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Whether you are a seasoned clinician with an existing website in need of a refresh, or a new therapist building a website for the first time, Brighter Vision is the perfect solution.

By first understanding your practice and what makes it unique, Brighter Vision’s team of developers are then able to create you a beautiful website that will attract your ideal clients and get them to contact you. Better yet, they also provide unlimited tech support to make sure it’s always up-to-date, and professional search engine optimization to make sure you rank high in online searches – all at no additional cost.

Find out more by visiting: www.brightervision.com/joe


TherapyNotes™ is a complete practice management system with everything you need to manage patient records, schedule appointments, meet with patients remotely, create rich documentation, and bill insurance, right at your fingertips. TherapyNotes™ is a powerful EHR to manage a thriving practice, their streamlined software is accessible wherever and whenever you need it.

Find out more by visiting: www.therapynotes.com


Our friends at Noble believe in using technology to enhance, not replace, human connection. With Noble, your clients will gain access to between-session support through their automated therapist-created Roadmaps, assessments to track progress, and in-app messaging. These tools help you and your clients gain a better understanding of their progress between sessions – how they are feeling, and what areas may need more focus – so you can tailor your one-on-one sessions to their needs more effectively. Not only will Noble help you offer your clients the most transformative experience possible, but you can also earn passive income while doing so.

Learn more and join for FREE at www.noble.health/joe


Heard is the all-in-one accounting solution to handle bookkeeping, payroll, and income taxes for therapists in private practice. With Heard, you are able to focus on your clients, not your accounting and taxes as they combine smart software with real humans to handle accounting, payroll, and taxes for therapists.

Learn more by visiting: www.joinheard.com


Put patients at ease with intuitive visitor management for your behavioral health practice

A behavioral health clinic can be a stressful place.

Can an arriving patient be sure that their provider knows that they’re there — or that they are even in the correct office? Conversely, is there a way that their therapist or practitioner can be sure a client has arrived without checking the lobby?

That anxiety can be even more amplified at behavioral or mental health practices. Clients may already be stressed walking through your door – especially if it’s their first appointment. Adding uncertainty about where to go, what to sign, and if anyone knows that they’re there is the last thing your practice wants.

Behavioral health offices should take the extra step to build a check-in process that relieves patient and practitioner anxiety, allows for patient privacy, and paves the way for a successful appointment.

Learn more by visiting: thereceptionist.com/practice/


At BiOptimizers our goal is simpleTo provide you with the resources and tools you need to function at your very best. In our own words, we’re here to help you become a biologically optimized human being. Able to perform in a way that seems almost superhuman to the people around you.

By combining all of the BiOptimizers products at therapeutic levels for extended periods of time you’ll optimize you body’s biology to its full capacity.

Learn more by visiting: bioptimizers.com/