16 minutes. This is rapid fire and the best tips I have to kick off your 2016!


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Meet Joe Sanok

consultant headshot JoeJoe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is one of the world’s leading private practice consultants. He is the owner of the Traverse City counseling practice, Mental Wellness Counseling. Joe helps counselors to start private practices and grow them.



Podcast Transcription

Pop 112 | 16 Tips For 2016 In 16 Minutes To Grow Your Practice

[0:00] Music.

[0:29] I mean was it last weeks interview with is morehouse just amazing holy cow i love that guy he is just one of my favorite people in the whole world,
well welcome to two thousand sixteen i am going to be giving you sixteen tips in sixteen minutes for two thousand sixteen but first i want to think brightervision.com.
Brighter vision make beautiful amazing websites and for january only if you sign up.
You can get your website hosting tech support design all of it.
Thirty nine bucks a month it’s a crazy amazing deal and you just get a ton of money off so that’s all that the twenty bucks off a month times twelve months so two hundred forty bucks for free so sign up head on over to brighter vision that count.
Ford slash go to get that thirty nine bucks off and here we go is sixteen tips for two thousand sixteen in sixty minutes or less let see if i can do it number one,
i should be blogging one time or per week when you do this you can get fifty two more blog posts the year you gonna rank higher in google,
can you be more active relevant and you can be worth tracking,
remember to keep track of your referral sources and then take the top three or four out to lunch every three to four months so maybe three six months so you’re staying on their radar,
if you get more than three referrals from someone that means you meter at eighteen hundred dollars extra so if you six sessions to the hundred bucks current per client times three,
that’s all superintendent for a nice lunch number three on stop returning phone calls and your pay initially like what why would i do that.

[2:07] In essential move to grow its start optimizing your time or you need to get a virtual assistant or system they can return phone calls,
call your doctor’s office you don’t expect to talk to dr schedule with him in fact if you did scheduled him or her,
you can be weird up like wait why don’t they have a front desk person so it adds that extra professionalism,
i use grasshopper to make a super easy so he lived in houston texas and work in michigan and his zero from my local number it rings to her so head over to practiceofthepractice.com/grasshopper if you answered the phone system.
Number for start documenting your process if you want to grow you’ve actually have to stop doing everything in the more that you can document the better,
for example what’s your intake phone call sound like what your intake email like where the frequently asked questions,
those are things you don’t have to do you are the most over paid administrative assistant if you are returning those phone calls and not documenting the process anything you’re not essential for in two thousand sixteen take yourself by that,
pay someone else to do it.
Alright number five optimize your office schedule so if you wanna bring other counselors into your practice start as soon as possible don’t we into your fb full effect,
i’m bringing them and is actually gonna make you grow quicker because you’re gonna be able to increase your rates are gonna be able to expand your network and make more money when you’re not in the office so if you think about,
hope every weekend typical counseling session you may be some with start at seven am and go all the way till eight pm monday through friday.

[3:37] Then add saturday like ninety,
to fix seventy sessions per week that you could be having go in your single office you don’t have to have a multi office suite have a multi office group practice,
set i have four people that were working for me before i upgrade from a one office to for office we now have seven people in for office,
so for every office you have you can usually fit one full-time person and two-part time people to keep that in mind alright number six.
Be aghast on podcast so i want you to reach out to lots and lots of people to be guests on the podcast are so many mental,
podcast out there in belle the city your featured on one of them or four of them it’s a huge way to get your name out there.
Build up proceed expertise and even if you’re brand new people want to hear from you podcasters are always looking for amazing interesting people to interview,
make sure you know that person you do really quick and short anything on maybe attach something to it that a bio about you with a quality headshot.
Then you can say with me i wasn’t podcasts awesome number seven sign up for hero is help reporter out,
email because of three times a day breakfast lunch and dinner times,
and its reporters they’re looking for express the way and i ton of issues and anxiety depression putting up your house everyone from cnn to the new york times to your local small papers are using it,
and a lot of websites that another great way to build your perceived expertise help reporter out number eight.
Add me a section to your website and so make sure that you’re adding when you are in the media.

