Top Tips For Decorating Your Office Well

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Top Tips For Decorating Your Office Well

The modern workplace has a lot of different demands to the workplaces of old. Where going to work was an outright chore, with boring offices and nothing to motivate employees beyond their pay check. It has been pretty firmly established that happy, looked after employees bring in far better results. Now, when a potential employee looks at a company, they are in part looking to see what the ‘culture’ is like.  Not simply how much they will make. Companies can actually afford to pay less if there is a well-cultivated workspace and mentality which turns work into something enjoyable and fulfilling for employees rather than burdensome and exhausting. One part of that pertains to the space itself, so let’s take a look at how to decorate your office in a mindset enhancing way. You can read about other often unanswered aspects of the practice in this great article by Joe Sanok.

Good Lighting

Lighting is a vital factor in how a person’s mood and productivity will be. “Normal offices have often opted for those awful overhead lights. It simultaneously leaves a glare in your eyes if you look at them but still make the office feel dingy. This isn’t the answer for a well-designed modern office”, says Isabel Massey, psychologist at WriteMyx and BritStudent. Having lots of light sources, meaning using lamps rather than a single overhead system. This helps create a better flow of light and a more homely feeling for your employees.

Armchairs And Couches

It’s really important that there is an added degree of comfort in your office. Having comfortable seats dotted around the space evokes a psychological sense of comfort.  It also allows employees who are sick of sitting at their desk to sit elsewhere for a bit. Getting rid of the idea of being ‘chained to the desk’ is a constructive move and encourages a bit more employee autonomy.

Food and Drink

Having a well-stocked food supply in your office is a great way to encourage the feeling that work is somewhere employees want to be. There should always be basic drinks like water, tea, and coffee. But adding food gives that extra level of value and can help employee productivity too. “Providing food requires forethought, says Rickey Weaver, a counselor at 1Day2Write and NextCourseWork “Some foods will be too stodgy and may slow down your employees. Similarly, some foods might smell too strongly, which is a no go for an office space”. Providing snack foods as well as mints to offset any bad breath potential, is a great way to elevate overall mood and efficiency in your office. Put it in easily accessible areas for optimum results.

Freshly Painted Walls

Dirty, drab walls are an absolute killer for overall mood and satisfaction in the office space. But freshly painted walls in an inoffensive but carefully chosen color can really help you out. It looks professional and it is one of the biggest psychological factors. Existing in the office space means existing within the four walls. So the way the light hits the paint and the way the color psychologically impacts people will make a big difference to everyone.


Plants are excellent tools for offices to use as part of the decoration arsenal. They look nice, they oxygenate the room and they offer variety in the office landscape. Just be careful that they stay alive and that they don’t cause a mess on the floor.


Office design and decoration is a vital tool in the toolkit for employers looking to get the most out of their employee base. After you’ve done creating your perfect workspace you can check out this post on getting your name out there and finding clientele by Jacob Countz. With careful design and an eye for comfort, positive moods and detail you’ll be on your way to creating a happy space for all of your clients.

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