Top 6 Products In My Office

Sitting at the office all day can be a challenge for me, so I want to be as comfortable as possible. Not only are the colors in your office important, but also you have to make the place yours but having some comfort items. Over the years I’ve picked up a few tricks to help me through anything the day throws at me. Every office I create has these 6 products, and honestly I think they drastically improve my experience as a therapist. I’m excited to share a few of my essential products with you.

Kleenex Ultra Soft

Holy cow, this brand aces my tissue test! I’ve tried a lot of different tissues, and I can tell you it is 100% worth it to invest in your own high-quality brand. Those agency-bought tissues tend to leave clients covered in bits of paper, rip easily, and are about as soft as sandpaper. Kleenex Ultra Soft tissues are thick, durable, and insanely soft and comfortable. Their colorful boxes go great in any office space, and they are worth the investment.

Refresh Plus Eye Drops

I don’t know about you, but after a few hours of staring at the same distance, my eyes start to feel fatigued. In addition to doing eye exercises throughout the day, I love to use Refresh Plus Eye Drops to relieve my eyes. Every drop feels like a sweet oasis in the middle of the desert, honestly, no exaggeration! These come individually packaged, so you can use exactly as much as you need at the moment. I like to break them up and leave some at work, at home, and in my car. Sometimes these drops are the difference between waiting for a session to end, and being able to relax and enjoy being present. 

Jergens Original Scent Lotion

I came across this lotion maybe 10 years ago, and have been an avid fan ever since. The cherry-almond scent is unique and calming, and the lotion is the perfect blend of creamy and absorbent. I tend to put the lotion in a smaller container for my office, and use it between sessions to give myself a bit of a pick-me-up. The scent wakes me up, reduces anxiety, and provides a brief grounding experience as I rub it into my hands. Bonus points for having a subtle enough smell to not impact the scent of the office.

32 oz. Nalgene Water Bottle 

I’ve gone back and forth on water bottles over the years, but I always find myself coming back to the Nalgene Wide Mouth Water Bottle. It offers a large enough volume to quench my thirst throughout the day, is easy to clean, and comes in a large selection of colors and designs. I love the semi-transparent color of the bottle, and how it allows me to see how much water I’ve consumed. These bottles are wide enough to add ice cubes, and are complete leak- and damage-proof. Can’t go wrong here.

Divided Fluffy Cardigan

Every therapist graduates and is immediately gifted a token cardigan. It’s just cannon. I honestly don’t wear cardigans, but I have my “membership cardigan” and it has saved the day more times than I can count. My Divided cardigan is below the knee, loose-knit, and insanely soft. I hang it in my office for the inevitable day that it’s 75 degrees outside, and the air conditioner has my room at 55. Throw this baby on and it’s comfort-city! I love to layer because my internal temperature fluctuates so much throughout the day. This cardigan complements every outfit and keeps me cozy like a blanket.

Millville Sweet & Salty Nut Granola Bar

I can’t get enough of these snacks. I probably could stop eating meals and just eat these sweet and salty bars. They offer delicious almond, cashew, and peanut options. My hands-down favorite are the almond bars. They have a beautiful blend of carbs, protein, and fat, and are a great hold-over in a pinch.  Between sessions, if I’m hungry before lunch, I’ll throw down a Sweet & Salty Nut Bar and some water, and be ready to work. Having snacks readily available is always a must. 


There you have it- the 6 most used products in my therapy office. When you first grow your practice, remember these items and your first thirty days may seem more natural then you expected. If you’re finding yourself struggling to make it through a long day and are looking to improve your quality of life, give these a try. I can guarantee I feel so pampered and cared for with these at hand.


Katie Hido is the owner of Gray Cat Counseling, and a Licensed Professional Counselor. She has been in the field for over 5 years and currently specializes in communication skills and adult attachment therapy. Her practice focuses on helping adults struggling with corporate burnout and issues with connection to improve their boundaries and quality of life.

Katie has a Masters in Philosophy from Duquesne University, concentrating on phenomenology and existentialism. She took that perspective and decided to use it to help others cope with issues such as time, death, and existence. Katie completed her Masters in couples counseling from Duquesne while working with children and teens in a residential treatment facility. She worked with adults and teens in a substance use facility, then provided therapy at a community agency.

Katie trained in Emotionally Focused Couples therapy and used those skills to work with couples and to build a behavioral health department for her local Planned Parenthood affiliate. Currently, she is focused on building up Gray Cat Counseling and promoting her blog, as well as wrangling her many cats, reptiles, and chickens in rural Western Pennsylvania. You can reach out to her through her website at

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