[5:13] Add links to embed video embed the sound in bed the interviews have all that on there and try your best to not have the dates so that if ten years from now,
some sees that you are in the huffington post that it’s still kinda relevant it doesn’t seem like a lot of ten years ago,
so this can be really great on you can do it as c nine and brag about were even featured number nine i want you to get,
and to local radio so being the resident expert in your niche is super important so even if you’re a small town and you have several specialties which a lot of us have to have because of where we’re located it’s still really important to be there,
and so when you’re in that small town or even in a big town getting on local radio local radio is always looking for interesting people to interview just like podcasters.
One tip that i have is that you need to come up with show notes on it so i always bring three to five main points that i print out,
i bring in for the host or hostess and then there sidekick,
so that they can some really smart because i wasn’t there research study from harvard talked about this wasn’t there this and that so this is a great way for there to be a flow that you’re in control of rather than having it just be all over the place,
i can create a profile for your ideal client.
Who is your ideal client so in the consulting world call this a business avatar so give them a name named them jane frank or.
Hello whatever their name is,
them and age marital status who they hang out with and start connecting with people that are connected to that ideal client so if it ideal claim my head as to someone who’s starting a private pay.

[6:52] Then i can write a blog posts focus to that person it’s a lot easier when you can have that person you had to write this blog post the name is if you just like to my ready for not really sure not really sure.
Alright eleven sleep more,
every night at eight nine hours a night will recently we’ve been doing some sleep training with my youngest and its been going well first night in our and twenty two minutes for her to stop crying which was,
pure torture for any of you that have been through that but let me tell you.
It’s going way better she got just once lesson in the middle of night for a feeding and she’s been sleeping better and it’s,
that’s great but sleeping more is super important increases your productivity reduces your anxiety on that extra hour of sleep is gonna give you back more productivity that you lost by sleeping.
And there’s a new app out there that i just started using pulse sleep cycle that’s totally free what you do is you turn the next your bed with the microphone facing you and it figures out when you’re in deep sleep when you kevin middle sleep when your up.
And that gives you stats on your sleep quality,
it also optimizes your wake up time and so it learns can when you’re at your best and so you say i wanna wake up at seven am and wake you up sometime between six thirty and seven am.
And what super cool is that then like it weeks you up at the lc six forty nine before your alarm would have gone off because it’s figured out that that’s when you can be most energize,
it’s crazy it’s legal to and that’s called sleep cycle.

[8:24] Upgrade your website to website the most important marketing that you can do out there you can shake hands but you know,
in this day and age your website was just consulting with somebody who said that their website was by far the number one way that they get new clients.
So i checked people that we are direct referrals so you can go theme forest you can start looking different themes for your website,
you can’t brightervision.com/joe or legendary lion or other people,
on the crib great websites and i’ve heard a lot about cat love lately so depending on what you want how do you want it to be how specific you want to be a contact those folks and just kinda shop around final who’s the best fit for you.
There are thirteen,
learn canvas so canva.com is the quickest design solution for you to create things for your website pretty things for social media to create quote cards so few counselors and making pot really well designed content,
if you do its unreal how fast your gonna grow so go to canva.com it’s totally free,
a ton of pictures there am i also use unsplash.com and their free pictures there that you can use without getting sued i’m also on my website if you type in the number seventy one.
I am seventy one free textures in stock for that i personally took that you can use for anything you want you don’t have to give me credit it’s just great blog content pictures for you to add some visual this to your website.

[9:51] Alright number fourteen come to the most awesome conference so i have to throw this in because i’m looking at last year’s just what happened with last years group and how much they are just rocking out,
in just six months post most awesome conference and i think we only have ten or fifteen tickets left,
and last year the price went up and probably for two thousand seventeen the prices gonna go up,
so i would definitely recommend you head over the mostawesomeconference.com let’s hangout california let’s go eat at the food truck that i just secured were to sign a contract later this week on they’re gonna have.
French fries with truffle oil and parmesan in school that we’re gonna have gluten free or heavy and vegetarian.
Options but they’re also gonna have for us meat lover’s love bacon lots of bacon so come hangout with us come learn at the most awesome conference mostawesomeconference.com.

