Social Media Sprint: How To Optimize LinkedIn And Pinterest | PoP 329

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Social Media Sprint: How to Optimize LinkedIn and Pinterest

Are you wanting to have more of a business presence on social media? Are you aware of the benefits LinkedIn could have to your marketing? Is your ideal client a woman who spends a lot of her time browsing through Pinterest?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about how to optimize your LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts.

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In This Podcast


In part two of the social media series, we discuss the benefits of making use of LinkedIn and Pinterest for marketing purposes. While LinkedIn is considered the more ‘corporate’ social media platform, Pinterest is a great platform to market on if your ideal client is woman (of all ages). We also discuss outsourcing your social media and the benefits that can come from that.

Facebook Throwback

Growing your social media accounts is not just about gaining as many followers as possible. Instead, you need to focus on your ideal client and put effort into obtaining high-quality followers that fit the profile of your ideal client / live in your area, etc.

TIP: follow pages that are somewhat related to your service, i.e.: massage therapy etc. Also, engage with local community events.


This social media platform is the more corporate of the social media platforms, where it’s more important to represent your brand over and above your personality.

LinkedIn Tips:

  • List education
  • Full description of company / brand (helps with SEO)
  • Brand script:
    • Speak into the pains of your ideal client
    • Mention the transformation that takes place after working with you
  • Have a (separate) company profile
  • ‘Brag’ about your accomplishments, i.e.: speaking engagements etc.
  • Connect with and engage in local groups
  • Start discussions through your updates
  • Connect with other colleagues etc. and use it as a networking tool


Out of all the social media platforms, Pinterest is probably the most under-utilised social media tool that could be bringing in a large amount of traffic to your website.

Pinterest Tips:

  • Great marketing platform if your ideal client is a woman
  • Ideal platform to promote infographics:
    • Can use to create
    • Keep it simple (minimal info)
    • Include logo &/or URL
  • Convert personal Pinterest account to a Business Account, this includes:
    • A showcase of your most popular boards at the top of your profile
    • Analytics
    • Rich pins (more detailed pins including link and logo)
    • Promoting pins
  • Automate posting on Pinterest with Tailwind
  • Include some personal boards to showcase your personality
  • Make use of keywords in your board and pin descriptions
  • Follow people relevant to your niche

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