Three Metrics to Watch as You Work on SEO

Three Metrics to Watch as You Work on SEO

Here we will discuss how to know if you’re getting a good return on investment for your SEO efforts whether you’re optimizing your site yourself or you’re outsourcing.

1. Are you improving in your search engine rankings for the keywords you’re targeting?

You will have a list of keywords that your ideal client is searching for and as you’re optimizing your website, you’re trying to rank better for these keywords.

2. How many clicks are you getting on your website

Most of us use Google and they make it pretty easy to track with Google Search Console. Or depending on your platform you may be able to look at this on the back end of your website. You want to see that as your website is ranking better in search engines, you’re getting more clicks.

3. Are you getting new client inquiries and are they turning into more of your ideal client?

You’ll want to see more people reaching out via email or calling your office. If you’re getting a lot of calls but they’re not the right clients then that’s no good.

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Jessica Tappana and SEO Tips for Group Practices | GP 05Jessica Tappana is a therapist, group practice owner, and SEO guru. She filled her solo practice and expanded to a group practice in six months. Now, almost three years later, her 7 clinician group practice has all of the systems in place to run smoothly and she’s busy building a second business helping other therapists reach more potential clients through optimizing their websites for Google! Visit Simplified SEO Consulting or Aspire Consulting.

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