Start a Private Practice Month: Hanna Morrell on systems to start a practice | POP 846

Start a Private Practice Month: Hanna Morrell on systems to start a practice | POP 846

What is the key component to building any system? How can you structure and optimize your Google Ads for success? Where is the next best step for you to take?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about systems to start a practice with Hanna Morrell.

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Meet Hanna Morrell

A photo of Hanna Morrell is captured. She is a holistic financial coach. Hanna is featured on the Practice of the Practice, a therapist podcast.

Hanna is a holistic financial coach that teaches individuals and couples to trust themselves (and each other) with their finances. She does this through client-directed, customized coaching.

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In This Podcast

  • Just give it a go
  • Marketing systems
  • Systems can fit anywhere
  • Hanna’s advice to private practitioners

Just give it a go

Often what works well is just trying, and giving it a go.
You can think something through in a thousand different ways, but you won’t make any genuine progress until you put action to your thoughts and try something new.

Getting really good at experimenting and evaluating systems as I built them [helped me], with the understanding that I’m building this business to grow.

Hanna Morrell

Take small steps, track your progress, and evaluate these steps against the goals that you have that these actions are meant to bring you closer to.

Marketing systems

Hanna works with Google Ads, and it’s a constant process of experimentation.
She keeps a large spreadsheet and tracks all the data on it to assess what works, and what can be changed to maybe work better.

That’s why I like [to] purposefully treat everything I do in Google Ads as an experiment, because then it doesn’t hurt, right? And then it allows us to reiterate and change.

Hanna Morrell

Some things to keep in mind with Google Ads:

Treat it as an experiment and play around with it.
Run two kinds of ads: one deeply emotional, and one more straightforward.
People want to know that you hear them: write clear and honest copy that would meet them where they are at.

Write those ads as if you are looking over their shoulders and reading their diary entries. What are those things that are hurting them? That has been the best [strategy] for my Google Ads.

Hanna Morrell

Systems can fit anywhere

You can build a system into almost any part of your life.

The key component to building any system of routine, ritual, or anything like that is to evaluate the system itself, not [yourself].

Hanna Morrell

It is tough to adapt when you are constantly evaluating yourself as the source of the failure or the struggle, rather than looking at how the system can be adapted to where you are currently at.

Systems are what you use to build yourself (and anything else). So, rather than forcing yourself to meet a system, design the system to meet you, and make adjustments accordingly as you develop and grow.

The same applies to your business!

Hanna’s advice to private practitioners

It is okay to experiment! Try things, and evaluate that attempt, not yourself, because that is the best way to create systems that can change over time.

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Meet Joe Sanok

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