Save on Rent: Share Google Calendars in Two Minutes

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In an effort to reduce rent, at Mental Wellness Counseling we share offices when possible. Since it is rare to have every hour utilized, I try to get the most for my money. Scheduling overlaps can be frustrating for the client and clinician. We always leave the door open if we are not in a session.

One time, a new clinician shut the door and left the lights on when he left. I thought he was in there. So, when my client came we ended up doing counseling in the file room. Then, I found out that there was no one in the room. Thus, the “file room” appointment was unnecessary. It did make us all laugh, and the clients thought it was funny too.

We’ve been using a traditional calendar to write down session times, but then we have to go to the office to see it. Recently, I’ve been working with the team to transition to using Google Calendars. We can see one another’s appointment slots, without seeing confidential information. Here are the steps to setting up viewing multiple calendars

 To add a person so they can see your calendar

Step #1

Sign into and click on “Calendar” at the top   or go to

Click on the  then click “settings”

Step #2 Click on “Calendars”


Step #3

Click “Shared: Edit settings” next to the calendar that you want to share


Step #4

Type the person’s email you want to share this with (such as another clinician that you are sharing an office with)

Click the drop down until it says “see only free/busy details”

Click “Add person”

Click “Save”

To see someone else’s calendar

Step #1 Log in and click “calendar”

Step #2

Type the other clinician’s email where it says “Adda friend’s calendar”

They will then approve it.

I hope that this helps you to run a more efficient office so that you can save on rent and serve your clients better.

A quick note on confidentiality:

Each state has different rules, also make sure you are following FERPA/HIPAA. I always use client initials when scheduling appointments or case numbers. Have fun!


Mr. Joseph Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC, Counselor in Traverse City

Joseph R. Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is a therapist, counselor, psychologist, and owner of Mental Wellness Counseling in Traverse City, MI. He helps angry kids, frustrated parents, and distant couples…and just about everyone else. He is a frequent speaker in the Traverse City area, Michigan, and nationally. He helps counselors in private practice through his blog and through individual consulting.