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Content Marketing: Free Content and Why to Offer it on Your Private Practice Website

It’s not unusual for companies to offer free samples, but what can counselors offer to gain a potential client’s attention?

Content, content, and more content.

Offering free content can be very beneficial for your private practice. Website viewers will receive valuable information and become more familiar with the services you offer. In return, you receive important data, like contact and demographic information, while increasing your credibility.

Here are examples of content you can offer for free on your site:

Counseling Checklists

Offer checklists for clients and other counselors. These step-by-step instructions must provide quality information and be easy to follow. A good design that incorporates your contact information will be beneficial as well.


E-Books, or electronic books, are book-length publications in a digital format. E-Books can be read on electronic devices or computers, making them easily accessible and cost-effective to distribute. You can post the entire book on your site, or only an excerpt. For more information on how to publish an E-Book on Amazon, click here.


A podcast is a series of audio files that can be streamed from a mobile device or computer. Streaming can be offered on your site or be available for download on an online digital media store such as iTunes. Creating a podcast is a personal way to connect with your audience because you can interview colleagues or answer your listeners’ questions. They are especially convenient for multitaskers because a listener can stream a podcast while traveling or doing chores. For more information on how to start a podcast, click here.


Uploading videos to YouTube or another video site creates a more personal connection with your audience. Viewers will be able to see your face and get to know your personality. Videos are also be appealing to visual learners as they can pick up more information than they would with a blog post. Most importantly, these videos can be shared more easily and accessed without visiting your website. This will bring more exposure to your services and your website. Click here for a sample video from Practice of the Practice.

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