[10:46] Number fifteen examine insurance evaluate whether you’re going to take insurance maybe it’s time drop out of insurance,
that pays the least thirty songs to pay this hard to work with,
you get the fewest referrals from if you are private pay raise your rates your rates need to keep going up every single year so your clients get use to having those costs go up every year everything else goes up in price why shouldn’t you,
if a number sixteen i can’t believe we’re only at like eleven minute mark so get smaller things talk to anyone give me posted.
My favorite emails and when i hear what you’ve discovered from what i’ve been revealing in teaching and having you say oh my gosh like i can’t believe that i’m doing so well.
Brad to me i love hearing that i’m i love when you tell me what you doing i love and you guys let me know how you are just rocking it out.

[11:38] Wow that is way less than sixty minutes will you know one thing i was thinking about.

[11:43] Was the difference between what two different years can make so slow down have how you have to talk with the micro machine man those of you from the eighties and nineties remember that guy.
So in two thousand twelve i would really rough year it was the year they launch practice of the practice but my mom had just shoes wrapping up some cancer treatment in early two thousand and twelve.
Things are just really rough for her very touching go shoes in icu and that year my oldest daughter had open heart surgery.

[12:18] A man right after that we have like two weeks after she got the all clear i was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and my mom had a heart attack while i was having cancer treatment,
you know sometimes there’s those years that you are more than happy to leave behind it doesn’t twelve was one of those years for me,
it just felt like they were always in the hospital like if it wasn’t for me it was for my daughter or for my mom or like just so much of my life was spent in a hospital,
between like two thousand and ten in two thousand twelve and so there’s those years that you are happy to leave behind me that’s a two thousand fifteen was for you but i see that,
also in two thousand twelve and large practice the practice i really got that going i started exploring something the seeds of innovation we’re going for me and sometimes in that,
crisis is when some of your best ideas come and if you knew what practice to become like blows me away.

[13:25] And then there are years like two thousand fifteen.

[13:27] Where you know you don’t so much say i wanna leave that your behind but i want to continue the trajectory of the year so maybe that’s what you’re looking for two thousand sixteen,
in two thousand fifteen i had my first twenty thousand dollar month and members twenty eight thousand dollar month the sales of my monthly income.

[13:47] I mean i think it probably rent on time this comes out some time later this week my december income reports gonna come out and it was a twenty thousand dollar month.

[13:56] No it’s not just about the money but it’s about the freedom you know i left my full-time job in march of two thousand fifteen like a year ago i was still haven’t had that conversation with my boss about leaving.
And so number of you that i do consulting with you are in the midst or you’ve just left your full-time job and it’s really scary,
but it’s okay you you’ve thought it through you from the numbers that you’ve left use the leave your job calculator who knows.
But you’re doing something in two thousand sixteen that you want to be a continuation of two thousand fifteen.
So for those of you that are ready to leave behind two thousand fifteen may you continue to take one step in front of the other.
And grow and innovate and change and for those of you that want to continue in the direction of two thousand fifteen make it,
bigger and better in wilder more adventurous me you find those new and innovative ideas that will give you more life,
it will give you more excitement that will help you become a better influence the world.
Take a breath every are you single breath,
the world is good and.

[15:15] And know that you are doing what your supposed to be doing,
for the very beginning of your journey then keep at it for growing your practice if you’re leaving something behind or having the same trajectory do it do it do it.

[15:31] So all those kids the sixteen tips i have available at the show notes you can go download those there.
Next can be over at practiceofthepractice.com/session112.

[15:47] You guys are amazing you guys are incredible and i can’t wait to see what we are three thousand six.
Keep it up tonight for twenty years and bring.

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