What’s Working in Private Practice?

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What's working in private practice

Have you started or are thinking about starting your own private practice? Are you looking to be surrounded by like-minded people who you can bounce ideas off of and learn from? Ready to take your practice to the next level?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about Next Level Practice and takes you behind the scenes in the What’s Working in Private Practice event where he chats with people in the community about niching down, marketing and starting a podcast.

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In This Podcast


  • What is Next Level Practice
  • Three Pillars of Next Level Practice
  • Niching down
  • Starting a podcast

What is Next Level Practice

It is a membership community aimed at people who want to start a practice all the way up till they’ve had their first couple of people in their group practice. This is usually the 0-100k range.

Three Pillars of Next Level Practice

  1. Learning: Education/ongoing information
  2. An authentic community that goes beyond your typical Facebook online community.
  3. Tools of the trade – things that you need for a practice

1. Learning: Education / Ongoing Information

I do some events called What’s Working, where we talk about what’s working in private practice, in marketing and all the things that it takes to run a practice.

At least monthly we have an event called ‘Ask the Experts’ where we survey our community and ask who they really want to have on that I can interview and then they get a chance to dig deeper. We have people like Perry Rosenbloom from Brighter Vision, Allie Casazza who is a minimalist queen, Jessica Tappana from Simplified SEO Consulting and Clay Cockrell who started www.onlinecounseling.com.

We have over 30 e-courses which cover various topics such as how to name your practice, blogging so that you rank high in Google and how to start a group practice.

2. Authentic Community

We have a private Facebook group, which is a hub of a lot of social activity. But it definitely doesn’t end there. You get assigned to a small group that meets once a month.

You also get assigned an accountability partner, this is someone that we think, ‘Hey, this person and you are going to really connect.’ Follow up with them a couple of times a month to just make sure you both stay on track.

3. Tools of the Trade

Every month we give something away that we believe is more than the cost of your membership. This could be our full paperwork packet, which we sell for $197, a free logo or infographics.

Niching down

The riches are in the niches.

Think about who you want to work with. Complete this sentence: I help people that struggle with ____ (their pain) to be able to ____ (the outcome).

Starting a podcast

You really want to get that audience built first before you launch anything.

  • When you identify your target listener you want to refer back to the pain and transformation formula – figure out the pain you’re addressing
  • Create an email course so that you can refine your message and understand what you teach
  • Create an opt-in for your course
  • Now you will start recording and have your first 5-7 shows be solo episodes, view these as pillars of your podcast
  • You will then do 5-7 expert shows
  • The next 5-7 will be live consulting shows
  • Once you get at least 1000 listeners per episode or 100 people in that email course, you can then pivot into launching your first product

Are you ready to join Next Level Practice?

Read more about Next Level Practice and sign up to join the next cohort launching on Monday, 9 March 2020 here!

Dive right into Next Level Practice here by signing up for an annual subscription before Monday and receive a free ticket to Killin’It Camp!

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